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The Chronicles of Antoine Dosier is a story written by Crosider, set in New Orleans following the life of lonely Antoine Dosier at the point the universe decides that good times are over.


Pause This story is currently on hiatus.

The Chronicles of Antoine Dosier pick up somewhere in October of 2016, over 2 years after a prion outbreak swept through the world, infecting almost all meat eating people in the world, and causing the deaths of almost all others when the sick turned violent.

Antoine Dosier remained healthy because of reasons he himself does not even understand, and remains living in the quarantined city of New Orleans. He has set up in an old bar and built a living in the city, hording guns, growing crops and trying to find contact with anyone. Despite his lack of any contact in over 600 days, he still remains hopefull and finds solace in his daily routine, untill his entire life is about to be stirred up by numerous odd events piling up.


Music is an important theme in the Chronicles of Antoine Dosier, most issues contain at least one music player playing the music playing in the story. Some will start by themselves, others will need to be started up. Throughout the issues there are cues to when to start up a new player or when to stop one that is allready playing. Most music in the story will be blues or jazz music, fitting in the New Orleans theme.


Book 1: Big and Hard

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5


Antoine Dosier


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