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The Caravan is a story by Kaffe4200.


In 2012, a viral outbreak collapsed society, turning the dead into zombies. Two years later a group of merchants, known as "The Caravan", is traveling through Europe, trading supplies with survivors, while trying to fight off the zombies and bandits.


The Caravan takes place in various locations. A full list of locations will be made at some point.


Arc 1
Jake, Noah Wyle Lisa, Michele Boyd Martin, Rodrigo Santoro Adler, Neil Hopkins Adelina, Ingrid Michaelson Muse, James Urbaniak
Jake Lisa Martin Adler Adelina Muse

1; Distance (October 22nd, 2014)
2; Fresh Tomatoes (October 24th, 2014)
3; Berlin (October 26th, 2014)
4; It's All I Can Do (November 2nd, 2014)
5; TBA (TBA)
6; TBA (TBA)


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Characters of The Caravan
Main Characters


Supporting Characters


Recurring Characters Hakenstedt EddieMarcusMary


Issues of The Caravan
Arc 1

1; Distance2; Fresh Tomatoes3; Berlin
4; It's All I Can Do5; TBA6; TBA

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