The Boston Massacre is a story created by Be...179, tells the story of a group of survivors who escaped a shot and do everything to ensure safety in a world where North America was dominated by an epidemic that could spread to the rest of the world.

Synopsis Edit

Jessica enters a state of deep depression after the end of their courtship. Her cousin Cindy takes a trip with her ​​friends Molly and Tracy for Virginia Beach. What seemed to be a fun trip of four friends becomes a nightmare, Jessica faces evil and have to do everything possible to survive.

Characters Edit

The Boston Massacre/Characters

The Boston Massacre/Unnamed or Unseen Characters

Volume 1 Edit

Issue 1 - When it All Began

Issue 2 - Blood On My Hands 

Issue 3 - Reaching Safety 

Issue 4 - The Shadows Of The Night 

Issue 5 - The Friend Is Enemy 

Issue 6 - They Returned 

Issue 7 - Not Many Left 

Issue 8 - Back At Home 

Issue 9 - Back On The Road

Issue 10 - Family Mackenzie

Volume 2 Edit

Issue 11 - I Hate You For This

Issue 12 - Others

Issue 13 - One, Two, Zombies are coming for you

Issue 14 - Reunions

Issue 15 - The Truth

Issue 16 - Winter is coming

Issue 17 - Not only here

Issue 18 - Family Ties

Issue 19 - Run, as fast as you can

Issue 20 - Hunting Time

Warning Edit

  • I'm new on the wiki and still do not know how to do certain things.
  • if some words are not correct, know that I use the google translator, because because I live in Brazil.
  • My story is a free creation, any resemblance to another story is a coincidence.
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