Susan is a character from Peter's Journey


Northern IrelandEdit

Nopthing is known of Susan's life poir to the outbreak, all that is known is that she lived with her family and had a close relationship with her youngest cousin Henry.


Issue 1Edit

When the appocalypse started Susan was with her brother Mark and her cousins. Three weeks into the outbreak Susan is first seen on watch duty with her older brother Mark, she is later seen that night having dinner with the other survivors eating their meal when Peter's mobile phone rang.

Issue 2Edit

Susan's role in this issue is very little, as she is only seen at the end of the issue when they are all running out to the cars and going to the church.

Issue 3Edit

just after James was shot dead by Shannon, Susan and the others are worred as the gunshot will bring walkers to their hideout, he tells everyuone to resecure the barricades in case of an attach, later on in tjhe issue when Scott (Peter) and Kathryn come running down to warn them of oncoming walkers Susan stays put and waits orders, when Mark and Ben come down again to tell them all to pack up their things Susan helps Henry do taht as well as packing her own things, when they have to evacuate the Church later Susan gets into a car with Henry and Mark.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of Zombies

Killed byEdit

  • Zombies
  • Peter (After Reanimation)

Over the period that Peter and the others left the church, Susan got bitten by a walker when the walkers attacked them, Peter then shot Susan with an arrow in her head when he saw her walking out of the church.


Susan is a tall 18 year old, and is skinny, she has long blond hair.


Susan is a shy girl and doesn't like to do much but if she is asked to do something she will get the job done.



Susan and Mark were very close as a Brother and sister are, but they always looked out for one and other.


Susan is Peter's cousin, they always were good friends, Susan has supported Peter's decisions.


Henry is very fond of Susan and always likes to be near her.


  • Susan's gun is a Glock-17
  • Susan's melee weapon is a Butcher's Knife
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