Surviving, Not Living is a post-apocalyptic story, set an estimated twenty years into the apocalypse. It follows Bobby and Amelia Wilson, a brother-sister duo, who have been together since the beginning of the apocalypse, almost two decades ago.


Url This story is in progress.

David and Michelle were over the moon when they found out that Michelle was pregnant. However, their reaction wasn't the same when the apocalypse began, two months into the pregnancy. Bobby was successfully delivered in the back of a van by a fellow survivor, named Sarah, alongside his half-sister, Amelia. Twenty years have came and passed and Sarah, Amelia and Bobby are the only ones left. With numerous untold secrets finally being revealed, can they stay together?


The story begins in an unspecified month of 2013.




Bobby, Amelia and Sarah, the main characters of Part One. See Surviving, Not Living/Characters for more info


  • This story will have 33 issues and be completed by September of 2016.
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