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Stranded is an apocalyptic story written by Jayme.


Reddy This story has been scrapped.


Episode Episode title Release Date
1 Numb 12/31/14
2 Paradise 1/16/15
3 Far Away 1/29/15
4 Perspective 2/26/15


6 Hall of Fame 10/25/15


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  • Stranded is set to take heavy inspiration from the Corpse Party series.
  • Stranded went through a number of rewrites before getting to the current and (hopefully) final version.
    • In the first version, a random group of people awoke on a strange island with no memory of getting there. Once attacked by the flesh-eating undead, they're told that the only way to get off the island is to survive for a total of one month.
    • In the second version, a large number of students (around 50-70), were kidnapped by a strange group of people and forced into an abandoned town filled with the undead and split into teams of ten. To escape, they would've had to kill all other students whom weren't on their assigned team.
    • In the third version and second rewrite of Stranded, after performing a charm, a group of around 30-40 students suddenly awoke inside their school to find it overrun with the undead.


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