Portrayed by Voldemort
Status Dead
Age 26
Gender Stick
First Seen The Wrath of Stick
Last Seen who fkn cares
Death Destroyed by Lester Freamon
Relations Fgt soldier (master, deceased)
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Stick was a character and major antagonist in Dead Frontier. Stick was forged as a WOD by Lord Devon in order to eliminate the pimp duo. To make sure of this, Stick allied himself with Fgt Soldier to carry out this task. When Adam of the pimp duo came to Denver, Stick and fgt soldier moved in for the kill. It was only after doing the deed, however, that they realized that the man they killed was just an ally of the pimp, Cedric, and that they merely confused the pimp aura emiting from Cedric as Adam's. Fearing retaliation from Adam, Stick and Fgt Soldier went into hiding.

During the subsequent downfall of Denver, it is heavily implied that he and Fgt Soldier were destroyed by Karl Jackson in revenge for the killing of Cedric and many other brothas before him.


Stick was forged by Devon and sent to Earth to commit atrocities in his name, mainly to kill the Pimp Duo.


Part SixEdit

Coming soon.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • A bunch of peeps
  • Many brothas he mistook for Adam Dugall or Joel Wiggins
  • Cedric Drake


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