Jon Licht - Long Way Home

Jon Licht - Long Way Home

Step by Step is an apocalyptic horror story written by Zedhead22.


Url This story is in progress.

In the midst of a compilation of murky waters called politics, an underlying factor slowly creeps into the souls of humanity. In the foundations of the disease's effects, it is brushed off as a weak, pathetic flu. Then, the first recorded case of the sickness dies. The undead masses are walking. The governments of the world are quick to crumble, dragging society down with it. Armies are left to take the responsibility of clearing up the mess, but they have underestimated the forces of the undead, and are quickly finding out that they're up for a much harder fight than they'd imagined. Being forced into the sprawling city of Indianapolis, brimming with undead, they are forced to do anything in their power to survive and get from one location to another, taking it Step By Step.



For a list of all present characters, click here. Be wary of SPOILERS.

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  • Outstanding Story Arc: Smith Ferry and the rule of Rockefeller
  • Outstanding Antagonist: Carter Jameson

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  • Step by Step has three playable racers (Lyle, Nolan, and Brock) and two hidden racers (Amanda and Hector) in the hypothetical racing game, UFSW Kart. The Summercreek High School and the Military Graveyard serve as maps in the "Lee Cup" and the "Pops Cup", in that order. The Swagbag, Triple Swagbag, Golden Swagbag, and the Molotov Cocktail are featured as usable items.
  • Step by Step was first drafted in early 2011 and went through a hiatus through 2012.
    • It broke out of hiatus in 2013.
  • Character templates were born because PBR did the naughty.
  • KPmasta contributed to the swag as well.
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