Sooner Dead Than Alive
Volume 2, Part 7
Published November 30, 2012
Written by Juan Cardona
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The Outsider
Anger, Rage and Madness
As the group begans to settle down in a possible new safe heaven juan is began making friends with the farm survivors, they told him that some military used to come to their house and ask for their supplies and threatening them to ill them if they didn´t had what they needed, Juan knew this were evil people but he and his elite group were far more evil when someone threated them. Juan knew they didn´t got so much automatic guns and vehicles and he knew this soldiers had what they needed, so he made a plan to kill the soldiers in cold blood. The next day the group got in the military camp and hid themself in the bushes Juan arrived dressed as another soldier trying to convince the group of soldiers he was another soldier and that he wanted to be a part of their group, when the solders lowered their guns Juan shot one in the lungs and then his group began shooting in cold blood the soldiers who fell dead on the floor, with the exception of the one that Juan shot which was drowning in his own blood. Juan shot him in the head out of mercy before he reanimated, Juan told the group to take the rest of their guns to use them for their own porposes. Back on the farm Nicole who had a crush on Juan and Alexandra who was Juan´s girlfriend were both worried about him going to fight a group of soldiers, butwhen they saw them return in their vehicles and some other military hummers they knew they had suceeded in their missions, Juan handed the assault rifles to the survivors with the best skills in gun training, Nicole told him that he did the right killing those soldiers who threated their knew save heaven, Juan thanked her and left, the group began target practice with their new fully automatic assault rifles while others secured the perimeter by building some fences around the farm making it a save place to stay for a while.


  • Juan Cardona
  • Alexandra Quintero
  • Nicole Brokke
  • Owen Mackenzie
  • Andrea Vazquez
  • Luis Garcias
  • Alejandra Vallarino
  • Valery Muños
  • Francisco Pereira
  • Tennese Douglas
  • Michelle Rodrguez
  • Billy Ocampo
  • Carolina Delgado
  • Megan Ocampo
  • Danny Alessandro
  • Carla Ferguson
  • Dylan Vixon
  • Edgar Villafañe
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