The Soapstone Trail Military Base is a location in Say Goodbye to America: Scatter

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Prior to the outbreak, the Soapstone Trail Military Base was closed off by a fence near a forest clearing. It was operated by military intelligence, complete with single sleeping quarters, winding corridors and a laboratory

Post-Apocalypse Edit

After the outbreak, the base fell to the command of Major Stuart Montgomery and Dr. Harold Martin ran the laboratory. Their orders were to find a cure

Scatter Season 3 Edit

"Tusk" Edit

Flashbacks from survivors reveal when and how the military base came under totalitarian rule. During their escape, survivors allowed the dead to enter the building in an attempt to overrun it

Season 4 Edit

"No Surprises" Edit

It is revealed that Soapstone eventually fell, leading to Gutierrez, Maxwell, Boone and David Sharpe finding their way to a med school and surviving with its inhabitants

Subsections: Edit

Personal Quarters: Edit

A main hallway houses non-military survivor's personal quarters while the highest ranking officer is allowed his own room near the briefing room

Common Rooms: Edit

Several distinct rooms are found throughout the base where most survivors have free access, including:

  • The Briefing Room
  • The Laboratory
  • Weapons Locker
  • Food Storage
  • Garage

Inhabitants Edit

Residents: Edit

Soldiers: Edit

Major Stuart Montgomery- Original leader

Captain Lucas McDermott- Original Second-in-command. Leader after Major Montgomery's death

Sergeant Gutierrez- Second-in-command after Major Montgomery's death

Corporal Maxwell- Soldier usually on guard or clean-up crew

PFC Gunderson- Soldier with a bad temper

PFC Marty- Soldier usually on guard duty

Private Joseph Jones- Soldier usually on clean-up crew

Corporal Connie Boone- Soldier off on a mission during the death of Montgomery and subsequent escape. Returns shortly before Soapstone falls

Doctors: Edit

Dr. Harold Martin- Sole doctor

Survivors: Edit

David Sharpe- Survivor

Ellis- Survivor usually on guard duty or wrangler crew

Addie- Survivor usually on wrangler crew

Escapees: Edit

Quinn Kane- Survivor and supply runner. One of the leaders of the break out

Ilene Wright- Survivor usually stocking supplies

Gary Sanchez- Former baseball player and usually a supply runner or on wrangler crew

Anna Cook- Survivor usually on supply runs

Hazel Burns- Survivor

Jason Herr- Survivor who works the gardens

Megan Shorris- Survivor usually stocking supplies

Patrizia Torres- Survivor usually on supply runs

Martita- Survivor usually on supply runs

Damian- Survivor usually on supply runs

Deaths: Edit

Major Stuart Montgomery- Murdered by Captain McDermott

Addie- Bitten by biters and put down by Gary

Ellis- Intentionally infected by Dr. Martin and put down by Captain McDermott

Dr. Harold Martin- Trachea crushed and shot in the head by Captain McDermott

PFC Marty- Throat slit by Gary and devoured

Private Jones- Devoured by biters

Martita- Shot in the chest by PFC Gunderson and put down by Gary

PFC Gunderson- Shot several times by Quinn

Damian- Devoured by biters

Gary Sanchez- Blown into a piece of rebar and put down by Captain McDermott after reanimation

Megan Shorris- Stabbed to death by Anna Cook

Anna Cook- Shot by Jason Herr and devoured by biters

Captain Lucas McDermott- Devoured by biters after the fall of Soapstone

Appearances Edit

Season 3 Edit

  • Tusk
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