Simon Boyle


First seen

"VI." (flashback)

Actor likeness

Ashley Walters


Simon Boyle is a supporting character in Epiphany. An investigative journalist from the UK who finds himself holed up in the same hospital as Gillian Cassavoy and her son PJ, Simon's heroic and bold spirit sticks out like a sore thumb in PJ's foggy memories. A charming and outspoken coprolalomaniac, he can sometimes come off as rude or insensitive as his cavalier attitude causes him to be loud and opinionated, but he is only that way because he cares very deeply about whatever the situation may be. Hurt by many of the people he's cared about throughout his lifetime and forced to sacrifice a lot to get where he is, Simon wears his heart on his sleeve in an effort to be hardened by the world but he still finds himself driven by his conscience. He is writing an exposé on The Plague and the stories of survivors across the globe, comparing their experiences.

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