The Mask is the thirty-seventh episode of Say Goodbye to America: Scatter, and the fifth episode of season 4, as well as the midseason finale

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of three deadly attacks across all communities, the survivors begin to question themselves and their enemies

The Mask[edit | edit source]

Hazel wakes up to a familiar smell.  She pinches the bridge of her nose as she stirs and opens her eyes.  She is surrounded by a field of lilacs, the sun beaming down on her skin.  She closes her eyes and runs her hands down her cheeks. She whispers to herself, then opens her eyes harshly to a sound of a familiar creaking door

 Hazel: No.  No no, not again

She stands up and pounds on the wall

Hazel: No, no please, let me out!

Aaron: It’s no use

Hazel turns around.  Aaron stands in the center.  Vazquez stands against the wall with his arms crossed.  Olivia comforts Piper in the brightest corner she can find

Aaron: We’re gonna die here, aren’t we?

Hazel points her eyes down and breathes heavily

Matt: They took Sebastián out first.  Then Evan. They’re choosing one at a time

Alice: What is it they’re gonna do?

Vazquez: What do you think?  They eat people, here. Isn’t that right?

Hazel nods her head twice in short bursts

Gavin: Can’t eat us all in one sitting

Hazel: Then they’ll leave us here and make us wait

Fish: Garrett and I sat here for a long ass time waiting.  I’m not gonna be some asshole’s dinner

Hazel: What choice do we have?  We don’t have Peanut or Victor or anyone else to help us this time

Fish: We have each other.  We can fight back

Olivia: They have guns and we have a child

Fish: But we have a knife

He takes his boot off and turns it over so it spills out a small blade

Fish: They didn’t do a full search when they took Sebastián and I.  All they had was the element of surprise. And now we have it and a weapon.  How long until the next grab?

Alice: Less than five minutes

Hazel: How do you know?

Alice: They came on the dot every thirty minutes.  Usually stand outside the door and wait until their watches beep.  Wall’s aren’t too thick when all you have inside them is silence

Fish: When it is time, I’m gonna stand behind that door and grab the first guard I see.  Then we are getting out of here and going home

Aaron: If there is a home to go back to.  They bombed the place

Fish: There’ll be a home.  Doesn’t have to be Apex, we’ll find a place.  What about the Target we were working on?

Olivia: Had to abandon that project when Gregory attacked Apex.  It was too close to the Yard

Hazel: They didn’t destroy Apex.  They need food, and killing everyone too fast will spoil the meat.  Or so I have heard

Meanwhile, in Apex, Scott, Eli, Quinn, Ryo and Brooks stand over Mick, who has been zip-tied to a chair

Mick: Well this certainly is a warm welcome.  I take it my guys left already

Brooks: A few hours ago

Quinn: You wanna tell us what the hell that was about?

Mick: Not particularly but I feel as though I have to 

He smacks his lips

Mick: You spoken to the Waterfront?  We hit them, too. You see, Ned sent Copper to lead a group over there and he would follow us here

Eli: He never showed

Mick: Something’s not right, then.  He had a plan. He would bring Asher here and execute him in front of the lot of you

Eli: Why would he do that?

Mick: He gave you up for a piece of pie.  Two pieces, actually, but still. Well… him and Peanut

Eli looks to Brooks and Quinn

Mick: Didn’t know he was still alive?  We took two of yours that followed Ozzy in the woods.  Peanut and some Arab fellow. Don’t know if they are still alive now, but they were fine when we left

Scott: Enough.  Where is the compound?

Mick: Don’t know.  Didn’t drive here. I’m more of a runner.  The person you want is Julia. She lead the charge here.  Almost lost her with how fast that bitch drives. Are you gonna keep me here all day or are you gonna let me move around, because for some reason this leg hurts like a bitch

Scott pulls out a gun and aims at Mick

Mick: I’ll stop complaining

Scott: Unhook him and tie up his arms.  Let him stretch his legs. Maybe then he’ll remember where the compound is

Mick: You know, some fresh air might help my memory

At that moment, Nils walks in the infirmary

Nils: Jenny is here.  And so is everyone else


Jenny: What the hell happened here?

Scott: Same thing that happened over at Waterfront, I hear

Phillip: Really?  You were suicide bombed here as well?

Scott’s eyes widen and his mouth droops open

Scott: Shit, no… I … I didn’t know

Leo: We lost a few.  Jasper, Luka, Dustin, Evan.  Some of the Waterfront as well

Jenny: How many did we lose here?

Scott: Haven’t started counting, yet.  So far we know Fish, Sebastián, Olivia, Matt

Jeff: Alice

Sean: Gavin’s gone, too

Lewis: Aaron’s gone

Ray: And Rick’s daughter was taken as well

Chester: What about my guys?  The ones I sent here to help you all

Lysander: Just Vazquez

Nate: Jesus Christ

Izabel: The thing is… they’re not dead.  We can’t find any bodies

Kotter: What do you mean can’t find bodies?

Izabel: Even if they died, they’d turn and would roam around the area.  They’re just gone

Garrett: They were taken, then.  Which is even worse

Kotter: How so?

Victor: They’ll be eaten.  Maybe they’ll kill them first but most likely they’ll carve them piece by piece until they die

Kotter: Jesus Christ.  That’s what we’re up against?  Goddamn cannibals?

Scott: I’m sorry, who are you?

Kotter: Larry Kotter but please call me Kotter.  I’m Shoshana’s father. She apparently used to run the Waterfront.  I arrived earlier this morning

Scott: And you trust him, Chester?  He could be a spy

Chester: He knows more about Shoshana than I ever did.  He’s telling the truth

Sean: If you are working for them, I will kill you.  I will not hesitate. I’ve killed bigger men

Kotter: And I have killed smaller.  Believe me, I haven’t been this far south since I was a teenager, and I most certainly am not helping a bunch of crazy cannibals

Victor: They’re not all crazy.   Most of them are just trying to get by and survive.  And to do that, they have to follow Ned’s or any of the top guys’ orders.  Everyone has a purpose on the compound, and it’s usually menial labor. Cleaning, watching for the dead, maintaining farm animals, that stuff.  Then there’s a few other higher ups, mostly a few census takers and doctors like Amelia. Then Packer, who runs the cafeteria and cooks the food with some of his subordinates.  The guards, they’re the ones who run the day to day work on everyone else, watch prisoners, scavenge for other supplies and maintain the borders. There are people watching those borders even I have not met, and I was a guard.  They’re idea of survival is just a little different than here

Scott: We have one of theirs as well.  Will and Ocean are holding him inside your house

Jenny: Let’s meet him, then


Fish stands behind the door and waits for the sound of the watch alarm.  It beeps, but the guards outside make no movement for the door. The group remain silent as they hear a familiar voice speak to the guards

Copper: Take him in there and grab one of your choosing.  Noah, Dave and I are ready for another

Tommard: You got it, Cop

Tommard puts the key into the lock and opens the door, with Rangel holding the new masked prisoner.  Fish raises the knife up and lunges at Tommard, stabbing him in the shoulder. Tommard yells in pain and pins Fish to the wall

Rangel: I’ll get Duke

Rangel runs off as Fish throws a punch and knocks Tommard to the ground.  Fish hops on top of him and begins to raise his arm to throw a punch as Tommard elbows Fish off.  As Fish begins to stand, Tommard pulls the knife out of his shoulder. Fish runs at Tommard, but Tommard is able to stab Fish in the stomach.  Fish begins breathing heavily as he looks at Tommard with shock in his eyes. Tommard smirks and gives a light chuckle as he lets Fish drop to the ground.  Rangel and Creighton Duke run back over to the building

Creighton: Jesus.  Did you kill him?

Tommard: He’s fine.  He can be patched up.  Take the one with a missing half-arm as well.  Noah, Copper and Dave are ready for him now.

Rangel grabs Matt as Creighton picks up Fish.  Tommard shuts the door on his way out. Hazel makes her way over to the new prisoner and takes off his hood and the gag from his mouth

Piper: Who is that?

Hazel grabs the man’s throat and tightens her hand

Hazel: Why did he send you here?

Aaron: Who is that?

Hazel: It’s George.  One of Ned’s top men

Olivia: If you kill him, you won’t know why he is here

Hazel releases George, who rubs his hand on his neck and catches his breath

George: I tried to kill Ned.  I really did. I don’t want a war.  But he survived the explosion.


Inside the infirmary, Elizabeth works on the survivors from the previous night with Richard and Reina, who had arrived from the Waterfront

Train: Anything serious, docs?

Elizabeth: Bullet went through, should be fine.  You can head to the meeting tonight, but no heavy lifting

Train stands up and nods his head towards Elizabeth before walking out.  Elizabeth looks towards Richard

Elizabeth: Are you by any chance able to stick around a little longer here?

Richard: Why?

Elizabeth: We have a pregnant woman here.  She could pop within the month

Richard: Never delivered?

Elizabeth: Never had to

Richard: I’ll do my best to help you out, but I haven’t had to deliver since before the world ended.  It’ll be a learning experience for us both

Inside the schoolhouse, Kendall sits with Devin, Aliison and Sylvester

Kendall: Thank you for helping out, Syl

Sylvester: It’s the least I could do.  I haven’t been around enough for Devin

Sylvester ruffles Devin’s hair

Sylvester: If you need anything, just feel free to ask.  I was there for my wife when she had Devin, I know what you could be going through

Kendall: Thank you for the offer.  I’m actually excited, to say the least.  Sure there’s the uncertainty of birth in this new world, but if it all works out, it’ll have been worth it

Outside, Eddie stands guard on the gate with Jackson and Nathan.  Inside Jenny’s house, Tess takes a sip from the cup of coffee and sighs

Tess: It’s still good but Matt made it the best

Niklas: They’re not dead.  They were just taken

Jack: And how do you think we’re gonna get them back?  I just got my brother back. I spent the last, I don’t know how many, months thinking both of my brothers were dead.  And now he’s gone again. We could’ve stopped it. If you were here, we could have kept them out

Leo: They would have destroyed the Waterfront and killed all of them as well

Julian: We were fine, here.  We held them off. You’re still here, Jack

Jack: And my brother is gone

Jack gets up and walks out of Jenny’s house as she walks in with Chester, Nick, Nate and Haynes

Haynes: Where is your prisoner?

Ocean: He’s upstairs

Nick: We’ve got some important questions for him

Eli: He’s not talking a lot

Nick: He’ll talk

Jenny: The rest of you can leave

Jarrod: I’d rather stay and see what this is. 

Lewis: We need to know what we are up against, Jenny

Jenny points to the group from Appalachian University

Jenny: Who are they?

Jarrod: Students from the Appalachian State University

Roger: We were invited here.  Didn’t show up unannounced

Andrew: Brought some soldiers with us as well.  They’re downstairs with the rest of us

Jenny: Bring them up

Andrew calls down to the rest of the group, who walk up and join the rest in the main room

Jenny: Who are you?

Boone: I’m Corporal Connie Boone

Maxwell: Corporal Maxwell Wallen

Gutierrez: Sergeant Alejandro Gutierrez.  United States Army under the command of Major Stuart Montgomery and Captain Lucas McDermott.  Both deceased

They pan the room and see wide eyes look at them.  Guiterrez stops when he sees Jason looking directly at them

Gutierrez: Quinn didn’t say there were more survivors from Soapstone here

Jason: McDermott is dead?  Does that make us even?

Maxwell: Not even close.  We lost people trying to escape from the herd you let in

Ilene: We lost people, too.  Megan, Gary. Hazel was taken

Gutierrez looks towards Haynes and Roscoe

Gutierrez: How can we help, general?

Haynes: Bring that bastard downstairs

Pinkley and Morgan head upstairs and bring Mick down to the room

Mick: This is more of a warm welcome than I expected

AJ: Sit in that chair

Mick complies and is tied down by Basil and Traci.  He looks up at Cobalt and Hawkins

Hawkins: You try anything funny and I will not hesitate to kill you

Cobalt: I might. But he's got my back in case

Mick: I feel like that resonates with all of you.  Very well… ask any questions you have. I’m an open book, I guess

All the other survivors look around the room

Seth: So who is asking the first question?

Oliver: You technically just did

Basil: I’ll ask.  We were in there for almost a month.  How long do prisoners last inside those little buildings?

Mick: For however long we want them for.  One body from each building can last a week.  We have livestock as well. Last night was chicken pot pie

Mark: How many buildings of prisoners are there?

Mick: Five or six.  I don’t know. I am not a guard.  

Dex: How many people do you usually keep in the buildings?

Mick: Can fit upwards of thirty but we never put that many in.  Can’t control them all

Arrowhead: What is the process like?

Izabel: You really asking that question?  That’s a little sick

Roscoe: I think he means what kind of pain are they in?

Arrowhead: That's exactly what I mean

Mick: Sometimes killed right away, usually to make a point.  That’s normally only done at a border crossing or when meeting a new group. 

Will: But most of the time, is it painful?

Mick: Most of the time, at least one limb can be carved while they’re still alive.  Initially, it was always really painful because we didn’t knock them out. Now, we knock them out first

Annabelle: How humane of you

Mick: It wasn’t because it was humane.  They tend to struggle less when they are knocked out

Ciara: >whispers< It could have been worse for you, Emil

Emil: >whispers< I’d take knocked out and killed over solitude in a cell

Hannah: Why do you eat people?  I feel like no one has asked that yet

Mick: If it makes the dead strong, it makes us strong

Eli: When I was their prisoner, Ned told me he used psychology to make people obey him.  Some methods of thought reform by telling them bullshit about the strengthening powers of eating human flesh.  You’ve been fed a bunch of lies asshole

Mick: That’s just what he tells a prisoner to make them afraid.  He’s a strong leader, he knows what he's doing. He is making us stronger

David: This is insanity

Dimitri: You said you weren’t a guard.  What did you do there?

Mick: I took census with a few others.  Humans, animals, and the others

Taylor: Others?

Mick: The dead

Ethan: How many are we up against?

Mick: Around 70.  Can’t remember off the top of my head

Becky: We’ve got more than that, right?  We can kick their ass

Mick begins to laugh

Mick: That’s just guards at the compound.  You have no idea just how many people you are up against.  Those borders run far, and there are many who guard. If Ned calls them back, they will gladly leave their post unattended to wipe this place and the Waterfront from the end of the world.  Ever since Ozzy’s plan to walk with the others using their skin, we’ve been collecting. Ned could throw that force at you too, if he wants. If I were you all, I would leave while you still can

Jenny: Where did you take our people?  We know you didn’t kill all of them

Mick: See that, I do not know.  I do not know what plans Ned has outside his circle.  We’ll learn what his plans are together, I guess

Quinn: Who is in his circle?  Do we know any of them?

Kevin: What about Asher?

Mick: Who do you think gave the place up?  All for a piece of pie

Kevin looks down to the floor, heartbroken

Scott: Who is in the circle, Mick?

Mick: His right hand is Noah.  When Ned is gone, Noah is in charge.  Ned’s younger brother, Dave is also part of it, but he is not as strong willed as Ned.  Copper led the charge to the Waterfront. George has recently been moved up. Ozzy is the newest after some of you killed Harris and kept Clove hostage.  I heard a Jasper and Evan were kind enough to bring her back. She left for Waterfront last night, and Noah is gonna be pissed if Clove doesn’t return to the compound.  He loves that girl

Mick looks around the room and his eyes lock with Jenny

Mick: You killed her, didn’t you?

Jenny: She killed Jasper.  It had to be done

Mick: If Noah finds out it was you, he will torture you to death.  Y’all want a story to hear how brutal Ned’s number two can be? When it all started, Ned took a liking to Noah and took him under his wing, which Noah needed to help protect his mama.  A group of raiders came in early on and killed a few us, Noah’s mom included. There were three raiders, one woman and two men. He tore both men’s tongues out and blinded them before beating them to death.  He raped the woman. As the story goes, as he climaxed, he took two knives and dragged them down her back until she bled to death covered in his ---

Haynes: Shut him up

Donald punches Mick in the face, causing a small amount of blood to form under his nose

Mick: I guess you weren’t a fan of that story.  How about the one where Copper tore a man’s eyelids off?  Or the story of how George lost an eye and still tried to kill three of you?  How about the long, grueling torture of Asher Praedo, the one who gave this place up?  You have no clue what lengths Ned and his circle will go through to get what they want.  If they take you, you will wish you were dead

Several shots ring out outside the Apex gates, but synchronized they sound as three.  Jenny, Chester, Leo and the others run out to the gates to see a whole army, with Noah standing on top of one of the truck beds

Noah: Afternoon, everyone!  Please lay down your guns


Noah: I come to you peacefully.  We will not fire unless fired upon.  And look at us… we’ll destroy this whole place faster than a kid opening presents.  As you can see, Ned is not currently with us. There was an issue back at the compound, but he’ll be back very shortly.  In the meantime, I am in charge, and I have brought some friends. And they brought friends. Now they always say the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but what of the friend of my friend?  Are they my enemy? Ponder that for a minute

Phillip: What do you want?

Copper: Hold on there, hoss.  

Noah: Easy, Cop.  I’ll get to it shortly… uh… I didn’t quite get your name.

Phillip: Phillip James

Noah: Well, Phillip James, I have some surprises for you.  As you can tell, we are missing a few people, and I noticed you were down a few people here and at the Waterfront, as well.  Don’t worry… they’re safe. But boy do they ever talk. Especially when you ask them one simple question: what’s your name? Now… for the surprise

He motions to Julia, who walks to the back of the line of trucks and bangs once

Noah: I’m gonna start this out with a fun one so you know what y’all are in for.  Now, there are some rumors going around to where Ned is and why he wasn’t here last night and I am here to put those rumors to rest.  One of our own, two actually, tried to kill him, and in the process, killed a friend of mine and a friend of yours. Asher was gonna join us today, but unfortunately, he was killed in a car bomb set for Ned.  Now I personally hate insubordination. It doesn’t sit well with my stomach. Until it is cooked of course. Now my first guest for you this afternoon is… George

A soldier walks out from the truck and up next to Noah.  Everything is normal about him except his face. Those who know him recognize his face.  It is George’s but it is sown on sloppily with dried blood on the sides. It’s a mask. The soldier speaks

Faux George: Heyo!

Noah: >displeased< You are not supposed to fucking talk, that’s my job

Noah pulls out a pistol and shoots the soldier on the left side of his head.  He drops off to the right, dead

Noah: He ruined it.  It was fun and he had to ruin it

Noah tosses the pistol off the his side

Noah: Anyway, on with it.  I see some shocked faces and we have barely even started.  Our next guest was our first one on the barbeque… and as such, we cooked her for a bit too long.  Thankfully it works for her name. Here she is… Hazel Burns

Another soldier walks up next to the now dead soldier wearing Hazel’s face as a mask.  Quinn’s eyes go wide and Ilene begins to tear up

Noah: This next fella comes to us from a far away land.  Maybe, I don’t know. He’s just got a foreign name and I forgot where he said he was from.  Give it up for Amin Issawi!

Rangel walks out with a man wearing a bag over his head.  The soldier removes the back to reveal Amin, gagged and bound, his hair wet from sweat

Noah: Like I said.  They’re safe. I just didn’t say how many.  This next one’s got a story, ‘cause I knew him for a bit as well.  He came from around here. We made a nice double-peanut butter sandwich out of him.  It really tasted nutty. Did you know it was invented by a black man? Me neither. Anyway, here’s Peanut

Another soldier walks out from the truck, wearing Peanut’s face

Noah: This next one was an interesting one to say the least.  And believe me when I say we ate pretty much everything, including the bad eye.  It tasted a bit sour but it was something I had never tried before. Give it up for Gavin

A soldier walks out with Gavin’s face.  Through binoculars, Leo can see the soldier’s blue eye in place of where Gavin’s once was.  Dex and Ray hold Sean back from running towards Noah 

Noah: Well that really rubbed some of you the wrong way, huh?  Now my people really love Mexican food. So we added a little spice to this one.  He had fire already though. He fought and kicked the whole way out. I won’t leave you hanging, here’s Vazquez!

Another soldier walks out with Vazquez’s face and hat.  He carries Vazquez’s six shooter on his left side. Nate hold Traci as she tears up and Chester begins to visibly shake as he holds his hand to his forehead

Noah: Let me rephrase what I said earlier.  My people really, really love Mexican food. But we had to save it for a rainy day.  So instead I bring to you a living, breathing Sebastián

Darren brings out Sebastián with a bag over his head.  He brings him up to Amin, kicks him in the knee and stands behind him

Noah: Now so far we’ve seen mostly men but let me say women taste a hell of a lot better.  Possibly because of the fat. And this one…

He puts his hands far out in front of his stomach

Noah: She really had some fat.  Please bring out Private First Class Alice Monroe.  She really wanted to emphasize that part

A soldier walks up with Alice’s face and stands next to the others

Noah: She fought for this country and gave her life to feed us.  I think it’s ironic but I don’t really know. Now I said women taste better than men but children… children taste the best of them all.  This one was crying for her father, but I’m pretty certain we already killed the bastard. Give it up for Piper

Another soldier walks out with Piper’s face on.  Dex, Dimitri, Taylor, Eddie, Horatio, Aida, Stan and others drop their mouths in astonishment.  Others, like Reina and Josephine, drop to their knees in horror

Noah: Wow you really were not a fan of that.  It gets better for this one. This next one we were a little pissed off about.  Seems somebody already took a piece off of him. There wasn’t enough meat on him to eat.  So we let him be. Bring Matt to the front please

Ozzy complies, bringing out a bound and gagged Matt

Noah: This next one we took off the grill for a little bit.  Keep the rare, redness to match her fiery personality and hair color.  Bring out Olivia

A soldier walks out with Olivia’s face on.  Seeing her, Matt begins to freak out and struggle

Noah: Someone take care of him, he’s really killing the mood.  Anyway… next fella we’ve had sitting around for quite a while. Turns out, he killed some of our guys.  But he did bring back my girlfriend unharmed so I decided to leave him be. And then you, Jenny, I heard you killed her… Anyways on to the fun.  It’s Evan Curtis, everyone

Copper brings out a bound and gagged Evan and places him next to Matt

Noah: This next fella had an interesting name.  Too bad his name did not match the flavor. I expected salty and instead I got bitter.  Someone oughta rename this fella… on his gravestone of course. Give it up for Fish

A soldier walks out wearing Fish’s face

Noah: If anyone happens to know his real name, please let me know.  Finally, I have saved the best for last… See most of my people enjoy white meat but I personally love the dark meat.  So if we could please bring out the most flavorful of them all… Aaron!

One final soldier walks out wearing Aaron’s face.  He lines up with the other soldiers wearing masks

Naoh: At ease

With that, all soldiers take off their masks and throw them to the ground.  Julia, Copper, Ozzy and Rangel smack Matt, Sebastián, Amin, and Evan on the back of the head, knocking them out cold

Noah: Normally someone might say to stop this silly war and give up, but this was fun.  And I got the chance to feed my people. So while you probably should stop this fighting, I won’t be upset if you do.  That is all… toodle-loo

With that, he hops into the truck and taps the roof.  The vehicles back up and drive off. Eli, Will, Ryo, Annabelle and Dimitri run out to help the four survivors while others stay inside to mourn.  Sean breaks free from Ray’s hold and fires his pistol at the retreating vehicles but does no damage. Jenny, Leo, Chester and others turn towards Mick

Mick: Of all the things Noah could have done, I did not expect that

Sean walks up to him with his gun drawn

Jenny: Don’t!

Aidan: He could be useful

Sean: This son of a bitch gets to live but Gavin dies?  And Aaron? Olivia? Vazquez? That little girl?

Niklas: That’s not who we are.  We don’t kill in revenge

Sean: I certainly remember you tried to, Niklas.  You stabbed Nils because of what was done to you. They just killed our people!  We can do something about it!

Leo: We’ll figure it out

Josephine: We need time to mourn

Jenny: Just put down the gun.  We’ll figure this out. All of us

Sean starts to cry and lower the gun, tossing it off to his side.  Basil walks over and hugs him, allowing Sean to cry on his shoulder.  Suddenly, everyone turns towards Mick at the sound of a gunshot. Jack West stands over Mick’s body, lying on the ground with a bullet in the back of his brain.  He tosses his gun on the ground and turns to leave, picking up a heavy bag from the ground

Jack: It had to be done.  I’m out of here

Jack walks towards the gate and leaves Apex as the rest of the survivors look at the carnage around them


The leaves have changed, some already beginning to fall to the streets inside the Apex walls.  Kendall, nearly twice her size, paces around her living room

Sylvester: I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think the baby’ll come out any earlier if you keep walking.  You know, my wife used to pace around the room when she was carrying Devin. Probably why he’s a helion

Kendall: It’s keeping my mind off of it

Sylvester: Have you thought of a name yet?

Kendall: Besides the obvious Bentley?  No… I don’t even know the gender yet

Sylvester: You don’t need to know the gender

Kendall: I don’t want to think about it

Sylvester: Why not?  As far as we know, this is the first baby born since the world went to shit

Kendall: What if it has the disease?  What if it is born a monster?

Sylvester: What if it isn’t?  Not too long ago, you told me you excited

She sits back on her couch and leans over, her elbows on her knees and head in her hands

Kendall: >sighs< That was back then.  Before we last saw those compound bastards.  There’s a lot of “what ifs” now. I know people are talking and I know it isn’t all good

Sylvester: Don’t worry about them… think about you, think about the kid.  Think about…

Sylvester looks down and smiles

Sylvester: Think about what you’re about to do within the next couple of hours

Cast[edit | edit source]

 Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo Henderson

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal (No Lines)

David Henrie as Garrett Smith

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West

Lee Pace as Lewis Edwards

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Zan McClarnon as Chester Navarro

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson

and Stephen Dillane as General Joseph Haynes

Also Starring[edit | edit source]

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Camren Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

Bruce Soord as Julian Watts

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

Jason Earles as Nils

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx

Roger Neal as Nate Demarco

Kerr Logan as Noah

Lucian Msamati as Roscoe Jefferson

Jason Isaacs as Dave O'Connor (Does not Appear)

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead)

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen (No Lines)

Connor Swindells as Nick D'Atomeo

with Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis (No Lines)

and Jason Momoa as Nathan (No Lines)

Stanley Tucci as Ray

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson

Kurt Yaeger as Mick Karn

Ross Butler as Ryo Osaka

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Kevin Durand as Jack West

Micah Fitzgerald as Corporal Jeff Lever

Richard Dormer as George

Nathalie Emmanuel as Kendall Standish

Tyler Hoechlin as Train

Ben Howard as Will Knight

Luis Tosar as Sergeant Gutierrez

Riz Ahmed as Amin Issawi (No Lines)

Aldis Hodge as Benjamin Ocean

Lorenzo Lamas as Victor Montrose

Lucille Sharp as Josephine

Lindsey Garrett as Ciara Nash

Sydney Park as Annabelle Wheeler

Lindsey Buckingham as Dr. Richard Harris

William Postlelthwaite as Copper

Kane Hodder as Creighton Duke

Dylan Sprouse as Jarrod Davis

Edi Gathegi as Peanut (No Lines)

John Cooper as Doctor Aidan Stockdale

Rosabell Sellers as Reina (No Lines)

David Mazouz as Kevin

Tony Vincent as Lysander

Pilou Asbæk as Emil

Rider Strong as Stan (No Lines)

Paul Kaye as Horatio Whittaker (No Lines)

Finn Jones as SSG. Donald Hawkins

Mark Stanley as Cpl. James Cobalt

Daniel Zovatto as Quinn Kane

Jacqueline Emerson as Julia Sabre (No Lines)

Kaya Scodelrio as Ilene Wright

Dexter Darden as Jason Herr

Timothy Olyphant as Ozzy (No Lines)

Nelson Franklin as Ethan Ross

Joe Volk as Mark Guthrie

Liana Liberato as Traci Jones (No Lines)

Joel de la Fuente as Seth Young

Ncuti Gatwa as Roger Fester

Sam Worthington as Tommard

Jemaine Clement as Rangel

Shawnee Smith as Hannah Thompson

AnnaSophia Robb as Becky

 Co-Starring[edit | edit source]

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd (No Lines)

JoAnna Garcia as Taylor Burns

Jordan Prentice as Oliver

Jake Short as Francis Marino (No Lines)

Chris Marquette as David Sharpe

Brandon Larracuente as J.D. Eisbach (No Lines)

Robbie Amell as Andrew Marino

Matt Murray as Corporal Maxwell

Sadie Sink as Piper Conrad

Finn Wolfhard as Devin Nelson

Justin Mark as Private Charles Pinkley (No Lines)

Megan Parkinson as Alice Monroe

Crystal Reed as Corporal AJ Morgan

Hayley Law as Elle (No Lines)

Dreama Walker as Corporal Connie Boone

Millie Brown as Allison (No Lines)

Mike Doyle as Darren (No Lines)

 Guest Starring[edit | edit source]

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Iain Glen as Ned O'Connor (Does Not Appea)

Kim Coates as Larry Kotter

Deaths[edit | edit source]


Faux George

Hazel Burns


Gavin Foxx

Arturo Vazquez

Alice Monroe

Piper Conrad

Olivia Graham

Fish West

Aaron Meyer

Mick Karn

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Last Appearance of Jack West (unknown)
  • Last Appearance of Aaron Meyer
  • Last Appearance of Fish West
  • Last Appearance of Olivia Graham
  • Last Appearance of Gavin Foxx
  • Last Appearance of Arturo Vazquez
  • Last Appearance of Peanut
  • Last Appearance of George
  • Last Appearance of Mick Karn
  • Last Appearance of Hazel Burns
  • Last Appearance of Alice Monroe
  • Last Appearance of Piper Conrad
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