"A Plague On Your Houses" is the thirty-sixth episode of Say Goodbye to America: Scatter and the fourth episode of season 4

Synopsis Edit

A family member of a dead friend arrives at the Waterfront. Ned O'Connor sends a coordinated attack to both the Waterfront and Apex, but is unable to take part in either

A Plague On Your Houses Edit

Camilla stands on guard, the moon over her shoulder, atop one of the slanted roofs on the Waterfront.  She takes a puff from her cigarette, one which she has been saving, and exhales into the sky. She watches as the smoke eventually dissipates into the night.  She shakes when she hears a voice

“I thought I’d find you here”

Camilla: What was the giveaway, Tor?

Tori: The smoke emanated from down the hall

The brunette bespectacled girl carefully walks up next to Camilla and sits down next to her.  She rests her head on Camilla’s shoulder

Camilla: You know we really should be keeping watch

Tori: There’s no way they would come at night

Camilla: You say that and here they come in three… two… one…

She looks out into the night, which remains silent

Tori: See, what I tell you?

She leans in and kisses Camilla

Tori: There’s nothing to be afraid of

Camilla: Shh… I hear a car

She pulls out her binoculars and looks out into the road.  One white truck drives up at high speed. She drops her binoculars and pulls out her rifle, scoping in on the truck.  She watches as a man steps out. He scratches his chin as he walks towards the building slowly. Camilla takes a shot at the man near his feet.  The sound rings out into the night. The man looks up at the roof

Camilla: One more step and the next one goes into your head

“I don’t think you’re gonna do that, honey”

Camilla: Why not?

“You didn’t rechamber.  By now I could have walked in”

Camilla: Who are you and what do you want?

Kotter: My name is Larry Kotter.  I’m here to see Shoshana. She’s my daughter


Kotter sits in the cafeteria and sips a cup of coffee and exhales hard, his eyes closed and face twitching

Kotter: It ain’t like the cups at Martha’s Diner, I’ll tell you that

Stan: My mother was better at it.  Better at everything

Kotter: I’m guessing she isn’t here anymore.  I’m sorry

He takes another sip

Camilla: So how do you know Shoshana again?

Kotter: She’s my daughter

Tori: I thought her father was Indian

Kotter: No but I know about Rajesh.  Her mother was my high school teacher and I got her pregnant at sixteen.  I finally got to meet her about twenty years ago and saw her sporadically ever since.  I’ve been looking for her since this whole shit started. I left from Maine

Stan: How’d you know she’d be here?

Kotter: I knew she was in the state, so as soon as I got here I asked everyone I could for help.  Never stayed anywhere for more than a week. Until a month ago I came across a man with a strange Roman name.  Cassius, I think. He told me about the Waterfront and where it was. Where is she?

Camilla: This might be hard to hear but, Shoshana has been dead for about six months

Kotter hangs his mouth open and looks down

Kotter: Shit.  How?

Tori: She was k---

Stan: She got bit.  She was saving a guy named Ryan and got bit

Kotter: Well… at least she went out helping someone.  Where is Ryan?

Stan: He didn’t make it either.  He was killed

Kotter: Well… I uh… I guess I should leave, then

Camilla: No, don’t go.  You need to meet Chester

Stand: I’ll get him

Meanwhile, in Apex, the guards are on full alert, but barely anyone sleeps.  Inside Jenny’s house, a group meets over coffee

Jack: How is it the one armed man makes the best coffee?

Matt: It’s all in the love, my friend.  That and pre-apocalypse work in a coffee shop

Oliver: Which one?

Matt: Starbucks

Oliver, Jack, Niklas, Nils and Jason laugh

Matt: What?  They’re all over the place.  Needed work during school

Tess: Yeah, what did you study anyway?

Matt: Business.  I was gonna open a shop of my own

Niklas: Really?

Matt: No, I just chose the easiest major that my parents would somewhat be okay with.  Right Liv?

Olivia: Mom and dad were pissed at your grades

Matt: Didn’t try.  And look now. I don’t need good grades to survive the end of the world.  Hell, I barely need two arms

Nils: But it would be nice to have two, right?

Matt: It’s a good conversation starter

Izabel: Really?

Matt: No, everyone knows it’s because of a bite.  But it’s endearing. ‘Look how much fun this guy’s having with only one arm’.  Can we get off the topic? I’m getting embarrassed

Olivia: Aww.  Sorry brother

Vazquez: It is good coffee, though. Gonna need another cup before my guard shift tonight

Jeff: Amen to that, friend. I've got half an hour to go

Cobalt: Any to-go mugs I can bring Hawkins and Lysander?

Taylor: Check the top of the cabinet on the farthest left one

Cobalt: Cheers

Dimitri: I know this is a shitty thing to say but if they do come, I hope the come sooner. I'm tired of being worried every second

Sean: And we can swiftly kick their asses back where they belong

Jason: No. We would have to end it

Olivia: What do you mean?

Jason: Ned cannot live. Noah cannot live. Those bastards in charge and all the guards need to die, and Packer as well. The shit they do to people is evil. Can't let them continue that shit

Ocean: I agree with you

Vazquez: They killed my best friend. They are going to die

Dimitri: And they will

The conversation dies down as everyone remains in an awkward silence for a solid ten seconds

Matt: Anybody have any jokes?

Julian: I do

Arrowhead: Really?

Julian: Yes really

Lewis: Can’t wait to hear this

Julian: What?

Aaron: You don’t seem like the most comical guy

Julian: Oh yeah?  A priest, a rabbit and a minister walk into a bar.  The rabbit says ‘I think I might be a typo’.

Nobody reacts at first.  Julian gestures his arms forward and raises his eyebrows

Julian: Huh? Anyone? Josephine? Ocean?

Josephine: You're on your own on that one

Matt: You’re gonna have to explain it, man

Julian: The usual joke is a priest, minister and rabbi.  But here it’s a rabbit and he thinks he’s a typo ‘cause there’s an extra letter

Lewis: Oh, I get it.  Clever. Not funny but clever

Julian: Screw you guys

Oliver: All right, I got one.  So, when my father was in the army… 

Meanwhile, at the O’Connor Compound, Ned collects his soldiers to send them on their way

Ned: You all have your assignments.  Those of you at Waterfront, Copper is in charge and Will is leading the way.  Those of you heading to Apex, I’m in charge and Julia is leading the way. When you get there, those escapees and Montrose are mine.  Anyone else is expendable. And try to take a few if you can. Hogan, you’re my ride

He hops down from the platform as Copper takes his group out back.  Noah hands Asher, bound and gagged, to Ned as they walk toward the garage

Noah: Are you sure you don’t want me to come?

Ned: I need someone in charge here and Dave is too soft.  Anything goes wrong, you are in charge

Noah: Anything goes wrong?

Ned: I’m the one they want.  They will shoot at me. They might even get me

Hogan: Which car is yours, Ned?

Ned: White one.  If, for some reason, I cannot lead… you are in charge

Hogan beeps the car to unlock it as Ned puts Asher in the back seat and walks back towards Noah

Ned: I’m trusting you to keep this place together.  And if my brother tries to take it… 

Hogan opens the driver side door wide, and is instantly killed as the car explodes, knocking Ned forward and Noah backwards


Kotter: So this place is safe?

Chester: I’m going to be honest with you.  Currently, no. We are, I guess, at war with another group of people.  They’re gonna try and kill us. And if you do not want to stick around for that, I don’t blame you

Kotter: I’ve got nowhere else to go.  Might as well stay here and help you out.  I’m a pretty good shot. I’ve got land up in Maine where I hunted for many many years.

Chester: Then welcome.  Would you like a tour?

Kotter: Sure

About a mile outside of the Waterfront, Copper smacks the roof of the truck he is riding in.  Will slows down and stops. Copper hops off the bed

Copper: You ready for this?

Will: It’s what Ned chose me for.  I can lead the charge

Copper: Good.  We’ll be right behind you

Copper hops in to Rangel’s truck behind him

Copper: Follow the leader

A mile outside of Apex, Julia continues to push her pedal to the floor as Eliana holds the passenger handle

Eliana: Do you really have to go so fast?

Julia: No cops.  Free range to do whatever I want

Eliana: But you could ease off a little bit.  Don’t want Ned to be too far behind

Julia: He’ll be fine.  What’s he going to do to me anyway?

Back at Waterfront, Chester brings Kotter to the front gate

Chester: This is where you came in.  Probably best to start here. That’s Nate, one of my right hand men

Nate: Pleased to meet you

Kotter: Kotter.  Shoshana’s father

Nate: Oh.  I’m so sorry for your loss

Kotter: From what I heard, she went out a hero

Nate: Aye.  She was

Luka: Nate, really think we should be planting right now?

Nate: I thought you loves the gardens

Luka: Yeah but we’re a group for guard duty.  

Sharissa: I agree, why are we planting instead of sleeping before our shift?

Milo: Be thankful you’re doing anything other than sitting in that cell

Robert: I’m just glad to be here

Milo: See?  Robert’s happy and he’s been locked up longer than you

Nate: Easy, Milo.  Keep calm

Kotter: Uh… quick question, Chester

Chester: Shoot

Kotter: Is that one of your guys flying towards us?

Nate and Chester turn to see Will’s truck flying towards the gate.  As the guns are raised towards him, he pulls out the detonator and arms it.  He crashes into the gate and drives towards the group of people. As he barrels towards them, he sets off the explosives


Noah, dazed, gets up on his knees and shakes his head, knocking dirt and concrete loose from his hair

Noah: Shit!  Ned!

Noah holds his hand to Ned’s neck and is relieved to hear a faint pulse.  He gets on the walkie

Noah: Amelia!  I need a doctor here now!  Emergency in the garage

Amelia: I’m on my way

Noah hears footsteps and turn his head, pulling his gun out

Darren: Woah, woah, Noah.  It’s me. What happened? I heard the explosion

Noah: You’ve pretty much got the gist of it, then

Darren: Is he… dear God, is he dead?

Noah: No. No, Amelia’s coming

Darren: What do you need me to do?

Naoh: When he is all set, I need your help with something

At the same moment, Julia leads the group heading towards Apex directly to the gates.  Eddie, with eyes on alongside Pinkley, alerts the rest of the survivors to prepare for an attack.  Eddie peers out and sees a flash which makes his eyes widen

Eddie: Get down!

Dinah fires a grenade launcher into the gate of Apex, blasting it open and allowing the attackers to enter.  Julia drives through and skids around before coming to a full stop. Upon stopping, they are instantly met with gunfire, making their exit from the vehicle difficult.  From inside Jenny’s house, Matt kicks the door open to let the group rush out towards their attackers. Corporal James Cobalt and Sergeant Donald Hawkins, from atop a perch alongside Lysander, take shots at their attackers, but initially only make leg shots, bringing the specific attacker down but not out.  Finally able to move from her truck, Julia steps out

Julia: Push into the houses! Find them!  Eliana, Dinah, on me

Julia leads her group towards the back of Apex, towards the schoolhouse.  She kicks in the door and is met by gunfire, backing away before aiming back and firing.  She leads the other two in to see Devin Nelson holding a gun and Piper Conrad and Allison standing in the corner

Dinah: Julia… they’re kids

Julia: This one has a gun

Devin: You better leave my home, bitch

Julia: And he’s got a mouth

They turn to hear the sound of a shotgun and see Kendall Standish, visibly pregnant, facing them.  Julia keeps hr gun trained on her and grabs Piper

Julia: You wouldn’t kill a kid, would you, hon?

Piper: Kendall, help!

Eliana: Jules, she’s pregnant

Julia: And she definitely won’t kill a kid.  Let’s go, sweet pea

Julia begins backing away from the schoolhouse until she exits, with Kendall lowering the gun.  Outside, Basil, Train, Vazquez and Kevin chase after a few more of their attackers, with Train managing to kill one before he is shot in the shoulder and knocked to the ground

Vazquez: Get him inside, I’ll cover

Basil and Kevin help Train up and rush to the infirmary, where Elizabeth waits with a gun aimed

Basil: Liz, it’s us.  We need help

Train: Gonna need to keep the light on, Liz.  It’s gonna be hell in a few hours

Elizabeth: Kevin, can you check the generators?

Kevin: On it

Basil: Got your back

Elizabeth: No, I’m gonna need you here in case of emergencies

Back at Waterfront, Chester is slow to stand up as vehicles from the O’Connor Compound.  He buckles over and coughs, spitting out small particles of dirt. He looks to his left and sees arms and guts strewn about by the gate, the truck still on fire.  He looks over to Nate and Kotter, who are dragging an injured Jed, missing a leg. He is shaken from his stupor by Ethan

Ethan: Chester, we gotta get help out here

They hear a familiar crack of a rifle and Ethan is instantly shot in the leg, dropping to the ground.  Chester looks out to see more vehicles headed towards them, so he picks up Ethan and runs inside, Traci and Mark locking the doors behind them.  He sits Ethan on the ground

Chester: Get him to to help

Traci: On it

Chester turn to the other survivors, who have turned up to the gate at the sound of the explosion with more filling in from elsewhere

Ciara: What are we gonna do?

Chester: We’re taking the fight back outside and we’re sending them home


Dave and Darren stand behind Noah, who lands another punch in Zeke’s face.  Zeke spits out a tooth knocked loose

Noah: Stop denying it.  You’re the only one who had access to the C4.  You planted it

Dave: Just wanna know why, Zeke

Zeke: Why?

He spits on the ground

Zeke: He’s dragging us into a war we don’t want.  Can’t things just go back to the way they were? We were safe, we didn’t have to worry about being killed in our sleep by pyromaniac cooks or gunned down at our guard posts.  It needed to be stopped

Noah: You really think if he died the war would end?  He would be a martyr and we would continue to fight. Maybe even dirtier.  But if that was your reason… Dave, your call

Dave pulls out a glock and points it at Zeke

Zeke: Wait, wait… wait.  I just put it together. George told me to do it.  He wanted me to leave some for Ned to kill him

Darren: Well you should have used more, then.  Amelia says he’s gonna live

Zeke: And what does that mean for me?  A few weeks in the hole?

Dave: You’re too picky of an eater to save for the hole

Dave shoots Zeke in the head, which causes him to slump over in the chair

Dave: I’m gonna go see George

Meanwhile, back at the Waterfront, the fighting continues as Dr. Harris, with assistance from Seth and Reina, try to help Jed, who is slowly dying from his injuries

Jed: Richard… it’s not worth it.  Go help the ones who can be saved

Richard: I’m almost set taking out the pieces

Jed: I’m not gonna be much help on one leg, doc.  I need you to help everyone else

Seth: Jed, you’re doing great.  You’re gonna pull through

Jed: I don’t know if I am

Outside, Chester hunkers down off on the left with Phillip, Kotter, Leo and Nate

Leo: Hell of a first day, Kotter.  How you like the place?

Kotter: Ask me again when they stop shooting at us

Phillip: This place is worth it. It was your daughter's legacy

Kotter: Then I'm gonna fight for it

He fires at one of their attackers, hitting a younger, fatter man in the head and killing him.  From over on their right, Dex, Jenny, Dustin, Jasper and Lilli fire on their attackers

Dustin: They just keep coming.  It’s like they’re printing more every minute

The sniper strikes the rock in front of them

Lilli: Someone’s gotta take out that sniper

Jasper: I’ll go.  Just watch my back

Jenny: I’m behind you.  Horatio, Garrett, cover us

Jasper and Jenny run out on their left and hide down by one of the closer vehicles from the compound, looking across the way for the shooter

Jasper: You see where it’s coming from?

Jenny: Gotta be from one of the back vehicles

From along the Western entrance, Copper motions to Creighton and Tommard to move forward.  Creighton pulls a car door off one of their vehicles and hands it to Tommard as they rush towards Evan, Hazel and Roscoe.  Tommard runs up and smacks Roscoe to the ground with the door, then begins kicking him as Creighton smacks Evan to the ground before grabbing Hazel and walking off with her.  Evan begins to stand

Tommard: Not too quickly, friend.  Walk with us

Tommard keeps his gun trained on Evan as they march back towards the vehicles.  Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Apex, several vehicles head towards the community.  In the middle vehicle, Quinn drives Jarrod, Elle, Becky and Eli.

Jarrod: So how big is Apex?

Quinn: Big enough.  And welcoming. Not like the last place I was

Becky: What was that place like?

Eli: They ate people

Quinn: Thankfully we had help escaping.  Folks here welcomed me and the others with open arms

In the lead car, Scott drives Brooks, Francis and Boone in the front vehicle when he begins to slow

Francis: This is Apex?

Scott: Something’s wrong.  Get your guns out, we’re going in

They drive up behind the other vehicles and pull out their guns.  The others follow suit as they head towards the destroyed gate of Apex.  Sylvester’s eyes widen as he rushes into the town. Scott follows and shoots one of the attackers in the leg and brings him to the ground.  The man’s left arm is covered in tattoos while his right is shaved clean

Scott: Who are you and what are you doing here?

Mick: Name’s Mick.  And the rest you might wanna ask me later

Scott picks Mick up and hands him to Eli and Quinn

Scott: Get him inside to Liz.  You guys wanna help?

Gutierrez: Let’s get going

Scott: Brooks, Jarrod, on me.  Fish and Sebastián, you’ve got the gate.  No one comes in or out

Fish: You got it

Brooks: Stay tight as a group.  Our folks won’t shoot you if you stay with us.

Ryo: I’ll watch rear

Andrew: I’ve got your back

They run in as a pack towards the center of town.  In a corner near the back, Ozzy knocks Matt out and hands him off to Tara while Derek marches Olivia and Alice out to the gate.  Inside the church, Sean, Ray, Victor, Vernon and AJ fire from inside while Gavin sits next to Sean

Gavin: What’s happening out there?  My sight’s not fully back

Sean: Gotta be those folks from the compound.  Any reason they’re here?

Victor: Someone must have said something.  Or they found the place on their own

AJ: Get down!

AJ gets the others down as another grenade is launched into the church, the blast knocking Sean out cold through the window.  Vernon stands and helps Victor, Ray and AJ out the back

Vernon: Get out!  Go, go!

Dinah and Packer walk into the church and see Gavin swing his arms around wildly.  Back at the Waterfront, the fighting continues. Hacky Sack, Nick, Posey and Haynes provide backup and together are able to bring down another one of their attackers

Haynes: Keep pushing forward.   

Hacky Sack: I think they’re starting to run

Nick: Keep after them, then

The sniper fires again, knocking Posey to the ground with a wound in his shoulder

Hacky Sack: Posey!  You good?

Posey: Damn it.  I’m fine.  

Haynes: Get him inside

Several more attackers rush in towards their position in a final stand.  One of them holds a rifle and aims at Dex, Dustin and Lilli. He fires once and hits Dustin, knocking his jaw off and bringing him to the ground.  Dex fires back and kills the attacker before moving towards his ally

Dex: Dustin… Dustin

Dex shakes Dustin but the latter does not stir.  Dex aims at Dustin’s head and puts his friend down.  Jasper and Jenny, finally finding the sniper, move to take him out.  Jasper motions for Jenny to stay a few paces back as he moves in closer.  Suddenly, from behind the car upon which the sniper stands, Clove jumps out and stabs Jasper in the chest, pulling the knife out and stabbing him again.  She yells in anger as she stabs him one more time and drops him to the ground before looking at Jenny, who has her gun aimed at her. Clove drops her knife and puts her hands up

Clove: Okay… you got me.  Just---

Jenny shoots Clove in the head before shooting at the sniper and taking him down.  She rushes over to the man and kicks the rifle away from him

Jenny: Don’t move

“I ain’t going anywhere, hon.  You’ve got the gun on me”

He looks back towards Waterfront as two vehicles move towards the pair.  Jenny turns to look as the man jumps up and takes the gun from her before backing up as the vehicle pulls up to him

Rangel: You ready to go, Delirium?

Delirium: All set. This was fun.  Sorry about the mess

He hops in the car as the group drives away from Waterfront.  Jenny looks back towards the community


George: Dave.  A surprise to be sure, but welcome anyway.  Need a drink?

Dave: Sure.  What do you have?

George: Scotch?

Dave: Sure

George pours Dave a glass of scotch and brings it over to him

George: What can I do for you?

Dave: It’s about my brother

George: I heard.  I’m sorry

Dave: Amelia says he’s gonna be fine

George: Well that’s good.  So what did you come here for?

Dave: We knew it was Zeke. It had to be him.  He was the only one with access to the C4. We went to Zeke and he denied it

George: Naturally

Dave: All signs point to him, though.  So if Ned doesn’t pull through, he’s going to have to die.  I thought you should know because you and him are very close friends.  It’s how it’s gotta be. But that’s only if Ned doesn’t make it

He knocks three times on the table loudly

Dave: Knock on wood, he’ll be fine

Noah kicks in George’s door, and Darren and Amelia follow behind him with their guns up

George: Dave… what the hell?

Dave: Zeke told us everything

George: Let me talk to that son of a bitch, he lied!

Dave: He’s dead, now.  Throw him in the hole

Noah and Darren grab George and drag him away

Amelia: What now?

Dave: Now we wait for my brother to pull through.  Until then, Noah is in charge


Seth wipes the blood off his knife as Richard sighs as he turns to help Roscoe with a head injury

Seth: He said he wouldn’t make it.  We were being too optimistic

Reina: It was an honest try, though

Jackson walks in with Will, Nick, Ilene and Annabelle

Jackson: They left.  It’s over for now

Reina: How many did we lose?

Annabelle: Too early to tell

Will: Best guess is maybe fifteen.  I think we took out more than we lost

Roscoe: It’s a bigger dent in us, though

Ilene: Hazel not make it?

Roscoe: Two guys ran at us and hit me with a car door.  Next thing I know, I’m inside this room

Ciara walks in and motions for everyone not working or inured out.  She brings them outside where Chester stands and directs every survivor

Chester: So they came at us.  They hit us hard

Emil: What are we gonna do next?

Chester: Next, we’re going to bury our dead.  And once that is all settled we are going to figure out what we are going to do to strike back against them.  I can tell this wasn’t full force, so we need to make sure we take out as many of them as we can

Jenny runs up to the crowd

Jenny: We need to go back to Apex.  They got hit there, too. They need help

Cast Edit

 Main Cast Edit

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo Henderson

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal (No Lines)

David Henrie as Garrett Smith (No Lines)

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West

Lee Pace as Lewis Edwards

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Zan McClarnon as Chester Navarro

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson

and Stephen Dillane as General Joseph Haynes

Also Starring Edit

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Camren Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

Bruce Soord as Julian Watts

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

Jason Earles as Nils

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx

Roger Neal as Nate Demarco

Kerr Logan as Noah

Lucian Msamati as Roscoe Jefferson

Jason Isaacs as Dave O'Connor

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead)

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Connor Swindells as Nick D'Atomeo

with Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis (No Lines)

and Jason Momoa as Nathan (No Lines)

Stanley Tucci as Ray (No Lines)

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson (No Lines)

Ross Butler as Ryo Osaka

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

William DuVall as Milo

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Kevin Durand as Jack West

Micah Fitzgerald as Corporal Jeff Lever

Richard Dormer as George

Peter Scanavino as Zeke

Nathalie Emmanuel as Kendall Standish (No Lines)

Harry Lloyd as Luka

Michael Kelly as Jasper Bernard

Tyler Hoechlin as Train

Ben Howard as Will Knight

Luis Tosar as Sergeant Gutierrez

Aldis Hodge as Benjamin Ocean

Lorenzo Lamas as Victor Montrose

Lucille Sharp as Josephine

Lindsey Garrett as Ciara Nash

Sydney Park as Annabelle Wheeler

William Postlelthwaite as Copper

Kane Hodder as Creighton Duke (No Lines)

Dylan Sprouse as Jarrod Davis

John Cooper as Doctor Aidan Stockdale (No Lines)

Rosabell Sellers as Reina

David Mazouz as Kevin

Tony Vincent as Lysander (No Lines)

Pilou Asbæk as Emil

Devon Bostick as Jed Armitage

Tobias Menzies as Dustin Hammond

Rider Strong as Stan

Paul Kaye as Horatio Whittaker (No Lines)

Finn Jones as SSG. Donald Hawkins (No Lines)

Mark Stanley as Cpl. James Cobalt

Kelsey Chow as Clove

Daniel Zovatto as Quinn Kane

Jacqueline Emerson as Julia Sabre

Kaya Scodelrio as Ilene Wright

Carter Hayden as Owen Hacky (Hacky Sack)

James Urbaniak as Major Vernon Sawyer

Dexter Darden as Jason Herr

Julia Telles as Hazel Burns (No Lines)

Timothy Olyphant as Ozzy (No Lines)

Nelson Franklin as Ethan Ross

Joe Volk as Mark Guthrie (No Lines)

Liana Liberato as Traci Jones

Joel de la Fuente as Seth Young

Ncuti Gatwa as Roger Fester (No Lines)

Sam Worthington as Tommard

Shawnee Smith as Hannah Thompson (No Lines)

AnnaSophia Robb as Becky

Jemaine Clement as Rangel

Lauren Vandervoort as Eliana

Kristin Farilie as Amelia

 Co-Starring Edit

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd

JoAnna Garcia as Taylor Burns

Jordan Prentice as Oliver

Eric Wareheim as Thomas Posey

Danny Masterson as Hogan

Jake Short as Francis Marino

Chris Marquette as David Sharpe (No Lines)

Novie Edwards as Sharissa

Brandon Larracuente as J.D. Eisbach (No Lines)

Robbie Amell as Andrew Marino

Matt Murray as Corporal Maxwell (No Lines)

Sadie Sink as Piper Conrad

Finn Wolfhard as Devin Nelson

Alex Lawther as Asher Praedo (No Lines)

Justin Mark as Private Charles Pinkley (No Lines)

Matt Lowe as Robert

Crystal Reed as Corporal AJ Morgan

Megan Parkinson as Alice Monroe (No Lines)

Hayley Law as Elle (No Lines)

Jacob Anderson as Derek Lawton (No Lines)

Brooke D'Orsay as Lilli Munson

Allison Miller as Camilla Furtado

Katie Crown as Tori

Kurt Yaeger as Mick Karn

Dreama Walker as Corporal Connie Boone (No Lines)

Millie Brown as Allison

Karly Rothenberg as Tara (No Lines)

Ameenah Kaplan as Dinah

Noel Petok as Will

Mike Doyle as Darren

 Guest Starring Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Iain Glen as Ned O'Connor

Kim Coates as Larry Kotter

Dave Navarro as David Del Rio (Delirium)

Deaths Edit

  • Asher Praedo
  • Hogan
  • Will
  • Luka
  • Sharissa
  • Milo
  • Robert
  • Jed Armitage
  • Dustin Hammond
  • Zeke
  • Jasper
  • Clove
  • Several O'Connor Compound survivors
  • Several Waterfront Survivors
  • Several Apex survivors

Trivia Edit

  • First Appearance of Kotter
  • First Appearance of Rangel
  • First Appearance of Eliana
  • First Appearance of Amelia
  • First Appearance of Tori
  • First Appearance of Delirium Del Rio
  • First Appearance of Mick Karn
  • Last Appearance of Milo
  • Last Appearance of Luka
  • Last Appearance of Dustin Hammond
  • Last Appearance of Jed Armitage
  • Last Appearance of Clove
  • Last Appearance of Jasper Bernard
  • Last Appearance of Asher Praedo
  • Last Appearance of Zeke
  • Last Appearance of Sharissa
  • Last Appearance of Hogan
  • Last Appearance of Robert
  • Last Appearance of Will
  • The Title of the Episode comes from the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet
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