"No Surprises" is the thirty-fourth episode of Say Goodbye to America: Scatter and the second episode of Season 4

Synopsis Edit

Scott's group finds hidden surprises at a nearby college campus. Nathaniel pulls his punches as Amin pulls his weight. Asher deals with more pain than he ever imagined, but will he hold his tongue at a cost?

"No Surprises" Edit

Scott: Watch for broken glass.  Seems like somebody else had the idea to raid this place before we did

Scott straps his rifle over his shoulder as he walks towards the building, a med school for graduate students from a nearby campus.  With each step more glass cracks underneath his shoes, and he hopes they are alone

Quinn: Where first, doc?

Aidan: Prenatals and pain meds, primarily.  Textbooks once we get the medicine

Sebastián: And where do you think that will all be?

Eli: Textbooks would in the library or bookstore.  No one would think of stealing those

Aidan: I don’t know the location of everything else

Scott: Hmm… how many floors this building have?

Fish: Three, maybe.  Four including the basement

Scott: Alright.  I’ll take Aidan and Jeff to the top floor and search there.  Fish, you take Sylvester and check floor two. I would assume there would be a library or bookstore there.  Brooks, Ilene and Sebastián take the bottom floor. Quinn, Eli and Ryo, you’ve got guard duty. No one in or out, understood?

Fish: When did you become captain?

Scott: When Jenny made me

Fish: It suits you

Fish chuckles and pats Scott’s shoulder.  He motions for Sylvester to follow him and they hustle down the hallway towards the stairwell.  Scott leads Aidan and Jeff to the top floor while Brooks, Ilene and Sebastián head further into the darkness on the ground level.  Quinn pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and pulls one out

Quinn: Want one?

Ryo: They any good?

Quinn: Not really.  They don’t make them anymore.  Go stale

Eli: So then why still smoke them?

Quinn: Old habit

He lights up his cigarette and takes a pull

Quinn: You know, I almost went to med school

Eli: What kept you from it?

Quinn: Wanted to teach instead.  The day the world went to shit was the day I had my interview.  I guess I spent all that time and effort in classes and student teaching for nothing

Ryo: Not entirely.  We’ll need teachers when the world comes back

Quinn: It’ll take a while.  I doubt I’ll still be around at that point

Eli: Hold up… you see that light?

Quinn: Where?

Eli: On our left… someone’s here

Eli takes the safety off his gun and walks towards where he saw the light.  He hears noises coming from behind a nearly closed door. Eli reaches his hand slowly to the knob and yanks the door open.  There stands a man, possibly a teenager, wearing thick glasses and a wrinkly button down. He holds his hands up, shaking while he does so.  He breathes heavily as Eli looks towards his companions


Megan: Anna?

Megan looks at her attacker, Anna Cook, eyes wide and breath shaky.  Anna still holds her knife

Megan: Anna.  It’s Megan. From Soapstone.  We escaped together

Anna lowers her knife and looks down at her hands

Megan: We got separated.  Jesus Christ… what happened to you?

Anna grabs her knife in both hands and raises it above her head, screaming as she brings the blade down on Megan’s chest repeatedly

Jason: Hey!  Stop!

Jason runs at Anna, who lifts herself off Megan and runs towards the herd.  Jason shoots her in the leg. Anna tumbles to the ground and rolls over

Anna: Agh!  Jason. Please help me… help me

Jason runs over to Anna and kneels by her side

Jason: Oh shit.  I’m sorry. Let me take a look at it

Anna yells as she lifts her knife back up, but Jason blocks her swing and takes the knife to the hand.  He pulls out his pistol and shoots Anna in the chest, letting her flop to the ground, breathing heavily.  Jason rushes off as the biters close in on Anna, drawn by the yells and shot. As he runs back towards Basil, Dimitri and Jackson, a bullet zings past him and into a tree.  Jason fires back and hits the shooter in the side and bringing him down. He catches up to Basil

Basil: They’re starting to run.  Back to where they came

Jackson: So we follow them

Jason: We know where they live already.  What good would following them do?

Basil: Take them out at the source.  Bag in the truck is a ton of C4…. Get Amin, he knows how to work it

Jason runs off back towards Amin and the three near him, Nathaniel, Camilla and Ethan

Jason: Basil said there’s C4 in the truck.  He wants you to follow them

Amin: Okay.  Can do. Cover me

Camilla: Got your back

Nathaniel: You ain’t going alone

Amin: Aren’t you on probation or something?  Besides, John will back me up. And I’m sure the two with him will, too

Nathaniel: I can help you.  Let me help you

Amin: >sighs< Fine, but I’m in charge.  Come with me

Nathaniel follows Amin to John, who takes Shania and Peanut into the woods, following after their attackers.  Meanwhile, up ahead, Ozzy leads his group back towards the O’Connor Compound when he hears Creighton speak

Creighton: We’re being followed

Dinah: Then we run faster

Ozzy: How many?

Creighton: Five, maybe six

Ozzy: Okay.  I have a plan.  Back to the clearing

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Quinn forces the teenager into a chair in the middle of the hallway.  The teen shrinks away in fear

Eli: What’s your name?

Jarrod: Jarrod.  Although it’s spelled funny, there’s an a and two rs---

Ryo: We don’t need your life story

Eli: You got a last name?

Jarrod: What’s it matter?

Eli: We all still use ours.  Eli Wilson, Ryo Osaka, Quinn Kane.  And you are

Jarrod: Jarrod Davis

Quinn: Tell me, Jarrod Davis.  Do you live here?

Jarrod: I went to school here.  Not this building but this college

Ryo: You alone?

Jarrod: Currently, yes.  But if you’re asking if there is a group here, there is.  So essentially, I am not alone

Ryo: Where is this group?

Jarrod: Where we’ve been living

Eli: Take us there

The glass crunches as the four walk down the dark hallway

Jarrod: It’s just past these doors.  Hope it isn’t locked again

Jarrod pushes open one door and holds it open for Eli, Quinn and Ryo

Jarrod: Welcome to Cydonia.  At least, that’s what I call it

A girl about his age runs over to Jarrod and grabs him around the waist

Jarrod: Hey lovebug

He gives her a kiss on the forehead

Jarrod: Gentlemen, this is my girlfriend, Elle.  Elle, these are the guys

Elle: Who?

Jarrod: The guys who just held me captive for about five minutes

Elle: Why did you bring them here, then?

Jarrod: They asked.  Plus I don’t think they were ever going to use the guns

Elle: Hmm… why are you here?

Eli: Came with a group.  Looking for supplies right now

Elle: But why here exactly?

Quinn: We need medicine

Elle: Why should we help you?

Ryo: Please… we have a woman back home is pregnant and needs medicine

Elle: Pregnant?  … Oh shit. I’d help you if I could, but your people ain’t gonna find anything else in the building

Eli: Why can’t you help us?

Elle: Because medicine is Becky’s department

Quinn: And where is Becky?

Elle: Three doors down

Jarrod: We’ll take you to her

They begin to walk out of Jarrod’s room and towards the other areas

Quinn: How many people do you have living here?

Jarrod: Thirteen, including us and the three soldiers we have living here

Ryo: You have soldiers here?

Jarrod: Yep.  A sergeant and two corporals.  There were others, too, but they didn’t make it

Quinn: Do you… um… do you know where they were stationed?

Jarrod: Not a clue

Elle knocks on a door three times.  Quickly, a blonde girl opens and looks at the group of five

Elle: Beck

Becky: Elle.  What can I do for you?

Jarrod: They’re looking for medication

Becky: Who are they?

Jarrod: We just met.  They seem kind enough.  And in need of supplies.  One of theirs is pregnant

Becky: One of our three male guests is pregnant?

Eli: She’s not with us.  She’s back home

Becky: Where is home, exactly?

Eli: I don’t know if we can tell you

Suddenly, a gunshot is heard from farther down the hall and up a level.  Becky stares harshly at Eli, Ryo and Quinn while Jarrod looks at Elle

Jarrod: Stay here.  I’ll check it out

Eli: I’ll come with you

Jarrod: No.  Stay here

Eli: It’s most likely one of ours or one of yours

Becky: There’s more of you here?

Eli: About ten of us overall.  Give or take

Jarrod: Fine.  Beck, can you hook them up with stuff?  Eli can come with me

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shania: How far can you track them?

John: They slowed down here

Amin: They know we’re following them?

John: It’s a possibility.  Means we have to double time and watch our corners

John leads the other four slowly through the woods, taking caution with each step

Peanut: Where are we going to place the C4?

Amin: We’ll watch and figure out where to place it.  It’ll take time

Nathaniel: A vehicle would make most sense.  Especially in a lot. Take out some trucks and do some collateral damage

John: We don’t want to kill too many.  They might have started this but we don’t want to go too crazy.  Hush now… biters ahead

The group comes to a clearing with several biters, most wandering but some lying still on the ground

Nathaniel: Must have ran through here and took some out

Amin: Knives out at the ready.  Don’t want to make too much noise

John: They had to run through.  The tracks keep going

Shania: How do you know?

John: Whoever made this print has at least a size fourteen, possibly fifteen shoe.  And it keeps going

The group pulls out their knives and walks in unison towards the biters.  They begin to quickly and methodically clear the biters in the clearing, hopping back into formation after each kill.  Suddenly, a crossbow bolt strikes Shania in the gut, and she lets out a yell in pain

John: What the hell?

Another bolt strikes her in the knee and she goes down screaming, drawing all the biters towards her

Amin: C’mon, we gotta help her

The other four begin stabbing at biters drawn to Shania, but are too late to save her, as the biters swarm on top of her and begin to tear into her, starting with her arm and then moving to her leg.  Nathaniel looks out into the clearing to search for the shooter. His eyes widen as he watches the biters on the ground rise up in unison and pull out weapons

Nathaniel: We’ve got company.  Might have to go loud

Peanut: That’ll just draw more

Nathaniel: The dead are rising

John, Peanut and Amin watch as the bodies they thought to be dead rise up and begin to sprint towards the group

Peanut: Aim anywhere, I guess

The group soon realizes they are surrounded on all sides of the clearing by both the dead and the living in dead men’s skin.  Peanut swipes with his machete at the first one and manages to cut them on the arm. Amin keeps his focus on the woods and begins to take out what he assumes are actual biters, but just to be certain, he aims for the head.  A large one, standing nearly six and a half feet tall, charges at the group. Nathaniel runs towards him. He goes to throw a punch, which is instantly blocked and countered with a punch to the stomach, making Nathaniel double over, before the tall man punches him in the face repeatedly and takes him to the ground, grunting in anger as he does so

John: He’s getting his ass beat over there.  Move towards him

As John looks towards Nathaniel near helplessly, another runner charges at him and stabs him in the stomach with a spear.  John yells out in pain and scrunches up his face, squinting at his attacker and holding onto the handle of the spear. His attacker drags the spear out sideways and pulls it, yanking John’s guts out with it as John drops to his knees and desperately tries to hold his intestines and his tears back.  He pants moderately and flops onto the dirt, with his attacker stabbing him in the head afterwards. The attacker with the crossbow moves closer to Amin and Peanut, now all alone

“Drop the knives”

The two drop their weapons as the spearman pulls off his mask

Ozzy: Good shots, Tommard.  Took the girl down quick

Tommard: Should have only take one

Ozzy: Got the job done.  Creighton, stop pounding that poor lad and come here

The tall man beating Nathaniel hops off his defenseless victim as others begin to pull off their masks

Darren: He alive?

Creighton: Barely

Ozzy: Good.  We need a witness

Derek: What about these two?

Ozzy: Coming with us.  Gotta feed the boss man somehow.  Tara, Dinah, tie them up and take their things

Two women walk over to Amin and Peanut and tie them up.  Will walks over and picks up Amin’s bag

Will: Oz.  You’re gonna want to see this

Ozzy: Don’t leave me hanging like that.  What’s in there?

Will: Explosives.  C4 mostly

Ozzy: You gonna blow us up?

Amin: That was the plan

Ozzy: Honest man.  I like an honest man.  What’s your name?

Amin: Amin Issawi

Ozzy: Amin Issawi.  Pakistani? Afghani?

Amin: Iraqi.  First generation American

Ozzy: Hmm… and you… Peanut.  You threw everything away everything you had back at the compound for these pieces of shit who didn’t treat you right and sent you away at gunpoint.  You must know what’s coming. There’s no second chances. Load them in the trucks. Will, it’s your lucky day. Those explosives are your to keep until the boss man needs them.  Keep them safe. Don’t wanna lose my skin overnight. Roll out. Tara, Darren… follow him back and radio where they go

Tara: Will do


Fish: Not another step, kid.  I don’t wanna have to put you down, but I will

Sylvester looks at Fish, who holds a Glock 19 at three teenagers, then looks towards the trio

Sylvester: Name’s Sylvester.  This is Fish. Who are you?

The first one, a tall black man, speaks with a thick British accent

Roger: Roger Fester.  This is J.D. Eisbach and Andrew Marino.  This is our home. What are you doing here?

Sylvester: Fish, put the gun down.  Let’s talk like men.  

Sylvester stares down at Fish until the latter lowers the gun

Sylvester: Just looking for supplies

Andrew: In a bookstore?

Fish: We have a pregnant friend.  Need to know how to deliver

Sylvester: How many of you are there here?

J.D.: About a dozen.  How many do you have here?  Just the two of you?

Fish: Also about a dozen.  They’re on other floors

The five hear footsteps running from behind them and turn with their weapons, aiming at figures running from both sides.  From behind the three young adults, Eli and Jarrod, accompanied by an older woman, appear. From behind Fish and Sylvester, four older men run up and raise their weapons

Jarrod: Woah, woah!  Sarge, we don’t need the guns.  These two yours?

Eli: Yeah.  That’s Fish and Sylvester

Jarrod: Fish?

Fish: Long story

Jarrod: What happened?

Roger: They surprised us.  Where are your others? They said there were a dozen of you

Eli: Bottom floor and top floor.  Probably heading this way from the gunshot.  You can vouch for those four?

Jarrod: Sergeant Gutierrez, Corporal Maxwell, Corporal Boone and David Sharpe.  Not army

Boone: You got a camp?  Maybe a community?

Fish: Yeah

Boone: Then go on back to it.  Leave our shit and go

Jarrod: Hold on, Connie.  We’re giving them some meds, okay?  One of them is pregnant

Hannah: Could be a sob story.  Who would get pregnant in a world like this?

Fish: Someone who believes in the future, you bitch!

Jarrod: Woah, woah… seriously… we don’t need that

Eli: >sighs< The father is dead, too.  The baby is all she has left of him

Jarrod: Becky is getting them the meds now

David: You didn’t think to let us know about that?

Jarrod: You don’t run the meds and you certainly don’t run this place.  We made the call

David raises his gun again, as do Boone, Gutierrez and Maxwell

David: You can unmake the call

Jarrod: Fellas… calm down here… 

Quinn, Ryo, Brooks, Ilene and Sebastián start running towards the group in the middle of the standoff.  When he gets to Eli, Quinn stops dead in his tracks and looks the soldiers with their guns up

Quinn: No fucking way

Meanwhile, back near Wiggins Outpost, Nathaniel stumbles back from the woods and falls in front of Ray

Ray: What the hell?

Izabel: What happened out there?

Nathaniel: We were ambushed.  Trapped in a clearing with the dead

Nils: Where’s everyone else?

Nathaniel: They took Amin and Peanut.  Killed John and Shania. Big bastard kicked the shit out of me

Mark: And the C4?

Nathaniel: Gone.  They went back to the compound

Traci: We need to go back to the Waterfront.  Tell them what happened

Basil: And then radio Jenny.  The deal was if one of us gets attacked, the other will stand up and fight as well

Niklas: And both of us were attacked

Jackson: No one can back out now

Ethan: We don’t have to call them.  Chester is here

Three vehicles ride up onto the dirt around the outpost.  Chester, Vazquez and Jed step out of one, Leo, Phillip, Nick and Horatio from the second, and Nate, Ciara and Milo from the third

Nick: The hell happened?

Tess: Came from the woods.  They were wearing dead skin

Nate: How many did we lose?

Dimitri: Looks like seven or eight right now

Nils: And Amin and Peanut are gone

Phillip: Gone?

Basil: They and some others went to follow.  Only Nathaniel came back. And he says John and Shania are dead.  And they have C4 now

Vazquez: Jesus… 

Lilli: And Charles got hurt as well. Need to take him to Richard 

Chester: That deal you wanted.  The deal Jenny asked for

Leo: Yeah…?

Chester: Consider it signed.  We’re going back to Waterfront, now

Leo: Phillip, you good to take a crew back to Apex?

Horatio: I’m ready

Phillip: Yeah, we’re clear.  Jackson, Dimitri, you coming along?

Nick: I’ll come, too.  I wanna see what Apex is all about

Phillip and the other four hop into the minivan and head off while everyone else gets in their vehicles and leaves for Waterfront.  From the woods, Tara and Darren watch as the groups leave

Tara: Apex or Waterfront?

Darren: We won’t catch up to either

Tara: Just follow the tire tracks.

Darren: Let’s go left

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inside his office, Ned O’Connor wraps a small bag filled with sand around his knuckles

Ned: What’s Packer making tonight?

Dave: It’s always the same, isn’t it?

Ned: I mean as a side dish

Noah: Rumor has it he’s making mac and cheese.  Homemade cheese. None of that processed shit

Ned: I almost forgot what steak tastes like

George: Eliana’s only got five cows left.  Can’t have steak just yet

Ned: Maybe someday soon.  If one of the cows has a lot of calves, we can have veal

Dave: Enough for everyone?

Ned: No.  Just us. Clove, tell me again about the two men who brought you back

Clove: Their names are Jasper and Evan

Ned: They never said about where they were from?

Clove: They made sure not to

Ned: Asher finally squealed about something.  Wanted to be certain

Copper: What did he say?

Ned: Some place called the Yard.  Somewhere near a Target store they were working on turning into an outpost.  I’m going back in. Hold my calls

Ned pushes open a door to another room, where Karim stands holding a rifle while Asher sits, bleeding and tied to a chair

Ned: The Yard…

Ned punches Asher in the face

Ned: Do you really think I am that stupid?  Who names a place The Yard?

Ned punches Asher twice, once on the left and once on the right

Ned: Now tell me the truth.  I know you know

Ned punches Asher two more times again, this time causing the boy to spit out one of his teeth. Ned picks it up and inspects it

Ned: Thirty one to go.  You don’t want to eat through a straw, do you?

Ned bends down and grabs Asher’s face, feeling the blood run down the boy’s chin and onto the floor.  Ned whispers to him

Ned: All you have to do is tell me where they went

Asher: >panting< I don’t know

Ned lets go of Asher’s face, which droops towards the floor

Ned: Karim, what tools do we have?

Karim: Uh, a hammer, nail gun, pliers, vice grips

Ned: Hand me the vice grips.  Hold down his head and keep his eyes open

Karim grabs Asher’s head and holds it steady while Ned takes off his button down shirt

Ned: Don’t want anymore blood on my favorite shirt.  The undershirt can be washed. 

Ned pulls up a chair and sits in front of Asher

Ned: Karim… pull his right eyelid out as far as you can for me.  And hold his head steady

Asher begins to shake and tries to move away, but Karim grabs his eyelid and allows Ned to hold it down with the vice grips.  Ned begins to pull as Asher starts to scream. Suddenly, Dave bursts into the room

Dave: Ned, you have to come out here

Ned lets go of Asher

Ned: I told you to hold my calls.  That meant do not bother me

Dave: Ozzy returned.  And he has news and gifts

Ned: Fine.  Karim, take the pliers and pull off one fingernail on each hand.  Your choice. Then come join me

Karim: Gladly

Ned follows Dave out and lets Karim torture Asher more.  In his office, Ned finds Ozzy, Creighton, Derek and Will with two men with bags over their heads

Ned: What happened, Ozzy?

Ozzy: We lost a few guys.  Franklin, Anna, but we took out some of theirs

Ned: Element of surprise?

Ozzy: Sort of… Franklin had us wear dead skins to sneak up on them with a herd and jump them there

Noah: Do you know where they are holed up?

Tommard: We sent Tara and Darren to follow.  They radioed back about two places: Apex and Waterfront.  They’re heading to Waterfront now

Ned: And who are these guests?

Ozzy: May I introduce Amin and welcome back Peanut to our gallery

George: So you found him.  We lost good men looking for you and the escaped.  You take Montrose with you?

Peanut: Burn in hell

George: You’ll burn first. I guarantee that

Ned: Put them in the blocks.  We’ll chat in the morning. Packer’s probably finishing dinner now.  Who is hungry?

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gutierrez: Quinn Kane.  Never thought I’d see you again

Quinn: How did you get out?

Boone: You forget… Soapstone was a military base.  We’d easily get our way out

Maxwell: You made that place a hell hole when you escaped, though.  How many did you lose trying to leave?

Quinn: They knew what they were giving their lives for

Gutierrez: Is that what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night?  I bet it tears you up

Quinn: You gonna take me to McDermott?

Flashback: Gutierrez, Captain McDermott, Maxwell, Boone, David and two others run through the rain from a herd.  One of the survivors falls to the ground

McDermott: Leave her!

Gutierrez watches helplessly as the woman is grabbed and torn apart by the ever-enclosing biters.  The group continues to run through the woods when McDermott trips over a root and falls face first into the ground, twisting his ankle in the process

McDermott: Gutierrez!  Help me up. Please…

Gutierrez looks to the group, then to the herd and finally to McDermott

Gutierrez: You led us here.  You were the reason we left Soapstone.  You would leave us behind. Maxwell, take his gun

McDermott: No… No!

McDermott continues to yell ‘no’ as the rest of the group continues on through the woods, his yells soon turning to screams of pain as he is surrounded by biters.  The flashback ends as Gutierrez looks back at Quinn

Gutierrez: We let him turn.  He would have done the same to us

Quinn: Are we good then?

Gutierrez: Not even remotely.  But you can start making up for it by showing us where you plan to put these meds to use

Brooks: You want us to bring you to Apex?

Gutierrez: Exactly… all of us.  The folks here included

Hannah: What if we want to stay here?

Gutierrez: In this dump?  Look at them… well-fed, well-trimmed.  A haven if you ask me. Take us there

Meanwhile, on the road to Waterfront, Phillip radios Jenny

Jenny: What is the status on the deal, Phillip?

Phillip: The deal is set and we’re gonna need it?

Jenny: Why is that?

Phillip: They attacked us at Wiggins.  Killed some of us, even. DO we need approval to declare war?

Jenny: No

Phillip: Then consider war declared

Cast Edit

 Main Cast Edit

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer (Does not Appear)

Martin Csokas as Leo Henderson

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson (Voice Only)

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham (Does not Appear)

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill (Does not Appear)

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

David Henrie as Garrett Smith (Does not Appear)

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West

Lee Pace as Lewis Edwards (Does not Appear)

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Zan McClarnon as Chester Navarro

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson

and Stephen Dillane as General Joseph Haynes (Does not Appear)

Also Starring Edit

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard (Does not Appear)

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham (Does not Appear)

Camren Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

Bruce Soord as Julian Watts (Does not Appear)

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

Jason Earles as Nils

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland (Does not Appear)

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx (Does not Appear)

Roger Neal as Nate Demarco

Kerr Logan as Noah

Lucian Msamati as Roscoe Jefferson (Does not Appear)

Jason Isaacs as Dave O'Connor

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead) (Does not Appear)

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Connor Swindells as Nick D'Atomeo

with Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis (Does not Appear)

and Jason Momoa as Nathan (Does not Appear)

Stanley Tucci as Ray

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson

Ross Butler as Ryo Osaka

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

William DuVall as Milo (No Lines)

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Micah Fitzgerald as Corporal Jeff Lever (No Lines)

Richard Dormer as George

Riz Ahmed as Amin

Alex Sawyer as John

Lindsey Garrett as Ciara Nash (No Lines)

William Postlelthwaite as Copper

Kane Hodder as Creighton Duke

Dylan Sprouse as Jarrod Davis

Edi Gathegi as Peanut

John Cooper as Doctor Aidan Stockdale

Devon Bostick as Jed Armitage (No Lines)

Paul Kaye as Horatio Whittaker

Kelsey Chow as Clove

Allison Williams as Anna Cook

B.J. Clinkscales as Nathaniel

Daniel Zovatto as Quinn Kane

Kaya Scodelrio as Ilene Wright (No Lines)

Dexter Darden as Jason Herr

Timothy Olyphant as Ozzy

Nelson Franklin as Ethan Ross

Joe Volk as Mark Guthrie

Liana Liberato as Traci Jones

Ncuti Gatwa as Roger Fester

Sam Worthington as Tommard

Shawnee Smith as Hannah Thompson

AnnaSophia Robb as Becky

Co-Starring Edit

Alexander Siddig as Karim Fadil

Isabelle Fuhrman as Megan Shorris

Chris Marquette as David Sharpe

Ania Bukstein as Shania

Matt Murray as Corporal Maxwell

Alex Lawther as Asher Praedo

Hayley Law as Elle

Jacob Anderson as Derek Lawton

Allison Miller as Camilla Furtado

Brooke D'Orsay as Lilli Munson

Dreama Walker as Corporal Connie Boone

Karly Rothenberg as Tara

Brandon Larracuente as J.D. Eisbach

Ameenah Kaplan as Dinah

Robbie Amell as Andrew Marino

Noel Petok as Will

Mike Doyle as Darren

Special Guest Staring Edit

Luis Tosar as Sergeant Gutierrez 

John Malkovich as Captain Lucas McDermott

Guest Starring Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Iain Glen as Ned O'Connor

Deaths Edit

  • Captain Lucas McDermott (Flashback)
  • John
  • Anna Cook
  • Megan Shorris
  • Shania
  • One unnamed Soapstone survivor (Flashback)
  • Several Compound members

Trivia Edit

  • First Appearance of Jarrod Davis
  • First Appearance of Roger Fester
  • First Appearance of Tommard
  • First Appearance of Hannah Thompson
  • First Appearance of Becky
  • First Appearance of Camilla Furtado
  • First Appearance of Elle
  • First Appearance of Corporal Connie Boone
  • First Appearance of J.D. Eisbach
  • First Appearance of Dinah
  • First Appearance of Andrew Marino
  • First Appearance of Darren
  • Last Appearance of John
  • Last Appearance of Captain Lucas McDermott
  • Last Appearance of Anna Cook
  • Last Appearance of Shania
  • Last Appearance of Megan Shorris
  • The status of Captain Lucas McDermott, Sergeant Gutierrez, Corporal Maxwell and David Sharpe is revealed after their disappearance in Season 3 Episode 10 (Tusk)
  • With episode, war is declared between the O'Connor Compound and the pact between Apex and the Waterfront (and tentatively "Cydonia")
  • Richard Dormer (George) is credited under "Also Starring" after previously being cast as "Co-Starring" is Season 3
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