"On the Road" is the thirty-third episode of Say Goodbye to America: Scatter and the Season 4 Premiere

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Haynes adjusts to life of not being in charge while Kendall gets her baby checked out. Scott has a plan, but it takes a council to figure it out. Ozzy works out an idea

On the Road[edit | edit source]

Eddie: How long’s it been?

Jasper: I’d say about a month since we returned

Eddie: And you’re sure you were safe on the way back?

Jasper: We took a lot of back roads.  Evan and I got lost ourselves trying to get back. But I'm still not certain

Eddie: If they come to these gates, it’s gonna be a war

Jasper and Eddie star out into the open road leaving Apex.  Each of them hold a rifle with a scope but the neither hopes to use it

Jasper: You ever get tired of being on guard duty?

Eddie: Pardon?

Jasper: You’re always on the wall.  It’s rare you’re out and about

Eddie: I preferred the solitary nature of it.  Used to be only one stop on the wall until the soldiers came and Eli returned speaking of a place where they eat people.  But standing and staring at the emptiness is what I’m good at. And I’m not a bad shot if need be

Jasper: I overheard Jenny talking with Leo on the walkie.  Apparently things are working out over there

Eddie: We stand with the Waterfront

Jasper: Why?

Eddie: Because Jenny brokered a deal.  And if we don’t help the Waterfront when they’re in trouble, they won’t help us.  

Jasper: If Jenny wanted to send a group out to help them, would you join?

Eddie: I wouldn’t be the first to raise my hand but I would join eventually.  If she needed all hands on deck. Would you?

Jasper: I’d like to think I would.  But in all honesty, I don’t think I would help out.  Not after what happened when we went looking for Eli and Octavio.  Those cannibals are messed up. And their leader is content with it all.  I think he even enjoys the sadistic nature of it all. Doesn’t really care about those he loses

Meanwhile, about twenty miles from the Wiggins Outpost, a small caravan of survivors patch themselves up after a short biter attack.  A blonde woman paces around another injured man, Franklin, who lies against a tree bleeding into the wood. His black suit is made darker by the blood, and his white shirt is stained on the inside right breast

Franklin: What’s all the pacing gonna do, Anna?  I’m gonna die anyway. You’re just making me more nervous

Anna: We just lost two already, I don’t wanna lose another

Franklin: It’s not your fault.  Noah just had a faulty plan. The element of surprise was snapped by the dead assholes out there.  And Duke can’t aim for shit

Franklin points to where others stand looking around while some sit and catch their breath.  Creighton Duke leans up against a young tree, standing almost as tall as it. He talks to Tara and Derek, who look up at his giant figure

Franklin: I’d hate to be that man’s significant other.  Probably broke a few girls when he was younger. How tall do you think?  6 foot 4… 6 foot 5?

Franklin looks back at Anna Cooke, who’s eyes begin to fill with tears

Franklin: Hey hun… it’s gonna be alright.  Remember what I told you

Anna: Zeppelin Three doesn’t get the respect it deserves

Franklin: That’s right.  You’ve come a long way since George and I found you near dead along the road.  If you hadn’t snapped your fingers I probably put you down like another deadite.  

He groans as he leans up further against the old elm

Franklin: Got any snacks in your bag?  My mother used snacks in her bag when we went on long trips.  Even when I was 23, she’d still have crackers and things

Anna reaches into her bag and pulls out a piece of jerky

Franklin: Did Packer fix his recipe or does it still need salt?

He tears a piece off the jerky and chews it long and hard, swallowing uncomfortably

Franklin: Needs a little less salt now

Anna: Tell him when we return

Franklin: I’m not moving from here.  You’re gonna have to tell him for me.  Get Ozzy for a sec

Anna: Oz!

An older man comes walking quickly over to the pair

Ozzy: What’s up?

Franklin: We screwed the pooch on this one, huh?

Ozzy: >sighs< The element of surprise was lost

Franklin: I have an idea for your next try

Ozzy: Lay it on me

Franklin: Wear the dead man’s faces.  The scent of the deadites will protect you from a herd.  You can paint it on your clothes. Find a gathering and march with the deadites.  And don’t use guns at first. Knives and clubs

Ozzy: What made you think of this

Franklin: All I can smell is the deadites.  About fifty from us. And I don’t see any right now.  Must be why they don’t each other. It’s the smell

Ozzy: I’ll relay the message.  Anna?

Ozzy pulls Anna aside from Franklin

Ozzy: You want me to do it when the time comes?  I know he was like a second father to you, so it might be hard to do it yourself.  You two were close, you shouldn;t have to do it

Anna: I’ll wait ‘til he stops breathing.  But I’ll do it myself


Elizabeth: Everything checks out okay.  

Kendall: Then why the long face?

Elizabeth: >sighs< I’ve never delivered a baby before.  I learned back in school but everything I know is in books

Kendall: What about the other guys that came in from the army base?

Elizabeth: Scientists.  Chemists I believe. Hell, I doubt Hollis even knows what goes on down there

Kendall chuckles a bit as Elizabeth cracks a smile

Kendall: I’m sure you’ll figure it out.  Probably about 6 months now, right?

Elizabeth: I think so.  Any ideas on names so far?

Kendall: Cross that bridge when we come to it

A loud ring hits their ears and the two women turn their attention toward the gate

Kendall: What is going on now?

Elizabeth: Phillip is taking a group out to help Leo at the new outpost.  Found a megaphone and he’s been dying to use it

Kendall: Jenny allowed that?

Elizabeth: Jenny hasn’t been in charge much anymore, in case you haven’t noticed.  Ever since she went to Waterfront, she’s taken a step back. Created a council. They wanted me on it

Kendall: You denied it?

Elizabeth: Nope.  It starts in five minutes


Elizabeth is the final one to walk into Jenny’s house.  In her living room and partly into the kitchen are twelve chairs.  Jenny sits with her back to the fireplace, almost ready to be opened for the winter, with Haynes and Brooks on both sides of her.  Olivia, Dexter, Brooks, Hazel and Aaron sit with their backs to the window on the right. Arrowhead, Scott and Will Knight sit with their backs to the kitchen on the right, with a chair available for Elizabeth between Scott and Will.  Sean Moreland sits in the back in the kitchen, outside of the circle

Jenny: How’s the patient?

Elizabeth: I’d say about five to six months.  We’ll need a population board

Arrowhead: What’s the meeting about today?

Jenny: It has been three weeks since General Haynes arrived at our gates and nearly a month since Hazel and her group arrived.  We have kept in contact with the Waterfront, and neither of us have heard about or seen anything from the compound

Will: Well, that’s good news, isn’t it?

Hazel: >sighs< We had another member of our group when we left.  His name was Asher, and he helped set us free. Unless he is dead, Ned is torturing him, and it is only a matter of time before he spills this location

Dex: And Jasper and Evan believed they were being followed when they left the compound themselves

Aaron: So… what are we going to do about it?  Take the fight to them or hunker down?

Jenny: Phillip is currently heading out to the new outpost, where he, Leo and whomever he chooses will head to the Waterfront to remind them of our deal.  An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. Put it to a vote. All in favor of reinforcing Apex as the first priority?

Eleven hands go up, with Jenny raising hers for the twelfth

Jenny: That was easier than I thought it would be

Scott: Should we at least do some recon?  Maybe find somewhere in between to search for supplies or if they have a secondary base of their own?

Jenny: Would you lead this?

Scott: Sure, I guess

Jenny: All in favor?

All hands raise again

Jenny: Scott, get your crew together

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Philip slams the driver side door to his minivan as he steps out.  Shania, Megan and Horatio follow behind him

Phillip: Name’s Phillip James.  Where’s the boss-man at?

Nick: Nick D’Atomeo.  You looking for Leo or you mean the head honcho over at Waterfront?

Phillip: Leo for now

Nick: He’s out around back.  I’ll take you to him

Nick leads the four to the other side of the building, slowly being worked over and rebuilt for a new outpost but making its way nicely.  Leo stands with Niklas, Jackson, Ray and five others hunched over a table with schematics

Leo: Wasn’t expecting care packages yet

Phillip: Courtesy call

Leo: I see you’ve met Nick.  This here’s Seth Young, Ethan Ross, Traci Jones, Lilli Munson and Mark Guthrie.  You five, meet Phillip James, Horatio Whittaker and… sorry if I can’t remember your names

Megan: Megan Shorris

Shania: Shania Hoberman

Leo: Right.  What can I do for you all?  Or rather, Jenny

Horatio: Not just Jenny.  Council now

Leo: And I wasn’t on it?

Phillip: You were away.  If it makes you feel any better, I’m not it either

Leo: So why are you here?

Phillip: I’m head of relations, I guess.  Jenny wants us to meet with Chester and make sure the deal is set.  Attack on one is an attack on all

Leo: Any danger back home?

Phillip: Not currently but there’s always a chance.  We know how crazy these guys are

Leo: Let’s not wait, then.  I’ll drive. Nick, Horatio, you ride along

Phillip, Nick and Horatio follow after Leo into his vehicle, and the four drive off as Basil and Jason run up to the rest

Basil: What’s the word for uninvited guests?

Ray: What do you mean, Basil?

Basil: We’ve got uninvited guests.  Treeline

Earlier, in the woods following the biter attack, the survivors from the compound finish dragging corpses of the dead.  Ozzy brings one over to Franklin

Ozzy: You really think this will work?

Franklin: You smell like them, they don’t bother you.  FInd a small herd and walk them to the outpost. Take them by surprise

Ozzy: You want one?

Franklin: I’m about to become one shortly.  Let new me lead the way

Anna: I’m not letting you turn

Franklin: It’s not your choice, hun.  I’ve made my peace

Derek: Found one that’ll fit you, Anna

She looks down at Franklin and then at Ozzy

Franklin: Go.  I’ll let the sun take me.  You’re a good kid, hun

She walks off and Ozzy catches up with her

Ozzy: We don’t move until he stirs

Anna: When they’re all dead, I get to put him down

Ozzy: He’s yours.  Duke, Tara and the rest are going to be back soon.  Get ready

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scott: You guys sure you’re up for this?  We don’t know when we’ll return

Fish: I left for a while.  I came back. I’m ready to go again

Eli: Elizabeth wants us to find meds for Kendall.  And books. There’s a Med school not far. I mapped it out.  Take the back roads and it’ll be clear

Aidan: She gave me a list.  I think I can find all we’ll need

Scott: Alrighty then.  You, Eli, Sylvester, Quinn and Brooks ride with me.  Ilene, Jeff, Sebastián and Ryo ride with Fish. We should be there before nightfall

The group heads out through the gate as the other survivors watch them leave

Roscoe: You didn’t want to go?  I thought you loved the field work

Haynes: My place is here now.  As a member of the council

Roscoe: I thought you didn’t like taking orders

Haynes: It’s not taking them if I’m partly responsible

Roscoe: It’ll be harder if they don’t come back though

Haynes: No… it won’t.  Come on, there’s work to do

Haynes and Roscoe walk back into Apex, passing the church as Garrett walks in.  He stops when he sees the crowd

Garrett: Didn’t think a lot of people would be here

Lewis: Heard about the several groups heading out

Olivia: Word of council meetings travels fast

Matt: Empty seat here if you want it

Garrett: Didn’t think everyone went along with prayer

Julian: It’s something to get you by

Gavin: Who walked in?

Sean: Garrett

Gavin: Haven’t met him.  He new?

Sean: Been here longer than us

Gavin: Can’t picture the face

Gavin chuckles to himself before stopping as quickly as he started

Gavin: Think I’ll get better.  Maybe use my eyes again?

Sean: I’m not a doctor

Gavin: I’ve been here everyday.  He hasn’t made it better

Sean: He hasn’t made anything better.  Good karma should be coming soon

Meanwhile, at the Waterfront, Leo’s group arrives at the front gate, where Chester already stands waiting for them

Leo: Didn’t know you expected us

Vazquez: We saw you down the way.  New binoculars. Plus your car needs new wheel bearings.  Sounds like shit

Chester: What can we do for you?

Phillip: Jenny sent us.  It’s about the compound

Chester: What about?

Phillip: Wants to know if the deal is still good.  If we get attacked, you’ll have our backs?

Chester: Of course.  We signed a while back.  Did something happen?

Horatio: A precaution.  We think something is going to happen.  And happen soon

Nate and Stan run out with a walkie talkie towards Chester and Vazquez

Nate: Problem over at the new outpost.  Dead men walking

Vazquez: It’s been that way for a while

Stan: They said the dead men have weapons

Chester: Shit.  That deal go both ways?

Phillip: Of course

Chester: Pack your things.  We need to leave now

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jackson: What do you mean uninvited guests?

Basil: We have a herd coming

Mark: I’ll get the iron

Basil: It’s too big.  We need to go loud

Ethan: I’ll get the lead

Ray: Take the team West

Basil: They’re coming from the South

Ray: Then what is that group West?

Basil turns and looks at another group of biters heading in from the West.  He sees the flash of the sun catching a shiny object

Basil: Get on the radio.  That one has a knife

Traci: On it

Basil: Nils, Izabel, Jackson, Ethan, you’re with me.  Ray, take the rest of them South. Go loud

Each group splits off into their respective groups and heads into formation

Nils: Safeties off, people.  We need to put this down fast

Basil aims with his rifle and takes the first shot, taking out a biter with no shirt and cargo shorts.  Ray takes out the second one, effectively splitting the attention of the biters in both directions. Each person begins taking down biters, but barely make a dent in the herd

Izabel: Back up three paces every shot!

Charles: Reloading, I need cover

Charles begins to reload slowly, which opens up opportunity for Ozzy.  He snaps his fingers and two biters run towards Charles. Charles looks up confused and begins to back up faster in fear, tripping over himself.  Basil fires in the direction of the runners, scaring one off back into the herd but the other presses forward. He slams on top of Charles and raises his knife before being shot in the side by Lilli, the knife instead driving into Charles’s arm.  Both men scream in pain. Charles pushes his attacker off to the side and pulls out the knife, stabbing his attacker in the head. Lilli runs to his aid and drags him out of the way

Basil: Watch their movements!

Dimitri: I’ve never seen them run like that

Basil: I don’t think they’re biters

Basil aims and shoots another runner in the head as it pushes towards him

Basil: Biters don't run

Dimitri: Might have evolved. Next stage or some shit

Ozzy snaps his fingers twice and each hidden member of the compound grabs a biter, stabs it, and pushes forward towards the survivors, using the dead as shields, and scattering the survivors.  Tess gets knocked down but pulled up by Niklas, who shoots her attacker. Ethan, Mark and Reina maintain formation in their area. Several head towards Megan, Jason, Shania and Ray. Basil, Jackson, Nils and Izabel take care of the ones near them.  One runner heads straight for Megan, separating her from the group and backing her against a wall. The disguised attacker takes the knife out of the biter’s back, ruining the black suit and stabs it in the head before dropping the corpse and slicing Megan across the stomach and tackling the girl.  The attacker raises the knife but Megan blind them, somehow pulling the mask off her attacker and gasping at the face

Megan: Anna?

Cast[edit | edit source]

 Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo Henderson

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal (No Lines)

David Henrie as Garrett Smith

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West

Lee Pace as Lewis Edwards

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks (No Lines)

Zan McClarnon as Chester Navarro

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson

and Stephen Dillane as General Joseph Haynes

Also Starring[edit | edit source]

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Camren Bicondova as Tess (No Lines)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas (No Lines)

Bruce Soord as Julian Watts

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

Jason Earles as Nils

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx

Roger Neal as Nate Demarco

Kerr Logan as Noah (Does Not Appear)

Lucian Msamati as Roscoe Jefferson

Jason Isaacs as Dave O'Connor (Does Not Appear)

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead)

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Connor Swindells as Nick D'Atomeo

with Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis (Does Not Appear)

and Jason Momoa as Nathan (Does Not Appear)

Stanley Tucci as Ray

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson

Ross Butler as Ryo Osaka (No Lines)

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Micah Fitzgerald as Corporal Jeff Lever (No Lines)

Nathalie Emmanuel as Kendall Standish

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Michael Kelly as Jasper Bernard

Ben Howard as Will Knight

Kane Hodder as Creighton Duke

John Cooper as Doctor Aidan Stockdale

Rosabell Sellers as Reina (No Lines)

Rider Strong as Stan

Paul Kaye as Horatio Whittaker

Allison Williams as Anna Cook

Daniel Zovatto as Quinn Kane (No Lines)

Kaya Scodelrio as Ilene Wright (No Lines)

Dexter Darden as Jason Herr

Julia Telles as Hazel Burns

Timothy Olyphant as Ozzy

Nelson Franklin as Ethan Ross

Joe Volk as Mark Guthrie

Liana Liberato as Traci Jones

Joel de la Fuente as Seth Young (No Lines)

 Co-Starring[edit | edit source]

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd

Isabelle Fuhrman as Megan Shorris

Ania Bukstein as Shania

Justin Mark as Private Charles Pinkley

Jacob Anderson as Derek Lawton

Brooke D'Orsay as Lilli Munson (No Lines)

Karly Rothenberg as Tara (No Lines)

Noel Petok as Will (No Lines)

Special Guest Starring[edit | edit source]

Ty Burrell as Franklin

Guest Starring[edit | edit source]

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Iain Glen as Ned O'Connor (Does Not Appear)

Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Franklin (Alive and Zombified)
  • At least three unnamed O'Connor Compound Members

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • First Appearance of Nick D'Atomeo
  • First Appearance of Creighton Duke
  • First Appearance of Ozzy
  • First Appearance of Seth Young
  • First Appearance of Traci Jones
  • First Appearance of Ethan Ross
  • First Appearance of Mark Guthrie
  • First Appearance of Tara
  • First Appearance of Will
  • First Appearance of Lilli Munson
  • First Appearance of Derek Lawton
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Franklin
  • Tom Holland (Eli Wilson) is credited as Main Cast for the first time after previously listed as a Co-Star in Season 2 and Also Starring in Season 3
  • Eugene Byrd (Gavin Foxx), Morgan Spector (Arrowhead) and James Keats (Jackson Allen) are now credited as Series Regulars after previously listed as Also Starring in Season 3
  • Dexter Darden (Jason Herr) is credited under Also Starring after previously cast under Co-Starring in Season 3
  • There is a time skip of one month since the events of the previous season/episode
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