"Outrageous" is the eleven episode of Season 3 and the Season Finale

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A stupid mistake becomes a fatal tragedy. Evan and Jasper arrive at the Compound. Niklas tastes freedom

Outrageous[edit | edit source]

The doors to the Waterfront are flung open.  A figure stumbles inside, shaking at the sides and leans up against the door.  His face is darkened by the Sun at his back as he drops to his knees and puts his face in between them.  Other figures run up to him

Chester: Vazquez.  What happened?

Vazquez: >weakly< … Barn…

Leo: Did you drop the prisoners off?

Chester: What about Barney?

Vazquez: He’s dead

Lewis: H… How?

Vazquez: People came from the other side of the road.  Opened fire. Got him before we saw them

Chester begins to move outside but Vazquez grabs his arm

Vazquez: He didn’t turn. …  He didn’t turn

Jenny and Nate carry in Barney’s body and lay him down.  Chester puts a hand on Nate’s shoulder

Chester: Dig a grave.  We mourn once you finish.  Did you drop them off?

Nate: Sent them out into the woods

Jenny: They were long out of sight before we were fired on

Elizabeth: Any idea who it was?

Nate: Never seen them before.  We went far out

Julian: Might have stumbled upon someone’s territory

Dimitri: Do you wanna send people out to look?

Chester: No.  Too dangerous.  They must have had eyes on you to kill Barney before you saw them.  I don’t want anyone going that far.

Reina: You will have to beef up security as well.  Especially at the new outpost

Jenny: New outpost?

Chester: To connect our communities, our plan is to build an outpost halfway between them.  Leo agreed to run it

Leo: It’s at least me, Dimitri, Jackson and Reina agreed as well.  The former rebels. And Niklas

Jenny: Niklas?

Leo: The farther he is from Nils and Izabel the better.  It’s the safest place for him. And he trusts me.

Jenny: Okay.  We’ll leave at midday

A loud crash comes from the infirmary, followed by a yell

Richard: Help!

The group runs in to the infirmary to find Richard holding a reanimated Santiago at bay.  Sylvester, followed by Scott, run in first to help the doctor. Scott takes hold of Richard as Sylvester rips Santiago’s grasp and throws him to the floor, stomping on his head repeatedly until the reanimated corpse is dead.  He breathes heavily

Sylvester: You good, doc?

Richard: Yes, thank you

He takes Scott’s hand and stands back up

Scott: How’s the other patients?

Richard: Ciara and Stan are awake, but resting and Gavin’s showing signs of life.  Should wake in an hour or so

Sean: Let me know when he does.  I wanna be there when he wakes. I’m gonna help dig the grave for Barney


Arthur sits on the guard tower, his feet in the air and his chair leaned back.  He stares out into the distance but there’s nothing but grass and trees. Another man climbs up the tower, grunting with every step he takes.  Arthur hears a clang against the rails with each step he takes but he shakes it off. Suddenly, the man shakes Arthur’s chair

Arthur: Jesus, man, I almost pissed myself

Pablo: >laughs< All in good fun, Artie, all in good fun

Arthur: I could have had a heart attack

Pablo: Don’t be so dramatic

Arthur: Thought Pinkley was on after me

Pablo: Caught a fever… ain’t nothing serious and half the guys think he’s faking but… I agreed to take this shift so long as he got me the gin

He pulls out a bottle of gin, three quarters full, and takes a swig

Arthur: Shouldn’t be doing that guard duty

Pablo: It’s no harm.  Nothing comes out of those woods anyway.  It’s been quiet for weeks. And I can hold my booze

Arthur: If the general catches you doing this, don’t say I knew

Pablo: He won’t.  He never comes up here anyhow

He sits down in the chair as Arthur heads for the ladder

Pablo: Mind grabbing me a slice of whatever the kitchen’s making for dinner?  I could get hungry up here. Corporal Cobalt ain’t gonna be taking my shift until 0900

Arthur: You’re doing a 12 hour shift?

Pablo: I won’t have to be on guard duty for another week after this

Arthur: Fair play.  I’ll grab you something.  Be right back

He slides down the ladder until he hits the bottom.  He walks through the camp. Past the survivors from the Yard enjoying a fire with Annabelle, Cpl. AJ and Dr. Hollis Echlain.  Past SSG. Hawkins’s tent, where he hears Daisy’s laugh through the closed flaps. Past Cpl. Cobalt smoking a cigarette. He enters the cook’s tent

Arthur: What’s the shit of the day, Sack?

Hacky Sack: Sloppy Joes on a ciabatta roll.  Major found some good shit on his run. Kept it frozen so it didn’t mold up on us.  Tommy, how’s the sloppys?

Thomas: Hot and messy… like my wife

The two of them laugh while Arthur just looks confused

Arthur: Okay… I’m gonna need two.  Jimenez is pulling an all-nighter on watch duty.  He’s gonna get hungry

Hacky Sack: I’mma need two those, Tommy

Thomas: No problemo.  Gimme three minutes

Arthur walks over to a table and sits down next to his sister

Arthur: How’s my favorite sister doing tonight?

Alice: Dr. Stockdale has been telling me all about his latest scientific breakthrough

Arthur: She’s not very good at science doc.  It’s gonna go over her head

Alice: Like you know about science

Aidan: It’s quite remarkable.  Major Vernon, myself and Private Pinkley went out to the research facility and picked up… hold on

Aidan looks past the twins, who look behind themselves.  General Haynes walks in carrying Private Pinkley and drops him to the ground.  Pinkley begins coughing and spitting up blood

Haynes: We have a problem


Leo: I’ll be back within two weeks

Chester: Don’t be a stranger.  We’ll get you all set up with the telegram when you return

Leo hops in the back seat with Jenny and waves goodbye to Chester, Ciara and Vazquez as the Apex group, plus Nate, Milo and Jed, drive off.  The multitude of cars go off in different directions. Jed drives with Nate and Milo to their outposts. Leo rides with Jenny, Horatio and Dimitri; Jackson with Dex, Olivia and Reina; Oliver with Lewis, Julian and Elizabeth; Sebastián with Matt, Sean and Gavin; Sylvester with Scott, Train, Aaron and Jack; Taylor with Nathan, Eddie, Dustin, Phillip and Lysander.  None of them say a word the entire drive, save for a telling the driver to turn or the driver asking for directions. They arrive at Apex to find four vehicles outside and no guards posted. They enter the community to find it empty. Jenny, Leo, Phillip, Dimitri, Horatio and Scott walk into her house and sees the remaining Apex survivors and others she does not recognize

Jenny: Who the hell are you?

Ray: Jenny… all is well.  These are survivors from different camps.  We have news. Come on out, guys

Eli, Basil, Garrett and Fish walk out to see Jenny.  Her eyes swell up as she runs to the four of them and hugs them all individually but stops at Eli.  Leo sees Roscoe and Jeff and smiles as he walks up to greet them.

Jenny: Where’s Octavio?

Eli: Call a meeting.  We have to talk. All of us

Night falls and the members of Apex and the other communities sit and stand around Jenny’s porch

Eli: A while ago… I’m not sure how long but right after the church was completed, Jenny sent Octavio and I on a mission.  I can’t even remember what that was anymore. We came to a clearing with two rocks equidistant from each other on the side of the road.  It was a border. Several vehicles stopped us and brought us to their compound. Octavio… they shot him. Killed him right in front of me.  When we got where we were going, I saw Basil and Cole, Kevin and Sam and these other folks around us

Basil: They ate people.  Their leader told Eli and he told us.  After Sam was taken and fed to us, we had to leave.  So Victor, Peanut and Asher, who is not with us, decided to free us and the people in the next cell over.  It was Fish and Garrett and Shania. We got stuck on the road… it was awful

Kevin: I got surrounded and knocked down.  Cole… I had known him for quite some time as we met after Gregory sent us here… Cole saved my life.  But he got bit. He saved all of us by distracting the dead so we could escape. He didn’t.

Basil: He put himself down with his last shot.  It was quick

Luka: Did you see Rick, Evan, Jasper or Harper?  They went after you

Eli: We didn’t see them

Jenny: We came to that same clearing and were attacked.  That’s how we lost Barney. May be the same people

Victor: Their dangerous.  If Ned followed you, you’re all in deep shit

Matt: Great

Dimitri: What if we go in their and kill him?

Peanut: Even if you were to attack Ned… you have to kill everyone.  He runs a cult. The only one not buying his bullshit is his brother, Dave

Sean: So we kill them all… we have the numbers

Victor: It’s not that simple.  They have at least 300 there. There could be more.  Numerous weapons and food stocks surrounded by guards every hour.  The place is ginormous

Aaron: The Waterfront is on our side.  If we let them know this is who killed Barney… we could join and take them out

Roscoe: You’ve got us, too.  Name’s Colonel Roscoe Jefferson.  This is Corporal Jeff Lever. Some of you already know and possibly hate our companions Brooks and Arrowhead.

Arrowhead: We got ambushed by biters.  We lost a lot of good people. You might not think they were good but we do

Brooks: After we returned from here, we saw a bloodbath.  One of our own had turned and gotten loose. Killed some but many survived.  Then there was a coup, but that was shut down real fast. And then… we got ambushed by the dead and we lost a lot of friends… Max, Lottie, Jane, Grease.  Gregory was bit and before he died, he told me to do whatever it takes to make amends with you all. Join our communities for a common good

Jeff: We took them in.  We’re at an army base about 65 strong.  Led by General Haynes. If we bring this up to him, he’ll help with a battle plan

Jenny: We can’t do that.  I’m sorry, I know you all want an eye for an eye.  But we’re gonna go in and slaughter a bunch of people.  It’s inhumane

Brooks: We don’t have to slaughter them.  But we can join together. If they attack one of us, they attack all of us.  You said they eat people. I don’t wanna get eaten. Not by the dead or the living.  I don’t want anyone to get eaten. You wanna talk about inhumanity, eating people is inhumane.  I say we go back to the base and someone goes to this Waterfront and we join our forces against a common evil.  Kill this Ned bastard and if his followers want to continue an attack… we kill them too

Jenny: I don’t agree with this

Jackson: We can put it to a vote.  This is still America, no matter the shit.  We vote democratically. Then we get to new business

Jenny: Fine.  All in favor of pushing for a joint community and fighting these cannibals, raise your hand

Numerous hands go up, including the men from the army base, the survivors from the O’Connor Compound, Aaron, Leo, Tess, Julian, Lewis, Nils, Izabel, Nathan, Phillip, Jack, Matt’s stump, Sebastián, Dimitri, Lysander, Oliver, Olivia, Jackson, Eddie, Reina, Ray, Scott, Sylvester, Devin and Sean

Jenny: All opposed

She raises her hand.  As do Taylor, Dex, Horatio, Kendall, Luka, Will, Elizabeth, Piper, Train and Dustin

Dimitri: Seems like it’s settled then

Leo: Onto new business.  A new outpost will be opening in between here and Waterfront.  I will be running it with help from Dimitri, Jackson and Reina.  We’ll talk more in the morning. For now, rest up

Jenny: For our visitors, we’ll set up places for you to sleep for the night.  We can discuss our plans tomorrow at dawn. I’ll keep the coffee hot

The large group disperses.  Leo walks up to Jeff Lever

Leo: Didn’t expect to see you again.  At least, not in my home

Jeff: Alliances needed to be made.  The dead are marching towards our base but the general doesn’t understand.  He hasn’t left it. He hasn’t had to witness what we have

Leo: And what have we witnessed?  I’m sure as a general he’s killed more than anyone in this room

Jeff: That was then.  This is the new world.  I need your help to convince him to move somewhere safer.  Come with us tomorrow and tell him the horrors of this world

Leo: I can’t.  I have to lead this new outpost.  I can send Dex. He’s my right hand.  He has been out there. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.  I have head upstairs, but I will catch you at dawn

He turns and walks upstairs to Niklas’s corner and opens the door.  He sees Niklas shiver away in the foreign light

Niklas: Has bail been posted?

Leo: You’re coming with me to the Waterfront tomorrow morning

Niklas: What’s the Waterfront?

Leo: Another community.  We’re constructing an outpost between us and them to make travel and trade easier.  The world is coming back

Niklas: And what if I don’t want to?

Leo: You have to. It’s your punishment for stabbing Nils

Niklas: I thought my time in this closet was my punishment

Leo: Consider it a continuation

Niklas: I plead the 8th.  I can’t be punished for the same crime twice

Leo: The old rules do not apply.  This is the new world order. Deal with it.  We convene at dawn. Clean yourself up before then

With that, Leo walks away as Niklas finally stands and walks outside into the hall


Arthur: What’s the problem, sir?

Haynes: Dr. Stockdale.  I need you to look at Pinkley

Aidan: Right away

Aidan runs over and picks Pinkley up and heads to leave.  Haynes grabs his shoulder before he steps out

Haynes: If you find anything suspicious, anything detrimental to my group, don’t hesitate

Aidan walks out of the mess hall with Pinkley while Haynes sits down with Arthur, Alice and Major Vernon Sawyer

Vernon: Sir

Haynes: At ease.  I’m hungry like all of you.  What’s the news?

Arthur: Jimenez is on watch.  There were a few strays but not much

Haynes: Any word on Colonel Jefferson and Corporal Lever?

Alice: Not as of late.  Radioed in when they arrived but nothing since.  Corporal Morgan is on the radio now

Haynes: And how are the folks we picked up acclimating?

Vernon: They seem to be doing fine.  Ryo has been helpful with the perimeter and knows how to shoot.  

They look up as the group from the Yard enters the mess hall.  Although they speak loudly, Haynes cannot make out what they say coherently, as if they all talk over each other while making their way to the cook’s station

Craig: How’s it going guys?  What’cha got today?

Thomas: Sloppy Joe’s on ciabatta rolls

Craig: Slather some of that on my plate.  Delicious

Haynes glares at the Yard survivors as, one by one, they grab their food and sit on the other corner of the mess hall.  He catches Rick Murphy’s eye, who glares back at him. The two shoot daggers at each other as Rick takes a bite out of his sandwich.  Haynes goes to stand as Rick follows. The mess hall, while full of chatter before, now falls silent as the two men have a quiet face-off

Rick: General.  Where’s the restroom?  I need to relieve myself

Haynes: Closest one is at the guard tower, on its right

Rick smiles and nods his head at Haynes as he steps out of the mess hall and walks in the dead of night to the guard tower.  As he approaches, he hears a sound growing louder and louder, like waves crashing on each other. He climbs up the guard tower to find Jimenez sleeping in the guard chair.  Rick ignores the private and picks up the flashlight and gin bottle. He studies the bottle then looks out into the night. He turns the flashlight on and sees hundreds of biters making their way towards the base, with some being drawn closer by the flashlight.  His breath shudders as he steps back, knocking the gin bottle to the ground, which wakes Jimenez. Jimenez slurs his speech as he looks at Rick, then at the flashlight and finally the darkness where the large group of biters can be heard. Jimenez picks up his rifle

Rick: Are you drunk?

Pablo: No.  No I can hold my liquor

Rick: The dead are coming.  What’s your code for this?

Pablo: This

He picks up the rifle and aims into the darkness.  He fires a shot. He has no idea if he missed or hit, but the sound alerts the soldiers and survivors in the base, who run out into the darkness


Inside Apex, the survivors from the O’Connor Compound are shown their sleeping quarters for the night

Olivia: If you need anything else, just let me know.  I’m right upstairs

She heads upstairs while the others settle

Megan: What are thinking about?

Jason: Soapstone.  The Major, the Captain.  All the shit that went down during our escape.  All the ones who didn’t make it

Hazel: It wasn’t our fault

Jason: We let the dead in.  Of course it is our fault

Quinn: You’re having second thoughts now?  We’re alive right now because of what we did.  If we stayed there, we might not be. Stop being a pussy and worry about tomorrow rather than the past

Jason: You’re outrageous, you know that?

Quinn: And you need to shut up and go to sleep.  These people have something good here and I want to be a part of that.  So don’t fuck this up for all of us

With that, Quinn rolls on his side. Jason looks around for anyone to take his side.  Ilene lays with her pillow wrapped around her head, Shania sleeps in the corner, Hazel avoids her gaze while Megan looks back at him

Megan: He’s right.   About everything. Get some sleep, Jason.  We’ll need it for tomorrow

Elsewhere, Evan and Jasper have arrived at the O’Connor Compound with a captive Clove.  They are instantly met with two armed guards

Julia: Get out of the car.  Any weapons you carry , hand them over

Copper: No stupid moves now.  Don’t want to spill any blood unless I have to

Evan: We wish to talk to whomever is in charge.  He has answers and we have questions

Jasper: And we have one of your’s

Copper: Now why would we allow that

Evan pulls out a gun from his driver side door pocket

Evan: Because will kill both of you then enter anyway.  We don’t wanna do that

Jasper: Let us keep our guns and our prisoner and let us speak with the person in charge

Copper looks to Julia

Julia: Call it in

Evan, Jasper and Clove enter Ned’s office.  Ned sits at his desk with Noah and Dave at opposite sides

Ned: What can I do for you two?

Evan: I’m Evan.  This is Jasper. And I assume you know Clove already

Ned: We’ve met

Jasper: Not too long ago, Evan and I were with two companions looking for two other companions.  Clove and your people fired on us. Killed Rick and Harper, our friends. We killed the other three and took Clove captive.  We just wanna know why

Ned: Clove, where they at a checkpoint?

Clove: Yes.  Checkpoint C

Ned: There’s your answer.  We don’t like outsiders. We have guards on our checkpoints at our borders.  You must have crossed the border.

Jasper: You should mark them better then

Ned: I’d figure two equal sized rocks equidistant from the road and at the edge of a forest is clear enough

Dave: Maybe we should put up a sign.  That border is a hotspot. Twice in half a month

Evan: Another question.  Our other companions, do you know where they are? We found their car in the same area

Ned: It is possible.  I don’t go to the checkpoints

Jasper: Their names are Eli Wilson and Octavio Árevalo

Ned: I… I don’t know.  We have about 400 plus people living here.  I can’t know everyone, although I wish I did.  It is possible they died at our border. If that is the case, I am sorry for your loss and offer my condolences if they had family.  Did I answer all your questions?

Jasper: I guess so

He brandishes a knife and cuts Clove loose from the bonds on her hands and feet

Ned: I am sorry we had to meet like this.  But please adhere to our borders. If you do so, we won’t have another issue.  It was nice to meet you, but please take no offense when I say I hope we never meet again.  My brother Dave will take you to your vehicle and help you make your way back to checkpoint C.  From there, you are on your own. I doubt you remember your way here. There are many twists and turns

Dave: Follow me

Dave leads the two men out of Ned’s office while he turns to Noah

Ned: Follow them home.  We can get Eli and the other escapees back

Noah: Of course

Noah follows Dave out of the room, leaving only Clove and Ned

Ned: So Harris, Samantha and Noam are gone?

Clove: Such a shame.  You must be hungry. Go see Packer

She leaves the room as Ned opens door in his office.  He turns on the light and heads down the hall to a bound and gagged Asher

Ned: So… let’s have another go


Haynes leaves the mess hall first, followed by Vernon, Ryo and Sawyer.  The rest follow quickly behind them. Rick hops off the ladder and runs straight to the major

Rick: It’s a herd.  Couldn’t see ‘til they were on top of the base

Vernon: General, we have to take up arms to defend the base

Haynes: Go.

He runs off.  By now, the rest of the base has met up with the General, who does not move his gaze from the staggering Jimenez making his way towards them

Haynes: Why didn’t you tell us?

Pablo: Wha-?

Haynes: Were you sleeping?  Are you drunk?!

Pablo: I know my limit, sir

Haynes takes out his pistol and smacks Jimenez in the face with it.  It breaks his nose, which starts pouring with blood

Haynes: Whatever happens tonight, just know you caused it.  Morgan, Hawkins, Cobalt, watch the sides and open the lights.  If any of you from the Yard know how to kill the dead, now is the time

Corporal AJ Morgan turns on the lights to find the dead already at the gate and pushing hard against it, primarily at the weak points which includes the guard tower’s front right leg.  The dead push hard enough to break it, where it begins to tilt forward

AJ: Look out!

The tower falls down into the base towards the group.  It crashes into the ground and onto the trapped leg of Craig Wing, who screams out in pain

Craig: Help!

Josephine, John and Ryo rush to help him

Haynes: The dead are here.  Let loose!

The soldiers, along with Rick, Amin, Vass, Daisy, Annabelle and Ocean begin firing on the dead while the other three help Craig

Haynes: Alice, tell Thomas and Hacky to get out here and help us.  Arthur, get the doctors

Alice: On it

The two head in separate directions as the dead continue to file in.  Several make a push towards the four Yard survivors, managing to grab John in the process.  He is saved by AJ, who then turns back to fire on the dead from atop the wall. John takes out his gun and fires on the dead while Ryo lifts up on the tower but to no avail.  Craig looks at Ryo and nods his head. Ryo taps John, who begins to back up. He puts a hand on Josephine’s shoulder and leads her away as the dead swarm onto Craig, tearing into his exposed flesh while he screams in pain.  Elsewhere, Arthur reaches the doctor’s tent

Aidan: Tell the General it was just an ulcer, nothing too serious

Arthur: We have to go.  The dead got in

Hollis: What?

Arthur: Pack up your things, we can’t win this one.  I have to get back and help

Arthur runs back out into the night but is attacked by two biters, who begin to tear into his arm and neck as he falls to the ground.  More pile on top of him as his screams get drowned out by the gunfire

Vass: Keep on them, brother

Ocean: I wasn’t ready for this

Annabelle: Is this the same herd from the Yard?

Daisy: I thought we cleared that one

Amin: I’m not losing you, keep your head up

Josephine: I’m too tired

Tommy: I’m not trained for this

AJ: You’ll be fine if you aim for the head and don't jerk the gun

Donald: There’s more on this end, I need help here

Cobalt: Sir we might have to make a run for it

Haynes: We hold this base as long as possible

Cobalt: I think that’s now

The dead pile further in, separating the survivors into two groups.  Vass takes a stray bullet to the back of the knee and drops to the ground in front of a biter, which digs its hand into his stomach and tears out his throat.  With his last bit of strength, he grabs his gun and kills the biter on top of him and looks out for other survivors before a bullet comes from behind to put him down.  Josephine slightly lowers her gun as she wipes her eye and turns to left to fire again. At the same time, the biters make their way to Daisy, who gets grabbed by a crawler and tripped to the ground.  It crawls on top of her and bites her in the throat as she starts to bleed out and other biters swarm on top of her

Haynes: Fall back!  To the vehicles!

The soldiers follow Haynes’s order with Cobalt and Hawkins leading the way.  Hollis and Aidan carry a sickly Pinkley out to the front and head for the cars.  Trailing in the back, Ryo, Rick and John fire more at the dead before getting lost in the dark and separated from the rest of the group

John: Where did they go?

The three stop dead in their tracks and form a triangle

Rick: Count your shots.  I got six

Ryo: Eight

John: Four.  Any clips?

Ryo: I have a magazine, not a clip

John: We don’t have time for the minutia

The biters slowly move towards the group as one makes itself visible to Rick, who holds it back with one hand and shoots it in the head

Rick: Five

Another attacks Ryo slowly, who does the same

Ryo: Seven

Rick: I don’t hear anything.  Keep moving

They slowly yet quietly continue forward and further into the darkness, being wary of the sounds they hear.  About thirty seven steps forward, Ryo gets tackled by one of the dead and Rick pulls it off of him. The biter turns to face him and bites his right arm below his hand.  He screams out in pain as it tears the flesh away from his body. John kills the biter as Rick holds his arm and drops his gun

Rick: Shit! Just keep moving!

His scream drew more biters to their location.  John and Ryo use all their ammo firing into the darkness but killing only a few.  The dead continue towards them as Rick drops to his knees. Ryo and John take out their knives and prepare to fight the dead before Rick brandishes his own long knife and forces himself to stand.  He walks in front of the two and stabs one biter in the head before killing one off to the side nearing John. The other two begin slicing and stabbing into the darkness and killing the dead which were born from it.  Another biter gets too close to Rick and bites him in his left arm as he stabs it in the head. Two more reach him and bite him in the right arm and side of his waist. He drops again to his knees as he looks out to his left, his eyes widened as he stabs a child biter in the head.  Just then, a large light flashes into his eyes as he moves his bloodied arm to block it. John and Ryo look towards the light as the sound of machine gun fire clears out thirty biters in front of them. When the shooting stops, the shooter walks out to greet them and pull them to his truck

Vernon: Can’t leave a man behind, let’s go.  Come on, there’s more dead coming

Ryo looks to Rick, who stares back with pleading eyes and breathes heavily.  Ryo walks over three steps and picks up Rick’s pistol. He places the gun to Rick’s head and pulls the trigger.  Rick’s body drops to the ground. Ryo and John follow Vernon into his truck and drive out of the base to the rest of the group.  Josephine runs up to Ryo and hugs him, then turns to John and hugs him as well

Ocean: We thought we lost you to the dead

Amin: Where’s Rick?

Ryo: He… he got bit.  Saving us … I put him down

Vernon: General, I found Jimenez

Haynes: And?

Vernon: I promptly smacked him in the face.  If he’s dead… so be it

AJ: Where should we go?

John: Brooks and Arrowhead went to Apex with your two guys.  We should head there

Alice: We haven’t heard from them.  They were to tell us when they arrived and when they left

Amin: Maybe they haven’t left yet.  Maybe they’re alive. We can’t let them come back to this.  And we need help

Donald: What’s your call, General?

Hyanes: … Let’s head to Apex

Cast[edit | edit source]

 Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Edward Norton as Phillip James (No Lines)

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo Henderson

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal (No Lines)

David Henrie as Garrett Smith (No Lines)

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West (No Lines)

Lee Pace as Lewis Edwards

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Zan McClarnon as Chester Navarro

and Stephen Dillane as General Joseph Haynes

Also Starring[edit | edit source]

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard (No Lines)

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Camren Bicondova as Tess (No Lines)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

Bruce Soord as Julian Watts

Christine Evangelista as Izabel (No Lines)

Jason Earles as Nils (No Lines)

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Roger Neal as Nate Demarco

Lucian Msamati as Roscoe Jefferson

Jason Isaacs as Dave O'Connor

Kerr Logan as Noah

with Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis

and Jason Momoa as Nathan (No Lines)

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx (No Lines)

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson

Stanley Tucci as Ray

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson

Nathalie Emmanuel as Kendall Standish (No Lines)

Harry Lloyd as Luka

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Michael Kelly as Jasper Bernard

Tyler Hoechlin as Train (No Lines)

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Ben Howard as Will Knight (No Lines)

Santiago Cirilo as Santiago Montoya (Zombified)

Lindsey Garrett as Ciara Nash (No Lines)

William DuVall as Milo (No Lines)

Lindsey Buckingham as Dr. Richard Harris

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead)

Edi Gathegi as Peanut

Rosabell Sellers as Reina

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

David Mazouz as Kevin

Tony Vincent as Lysander (No Lines)

Ross Butler as Ryo Osaka

Pilou Asbæk as Emil (No Lines)

Devon Bostick as Jed Armitage (No Lines)

Tobias Menzies as Dustin Hammond (No Lines)

Rider Strong as Stan (No Lines)

Paul Kaye as Horatio Whittaker (No Lines)

Finn Jones as SSG. Donald Hawkins

Mark Stanley as Cpl. James Cobalt

Micah Fitzgerald as Corporal Jeff Lever

Riz Ahmed as Amin

Alex Sawyer as John

Alexander Skarsgård as Vass

Aldis Hodge as Benjamin Ocean

Matt Bellamy as Craig Wing

Lucille Sharp as Josephine

William Postlelthwaite as Copper

Kelsey Chow as Clove

Lorenzo Lamas as Victor Montrose

B.J. Clinkscales as Nathaniel (No Lines)

Daniel Zovatto as Quinn Kane

Jacqueline Emerson as Julia Sabre

Kaya Scodelrio as Ilene Wright

Carter Hayden as Owen Hacky (Hacky Sack)

James Urbaniak as Major Vernon Sawyer

 Co-Starring[edit | edit source]

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd (No Lines)

Kevin Durand as Jack West (No Lines)

JoAnna Garcia as Taylor Burns (No Lines)

Jordan Prentice as Oliver (No Lines)

Eric Wareheim as Thomas Posey

Ellie Kemper as Daisy Montgomery

Sydney Park as Annabelle Wheeler

Alex Lawther as Asher Praedo (No Lines)

Justin Mark as Private Charles Pinkley (No Lines)

Michael Peña as Corporal Pablo Jimenez

Julia Telles as Hazel Burns

Crystal Reed as Corporal AJ Morgan

Megan Parkinson as Alice Monroe

Casey Cott as Arthur Monroe

Ania Bukstein as Shania (No Lines)

Novie Edwards as Sharissa (No Lines)

Dexter Darden as Jason Herr

Isabelle Fuhrman as Megan Shorris

David Warshofsky as Doctor Hollis Echlain 

Special Guest Star[edit | edit source]

John Cooper as Doctor Aidan Stockdale

 Guest Starring[edit | edit source]

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt (Series regular)

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy (Series regular)

Iain Glen as Ned O'Connor (series regular)

Deaths[edit | edit source]

Santiago Montoya (Alive (off-screen) and Zombified)

Craig Wing

Arthur Monroe


Daisy Montgomery

Rick Murphy

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • First Appearance of Owen Hacky (Hacky Sack)
  • First Appearance of Major Vernon Sawyer
  • First Appearance of Thomas Posey
  • Last Appearance of Rick Murphy
    • With Rick's death, all members of his family are dead
    • Rick is the character credited as a series regular under Guest Starring to be killed off
  • Last Appearance of Santiago Montoya
  • Last Appearance of Vass
  • Last Appearance of Craig Wing
  • Last Appearance of Daisy Montgomery
  • Last Appearance of Arthur Monroe
  • Last Appearance of Corporal Pablo Jimenez (unknown)
  • Justin Mark (Charles Pinkley) is added back to the cast as a Co-Star after disappearing in Episode 4
  • David Warshofsky (Dr. Hollis Echlain) and John Cooper (Dr. Aidan Stockdale) reappear in this episode after disappearing in episode 4, although they are credited under Special Guest Star
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