Synopsis Edit

Flashbacks to a more totalitarian time shows some survivors how easy they have it; The mission for exile turns deadly; Cleaning up after the rebellion proves tough for some survivors

Tusk Edit

Flashback: Twenty people sit in a community center.  Seven at the head table with the other thirteen around four tables.  The five at the head table are dressed in green camo with dog tags around their necks.  The one in the middle says Montgomery Stuart; 836-43-7621; A-Positive; Lutheran. He taps his foot quickly on the ground and a pen in his left hand on the desk.  He looks up and with a deep booming voice which silences the room, speaks

Stuart: Jason.  How’s the garden growing?

Jason: Tomatoes should be coming in within a week.  Patrizia, Quinn and Gary have grabbed seeds for bell peppers, cucumbers and squash on the last trip so those will be planted on the next sunny day

Stuart: Alright.  Doctor, how’s the work coming?

Doctor: I need more supplies.

Dr. Harold Martin walks up to the table and reaches into his pocket

“Hold.  You were not permitted to approach yet”

Stuart: At ease, Captain, at ease.  What have you, doc?

Harold: I have a list right here of what I need from the next run.  Mostly more utensils. Their bones are so hard I break the tools so quickly

Stuart: Damian, Anna, Martita… plans for the next run?

Martita: Not yet.  If you need us to find these supplies, we will

Stuart: Myself, Captain McDermott and Private Jones will be joining you.  Six people should be enough to carry all we need from this list. I say let’s not waste time.  Sergeant Gutierrez, take over

The six of them stand up and walk out

Gutierrez: Ilene, Megan… how’s things on your end?

Ilene: Everything is neat.  Supplies are stocked. What we don’t have we probably will not need for a while

“How about booze?”

Gutierrez: You need to lay off the gin, Gunderson.  It’s not gonna help you. You’ve been shitfaced half the week and the other half you slack off your job

Gunderson: It’s not much of a job anyway.  Myself, Jones, Marty… all we do is trade off on watch and shoot the dead when they get too close.  It’s fucking bullshit

Marty: Hey watch the tone.  

Gunderson: You’ve said it yourself, Marty

Marty: Don’t throw me under the fucking bus, you bitch

Gutierrez: Hey!  Knock it off. We don’t need this.

Quinn: The dead are out there, growing daily.  There is more every time we search for supplies

Gary: The day of the dead is upon us

Hazel: Will you cut it out with that holy bullshit?!  This will get sorted out. This is not an act of God, this is pure science.  The doc is working on a cure day and night.

Harold: It would be nice to have a little bit of help

Gutierrez: That can be worked out.   Maxwell, Hazel, Patrizia, I want you to assist the doc any way you can.  We meet back here when the Major returns

The flashback ends as several survivors sit and stand around a room in Apex

Jason: That was the day it all started to go to shit


Barney: Here’s far enough

Vazquez stops the car and the vehicle behind him follows suit.  He steps out from the drivers side and over with the others in between the two cars.  He sits on the trunk

Nate: Think this is far enough?

Vazquez: Barney thinks it’s good.  We went far

Jenny: They won’t know their way back?

Barney: We motioned.  We didn’t speak the whole drive over

Nate: Alright.  Pull them out

Barney and Vazquez pull out two hooded figures while Jenny and Nate pull out the others.  Barney pulls off the first hood

Barney: Why’d you give me the asshole?

Cas: >muffled< Shut the fuck up, dickhead

Barney: Can’t hear ya, psycho.  There’s a gag on

Cas lunges at Barney, who just chuckles.  Vazquez pulls off the next hood to reveal Harrison.  He pulls off the gag

Harrison: Water… please

Vazquez: Fine

He grabs a water bottle and drinks half of it before handing it to Harrison, who drinks it all quickly

Vazquez: Don’t drink too fast. We didn’t give you a lot

Jenny pulls off Art’s hood while Nate pulls of Harvey’s

Nate: Still can’t believe you did it.  I liked you Harvey. You were a good man

Harvey: I still am.  You’re on the wrong side of this.  Judas should have been the leader of the Waterfront… and you know it

Nate: I shouldn’t have taken the gag off

Art: Ah… I’m so relieved to stretch my legs.  Jenny, right? You mind uh… helping a man eh… relieve himself?  Kinda tied up at the moment

Jenny turns away in disgust as Art laughs.  Nate pushes him and Harvey forward to Harrison and Cassius.  They each help the prisoners put a pack on their backs

Barney: Inside you’ll find enough food and water to last you about a week.  If you can spare it… maybe two weeks

Vazquez: It’s up to you to find shelter and a place to stay

Harrison: Ain’t you gonna cut us free?

Nate: When we’re done.

Barney: You will not follow us.  If you do… you will be shot. You will run into the woods until you can no longer see us.  You will not attack us. Vazquez has a six shooter, and he only needs four bullets. Do you accept this?

Harvey: Aye

Jenny: Do you understand your punishment?

Harrison: Yeah.  We fucked up bad and instead of killing us you’re being humane and exiling us.  Can we go now? I think we’re all ready to go. This doesn’t mean we’ve changed or that we think what we did was wrong now… but if you’re gonna let us out, let us out.  Don’t keep us waiting. I’d say we’ve got about two hours ‘til dark. We can cover some ground quickly

The three Waterfront men and Jenny release the prisoners from their bonds.  They run into the woods until no longer visible. Jenny and the others wait another ten minutes

Barney: I think they really are gone now

Vazquez: You getting soft on ‘em?

Barney: Hell no.  But I’m ready to go home

Vazquez: >laughs< Good.  ‘Cause you’re driving.  I’m never

Barney: Shit.  Today’s not my lucky day

The four stop talking and laughing as the sound of approaching vehicles from in front of them hits their ears.  Barney looks out at the cars and steps in front of his own

Barney: They found cars that fast?

Barney and Vazquez laugh.  Suddenly a shot rings out and a bullet pierces through Barney’s chest.  He stops laughing and holds his hands to his chest. He pulls them away to reveal his hand covered in red blood.

Barney: >faintly< Shit

He falls back onto the hood of his car as Vazquez screams

Vazquez: Barney!  Down, everyone down!

More shots ring out as Vazquez opens the back seat passenger door and sits behind the passenger seat.  He takes out his pistol. Jenny and Nate flip open the trunk. Jenny grabs a semi-automatic rifle while Nate pulls out a Barrett M82.  He lies prone and shoots out the left front tire of the first vehicle. Four figures walk out, including Julia Sabre and George. George fires wildly in the air

George: Scatter!  Find them

A second car pulls up.  It is tricked out with barbed wire across the grill and elephant tusks shoved in through the headlights.  Out steps Dave O’Connor and Noah

Dave: George!  You find them?

George: Some

Three bullet hits a survivor near Noah right in the neck and chest.  The survivor drops as Jenny continues to fire on her attackers. Vazquez fires back, hitting one in the head before reloading his gun.  Dave and Noah fire at the trio

Noah: You sure that’s them?

Julia: Positive

Dave: The dead body looks new to me.  This is not them

Julia: You want us to give up now?

Noah: They went a different direction.  Call up Ned. See if he found anything out his way

Dave runs back to his car as Noah motions to Julia, George and the other three survivors

Noah: We’re going back!  This is not them!

Julia and the three move back to the truck but George keeps pushing

“George, get the hell back!”

George: Fuck you, Hogan.  We’re killing these pricks!

George keeps firing at Vazquez when Nate fires another shot through George’s side.  He drops to the ground. Hogan drops his sniper rifle and with another survivor, run up to George and grab his shoulders.  The other survivor bends his head down so Nate can see his bald spot. He shoots the survivor straight in the head. Hogan keeps dragging George back to the truck.  Julia helps the pair in as they drive off. Vazquez, Jenny and Nate come out from hiding and Vazquez runs up to Barney’s corpse, crying

Jenny: We can’t let him turn

Vazquez takes out his gun and fires a bullet into Barney’s head.  He drags his body back to the car and hops in the driver’s seat. Still sobbing, he wipes his nose and starts it up

Vazquez: >through tears< Are we leaving or what?


Flashback: Nighttime around the Soapstone Trail military base.  A flashlight in the woods blinks three times, alerting Marty to the survivors.  He motions to another guard, who unlocks the gate and lets the survivors in. He notices only five return

Ellis: Where’s the Major?

No one responds.  The survivors catch their breath as they drop the supplies on the ground

Ellis: Captain?

Captain Lucas McDermott looks to Ellis

Captain: Get everyone inside the common area.  We need to hold a meeting

Inside the meeting, the nineteen survivors are all clamoring.  Some screaming at the soldiers, others at each other. McDermott slams his fist on the table

McDermott: Enough!  Major Montgomery is dead

Patrizia: How?

Anna: He never saw it coming

Damian: He wasn’t paying attention.  None of us were

Jones: The dead took him

Megan: But how?

McDermott: We heard gunshots… survivors we assumed.  The Major and I went to check it out but by the time we got there… the survivors were dead.  Dozens of them, coming from all directions. We shot as many as we could but they got the Major.  They tore into his neck and arm and inner thigh… it was awful

Addie: Did you at least keep him from turning?

McDermott: He’s not coming back

Jason: So what are we gonna do?

McDermott: Focus on finding that cure with what we’ve got.  I’m taking charge now, as the most superior officer. I’m gonna let you know something.  Two weeks ago, word came in from Texas. The general is holed up there, but was low on supplies and men.  He wants word on scientific progress, cause he doesn’t have any yet. I’m running this shit now and I want progress made.  All of our efforts will be for science. I want a report every waking hour, between 8am and 11pm. I went every person to work with the doctor for an hour each day.  I want four guards, five wranglers and three more gardeners to keep food supply up and Gutierrez and Kane… you’re hunters. Figure out amongst yourselves what your schedules will be.  I’ll be in the office

As he stands up and walks away, the flashback ends.  The survivors from the O’Connor Compound prison sit around Apex with others intently listening to the story.  Izabel sits with Nils on the couch next to Kendall. Luka stands in the corner, arms folded. Ray sits in a wooden chair by himself.  Will Knight pours a cup of coffee and hands it to Basil. Brooks, Arrowhead, Roscoe and Jeff stand off to the side. Fish, Garrett, Eli, Kevin, Peanut and Victor stand behind Quinn, Jason, Megan, Ilene and Hazel.  Shania sits by herself

Quinn: For a while everything was quiet.  A week went by and the doc had some progress.  He figured out why they move with everything taken off them.  Arms, legs, stomach, eyes, face. They still move, to the best of their abilities, because the brain is not destroyed.

Ilene: Something about a prefrontal cortex.  But the Captain wasn’t having it. It wasn’t enough progress to him.  He wanted answers and he wanted them fast

Jeff: Never seen a captain act like that

Roscoe: I have

Ray: Then what happened?

Jason: >sighs< Myself, Ellis, Addie and Gary were on wrangler duty… we were having a tough time

The flashback restarts to show the four of them dealing with grabbing two undead specimens

Addie: This one’s fighting me pretty hard

Gary: Keep it still, we showed you how to do it numerous times before

Jason stands on top of an elevated platform keeping count of the dead outside the fence while Ellis and Addie each hold one biter by the neck in a grabber

Gary: Keep it tight, we got a ways to go.  Jason, hurry up with the latch!

Jason reaches over above the fence to close the gate when one biter slams hard into it, pushing itself into the gate while at the same time bisecting itself with the sharp edges of the links as Jason is able to close it tightly.  The blood splashes on to Ellis’s face, who lets go of the grabber in disgust to wipe his face clean. The biter gets loose and walks directly to a distracted Addie, grabbing her hair and pulling her back

Addie: AUGH!

She screams as the biter tears into her exposed flesh.  Gary and Jason rush to help her as Ellis backs up straight into the bisected biter, still moving.  As Jason stabs the biter on Addie in the head and Gary stabs the poor woman to keep her from turning, the bisected biter grabs Ellis’s leg and digs into his ankle.  Gary turns and shoots the biter before it can take another bite as Ellis falls to the ground screaming. Another breaks through and bites Gary in the hand, but he swiftly kills it.  Jason pulls out a hatchet from his side

Gary: What are you doing?

Jason: Gonna try something, then we bring him to the doc

Jason arches back and chops a few inches above Ellis’s ankle a few times until his ankle is completely separate from the rest of his body.  He then grabs the other leg and hoists Ellis up while Gary picks up Ellis by the chest to carry him back to the base


Back at the Waterfront, Richard Harris sighs as he puts down his stethoscope

Richard: I’ve done all I can.  If Gavin doesn’t wake… we might have problems

Sean: What if he does?

Richard: Then huzzah… he’s alive.  Probably blind, but alive

Aaron: Blind?

Richard: The blast blinded him.  Bits of shrapnel in his left eye.  He might even be deaf for a few days.  And if that doesn’t go away, he’ll be deaf forever

Nathan: In this world, that could be a death sentence

Lewis: He won’t be any use anymore

Sean: So you’re saying we should kill him?

Lewis: No I’m not saying that… I just think…

Julian: If he really ends up being blind and deaf forever… he might just end himself

Olivia: How would he do that?

Dex: There’s ways

Olivia: Not when he’s blind.  He wouldn’t find a gun

Sebastián: A blind and deaf man, with the ability speak, has the ability to yell

Matt: And the ability to be stupid.  He’d yell… draw the dead… he’d bring them straight to us

Sean: What if he didn’t yell?

Matt: Think about it.  A man who could see can’t anymore.  A man who could hear can’t anymore. That would piss some men off and frighten the rest.  He’d start yelling the second he could use his voice. It’s what happened to Ruben. It’s how died

Sean: Don’t talk about Ruben like that

Matt: Don’t act like you knew Ruben.  I knew him from before this all happened.  You stumbled on us because your psychopathic son-of-a-bitch leader exiled you.  And from what I heard, that’s because you skipped your guard duty, allowing us to break out Niklas

Sean: And didn’t Lewis tell you?  I killed a man to be exiled. A big man.  And he had two arms

Phillip: Hey.  Calm down. Let’s not argue and fight

Matt: I’d kick your ass, even with my handicap

Sean: How’d you lose that arm anyway?

Phillip: Todd.  Remember him? He saved Matt’s life

Sean: What does that have to do with me?

Phillip: ‘Cause I saw Todd take lives and I saw him save them.  He only saved those worth it. He thought you should keep your life.  He trusted you. Told me himself. He cut off your arm, Matt, to save you.  You’re both equally worth it

Milo: This Todd sounds kinda selfish

Phillip: Todd would rather lose his arm than let anyone else lose theirs.  

Chester, Leo, Scott, Elizabeth and Jackson enter the infirmary

Scott: How’s Gavin?

Aaron: You should have been here five minutes ago.  You’d have heard the whole thing

Jackson: Everyone else?

Richard: If they don’t within 10 seconds… they’re all still good

Elizabeth: We can spare some meds

Richard: That’s kind of you

Chester: The deal’s still on between our communities.  When Vazquez, Barney and Nate get back, I’m sending them out to find a outpost.  One to bridge the gap between our two communities.

Leo: I’ll be running it.  Emil will be my second in command.  The former rebels will help build it.  

Nathaniel: We’re doing what now?

Dimitri: You’re building a new outpost, you fuck

Nathaniel: Fine

Leo: If anyone wants to help, that’d be appreciated.  We’ll need at least 20 people to run it. Three quarters from Waterfront and one quarter from Apex

Chester: When Jenny return, we’ll figure it out

Dimitri: I’ll join you.  I don’t see why not

Leo: That’s three then

Aaron: Who’s the other one?

Leo: I’ve decided Niklas will join me.  The farther away he is from Nils and Izabel, the better.  It’ll be good for him. He’s like my son. Except he’s actually here

Two cars pull up outside the Waterfront gates.  Reina comes on the walkie

Reina: 10-53.  We’ve got a 10-53


Flashback: The captain walks with PFC Gunderson and Private Jones.

Jones: Gary says he thinks it’s all set.  Poor bastard lost his left hand

Gunderson: They should have been more careful

Captain: Just be thankful he and Ellis both made it

Jones: We haven’t seen Ellis.  Doc said he was okay but… I just don’t know

The three of them walk into the doctor’s office

Harold: Ah! Captain.  So good to see you

McDermott: Save it Poindexter.  Word is I’m gonna have to shut your operation down

Harold: Whatever for?

Gunderson: You’re not making any progress.  We’re out there risking our lives every other day to get you more test subjects.  We lost two more yesterday.

Jones: One and a third last week

McDermott: I wanna see progress.  This isn’t progress

He walks over to the other side of Dr. Martin’s table and looks in the back corner.  He recognizes the pink clothes in a pile. He looks to the three biters chained up in the stock room and notices one has a stump for a left leg and a recognizable short hair cut.  He looks towards Dr. Martin, his eyebrows aimed downwards but his eyes wide. He points to the biter with a stump

McDermott: That… is Ellis.  Isn’t it?

The doctor starts stuttering, so the Captain motions for his soldiers to leave the room.  The Captain picks up Harold and throws him to the side

Captain: You’re using the people here as your subjects?!  Your fucking friends! The ones who risk life and limb for you!

Harold: The infection got him too quickly

Captain: Bullshit, I see the new bite on his arm.  He was your new play thing

Harold: I didn’t have enough materials!  The Major would give me everything I needed!

Captain: Yeah, he would.  And that’s why he’s not here anymore

The Captain picks up Harold by the neck and chokes him against the wall

Captain: I wasn’t gonna let him starve this place out by giving all our precious resources to a fucking junkie who never performed this kinda shit his whole life

Harold: >choking< But… but… he was bit

Captain: No he wasn’t.  There was no rag-tag group of survivors we couldn’t save.  I shot him myself. A waste of space and a waste of my time.  Just… like… you

With that, the Captain crushes the doctor’s trachea and throws him back to the ground.  He pulls out his pistol and shoots the doctor in the head before shooting the four other biters he’s using as test subjects, including the one with a stump.  Hearing the shots, Gunderson and Jones enter the room as several others start running towards the sounds

Patrizia: What the hell happened?

Captain: He reached for the gun

Hazel: And you shot the biters because…?

Captain: There’s no need for them

Megan: But what about finding a cure?  What the doc was trying to figure out?

Captain: There is no cure.  Don’t you fucking get it? We’re it!

Quinn: But the general… and Texas

Captain: He’s gone.  There’s been no word in months.  We’re under martial law now, my law.  Our main goal is to survive.  Until we can kill as many of the dead as possible.  And then… then we can start looking to the future. The survival of the species.  Gutierrez, Gunderson, Maxwell… first thing tomorrow morning, I want you to clear out the dead at our fences

Maxwell: I don’t think we have enough ammo, sir

Captain: We have a system to bring them in one at a time.  If need be, do that and take them out with your knifes. Fix bayonets or whatever they said back in the day.  I don’t care how you do it, I just want it done. I want the dead off our fences

Gutierrez: It will be done

Captain: Good.  it’s getting late and you three will need rest.  Everyone back to your rooms… meeting at 0900

The group disperses.  Jason grabs Quinn’s arm and pulls him off out of sight of the soldiers and whispers in his ear.  Quinn’s eyes go wide and slowly begins to nod his head. He clicks his tongue and looks over at Gunderson… then back to Jason

Quinn: Right.  I’ll spread the word


Flashback: Night falls.  Marty patrols the back corridors.  Two figures, cloaked in dark clothing, sneak past him silently while his back is turned.  They walk on their toes as they finally reach their destination. A small room with three chairs and reading lamp, whose bulb seems ready to go out.  Three figures sit in the chairs while four more stand off to the side and one at the door. The two cloaked figures step into the light: Ilene and Patrizia.  The figure in the left-most chair speaks

Quinn: Alright.  Everyone’s here. Good.  No one will speak the Captain

Patrizia: What’s this about, Quinn?

Quinn: Jason says we’re busting out tonight.

Ilene: Busting out?

Jason: I have a plan.  It’s dangerous but could work.  I just need to know you’re all on board… for anything and everything

Eyes dart around the room, and these eventually turn into a slew of shrugs and nods.  Jason, sitting in the center chair, looks to Gary in the right-most seat. He’s the only one with a wide grin and a heavy nod

Jason: We don’t have to kill anyone if need be

Anna: I don’t wanna kill at all

Jason: I’m hoping it won’t come to that but be prepared for anything

Damian: Just tell us the plan

Jason: Alright.  Everyone goes back to their rooms and grabs their things, as well as extra bags.  At midnight we meet back here. When everyone is here, we begin

Martita: Why not get back as soon as you get your things?

Jason: We need it to be as dark as possible.  Gary, Ilene and Anna will grab weapons. Quinn, Martita and Megan will grab food.  Damian, Hazel and Patrizia will get the vehicles ready. Exit through the back doors

Hazel: And you?

Jason: We need to ensure our escape.  Since they aren’t clearing the dead until tomorrow… I’m opening the gates and letting them inside the front entrance

A hush falls upon the room

Hazel: You’ll let the people not in this room die?

Jason: They’re well armed here.  And the people here haven’t been good since the Major died.  They follow Captain bastard.

Megan: What if you get bit?

Jason: Someone’s gotta let them in.  It’s a risk I’ll take

Gary: Let me go

Jason: What?  Why?

Gary: That job has to be done by someone expendable.  I have one goddamn arm. That makes me the most expendable.  I’ll do it

Jason ponders his proposition

Gary: >smiles< I’ll pack light.  


The grandfather clock in the hallway strikes midnight.  All ten survivors have grabbed their things. Anna, Martita and Quinn have walked out.  Megan picks up her bag. Patrizia takes a sip of water. Gary grabs Jason’s shoulder

Gary: If we’re doing this tonight, I’m opening the gate

Jason: Be careful of the guard

Gary brandishes a knife with the only hand he has

Gary: Whoever’s on guard duty should be careful of me

They leave the room.  Jason catches up with Ilene and Anna, and they quietly open the room to the arms locker.  They quickly yet quietly grab the guns and place them into the bag. Martita, Megan and Quinn avoid food wrapped in plastic as they place the canned goods into their bags while Damian, Patrizia and Hazel run out the back to to start the vehicles.  Gary opens the front door and pulls a brick out from his bag. He use it to prop the door open before breathing in hard and puffing his chest out. He smells the cool autumn breeze. He leaves his pack on the ground and removes his shoes. In his socks, he sprints to the gate but stops underneath the guard tower.  The tower is only about ten feet higher than the gate with a wooden ladder leading up to where one guard stands alone in the darkness. Gary places the knife in his mouth as he slowly climbs his way up the ladder, breathing ever so slightly through his nose. He can feel the saliva dripping onto the knife and back down into his mouth.  When he reaches the base of the tower, he hooks his legs around a rung and takes the knife out. He taps it onto the wooden floor. PFC Marty turns around

Marty: The fuck…?

Marty leaves the sniper rifle on the wall of the tower and takes out a knife.  He slowly walks over to the edge of the tower and looks over. Gary lunges up with the knife in his mouth and knocks Marty to the ground face first.  Gary climbs up to the base of the tower and turns Marty over chest up. He takes the knife out of his mouth and slits Marty’s throat. Marty grasps at his throat but is unable to save himself.  Gary kicks the soldier back down the ladder, where he splats on the grass. He climbs back down and reaches the bottom. A car alarm goes off in the distance, riling up the dead at the gate. About 200 have made their way over, and the sound of the alarm and smell of the fresh blood make them push harder.  Gary grabs hold of the lock and with one last heavy inhale unlocks the gate. The biters flood in. Gary runs up to Marty’s body and drags him, keeping about twenty feet ahead of the dead as he makes his way to the door. He leaves Marty’s body behind the brick as he grabs his bag and runs inside. The dead in front begin to chew on Marty’s corpse but more push past and enter the building.  The sound has woken up the soldiers. Gary runs past Jones

Jones: Gary!  Gary!

Gary keeps running.  Jones, enticed by the noise coming from the next corner, takes out his pistol and moves closer.  His breathing is heavy. He turns the corner and gets grabbed as he is bitten on the upper forearm

Jones: AUGH!

More bite into him as others push past.  By now, all biters have entered the base and made their way through different corridors.  Megan, Martita and Quinn have yet to finish packing when a strange sounds hits them.

Gunderson: Turn the fuck around

The three of them turn slowly.  Gunderson aims her pistol at them

Gunderson: So… you just gonna up and leave?  That’s it is it?

Martita: We were going to

Gunderson: And you’re taking food before you go?

Megan: Aye.  We are

Gunderson: You know I can’t let you take our food.  So I guess we’re at an impasse

Quinn: So it would seem

Gunderson: Just you three?  Useless… dumbass… and a slut?  The captain would hate for me to waste bullets… but it’s what I’ve got

The four have a staredown.  It lasts a short while, with only the sound of each other’s breath and the closer-moving dead.  Gunderson’s face suddenly shifts. Her eyebrows furrow and she breathes out hard. She shoots once before Quinn can grab her arm and throw it up.  She fires again as Quinn steps behind her and pulls the gun from her hand. He steps back seven feet and Gunderson, slightly slouched, breathes heavier.  Quinn looks to the ground, where Megan tends to Martita, shot in the chest by Gunderson’s first shot. He then looks back to Gunderson. She makes a move towards the gun but Quinn fires into her four times.  Once she is on the ground, he shoots her again. He reaches into her pockets and grabs one clip. He looks back to the women

Megan: She’s gone

Hearing the dead move closer, Quinn reaches a hand to Megan and the pair stand up and leave. Meanwhile, Gutierrez wakes the Captain up

Gutierrez: Sir!  The dead… they’ve entered

The captain hops out of bed and over to his desk.  He grabs a key from the top drawer and turns back to a door off on the side.  Meanwhile, Quinn and Megan make it to the cars, where Jason, Patrizia, Ilene, Hazel, Damian and Anna wait for them

Jason: Where’s Martita?

Quinn: Gunderson got her

Ilene: Where’s Gunderson?

Quinn: I got her

Damian: Are we all set?

Jason: No!  We’re still waiting on Gary

Anna: He could be dead by now.  We need to leave

Jason: We don’t leave anyone behind.  We lost Martita, we’re not gonna lose anyone else

Some of the dead start moving towards them, drawn by the yelling still moving in that direction even after the alarms stopped

Ilene: Silenced weapons only.  We can’t draw more

The eight of them start killing the dead.  Meanwhile, Gary is lost in the long and windy corridors of the base.  He turns a sharp corner and is attacked by one of the dead, which lunges for his right arm and bites down hard where his arm would have been.  Gary puts his nub to the biter’s neck and takes the knife, stabbing it in the head. He twists the knife, breaking the biter’s neck, and pulls it out, spraying his face and upper torso with blood.  He looks down the hall and sees a single biter gnawing on a dead body. His step is loud and the biter looks towards him. It is Martita. It walks towards him as he takes out his knife but the reanimated corpse of his friend sniffs around and turns back.  He uses his right thumb to wipe his chin and notices the fresh biter’s blood. He smirks a bit and lets a small chuckle out through his nose. He walks up to Martita and stabs her in the head before continuing down the hallway. Gunfire erupts as at least three dozen biters move towards the noise.  Gary looks at the soldiers, bewildered by something in one of their hands. He does not notice the biter moving closer to him as it bites into his shoulder.

Gary: AUGH!

He shakes the biter off of his shoulder and stabs it in the head before dropping his knife and taking off his shirt.  Thankfully, his heavy jacket kept the bite from digging into his skin. He gives a sigh of relief as he looks out towards the soldiers.  He hears a voice scream out

“Maxwell, get down”

Meanwhile, outside by the cars, Jason, Quinn, Damian, Hazel and Ilene fight off the dead while Anna and Patrizia finish prepping the cars.  Damian swings his bat at one biter’s head, knocking it down. Quinn stabs one in the face and the force of his stab brings him down with it. Jason hits his crowbar directly into the eyes of another biter, turning its face to mush and spraying blood off to the side

Quinn: Shit

Jason turns to see Quinn holding off two biters while still on the ground.  Hazel and he run up to help him. Hazel stabs one in the head while Jason smashes the other’s skull with two heavy swings.  Quinn pulls out his knife and takes Jason’s hand to stand up. Damian swings his bat hard with two hands to crack one biter’s skull but is too slow on the backswing to stop one biter from biting into bicep and tearing out his flesh

Damian: AUGH!

He drops his bat as the biter knocks him to the ground and bites into him again.  His screams draw two more of the dead, who begin to bite into his neck and exposed leg.  Hazel looks in horror as her friend gets devoured. At that point, a huge explosion from inside the building turns all their attention away.  Quinn looks to Jason, his eyes wide and his mouth slightly agape

Anna: Now can we go?

Jason nods in agreement.  He pats Quinn on the shoulder as the pair hop in with Anna and Megan.  Hazel rides shotgun with Patrizia while Ilene rides in the back. The two vehicles drive off, smashing through the gate as they leave.  Inside the corridor, four people walk amongst the dead bodies

Maxwell:  Sharpe. Get that one

Sharpe: Aye

Sharpe uses a spear to stab one of the burnt dead bodies in the head as the Maxwell and the other two figures keep walking to the end of the corridor.  One figure, Sergeant Gutierrez, stomps on one of the burnt corpse’s head. Most of the bodies are charred to a crisp and their brains destroyed, yet they continue on to the end of the corridor.  There, a figure leans back against the wall with his shoeless feet on its heels. It growls at the four as Sharpe walks up

Sharpe: Tell me that isn’t...

The fourth figure speaks

McDermott: It is.  It’s Gary all right.  

Gutierrez: The rocket must have knocked him into the shit jutting out of the wall.  Right through his chest

McDermott: Hmm… Changed quickly

McDermott stares at the reanimated Gary like an art piece.  He takes out his knife and stabs it in the head

McDermott: Let’s clear the corridors of any more of the dead.  Burn the bodies tomorrow. All of the bodies. We’ll figure out a way to find the others after


Flashback: Two vehicles drive down a road.  They drive past two equidistant rocks near a forest clearing when three vehicles turn 90 degrees and park in front of them.  A voice yells at them

“Step out of the car and put your guns on the ground”

Quinn nods to Jason as the pair open the door and the place their guns on the ground.  Anna, Patrizia, Hazel, Ilene and Megan follow suit

Quinn: Who are you?

Ned: Name’s Ned.  This is my brother Dave.  That’s Noah, George, Julia, Harris, Copper and Samantha

Quinn: I’m Quinn Kane.  This is Jason Herr. Ilene Wright.  Megan Shorris, Hazel Burns, Patrizia Torres, and Anna Cook.  

Hazel: Why did you stop us?

The flashback ends.  Quinn, Jason, Ilene, Hazel and Megan sit around the room

Quinn: And that’s how we got caught

Fish: You didn’t know

Garrett: How could you?

Jason: We should have been more careful.  If we hadn’t got caught… Patrizia could still be here

Eli: If we hadn’t escaped, we could be lunch today

Basil: They’re probably out looking for us

Will: There’s no way they’d find you

Tess; You're safe here

Luka: We have a… trading agreement with another group

Brooks: Possibly ours, too

Ray: You’re welcome to stay

Quinn looks to Jason, then Ilene, then Hazel and Megan

Quinn: Where can we sleep?

Cast Edit

 Main Cast Edit

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo Henderson

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

Lee Pace as Lewis Edwards

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Zan McClarnon as Chester Navarro

and Stephen Dillane as General Joseph Haynes (Does not appear)

Also Starring Edit

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Camren Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas (Does not appear)

Bruce Soord as Julian Watts

Christine Evangelista as Izabel (no lines)

Jason Earles as Nils (no lines)

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Roger Neal as Nate Demarco

Lucian Msamati as Roscoe Jefferson

Jason Isaacs as Dave O'Connor

Kerr Logan as Noah

with Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis (Does not appear)

and Jason Momoa as Nathan

John Malkovich as Captain Lucas McDermott

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx (No lines)

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson

Stanley Tucci as Ray

Nathalie Emmanuel as Kendall Standish (No lines)

Harry Lloyd as Luka

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Ron Perlman as Barney Munson

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Ben Howard as Will Knight

William DuVall as Milo

Lindsey Buckingham as Dr. Richard Harris

Mackenzie Crook as Cassius Killian (Cas)

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead) (No lines)

Edi Gathegi as Peanut (No lines)

Rosabell Sellers as Reina

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

David Mazouz as Kevin (No lines)

Peter Stormare as Harvey

Micah Fitzgerald as Corporal Jeff Lever

William Postlelthwaite as Copper (No lines)

Burn Gorman as Art

Lorenzo Lamas as Victor Montrose (No lines)

B.J. Clinkscales as Nathaniel

Henry Rollins as Harrison

Daniel Zovatto as Quinn Kane

Jacqueline Emerson as Julia Sabre

Kaya Scodelrio as Ilene Wright

Luis Tosar as Sergeant Gutierrez

Gary Sánchez as Gary Sanchez

Hannah Hart as PFC Gunderson

Stuart Braithwaite as Dr. Harold Martin

Co-Starring Edit

Richard Dormer as George

Julia Telles as Hazel Burns

Ania Bukstein as Shania (No lines)

Dexter Darden as Jason Herr

Isabelle Fuhrman as Megan Shorris

Paolo Núñez as Patrizia Torres

Danny Masterson as Hogan

Chris Marquette as David Sharpe

Jacky Ido as Private Joseph Jones

Marc Menard as Ellis

Chris O'Dowd as PFC Marty

Matt Murray as Corporal Maxwell

Allison Williams as Anna Cook

Parker Posey as Addie

Winston Duke as Damian

Antonia Zegers as Martita

Special Guest Stars: Edit

George Thorogood as Major Stuart Montgomery

Neal Morse as Harris Moore (No lines)

Madeline Brewer as Samantha (No lines)

Guest Starring Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy (Does not appear)

Iain Glen as Ned O'Connor

Deaths: Edit

Barney Munson

Major Stuart Montgomery

PFC Gunderson

Gary Sanchez

Dr. Harold Martin

PFC Marty

Private Joseph Jones





3 Unnamed members of the O'Connor Compound

Trivia: Edit

  • First Appearance of Captain Lucas McDermott
  • First Appearance of Sergeant Gutierriez
  • First Appearance of Corporal Maxwell
  • First Appearance of Hogan
  • First Appearance of David Sharpe
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Major Stuart Montgomery
  • First (and Last) Appearance of PFC Gunderson
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Gary Sanchez
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Dr. Harold Martin
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Ellis
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Martita
  • First (and Last) Appearance of PFC Marty
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Private Joseph Jones
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Addie
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Damian
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Anna Cook (Unknown)
  • Last Appearance of Barney Munson
  • Last Appearance of Patrizia Torres (Flashback)
  • Last Appearance of Harris Moore (Flashback)
  • Last Appearance of Samantha (Flashback)
  • Phillip's remark about Todd Andrews losing his own arm before someone else does is an ironic jab. In Season 3 Episode 2 (Alone), Todd loses his arm after a bite
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