This is the ninth Episode of Say Goodbye to America: Scatter Season 3

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The rebellion finally ends, but the survivors have to wonder about the costs. A plan is completed with many turns. A light appears over to guide Evan and Jasper

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A knock is heard on the wall behind one prisoner.  His eyes widen as he looks at the other survivors in his cell

Eli: Who is it, Jason?

Asher: That’s the next cell.  There’s only 3 prisoners in there

Eli: We gotta help them

Victor: I might not be able to secure another vehicle

Kevin: We gotta try.  Wouldn’t they do the same for us?

Victor: Maybe.  I can’t be certain.  It’ll be more difficult.  Who here can shoot?

Eli: Myself

Basil: Cole and I are good

Kevin: I’m good myself

Victor: Alright.  I’ll be able to get silenced weapons.  Only use them if necessary. We go tonight. Asher will set the signal and Peanut and I will free you

Peanut: What about Karim?

Peanut points over to the unconscious man in the corner

Victor: Leave him here.  I’ll take care of him when they’re all free


Cassius: Put the guns down and let my people go

Cassius shoots the undead Connor starting to stand

Chester: You’re outnumbered, Cas

Cassius: And you’re outgunned.  This baby will spray everywhere.  And I’ll shoot Milo and Katie if you don’t

Katie: Please

Art: Shut up, bitch

Art smacks her across the face

Nate: You’d really kill all of us?

Cassius: Not all of you.  Just all who would stop us.  Judas knew he wouldn’t survive stage 1, so he groomed me to take over.  For months, I’ve learned how to run this shit properly… as Shoshana couldn’t and wouldn’t.   We acted in secret, from all areas of Waterfront and when it was time, all rebels from each outpost came here to begin anew.   Now… you folks from wherever. I will offer you whatever you want if your leader joins us. Just her though

All eyes turn on Jenny. She looks around the room, then down to her feet and picks up her gun and sighing.  She walks up to Cassius’s group

Cassius: Then it’s done.  All of you from wherever… you may leave.  Harrison, fire at that wall

Harrison: You got it, Cas

Harrison spins up the minigun before firing it at the back wall to scare the Apex survivors out of the Waterfront.  Some, including Eddie, Dex and Olivia join Jenny behind Cas. Leo, Lewis and Jack are the only Apex survivors still by the Waterfront survivors.

Dex: Leo… really?

Leo: I’ll stand with these people.  I’ve worked with them. I’ll die with them

Harvey: How sweet.  Can I shoot the faggot first, Cas?

Cassius: Not yet, Harv… not yet.  I want to test her loyalty. Jenny… shoot him.  If you don’t, I’ll kill everyone here. Starting with Milo or Katie.  Then your people

Jenny’s eyes widen with fear.

Roselyn: Now.  Do it now

Jenny: I… I…

Roselyn shoots Katie in the head

Roselyn: Just fucking do it already

Jenny walks up to Leo, who gives her a look of approval

Jenny: I can’t look at him… he’s one of my closest friends I can’t… I can’t look in his eyes

Cassius: >signs< Fine.  Shoot him in the back of the head.  I want to see brain splatter anyway

Byron: A little gruesome there, Cas

Cassius: It’s what I like.  Do it, Jenny. Prove yourself

Jenny breathes in and out slowly before turning off the safety.  She places the gun to the back of Leo’s head and pulls back the hammer.  As she pulls the trigger, she kicks Leo’s knee out, which makes him drop and Jenny instead shoots Roselyn in the head, knocking her to the ground.  Leo grabs his gun and fires at Harrison, hitting him in the leg and causing him to drop the minigun. Chester, Dexter, Eddie, Nate, Vazquez, Barney and others pick up their guns and aim at the rebels.  Cassius, Harvey and Art immediately drop the their guns, but Byron still holds his up

Blake: Put it down, Byron.  It’s over. You definitely lost

Byron: I’ve wasted too much.  I’m not going back into a cell

Ciara: Put it down.  It’s over

Vazquez: You know I will shoot you if you don’t drop it

Phillip: Seriously man.  Put it down

Byron looks at Phillip, Dimitri, Julian and Nate, then darts his eyes over to his right at the other rebels.  He watches as D.J. brandishes a knife from his boot

Byron: Not today.  I won’t

D.J. yells as he stands up and grabs Ciara around the neck, stabbing her in the side and taking the gun, shooting Blake Miller in the chest and firing at the Apex survivors.  Byron fires back, shooting Chester in the shoulder. Phillip is the first to shoot D.J. in the stomach before Dimitri shoots the rebel in the head. Eddie knocks Byron to the ground before Dex executes him with a shot to the head

Eddie: You three, get on your knees

Chester: >wincing< No.  Get them to the others and have four people watch them at all times.  I’m fine, move your fucking hands away from me

He stands up in pain and walks over to Cassius, who has been placed with the other rebels in the corner.  He swiftly kicks Cassius in the gut, who throws up

Chester: Check on Blake and Ciara.  Take them to Richard

Julian: Blake’s dead

Chester stops in place and sighs

Chester: Barney, Vazquez, Nate… come with me.  Jenny and Leo. I want to see you as well

The six of them walk up to Chester’s office, where he fixes himself up

Chester: We have no more cells.  Plans?

Barney: Kill them all…?

Chester: That’s not our way

Barney: It was just a suggestion

Leo: Exile them.  There’s enough of them where they can survive.  We’ll help drive them out of here

Chester: Keep going

Leo: Give them each a days worth of food.  Drive them to the woods and leave them to their own devices

Nate: And what of Emil?  He didn’t fire a single shot

Chester: He’s done.  Let him back in. I won’t lock him up any longer

Vazquez: We don’t have to send all of them out.  Just the dangerous ones. Cassius… Harvey. Who else?

Barney: Art and Harrison.  Nathaniel maybe?

Chester: He’s useful.  Just take those four out and let them suffer.  Barney, you drive with Vazquez and take Art and Harvey

Jenny: I’ll go

Chester: Okay.  Vazquez and Nate, you will take Cassius and Harrison.  Don’t kill them unless you have to. Go now


Night falls and the prisoners in Eli’s cell hear a door open in the cell next to them.  Their voices are muffled, but Jason can make out parts of what they are saying

Jason: He’s telling them it’s time to leave.  I think he’s coming over with them now

Kevin: I can’t wait to get out of here

Basil: Where will we go?

Eli: Back to Apex.  We have to warn them of who’s out here and the danger they pose

Megan: What’s Apex?

Eli: It’s where we’re from.  Big community, many people

Cole: It’s safe.  It’s like it was before the outbreak.  Laundromat, libraries. My nice warm bed.  God I would kill to get back to my bed

Patrizia: Warm beds?

Cole: Pillows, comforters, blankets.  Granted it has been a while since I was last there

Eli: Much has changed.  We lost people, we found communities… took in survivors from the Yard

Peanut, Asher and Victor enter with the other three prisoners.  Basil, Cole and Eli immediately recognize the two other men

Basil: Fish?  Garrett?

Fish: Didn’t think I knew anyone here?  Why are you here?

Eli: Possibly same as you.  Captured by these fucks

Garrett: We were on the road and they stopped us.  Took us hostage. Kept us here for a while

Victor: We don’t have much time, folks.  I found five silenced pistols. Low ammo, so make shots count if need be.  I have three vehicles waiting for us. I’ll drive the first one, just tell me where we’re going

Eli: I’ll help you navigate

Peanut: Let’s get.  Asher, you know what to do

Asher: Right

Victor: We wait for his signal, then we move

Elsewhere, Haynes meets with the members of the Yard

Haynes: Our people have not returned yet

Ryo: I’m sure they’re fine.  If anything, Brooks and Arrowhead would be the ones they’d kill

Alice: What makes you say that?

John: A while ago, we attacked the Apex community.  Our leader’s dying wish was to make peace with them.  If peace talks didn’t go over well, or not even happen at all… well…

AJ: Well what?

Ryo: You know… our guys won’t make it

Pablo: But they wouldn’t kill you?... They wouldn’t right?

Amin: I mean… we did kill some of theirs

Annabelle: I know… we trained to fight.  Daisy actually did after some convincing from Cosmo

Daisy: Shut up.  They don’t need to know that

Vass: You fucked Cosmo?  Nice

Ocean: Nice

Rick: That’s my son you’re talking about

John: He was at least

Rick: >sighs< Yeah.  I’m gonna go for a smoke

Rick walks out of the tent with a cigarette and a lighter.  The soldiers continue their previous conversation

Arthur: If there’s to be a deal between us and them, they have to accept you’re one of us

Haynes: Not exactly

Arthur: What?

Haynes: If they won’t accept you, we won’t accept you.  I’m sorry but that’s how it’s gotta be

Craig: So you’d toss us out?

Haynes: We’d have to.  There’s not a lot of you, but we’d give you a few supplies before you’d leave.  It’s the way of the fucking world. I have to deal with my people, and you are not my people.  Not unless the deal works out in your favor

In Apex, talks continue between the two groups

Ray: I can’t promise anything.  It’s really up to Jenny

Arrowhead: But Jenny trusts you… she trusts all of you

Luka: Don’t talk about who Jenny trusts

Brooks: She let in Will, Izabel and Nils.  If she let you live here, she will be on board with a deal

Tess: We already have a deal with another community

Roscoe: We could be a network.  Combined forces against the dead, watching each other’s backs, trading goods and information, protecting each other from the dead and the living

Ray looks over to the other Apex survivors

Ray: It is what she is doing now with the Waterfront.  That what she said she was going there for… What good is living in a community if you can’t branch out.  America thrived with 50 states by having them all agree on certain policies and working together, especially during times of war.  

He looks back to the others

Ray: We’ll agree to the deal on one condition… No one from the Yard, excluding those who already live here, is allowed to live inside the Apex walls.  They should not step foot inside those gates. We won’t shoot… but we won’t allow entry

Jeff: So it’s done?  The deal is set in stone?

Ray: Ay.  We’re good.  Go tell your leader to meet Jenny in three days time.  She’ll finalize it

Nils: What if she’s not back?

Ray: I’ll finalize it.  Go… it’s late


The survivors sit ready to leave the O’Connor Compound.  Quinn whittles with a knife, Hazel reads a book, Kevin sniffs his armpits and winces away, Ilene snacks on a protein bar.  All of a sudden, a building in the far corner engulfs in flames

Victor: That’s the signal… let’s move

Guards shout as they move in the opposite direction of Victor and the others.  He motions for them to stop by the side of a building as he notices a guard. He’s young, spooked, and aims towards the building.  Victor runs out

Victor: Joshua!  Don’t shoot man, what the fuck’s going on?

Joshua: Someone set a fire out on the other end.  I sent Julia and Copper went to check out the cells to make sure no prisoners got free

Victor: So what are you doing?

Joshua: Watching the edge of the compound.  No one allowed in or out

Victor: Not even to take a piss

Joshua: Not even you, Victor.  I can’t let you out

Victor: That’s too bad… if you just went the other way for a minute or two… you would live

Joshua: What?

Victor takes out his knife and jams it into Joshua’s throat while grabbing the guard’s gun with the other hand.  Joshua’s look of shock and sadness is too much for Victor to look at, so he turns away as the guard drops to the ground.  Victor pulls out the knife but does not stab the guard in the head. He motions for the others. They fail to notice the guard to their left

George: Hey!

George shoots at the the group, but misses every shot as the group runs into the trees.  George uses his walkie

George: Prisoner escape, prisoner escape!  North end of the compound. They’re escaping through the trees

Ned picks up the walkie.  In the room with him are Copper, Dave, Noah and three other guards

Ned: Give chase.  We’ll follow as soon as the fire is out

Another voice comes on the walkie

Julia: We’re tracking now.  Do you want us to fire warning shots?

Ned: No.  Fire at will once you see them but make every shot count

The group makes their way to the vehicles.  Victor tosses a key to Peanut and another to Fish.  Eli gets in the passenger side with Basil, Cole and Kevin in the back.  Ilene, Jason, Megan and Hazel run to ride with Peanut and Garrett, Shania and Patrizia hop to the third vehicle.  Before they can all get into the vehicles, three armed guards, led by Julia, begin opening fire, hitting both Jason and Megan in the sides.  Victor fires on the guards, hitting one in the head before driving out of of the Compound, with the other vehicles following behind. The dead begin to swarm the surrounding area, driven by the light of the fire, the sounds of the gunshots and the dead bodies on the ground.  

Julia: Move back.  Back to the base

Julia leads the other guard back to the compound as Fish looks back behind him, watching her run

Fish: >laughs< Crazy bitch

Eli: What about Asher?  Where is he?

Victor: Who do you think started the fire?

Eli: Did he get out?

Victor: He has an escape, but I don’t know if he truly ever wanted to leave


Chester: What’s done is done.  You scratched our back numerous times.  We’ll always be around to return the favor

Leo: Thank you

Chester: Don’t thank me.  I should thank you. We both might have lost some good people, but we were able to pull through, thanks to your help.  I think we can call this a beautiful friendship

Phillip: We’ll help you rebuild

Milo: You’d do that?

Aaron: We had some of yours back at Apex helping us rebuild.  We can help rebuild broken walls, structures, the prison cells

Chester: I don’t know if we’ll use those again.  We don’t need to rebuild

Sebastián: There must be some way we can help

Jed: Burial.  We need to bury our dead

Scott: We’ll help with that.  We don’t have much by way of shovels but… we can help

Chester: We’ll provide.  There’s a lot of bodies. Ours, yours… the rebels

Lewis: You want us to bury the ones who tried to kill you?

Chester: It’s the humane thing to do.  Milo can help you grab some

Everyone but Matt and Sebastián leave

Matt: Anything a man of my issues can help with?

Chester: Overseeing the burial?  I don’t know, I don’t have experience with one armed men

Matt: I just wanna feel like I have a purpose.  With this injury, I haven’t been much

Chester: Moral support.  They’ll need it. Trust me… we’re burying our friends

Inside the infirmary, Richard works on other injured survivors while Sylvester and Sean wait for Gavin Foxx to wake up

Richard: I might need your help fellas.  He could take a while to wake up

Santiago: Did we win?

Richard: That doesn’t really matter much… but yes.  We did

Elizabeth enlists the help of Train, Olivia, Oliver, Reina, Jackson and others as they patch up survivors.  Stan screams out in pain

Elizabeth: It’s gonna be alright.  This will keep you alive

Train: Need something for him to bite on?

Elizabeth: Yes.  A belt would do best

Train takes off his leather belt and gives it to Elizabeth.  Emil and Dustin sit on the side, watched by Dimitri and Jackson, with the latter still shook by the attack.  They sit near the other survivors of the rebellion

Emil: I told them I didn’t want to do it.  I was done

Dustin: They’ll probably let you go.  Like they did me

Emil: Or three strikes and I’m out.  They could kill me

Dustin: That’s not how they do it

Nathaniel: I still think you should have shot

Sharissa: Talk like that will get you killed.  They’re already all paranoid

Nathaniel: He didn’t shoot.  We did. We’re proving loyalty, even if to the “wrong” cause.  Emil can’t prove that. He turned his back on the Waterfront and then the Rebellion.  He can’t be loyal

Emil puts his head in his hands and looks down, with a few wet tears streaming down his face

Jackson: Alright… maybe it’s time shut you up

He places duct tape around Nathaniel’s mouth

Elsewhere, on the rod out from the compound, mud has trapped the survivors after stalling in the middle of the road.

Quinn: Anything out there?

Peanut: Looks pretty clear

Hazel: They’re gonna leave without us

Peanut honks the horn three times to get Victor to stop

Peanut: We’re stuck in mud.  We need help here!

The other two vehicles stop as everyone exits to help move Peanut’s car.  From the trees come a few biters, some still following from before and others being drawn by Peanut’s horn.  The sound of the tires in the mud drown out the sound of the dead as they slow inch towards the survivors. One trips on a tree branch and splats in the mud right next to Basil.  He notices it and stabs it in the head

Basil: Biters! Don’t let them surround us

In the car, Jason sits with Megan, whose breath is much slower than his.  Her heart rate is down and the sound of the dead being taken out distracts Jason.  

Ilene: Hazel, watch to your left

Hazel ducks as Ilene shoots the biter in the head.  Hazel runs over to the others. From inside the car, Jason watches as Patrizia fights off two more, but fails to notice the one behind her.  Jason screams out her name but is unable to save her from getting bitten on the neck. Her screams draw more as she is swarmed and devoured. Peanut is able to get the vehicle moving and out of the mud, so he honks the horn to get the other back to their vehicles to drive off

Eli: The dead will surround the cars.  We have to leave now!

As Kevin and Quinn run to the cars, Kevin is attacked and grabbed by a biter, which tackles him to the ground with a few more behind him.  Quinn takes aim and shoots the biters as Kevin struggles to keep the one on top of him from gnawing into his face. Suddenly, Cole grabs the biter and throws him into a tree before shooting it in the head.  As he lifts Kevin off the ground, another comes from behind and bites Cole in the back

Cole: Gah!

He turns around and stabs it in the head

Kevin: Cole…

Cole: It’s alright.  Just go. Get out of here

Cole grabs the rifle from the mud and checks the ammo.  He loudly fires at the biters, drawing their attention away from the group escaping.  Kevin calms a worried Basil as Cole screams out and kills the dead. As the three cars drive away, Basil looks as Cole shoots himself and drops to the ground.  The dead swarm him


Evan: Are we getting any closer?

Clove: About half a mile

Jasper: Then?

Clove: You’ll come to a clearing and you’ll find the camp

Jasper: Great.  We can have a chat

Evan: Is it suddenly getting brighter?  Is it morning already?

Jasper: No… that’s a fire

He looks to Clove

Jasper: You said a half mile straight.  Is that fire coming from your camp?

Cast Edit

 Main Cast Edit

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo Henderson

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

David Henrie as Garrett Smith

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

Lee Pace as Lewis Edwards

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Zan McClarnon as Chester Navarro

and Stephen Dillane as General Joseph Haynes

 Also Starring Edit

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham (No Lines)

Camren Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas (Does Not Appear)

Bruce Soord as Julian Watts

Christine Evangelista as Izabel (No Lines)

Jason Earles as Nils

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland (No Lines)

Roger Neal as Nate Demarco

Lucian Msamati as Roscoe Jefferson

Jason Isaacs as Dave O'Connor (No Lines)

Kerr Logan as Noah (No Lines)

with Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis

and Jason Momoa as Nathan (Does Not Appear)

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx (No Lines)

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson

Stanley Tucci as Ray

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson (No Lines)

Nathalie Emmanuel as Kendall Standish (No Lines)

Harry Lloyd as Luka

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Michael Kelly as Jasper Bernard

Tyler Hoechlin as Train

Ron Perlman as Barney Munson

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Ben Howard as Will Knight (No Lines)

Santiago Cirilo as Santiago Montoya (No Lines)

Lindsey Garrett as Ciara Nash

William DuVall as Milo

Lindsey Buckingham as Dr. Richard Harris

Mackenzie Crook as Cassius Killian (Cas)

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead)

Edi Gathegi as Peanut

Rosabell Sellers as Reina (No Lines)

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Mike Colter as Cole

David Mazouz as Kevin

Ross Butler as Ryo Osaka

Pilou Asbæk as Emil

Peter Stormare as Harvey

Devon Bostick as Jed Armitage

Tobias Menzies as Dustin Hammond

Rider Strong as Stan

Finn Jones as SSG. Donald Hawkins (No Lines)

Mark Stanley as Cpl. James Cobalt (No Lines)

Micah Fitzgerald as Corporal Jeff Lever

Riz Ahmed as Amin

Alex Sawyer as John

Alexander Skarsgård as Vass

Aldis Hodge as Benjamin Ocean

Matt Bellamy as Craig Wing

Lucille Sharp as Josephine (No Lines)

William Postlelthwaite as Copper (No Lines)

Kelsey Chow as Clove

Burn Gorman as Art

Lorenzo Lamas as Victor Montrose

B.J. Clinkscales as Nathaniel

Henry Rollins as Harrison

Daniel Zovatto as Quinn Kane

Jacqueline Emerson as Julia Sabre

Kaya Scodelrio as Ilene Wright

 Co-Starring Edit

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd

Kevin Durand as Jack West (No Lines)

Jordan Prentice as Oliver (No Lines)

Richard Dormer as George

Joe Dempsie as Blake Miller

Ellie Kemper as Daisy Montgomery

Sydney Park as Annabelle Wheeler

Alex Lawther as Asher Praedo

Michael Peña as Corporal Pablo Jimenez

Alexander Siddig as Karim Fadil (No Lines)

Matt Lowe as Robert (No Lines)

Julia Telles as Hazel Burns

Crystal Reed as Corporal AJ Morgan

Megan Parkinson as Alice Monroe

Casey Cott as Arthur Monroe

Ania Bukstein as Shania (No Lines)

Clint James as Byron

Lexi Johnson as Roselyn

Novie Edwards as Sharissa

Dexter Darden as Jason Herr

Will Poulter as Joshua

Isabelle Fuhrman as Megan Shorris

Paolo Núñez as Patrizia Torres

Ajiona Alexus as Katie Robertson

Kyle Massey as D.J. Emerson

Noel Fisher as Connor (Zombified)

 Guest Starring Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt (No Lines)

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy

Iain Glen as Ned O'Connor

Deaths Edit


Blake Miller


Katie Robertson


D.J. Emerson


Patrizia Torres

One unnamed Guard

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  • First Appearance of Quinn Kane
  • First Appearance of Julia Sabre
  • First Appearance of Ilene Wright
  • First Appearance of Jason Herr
  • First Appearance of Megan Shorris
  • First Appearance of Patrizia Torres
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Joshua
  • Last Appearance of Cole
  • Last Appearance of Blake Miller
  • Last Appearance of Roselyn
  • Last Appearance of Katie Robertson
  • Last Appearance of Byron
  • Last Appearance of D.J. Emerson
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