This is the eleventh episode of Scatter Season 2, and the penultimate episode of the season

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Logan's past catches up with him. The survivors from Apex find themselves in the middle of another groups's struggle. Kevin and Samuel find survivors

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Emil turns and looks at Cassius with a puzzled look on his face.  His mouth is open slightly as he looks down to David Blair’s corpse, then back at Cassius.  He backhands him on the shoulder

Emil: What the fuck man?  We were only supposed to kill Kevin and Kayleigh

Cassius: No witnesses

Emil: What?

Cassius: Can’t have any witnesses.  He saw us

Emil: He didn’t know us.  He didn’t have to die

Cassius: I made a decision.  Can’t go back now.  Besides, we need to go back and give Ronnie the okay.  Ryan should be all set and will be waiting for us.  Big Kevin will be turning any minute now

The pair put the safety on their guns and walk out of the infirmary.  The infirmary is quiet for a while before Kayleigh raises herself up by grabbing the table in front of her.  Blood trickles down her leg as she limps over to the supply closet to find gauze.  She hears the door on the other side of the room click open and stands in fear.  It is Dr. Harris and Dimitri.  They walk in and looks upon David and Kevin’s dead bodies

Dimitri: What the fuck?

The pair hear Kayleigh struggle to steady herself and knock a bottle of acetaminophen off the shelf and onto the ground.  Harris runs up to her and catches her as she falls.  He places her on one of the beds

Richard: What happened?

Kayleigh: >breathing heavily< Cassius and Emil…. They came in… And they killed.  I overheard that Ryan and Ronnie are with them.

Dimitri: We have to warn everyone

Richard: No.  Right now, I need to help Kayleigh, and I need your help to guard this place.  They might come back.  And they won’t kill me.  You armed?

Dimitri: >breathing heavily< Yeah

Dimitri checks his weapon.  It’s fully loaded.  He stands guard at the door on the side


In the road, Kevin and Samuel Tollett walk with Kevin slightly ahead of Samuel.  They reach a large building. An elementary school known as North Chatham Elementary.  Kevin looks at Samuel and starts to walk towards the building

Samuel: Kevin.  I don’t trust this

Kevin: It’s a building.  A school.  They’ve gotta have supplies in there.  We’re low on food

Samuel: You don’t have to tell me.  We should have just gone back to the Yard

Kevin: Apex won, Sam.  There would little to nothing left if we returned

Samuel: People stayed behind.  Lewis.  Anthony.  Julian.  James.  Adam.  People stayed

Kevin: If you really wanted to go back, why didn’t you?

Samuel: I was scared.  Maybe you were, too.  I’m not a fighter.  I saw Spencer get shot from above and I panicked.  I ran away.  And if Gregory knew that, then I would have not been allowed to stay.  And you ran too.  You’d have no place either

Kevin: >breathes in< Fuck you, Sam

Kevin opens the door to the school and steps inside.  It’s cold; that’s the first thing he notices.  He hears a noise coming from a room down the hall.  Samuel follows him inside.  Kevin walks up to the door where he hears the noise.  It sounds like people talking.  Kevin turns the knob and opens the door.  He looks to his right and sees two tall men sitting on desks.  One is black and the other is white.  They each have adhesives covering marks on their heads.  They stop their conversations and look at Kevin, who stares back.  The black man gets off the desk and looks at Kevin

“What can I do for you, son?”

Kevin: Kevin.  My name’s Kevin.  My companion is Sam

The black man looks back at his friend, who adjusts his seating on the desk.  He turns back to Kevin

“Well, Kevin, my name is Cole.  My friend here is Basil”

Kevin: What happened to your heads?

Cole: He and I were in a car accident coming back from our construction site.  Our driver, she…. She got shot in the head by people who attacked our home and we crashed.  Basil crawled out first and grabbed me, and we limped away

Kevin stares, stunned.  Samuel walks up behind him and looks at the two

Kevin: Where… where was your home?

Basil: A housing complex in Apex.  Word was that some people were not too fond of our folks down at this Target.  Led by a man named Gregory.  Guy sounded like a psycho

Kevin looks to Samuel, who looks back

Samuel: We um… we were part of that group. Part of the attack actually

Cole: You what?

Basil reaches for his gun on the desk

Kevin: Woah

Cole: Calm down, Basil.  Let’s talk this out first

Meanwhile, in Waterfront, Chester heard the gunshots coming from Shoshana’s room.  He runs up the stairs, followed closely by Phillip, Leo and the others.  He reaches her room to find the door open.  Others make their way up the stairs, including Reina and Jackson

Chester: Shoshana!

He runs up to her and swivels her chair around.  He sees she is already dead.  On the ground, the body of Sean begins to move.  It stands up and moves its way towards Chester.  It lunges at him, but is shot in the head.  Chester turns and sees Phillip holding his gun aimed at the dead undead advisor

Leo: What happened?

The group begin to hear shots coming from outside the building.  Chester looks outside and sees a group of people firing guns

Chester: We’re under attack.  Stay here

Chester makes his way down the stairs and begins to walk to the door.  He turns when he hears Cal stepping out from the dark corner of the building


Cal swings a bat at Chester and hits him as Chester blocks his head.  It knocks the latter back.  Cal grins and licks his lips as he knees Chester in the crotch and sits on top of him.  He begins to choke him.  Chester claws at his attacker’s arms and face, but is unable to do anything.  He begins to choke and gasp for air.  Suddenly, Cal is shot three times and loosens his grip.  Chester gasps for air as a hand reaches down to pick him up.  He grabs Leo’s hand and is hoisted up.  He looks to the left and sees Reina, shaking and holding her gun.  She lowers it and begins to put it away

Jackson: Hey

She looks at him

Jackson: Don’t forget the safety

Reina: Thanks

She clicks the safety and puts her gun back in its holster on her waist.  The group prepare to head outside. Out on the guard towers, Paul stands with Chuck.  They have heard the shots but do not know where they came from.  Chuck stands smiling

Paul: What’s going on, Chuck

Chuck: What?

Paul: You’re smiling.  You know what’s happening

Chuck turns and sees Judas leading a group of 15 rebels through the streets.  Chuck pushes his tongue up on his top row of teeth looks left at Paul.  He aims at Paul

Chuck: Sorry, kid

Chuck shoots Paul in the chest as he drops off the platform and onto the ground.  He watches him fall and looks at the group below him that look back at him.  Realizing his mistake, he takes aim at one of them.  Leo. He aims and is instantly shot by Jackson with three shots from his rifle.  Chuck drops from platform as well. Ciara runs to Paul

Ciara: He’s alive

Nathan: I’ll take him to the infirmary.  I remember where it is

Nathan picks up Paul and runs to the infirmary.  Phillip watches him leave and looks at the direction the gunfire is coming from

Phillip: C’mon guys.  We should help


Inside the half built church at about 12:15 am, Rick Conrad stands up and brushes his hands off on his jeans. He rubs his eyes and looks over at the corpse of Logan Schiff.  As he rubs his eyes, images of his actions flash before him.  He still couldn’t believe it.  He imagines what his son’s last moments were.  Screaming for help as he burned alive?  Died of asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation?  How long was he still alive for? Could he have jumped in and saved his son from the burning schoolhouse?.  Tears begin to stream down his face.  He walks out of the building and down the steps into the road.  A figure comes quickly at him from the distance.  It is Lysander.  He jogs up and approaches Rick

Lysander: What’s wrong, Rick?

Rick: What are you doing here?

Lysander: Out for my daily jog.  Too hot during the day, so I go at night.  What’s wrong?

Rick: Oh nothing just… dealing with some things in the church.  Things pertaining to my son

Lysander: Pertaining?

Rick: Dealing with.  Related to

Lysander: Never heard that in my life.  Where did you learn it?

Rick: I was an English teacher.  You knew that

Lysander: Kind of forgot.  Never liked English in High School.  It was all about Cross Country.  And Psychology.  That’s why I became a therapist.  I liked to help with people’s problems.  Speaking of which, if you ever need a friend… I’m here for you, Rick

Rick: Thank you Lysander, but I think what I need is a good night’s sleep

The two part ways and head in opposite direction.  Rick opens his door and steps inside.  In the next house over, Ray walks up from the kitchen to the second floor.  He passes the first room on the right and looks in. He steps onto the carpet and looks at the first photo on the dresser.  He wipes a tear from his eye as he looks at the picture.  It is of him as a foreman with three of his best workers:  Scott Cleary, Ruben Eastview and Warren Smith. The picture next to it is of Warren and his late wife.  He whispers to the pictures

Ray: >whispers< I’m sorry

He turns and walks out of the room and towards his own at the end of the hall.  The door on the left is closed, but he can hear music coming from it.  He knocks before entering

Ray: Scotty, you still up?  What for?

Scott: Music, obviously

Ray: Porcupine Tree again?  Do you listen to anything else?

Scott: Of course.  The Pineapple Thief, Radiohead, Metallica, Alice in Chains.  Diverse rock music.  Only some things I can’t get for the vinyl.  Right now I’ve got Signify in

Ray: Okay well, could you turn it down a bit?  I’m gonna go to bed

He turns and exits the room, shutting the door.  Scott moves towards the vinyl player as the song begins to get quieter.  “Waiting for the day when I will crawl away”.  He sits back on his bed and picks the book off the nightstand.  It’s says Durango Street on the spine.  Inside Jenny’s house, Niklas and Tess still sleep near each other, with the door separating the two.  Jenny sleeps in her own bed with the sheets thrown to the side.  She can not sleep.  She has been fighting with what to do about Niklas and Nils.  Todd and Eli have since left and walked back home.  In Elizabeth’s office, Nils sits up uncomfortably on the table.  He looks at the eyes staring at him

Nils: What happened?

Ruben: Niklas stabbed you.  He wants you dead

Nils: >sighs< I assume it’s because of the torture he dealt with in the Yard.  Am I it?

Izabel: No.  I’m on it as well.  Gregory and Brooks as well.  Alex and Anthony were, too

Nils: And Will?

Will: You guys left me to die.  I’ve been here since.  They take care of me.  And Maine

Lewis: Did you see where he went?

Will: Laundromat.  He said he’d be there doing laundry

Lewis walks out of the office and towards the laundromat.  Aaron and Matt decide to leave as well.  Will follows them out to leave Nils and Izabel alone for a little

Aaron: What’s his issue?

Will: He and Maine have had issues since Maine killed Richard on Lewis’s watch.  He had to report to Gregory.  Name’s Will by the way.  Will Knight.  I’ve been sitting here for a while so I don’t know if we ever met

Aaron: Aaron Meyer.  And this is Matt Graham

Will goes to shake Matt’s hand before realizing it would be impossible.  He starts to sweat and feel embarrassed

Will: Oh geez.  I’m sorry

Matt: It’s quite alright.  I feel a bit awkward myself

Will: How long?

Matt: I really haven’t been keeping track.  Todd cut it off and saved me.  However long he’s been here.  Where’re you staying?

Will: I’m not.  I’ve been sleeping on that fucking bed since I’ve been here

Matt: I’ll find you a place in my house


Judas leads several people through the streets of Waterfront.  He motions to two men, Ivan and Ronnie, who head towards the bell tower.  Ivan, the bigger man, knocks the door down with one swift kick and enters.  Ronnie, carrying an M40A3, rushes up to the clock tower.  Ivan, hearing a noise, sees a man cowering in the corner.  It is Wesley, who works daily in the bell tower.  His hearing has been ruined after years working in the tower.  He runs away from Ivan, but the bigger man grabs hold of him

Wesley: Please. Ivan please

Ivan: Sorry.  No witnesses

Ivan picks Wesley up by his neck and begins to choke with his left hand.  He tightens a fist with his right and savagely beats Wesley’s face in until there is nothing left.  He then drops Wesley’s body to the floor and follows Ronnie to the top of the tower.  The pair looks down onto the street

Ronnie: They look like ants

Ivan: You sure you can pick some off from here?

Ronnie: USMC.  I can hit a saltine from 500 yards if you want me to

Ivan: Why would I want to do that?

Ronnie: Just saying.  I’m good

He aims through the scope and fires a shot before turning back and looking at Ivan

Ronnie: One

Down in the streets, Judas leads the rest of his followers throughout town.  Cassius and Emil have since joined them, bringing the total group in the streets to 15 members.  Several people run in the streets and are fired on, but it is so dark that it is hard to see perfectly.  One man in the front trips on one of the dead bodies.

Judas: Watch yourselves

He looks down at the body one of his followers tripped on.  Charlie, dressed in nothing but a bathrobe

Judas: Sorry Charlie

The group continue to push until they arrive at the cafeteria.  One member kicks the door open and is instantly shot by Stan

Judas: Flank!  Go around.  Cas, Emil; you know where to go

Cas and Emil head north to the bunker with another rebel.  Inside the infirmary, Nathan is allowed in by Dimitri, carrying an injured Paul Daniels

Nathan: He’s been shot

Richard: Put him here

Richard leans over Paul’s unconscious body and checks him.  The bullet did not go through.  To the north, Cas leads the other two to the bunker.  He stands on one side while Emil stands on the other.  He motions for the third rebel to go in.  He kicks the door down and the three enter.  The third rebel is instantly shot several times and a voice is heard from the gunman

“You’re fucking surrounded!  Guns on the ground now!”

Cas looks to Emil, who is frightened

Emil: I’ve never been scared, Cas.  But I am now.  Let’s do it

The pair put their guns on the ground as several soldiers, including Vazquez and Barney, step forward

Barney: Good shooting, Nate

Nate: Thank’s Barney. Take them to Shoshana

Emil: She’s dead

The group looks at him

Emil: It was Judas’s orders.  Kill Shoshana, Kevin, Chester and other opposition until he was in charge

Vazquez: Judas?

Cas: Ryan Hart.  Calls himself Judas now

Nate: Where is he now?

Cas: Café

Nate looks back at the others

Nate: Barney, Vazquez.  Let’s go see Judas. The rest of you take care of these two

The three run off.  They are immediately shot at by Ronnie in the tower.  They fire back, but it is someone in Phillip’s group that kills the man, who falls from the tower to his death.  Meanwhile, in the Yard, Gregory cleans his gun in his trailer.  Rick Conrad stand near him and talks to him.  His words fall on deaf ears, and Gregory continues to clean his gun with no movement towards his lieutenant.  Finally, Gregory speaks

Gregory: I’m sorry Rick, but I do not care right now.  You can tell them that.  I know they’re outside.  Go

Rick walks outside in a huff and looks upon the crowd gathered at Gregory’s trailer.  Only about 20 survivors remain at the Yard

Brooks: Well?

Rick: He didn’t listen to me

The group continues to yell in anger

Rick: Hey hey Hey!  One at a time.  And keep your voices down, biters could be anywhere.  Yes, Adam

Adam: What did you say to him?

Rick: I told him how angry you all were and that we need answers.  

Adam: And what did he do?

Rick: He just… He just kept cleaning his gun.  Jane

Jane: Are we safe?

Rick: We’re still as safe as ever.  We’ve always got guards

Ocean: Are we safe from him?  He’s insane

Rick: He’s not insane.  He’s hurting.  One of his most trusted tried to kill him.  A few days ago, two people he trusted fled.  Before that, he lost several of us at Apex and back here.  And now you wish to leave.  This is hurting him.  He’s a person, just like us.  And he needs our help to keep him sane.  Alrighty.  Now, off to sleep.  We have a big day tomorrow.

The group disperse.  In his trailer, Gregory wipes a few tears, having heard Rick’s speech.  In Apex, Maine sits on a bench staring off into space when Lewis comes up to him

Lewis: Maine…

Maine: Go away

Lewis: Are you gonna stay out here all night?  At least come inside where it’s warm

Maine: I’m fine.  Now go away

Lewis: We need to

Maine: We don’t need to do anything now leave me the hell alone

Lewis: You’ve changed.  You’ve become a real f-.... A real asshole, you know that

Maine: Go ahead.  Go ahead say it.  I know you want to. … Say it!

Lewis: No

Maine: If I was straight you’d say it.  I know you would

Lewis: I wouldn’t say it at all

Maine: Stop trying to be the nice guy everyone loves.  You can’t please everyone.  Now.  Leave me the fuck alone and never speak to me again

Lewis turns and walks away, leaving Maine alone on the bench


Nate’s group meets up with Phillip’s

Nate: Nice shooting there, whoever did it.  Name’s Nate Demarco.  I’m from the Cedar Island outpost

Phillip: Phillip James from Apex

Vazquez: We can do introductions later.  Now we need to get into the café and take care of Judas

The group stack up at the door before kicking it in.  They are surprised to see a pile of dead bodies on the ground and two held with guns to their head

Marla: Nate.  Please tell me you’re not part of the rebellion

Nate: No Marla I’m not.  Did you all take care of them yourself?

Blake: Was not so bad.  There were only 14 of them.  Most of them couldn’t shoot very well

Barney: And Judas?  I mean Ryan

Stan: Already dead.  So much for a rebellion after all. I'll take you to the infirmary, Arnold

Milo comes in with two others holding Ivan

Milo: He was in the bell tower.  Killed Wesley.  He’s part of the rebellion

Leo: It’s over.  They took care of it

Miranda: So what are we gonna do?  

Chester: We thank you for your help.  I know Shoshana’s dead, but I think we can still discuss terms of trade between our 2 communities.  Someone help me with these three?

Sebastián and Leo help Chester and the others take care of Ivan and the two rebels

Chester: We’ll question them tomorrow.  For now, let’s take care of the dead

Meanwhile, in Annie’s house, Todd, Annie and Taylor sit on a couch across from Eli, Dex and Oliver

Oliver: And so he said “How do you think I rang the doorbell?”

The men laugh while the two women groan or roll their eyes

Dex: Oh come on.  That was funny

Taylor: Typical men.  At least he could compensate

Oliver: Dex not pleasing you some nights, Taylor?

Taylor: Dex, I thought you wouldn’t tell!

Dex: No strings attached  you said.  And Oliver’s one of my best friends

Taylor: Ugg

The group hear a clanging

Annie: >sighs< Probably Harper’s cat again.  I’ll shoo it away

Todd: Be careful

Annie: Always am

She walks out the door and heads to the back of the house.  She checks the trash cans and sees Harper’s cat, Bananas.  It wasn’t hers, but the animal made its way into Apex and found Harper.  The two have been pretty much inseparable since.  Except for when Harper sleeps.  At that point, Bananas leaves the house freely to hunt

Annie:  Oh come on you.  Shoo

The cat runs off as Annie sighs and turns around and begins to head back to the front door.  She turns right into an undead Logan, who proceeds to bite into her neck and tear out her vocal chords.  She is able to pull out her knife and with the little bit of strength she has left, she stabs Logan in the head before dropping back onto her house and sliding down the wall, breathing heavily.  She strokes her neck and moves her hand down her shirt, repainting the white with streaks of red.  She finally loses all her strength and dies.  It takes all of twenty seconds, but she soon blinks her eyes and reveals the color has changed to a faded yellow.  Her bloody hand twinges and she forces herself up.  Her breathing is raspy as she heads for the streets.  Across the way, she sees Maine Ryan, sleeping alone on a bench

Credits Edit

Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson (No Lines)

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Otis (Does not Appear)

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill (Does not Appear)

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal (No Lines)

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames

Also Starring: Edit

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham (No Lines)

Carmen Bicondova as Tess (No Lines)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas (No Lines)

Donal Logue as Reuben Eastview

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo (Does not Appear)

Lee Pace as Lewis

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland (Does not Appear)

Jason Earles as Nils

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

with Jason Momoa as Nathan

Stanley Tucci as Ray

Makenzie Leigh as Lottie (No Lines)

Elijah Kelley as Maine Ryan

Ashley Greene as Annie McGovern

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Adam Gontier as Max (No Lines)

Zan McClarnon as Chester Navarro

Ron Perlman as Barney Munson

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Kyle Clements as David Blair (Corpse)

Lindsey Garrett as Ciara Nash

Cillian Murphy as Ryan Hart

William DuVall as Milo

Lindsey Buckingham as Dr. Richard Harris

Mackenzie Crook as Cassius Killian (Cas)

Rosabell Sellers as Reina

Roger Neal as Nate Demarco

Co-Starring Edit

JoAnna Garcia as Taylor Burns

Charlotte Hope as Miranda

Jordan Prentice as Oliver

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson (No Lines)

David Mazouz as Kevin

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead) (No Lines)

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Dave Allen as Rick Conrad

Jason Butler Harner as Logan Schiff

Mike Colter as Cole

Finn Wolfhard as Devin Nelson

Tony Vincent as Lysander

Nik Dodani as Samuel Tollett

Jilian McLendon as Jane Byron

Riz Ahmed as Amin (No Lines)

Corey Brill as Grease (No Lines)

Alexander Skarsgård as Vass (No Lines)

Joe Dempsie as Blake Miller

Jordan Woods-Robinson as Arnold (No Lines)

Briana Venskus as Kayleigh

Brian Durkin as Cal

Rider Strong as Stan

Betsy Randle as Marla

Dean-Charles Chapman as Paul Daniels

Pilou Asbæk as Emil

Tom Hopper as Charlie (No Lines)

Zachary Baharov as Ivan Petrova

Staz Nair as Ronnie

Justice Leak as Wesley

Rupert Vanisttart as Sean

Ralph Ineson as Chuck

Miles Heizer as Adam McGill

Hannah John-Kamen as Unnamed Rebel 1

Tobias Menzies as Unnamed Rebel 2

Joe Armstrong as Unnamed Rebel 3

 Guest Starring: Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy

Deaths Edit

Annie McGovern (Alive)

Logan Schiff (Zombified)

Sean (Zombified)







Unnamed Rebel 3

Several unnamed Rebels

Several unnamed Waterfront Survivors

 Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Nate Demarco
  • First appearance of Ivan Petrova
  • First appearance of Adam McGill
  • First appearance of Unnamed Rebel 1
  • First appearance of Unnamed Rebel 2
  • First (and last) appearance of Wesley
  • First (and last) appearance of Ronnie
  • First (and last) appearance Unnamed Rebel 3
  • Last Appearance of Annie McGovern (Alive)
  • Last Appearance of Logan Schiff
  • Last Appearance of Ryan Hart (Judas)
  • Last Appearance of Cal
  • Last Appearance of Charlie
  • Last Appearance of Chuck
  • Last Appearance of Sean
  • Last Appearance of David Blair (Corpse)
  • This episode marks the return of Basil, Cole, Kevin and Samuel Tollet since Home Invasion
    • The latter two were confirmed to appear, while the former two were kept at unknown since the episode mentioned above
  • Two Main Cast members do not appear in this episode: Nikolaj Coster Waldau (Otis) and Christa Miller (Elizabeth Hill)
  • Two Series Regulars do not appear in this episode: Raúl Arévalo (Octavio Arévalo) and Nathan Sutton (Sean Moreland)
  • The name of this episode comes from the Porcupine Tree song with the same name. This coincides with the rest of the season where every episode's title comes from a song performed by him or one of his bands