This is the tenth episode in Scatter Season 2

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David receives medical attention. The group meets Shoshana. Jenny and Niklas have opposing views

Gravity Eyelids Edit

Inside of a darkened room, a woman sits in a chair facing a large panel of windows.  Her left leg is in the chair with her foot tucked in underneath her right leg.  She wears denim jeans with a belt to hold them up.  Her tee shirt is tucked in and she wears a warm flannel over it.  It is unbuttoned enough so that the first few letters on top can be read.  They read R40.  She has her face in her right hand and her right arm leans against the arm of the chair.  In her left hand she holds a snowglobe.  A small snowman stands inside.  It has a happy little smiley face on it.  A small dot of red paint dripped on a while ago, and if she were to hold it at the right angle, the dot goes right in the middle of the snowman’s head.  She angles it that way, smiles, and swivels her chair around. She faces her desk shakes the snowglobe and places it down on her desk.  She reaches into her desk and pulls out a photo.  The picture is of her and two people.  One is as white as she is.  Her mother.  The man, on the other hand, is Indian.  He has the tilak on his forehead, right in the perfect spot.  She pulls the photo out of the frame and remembers the day it was taken.  She was still a little girl.  Her biological father had left her mother when she was very young.  Her parents never married.  She was a bastard.  Her mother married an Indian man named Rajesh, but she kept her maiden name for her daughter’s sake.  Her mother was Jewish, and she celebrated the Jewish holidays.  Rajesh did not mind.  She went with him to some religious excursions, but always felt like an outcast.  Remembering the past only made her cry.  She remembered the good and the bad days.  She remembered THE day.  She was seventeen at the time.  She had been accepted into Columbia.  She was set to graduate high school.  On her winter break, the family went to visit Rajesh’s family in India.  On the fourth day of their trip, Rajesh did not return with his brother from the market.  They had been killed in a terrorist attack that same morning.  She was devastated.  Her mother was devastated.  But the two of them powered through it.  It was rough, but they did it.  Remembering that, she wipes a tear from her eye.  A knock comes at her door.  She puts the photo away

“Come in”


Chester, Barney and Vazquez walk into the room with Leo Henderson, Phillip James, Sebastián Bernal, Olivia Graham, Jackson Allen, Nathan and Miranda following close behind them. Ciara and Milo stand at the door

Barney: Shoshana.  It’s good to see you this evening

Vazquez: This is Phillip… Nathan… Sebastián, Olivia, Leo, Jackson…  and Miranda.  Everyone.  Mrs. Shoshana Adams.  Leader of the Waterfront Community

Chester: And all outposts

Shoshana: Pleased to meet all of you.  Might I ask why you are here?

Phillip looks to Leo and gives him a little eyebrow raise

Phillip: We are from a community far from here called Apex.  We came across Chester, Barney, Vazquez and Ciara on a run far past our previous runs

Shoshana: Why were you out so far?

Leo: We were… well we were attacked recently by another group.  We were able to fend them off, but some of our buildings were destroyed.  We went looking for more supplies

Shoshana: I see

Jackson: We also…. We also wanna discuss possible terms of trade

Leo looks at him shocked

Shoshana: Trade?  

Jackson: Yes trade.  We can help each other

Shoshana: You said you were just attacked by another group

Olivia: That is right, yes

Chester: A larger group?

Nathan: We’re not entirely certain.  They’re not all dead.  They fled when their leader was shot.  We were able to hold them off though, so…

Shoshana: And I am right to assume you lost people?

Leo: …. Yep. You would be right

Shoshana: So how many do you have left?

Leo: Probably around 40 left.  Give or take

Phillip: When I first arrived there were around 60

Shoshana sits back down in her chair

Shoshana: I… I’m sorry to hear that

Miranda: How many people do you have living here?

Shoshana: Including outposts… we have 238 people here

The others are awestruck.  They could not fathom having that many people in one community

Leo: H… How?

Shoshana: >stands up and walks to the windows< We started out as a shelter for those who wanted to take their chances out on the water.  A little bed and breakfast for folk’s last time on land.  People liked staying here so much, they did not want to leave.  Now, we had our fair share of terrible people.  At our peak, we had 265 people living here.  Some left to find family elsewhere.  Others were killed by invaders and roamers.  But we still survive.  We have outposts, as you have seen, and we station people there too.  Now.  I think I might be able to work some terms of trade with you all.  Let me grab a pen and paper

As she fumbles in her desk, a figure comes running up the stairs to her room.  He knocks on her door

Shoshana: Ah Ryan.  Everyone, this is Ryan Hart.  One of my most trusted advisors.  What can I do for you?

Ryan: Got word from the Cedar Island outpost.  Kevin returned not too long ago.  His leg is broken and Dr. Harris is looking at it now

Shoshana: I’ll be down soon to check on him

Ryan: Oh no, it’s quite alright.  He’s asleep now.  Long ride.  He’ll be up in a few hours.

Shoshana: It’s only 11pm

Phillip: Did you see our men down there?

Ryan: What?  Who are you?

Phillip: Came in last night.  Our guy got injured and we left him in there to be patched up

Ryan: Ah yes.  He’s looking alright.  Doc’s still looking at him.  Name’s Ryan by the way

Ryan reaches out to shake Phillip’s hand.  Phillip shakes Ryan’s hand and introduces the others

Phillip: Phillip.  This is Leo, Sebastián, Miranda, Olivia, Nathan and Jackson

Ryan: Where y’all from?

Leo: Place called Apex.  Came here looking for trade

Ryan: Shoshana okay it?

Shoshana: Just about to deal with the terms of trade

Ciara knocks on her door

Ciara: Shoshana.  Stan is here for you

Shoshana: Ah okay.  If you excuse me.  The trade can wait for now.  Chester, Barney.  Why don’t you show them all around?  They can meet everyone. I have to see Stan about this

Shoshana walks out of the room


Inside the Yard, tensions are getting heated within Brooks’ trailer.  He sits with Lottie, Marcellus and Max

Marcellus: We’ve done all this work for the past few days.  He has sat in his trailer and done nothing

Brooks: He’s still hurting from the losses

Marcellus: And we can’t mourn too?  Grease loved Fig like a brother.  And he’s working tomorrow.  Max… you cried for that boy Jared

Max: James

Marcellus: Whatever.  My point is we need time to mourn.  Or, we need a leader who will allow us the time to mourn.  Are you in, Max?

Max shakes his head

Marcellus: Lottie?

Lottie: No.  Gregory has done a lot for us.  I will not revolt against him

Marcellus looks at Brooks

Brooks: There was a time, not too long ago, where I would have said let’s go for it.  Time to end this prick once and for all.  Time to put an end to Gregory’s reign at the Yard.  I said it once myself.  Do you know who I told that to?

They stare blankly at him

Brooks: Spencer.  Cosmo.  Nils.  Izabel.  People who are dead or no longer with us.  I trusted them to either join me and rebel or to talk me out of it.  Spencer came here soon afterwards and talked me out of it.  So no, Marcellus.  I will not revolt with you

Marcellus sighs

Brooks: However.  If you Gregory were to die.  I would support you.  Any of you.  I’m not saying you should kill him, but, well, he’s older.  Reckless.  If he were to die far down the line and we needed a new leader, I would suggest any of you to take his place.  I trust you all that much.  And with that, I’m gonna kick y’all out.  I’m tired.  It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.  Bodies are cleared and we need to plan


Niklas sits inside a small room at the top of the stairs.  It is completely dark.  He slams the door with his open hands a few times and yells in anger before sitting back down on the low to the ground wooden stool within the room.  He hears a knock at the door.  He tugs on the doorknob

Niklas: Hello?  Who’s there?  Can you let me out?

Otis: I can’t do that Niklas

Niklas: Otis!  My friend!  Why can you not let me out?

Otis: Jenny’s orders.  You’re to be locked up until your punishment is set

Niklas: So why did you come here?

Otis: To let you know that.  I’m not gonna be the only one visiting you by the way.  Goodbye, Niklas

Niklas: Wait!  Otis before you leave.  Is he dead?  Is Nils dead?

Otis: >pauses< Goodbye Niklas

Otis walks away down the stairs and out of Jenny’s house.  He passes Eddie and Jack on the street and waves hello to Lysander on guard duty.  He walks into Elizabeth’s office where Elizabeth works with Lewis and Will Knight to keep Nils alive.  Todd stands nearby with them

Otis: How’s he doing?

Todd: Hanging in there.  Should survive

Otis: Lewis right?  Where’s the other guy you came in with?

Lewis: Oh Julian? He’s meeting with Jenny right now.  Finding a place to sleep

Will: Maine’s with him

Elizabeth: Looks like what’s-his-face

Lewis: Nils

Elizabeth: Nils is going to be alright.  What about Niklas?

Otis: I told him he would be let out when Jenny found out his punishment.  I won’t be his only visitor tonight

Todd: Eli, wanna check up on Jenny with me?

Eli: I don’t see why not

Inside the small room, Niklas hears a knock at the door

Niklas: Who is it?

Ruben: It’s Ruben.  Look kid, I get it.  I know about the list and everything but… he is a part of us now.  You can’t kill him

Niklas: You don’t know what happened

Ruben: You’re right I don’t.  But you’re still here, right?  You’re not dead.  So it couldn’t have been that bad.  Think about that.  I brought you some beef jerky unopened.  It’s the only thing that can fit under the door.  I’ll leave you to it

He slides the jerky under the door and walks back downstairs and out of the house


Chester leads a group through the main area of Waterfront.  Milo and Barney stayed behind and Vazquez has gone home.  Chester leads the others to the guard tower

Chester: This is the guard area.  Up there are two of our finest guards: Arnold and Paul.  They’ve been with us since the beginning.  Not many of us left from the start

Miranda: Who has been here since the start?

Chester: Myself, Shoshana, Barney, Vazquez, Ciara, Arnold, Paul, Ryan, Kevin, Marla and her son Stan.  Maybe a few others.  That’s it

Ciara: Marla and Stand run the kitchens.  Used to run a family business together.  Kevin you’ll like.  He’s about 7 feet tall, but he’s a gentle giant

Jackson: Wait a minute.  I heard kitchen?  Home cooked?

Chester: As best we can get

In the kitchen, Shoshana meets with Marla and Stan

Shoshana: So… this week’s menu.  This couldn’t wait til the morning?

Stan: Sorry Shoshana but… we have a surprise

Marla: I have enough to make meatloaf.  It’s my favorite

Stan: It’s the best thing she makes

Shoshana: This could have waited until morning

Stan: We were just up all night thinking about it and how much we missed it

Marla: I’ll have to thank Brie and the others

Shoshana: Do you want me to get her?

Marla: Oh no, I’ll find her

Marla gets up and leaves the kitchen.  Stan looks down at his fingers and taps on the counter

Stan: So… what’s new?

Shoshana: There’s nothing new going on.  People come people go.  Same as it’s always been

Marla walks up to Brie’s door and knocks on it with the lion head knocker.  She waits a few seconds, maybe 20 max.  The door opens and Brie stands there in a bra and underwear covered up loosely by an unbuttoned dress shirt

Marla: Am I interrupting something?

Brie: What makes you say that?

Marla: Well, that’s Charlie’s shirt

Brie smacks her lips and sighs.  Charlie steps out from the shadows

Marla: Hiya Charlie

Charlie: Hello Ms. Marla

Marla: Enjoying your night?

Charlie: You can tell?

Marla: I’ll uh… I’ll leave you to it then

She turns and walks away while Brie closes the door.  On her way back to the kitchen, she passes Arnold, who gets off guard duty and trades with Chuck

Arnold: What’s the meal plan tomorrow, Marla?

Marla: Looking at squash at the very least

Arnold: Sounds scrumptious

The pair continue walking.  In Ryan’s house, a group of 19 people sit in a circle surrounding Ryan in the middle

Ryan: We all know the drill, right?  In about an hour is when it will go down.  Kevin is all set in the infirmary.  Chuck is on watch.  Cas, you have anything to add?

A man towards the center of the ring steps forward and enters.  He has a short beard and warm jacket on

Cas: We all know the plan.  Ryan will be in Shoshana’s office and I will head to the infirmary.  Emil will join me.  Chuck is on the wall

Cal: What about me, sir?

Ryan: You’re with me.  I need you to guard me.  1 hour everyone.  One hour


It begins to pour.  Marcellus walks up to Gregory’s trailer.  He stands in the rain as it hits his jacket.  He listens to the patter of the rain on his jacket, on the dirt, in the roof of the trailer.  He contemplates what he’s about to do.  He should talk to Gregory.  He raises his fist to knock and breathes in, but holds it there about three seconds before actually knocking and breathing out.  Gregory comes to the door and opens it

Gregory: Marcellus.  What are you doing here?

Gregory looks down at the sound of a click.  He looks down at Marcellus, who holds a gun to Gregory’s chest

Gregory: I see.  Come on in.  We’ll talk first.  Stay dry

Gregory walks over to his bed and sits down.  Marcellus grabs a chair and sits down.  He keeps the gun aimed at Gregory

Gregory: So.  Do you plan on talking, or should I?  Or are you just gonna shoot me?

Marcellus: I hope it doesn’t come to that

Gregory: Are you alone?

Marcellus: Brought it up to Brooks and Lottie.  And Max. They all declined

Gregory: They are very loyal.  I trust them.  All of them.  I trusted you, too.  Why are you here?

Marcellus: You’re going to send us after Apex again aren’t you?

Gregory: The thought crossed my mind, yes

Marcellus: Don’t

Gregory: Is that all?

Marcellus: No.  We need a day of rest.  A day of mourning.  A day to let gravity close our eyes and not have to open them for the rest of the day.  That’s what you’ve been doing this whole time while we toil away

Gregory: You’re right.  I haven’t been doing right by you.  But no one else seems to be complaining.  Grease went back to work today after burying Fig.  Max went back to work after crying over James Walsh.  >sighs< Poor kid.  This world takes good people from us too soon

They sit in silence for seven seconds.  Gregory stands up

Gregory: I’m going to slice up some cheese.  Would you like some? I only have sharp cheddar

Marcellus: I don’t see why not

Marcellus cocks the hammer back to where it was. Gregory goes under the cupboard and pulls out his only cutting board.  He goes to the cooler and grabs the clock of cheese.  He grabs a towel and dries off the knife in the drainer.  He puts the block on the board and begins cutting

Gregory: So if you had it your way, what would we do?

Marcellus: Move.  Pack up and go someplace else.  Somewhere’s gotta be safe.  Not out in the open

Gregory: And you’d be willing to kill me to get that done instead of telling me?  Discussing it with me?

Marcellus: I do what I must

Gregory uses the dull edge of the knife to scrape the cheese off the board and onto a plate.  He hears the hammer being cocked again on Marcellus’s gun and Gregory puts the knife down

Gregory: You’re right.  Sometimes we do what we must

Gregory suddenly swings around as Marcellus fires his gun where his leader once was.  Gregory hits him on the hand with the cutting board, which makes Marcellus drop the gun on the ground.  Gregory hits him again in the head with the board and tosses it aside as Marcellus falls to the ground.  Gregory gets on top of him and begins to strangle Marcellus.  Marcellus tries to fight it off, but pulls out a butterfly knife from his pocket and stabs Gregory in the arm.  Gregory lets go and Marcellus gasps for air.  He gets up and runs out the door. Gregory grabs the gun and is close behind Marcellus.  He jumps on him from the stairway out of the trailer.  The two begin to fight in the mud.  Several punches are thrown.  From the commotion, Grease and Amin are the first outside.  Max, Brooks, Lottie, Arrowhead, Rick Murphy, several others watch Gregory fight Marcellus.  Gregory is able to knock Marcellus to the ground once more, where he lands three punches to his face and begins to choke Marcellus again

Gregory: You said you wanted to close your eyes and not have to open them for another day.  You get your wish.  I’ll be nice.  I’ll extend it for you

Gregory chokes Marcellus until he dies.  Then, he gets off his body and stands up over his victim.  He spits on his corpse

Rick: Gregory.  It’s over

Gregory: No Rick

Gregory shoots Marcellus in the head

Gregory: Now it’s over


Niklas hears a knock at the door

Niklas: Who is it?

Izabel: I… It’s Izabel Niklas.  Do you remember me?

Niklas does not respond

Izabel: Niklas?


Izabel: Niklas?

A large banging comes at the door.  Niklas, enraged pounds as hard as he can to try and break out

Matt: Didn’t think it would work

Aaron: Niklas.  Calm down

Niklas: She’s on the list, Aaron.  She needs to die, too

Aaron: List?

Niklas: Ask Ruben.  He’ll tell you.  Now go

The three leave.  Inside Elizabeth’s office, Ruben leans over Nils body when Matt and Aaron walk in with Izabel

Matt: What is the list?

Ruben: Pardon?

Matt: The list.  Niklas told us to ask you

Ruben: >sighs< It’s a list of people he’s going to kill because of the torture he endured in the camp.  He killed one already.  Alex.  I was with him.  Killed two others and let him take Alex

Lewis: You killed Callum and Liam?  Maine will not be happy about that.  That was his boyfriend

Ruben: We were enemies then.  We aren’t now.  Or at least not trying to kill each other

Izabel: Who else is on the list?

Ruben: >points to Nils< Him.  >points to Izabel< You.  Alex was.  Gregory, Brooks and Anthony

Lewis: Anthony’s already dead.  He turned

Nils begins to stir.  He shambles his way up and yells as he moves.  Ruben holds his gun up

Nils: The fuck is going on?

Izabel rushes him and hugs him.  He groans in pain as she grabs him.  Meanwhile, in the infirmary at Waterfront, Richard Harris is nearly finished with David Blair

Richard: It’s only hyperextended.  Should heal in a week or so.  Be careful with the activities you do

David: Will do, doc.  Am I good to go?

Richard: Not quite.  I’ll need some things from my office

Dimitri: Mind if I tag along?  I’m getting bored standing here

Richard: Medicine bores you?

Dimitri: My legs are getting number the more we stand around

Richard: Fine.  Come along

The two walk out, leaving David with Kayleigh and Kevin

Kevin: Name’s Kevin O’Leary.  I’m from the Cedar Island outpost.  Broke my leg.  Haven’t seen your face around here before.  New?

David: David Blair.  I’m from Apex.  Chester brought my people here. You're pretty big, if you don't mind me saying that

Kevin: >laughs< I'm 6' 11". I get it all the time. It's fine

Kayleigh: You both need rest.  You can talk tomorrow morning.  It’s around midnight, you both need sleep

The clock strikes midnight

Kayleigh: Midnight exactly.  Get rest

The door to the infirmary opens.  Inside her office, Shoshana meets with Sean and Reina, two of her other advisors

Reina: Do you want me to fetch Chester to bring them back?

Shoshana: Yes. Do so right away

Reina steps out

Shoshana: What do you think about this possible trade deal with Apex?

Sean: I think it might work more in their favor than ours.  They have less people, less lands...

Shoshana: But they’re in need.  We can’t turn them away.  It’s not who we are

The downstairs door to Shoshana’s office opens and closes.  Meanwhile, in Jenny’s house, a knock comes at Niklas door.  He is enraged and begins yelling

Niklas: I thought I told you to go away!

Tess: Niklas.  It’s me.  It’s Tess

Niklas drops his anger and begins breathing deeper and thinking rationally

Niklas: T… Tess?

Tess: Yes Niklas.  It is me

Niklas begins to break down in tears.  Tess follows suit

Tess: I know it was about the list.  I know I’ll never know what they did to you.  But you didn’t have to stab Nils

Niklas: I’m sorry.  For everything I’m sorry.  I saw him and I lost it.  

Tess: I know.  I wish I could hug you and tell you it’s okay

Niklas shoves two of his fingers under the door.  Tess lays down onto them.  Her tears are warm on Niklas’ fingers


Ryan: It’s midnight

Cal: I’m ready

Cas: You good Emil?

Emil: Always good

Emil and Cas walk step into the infirmary

Kevin: What can we do for you guys?

Emil pulls out his revolver and shoots Kevin in the heart.  Cas shoots twice at Kayleigh.  It hits her in the leg and she drops.  David turns in fear towards him

David: The fuck?

Cas aims his gun at David, whose eyes widen tremendously.  Cas shoots him in the head.  In Shoshana’s house, Ryan and Cal walk into her room.  Cal steps in and shoots Sean in the chest immediately.  He grabs his heart, grunts and falls to the ground.  Shoshana looks in fear at the two gunman

Shoshana: Ryan?  Why?

Ryan: It’s not Ryan anymore.  It’s Judas now.  I’m your Judas

Shoshana: I trusted you.  You were my closest advisor

Ryan: Hence the Judas

Cal: You gonna do it?

Ryan: Give me a minute

Shoshana: Why?

Ryan: You’re bringing this place into the ground.  It’s been happening for the past two months.  It’s time for a new order.  You, Kevin, Milo, Chester, Barney.  You all need to go

He aims directly at Shoshana’s head and hesitates a bit

Shoshana: You’re no Judas.  At least Judas did what he did for the good of the Jesus and the good of the people.  You’re doing this for you

Ryan: You see right through me Shoshana

He shoots her in the head.  She drops into her chair with blood pooling slowly from the entrance wound in her skull.  At the perfect angle, it lines up with the red dot on the snowglobe

Credits Edit

Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson (Does not Appear)

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Otis

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary (Does not Appear)

Ty Wood as Brooks

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames

Also Starring: Edit

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard (Does not Appear)

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Carmen Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

Donal Logue as Reuben Eastview

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo (Does not Appear)

Lee Pace as Lewis

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland (Does not Appear)

Jason Earles as Nils

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

with Jason Momoa as Nathan

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Zan McClarnon as Chester

Ron Perlman as Barney Munson

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Ben Howard as Will Knight

Kyle Clements as David Blair

Lindsey Garrett as Ciara Nash

Mayim Balik as Shoshana Adams

Cillian Murphy as Ryan Hart

William DuVall as Milo

Lindsey Buckingham as Dr. Richard Harris

Mackenzie Crook as Cassius Killian (Cas)

Roxanne McKee as Brie

Rosabell Sellers as Reina

Co-Starring Edit

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd (No Lines)

Kevin Durand as Jack West (No Lines)

Charlotte Hope as Miranda

Tom Holland as Eli

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead) (No Lines)

DeObia Oparei as Marcellus

Tony Vincent as Lysander (No Lines)

Riz Ahmed as Amin (No Lines)

Corey Brill as Grease (No Lines)

Jordan Woods-Robinson as Arnold

Briana Venskus as Kayleigh

Brian Durkin as Cal

Rider Strong as Stan

Betsy Randle as Marla

Dean-Charles Chapman as Paul Daniels (No Lines)

Pilou Asbæk as Emil

Tom Hopper as Charlie

Rupert Vanisttart as Sean

Kristian Nairn as Kevin O'Leary

Ralph Ineson as Chuck (No Lines)

 Guest Starring: Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy

Deaths Edit


David Blair

Shoshana Adams



 Trivia Edit

  • First Appearance of Ryan Hart
  • First Appearance of Cassius Killian
  • First Appearance of Brie
  • First Appearance of Reina
  • First Appearance of Arnold
  • First Appearance of Cal
  • First Appearance of Marla
  • First Appearance of Stan
  • First Appearance of Paul Daniels
  • First Appearance of Charlie
  • First Appearance of Chuck
  • First Appearance of Emil
  • First (and last) Appearance of Shoshana Adams
  • First (and last) Appearance of Sean
  • First (and last) Appearance of Kevin
  • Last Appearance of Marcellus
  • Last Appearance of David Blair
  • Two Main Cast Members does not appear in this episode: Rachel McAdams (Jenny Hanson) and Samm Levine (Scott Cleary)
  • Three Series Regulars do not appear in this episode: Will Tudor (Dexter Hubbard), Raúl Arévalo (Octavio Arévalo) and Nathan Sutton (Sean Moreland)
  • The name of this episode comes from the Porcupine Tree song with the same name. This coincides with the rest of the season where every episode's title comes from a song performed by him or one of his bands