This is the ninth episode of Scatter Season 2

Synopsis Edit

Fig struggles with existentialism. The scavengers from Apex arrive at a new safe zone. Niklas finds someone from his past.

Arriving Somewhere but not Here Edit

Ciara: Chester, Barney, Vazquez, you can come out now

Leo and the others turn as three figures step out of the shadows.  One Mexican, one American Indian and one Caucasian.  The American Indian speaks first

Chester: Name’s Chester Navarro.  This is Arturo Vazquez and Barney Munson.  You’ve met Ciara already

Leo: Nice to meet you all.  I’m Leo Henderson.  With me is Jackson, Phillip, David, Miranda, Nathan, Dimitri and Sebastián

Vazquez: What happened to your arm?

David looks down at his arm and then back at Vazquez

David: Fucked it up somehow.  I got knocked down when we were swarmed yesterday

Barney looks to Chester then back to the group

Barney: We’ve got a guy back home who can help you out with that.  We’re not far from here

Phillip: And you’re willing to tell us and take us just like that?  You’re very trusting

Barney: You didn’t kill Ciara or us when you had the chance.  Call us too trusting if you want, but we’re willing to give you a shot.  

Chester: You seem well off.  You got a place too?

Nathan: Yeah, we got a place.  Recently we were attacked, so we left to gather supplies and rebuild

Chester: We can help with that.  We just need to stop at one of our outposts and pick up some things and we’ll take you home to Shoshana

Miranda: Shoshana…? She your group’s leader?

Vazquez: Mid-aged Jewish woman.  She runs our place.  Has since the start

Dimitri: We’ve got the same back home.  Maybe… if all goes well with Shoshana, we can call up our leader and discuss terms of trade?

Chester: Sounds like a reasonable idea.  If y’all follow us, we can head on out

Chester leads the large group out of the Train Station.  


In Apex, Lewis and Julian are being led into the gates by Evan and Octavio.  They head towards the laundromat, where Jenny stands talking to Tess

Tess: I’m gonna need more dryer sheets.  Unless you want your clothes all staticy and rough

Jenny: You don’t have to get all snappy with me.  I will get you some more dryer sheets soon.  I swear, I miss texting the most.  I’d get word to Leo right away if I could

The pair hear a knock at the door and turn to see Octavio

Octavio: Jenny… we need you right now

Jenny: What is it?

Octavio: Two more made it to the gates

Jenny: I’ll be back, Tess

She follows Octavio out the door and looks at the two new survivors

Jenny: Let me guess.  You’re both from the Yard too?

Lewis: >confused< How did you know?

Evan: We just had two come in earlier.  Said they turned around on the way back and left their people behind

Jenny: Did you do the same?

Julian: No.  We stayed at the Yard and left

Lewis: We’re pretty sure a friend of ours was killed when he discovered your home.  Left for dead.  So we let the dead into the Yard and left before it got hectic

Jenny: You let the biters attack your own people?

Lewis: If they agreed with the unsanctioned killing of one of their own, they’re not people I want to be seen around.  And I’m certain Gregory called the order


Grease: How are you feeling, bud?

Fig: I’m tired more than anything.  Fucking sucks, dying.  And knowing that no one can fix me

Grease: I’ll get you anything if you need it

Fig: Right now, company would be the best thing for me

Fig holds onto Grease’s shoulder as he looks him straight in the eye

Fig: When I die, it must be you who puts me down.  No one else.  I want it to be you

Grease: Fig, I…

Fig: Please.  Call me Tony.  I want to die as I was born

Grease: Tony.  Why me?

Fig: We’ve been through hell together.  We arrived on the same bus.  We stayed in the same cell block.  We fought through thick and thin.  You know me better than anyone.  Miguelito is dead.  Peanut is dead. Annabelle is dead

Grease: You don’t know that

Fig: She’s not here, Grease.  She’s not here.  She’s most likely dead.  Only a few of us from that prison left. And when I’m gone, it’ll be you, Arrowhead, Amin, Vass, Ocean and a few others.  If someone should put me down, it should be you

Grease: Okay, Tony.  If that’s what you want.  I will put you down when it is time

Grease turns and walks out of Fig’s tent to the crowd formed outside.  He looks to Vass

Grease: He’s weaker

Vass: I saw him get shot.  I thought it went clean through.  That blond fuck got him in the leg and the gut

Ocean: Did he have any wishes?

Grease: When the time comes, he wants me to put him down

Amin: Why you?

Grease: We’ve been friends for a very long time.  Since we set foot in that prison.  Right now he’s gonna rest. In about an hour, I’ll go check on him.  I’ll stay there until he passes, and then I’ll do it.  I’m gonna go relieve myself by that tree now

Amin: I’ll hang outside the tent

Vass and Ocean walk into the larger section of the Yard while Grease relieves himself.  The pair walk past a burning pile of corpses.  Lottie drags one more into the pile.  Brooks assists her in tossing it in.  Vass gets a quick glance and notices the body is of James Walsh.  Vass taps Ocean on the shoulder and the pair head to see Max.  Brooks brushes off his hands

Brooks: I didn’t see Lewis or Julian in the pile

Lottie: Must have escaped

Brooks: Along with the other five you think?

Lottie: I don’t know.  They probably didn’t escape together

The pair walk over to a bench and sit down across from each other

Brooks: I don’t know if you’ll remember, but did Emily ever say anything good or bad about me when we were younger?  Before all of this happened?

Lottie: Not to my knowledge, no.  Why?

Brooks: Liam knew this, and I think I told Spencer as well.  I loved Emily.  From when we grew up, throughout high school and even some lonely nights in college, I thought of her

Lottie: You never told her?

Brooks: I always wanted to… but one night, after graduation but before I went to Bates, there was that huge party at David Richardson’s house.  At some point, Emily and I ended up together in David’s sister’s bed.  I don’t remember everything, but I know we fucked.  It was… magnificent.  And when I went to say something to her, we were suddenly kicked out by David’s sister, and we decided to not speak of it again.  Sure I had some fun times in college and after.  But when I saw Emily with a new boyfriend each break, I knew the chance I had was over.

Lottie: So why are you telling me this?

Brooks: Because… thinking about Spencer and Liam and Emily.  Everyone we lost.  Even David and his loud sister.  Thinking about them makes me want to remember the good times.  Not the bad.

Lottie: And you should

Brooks: But then I think about Emily.  And I wonder, what do you think when you think about Spencer?

Lottie: I… I don’t know.  I feel very sad but, at the same time, I understand sometimes things like this happens.  Death happens, and all we can do is remember Spencer and Emily and Liam for who they were

Brooks: I miss them so… much

Lottie I know


Ray stands in front of the half built church at the edge of Apex’s walls.  He looks at the blueprints drawn up and back at the church

Sylvester: How do you want us to go about building this?

Ray: Carefully.  I want you and Devin to work with Gavin and Sean on this section right here

He points at a part of the blueprints and then turns to Scott, Ruben, Train and Santiago

Ray: And I will help you with this section.  Let’s get to work

Sean and Gavin grab boards from the first truck while Devin grabs the sawhorse and brings it over to his father.  Scott and Ruben look at the building while Santiago grabs a ladder and steadies it.  He begins to climb to the top with a board, some nails and a hammer

Scott: So you think we’ll be able to pull this off?

Ruben: We built the walls, didn’t we?

Scott: Yeah, but that was just several pieces of metal held up by more metal and wood.  This is an actual building

Ruben: Ray was a foreman before this.  He’s got this

Scott: Yes, but he wasn’t an architect.  Where did he get the blueprints

Ruben: Why would I know that?

Scott: How can we trust the prints?

Ruben: Have faith, Scotty-boy, have faith

The two look up when they hear a yell and some clattering.  They see Santiago lose the ladder and his boards and he grabs onto the side of the church when the ladder falls to the ground.  He has very little to grab onto, and starts slipping.  Ruben and Scott run underneath him while Gavin and Sean grab the ladder

Gavin: Santi!  We’re coming to help you

Sean backs up the ladder to right underneath Santiago’s feet and holds it steady.  Santiago puts one foot onto the ladder, then the second, but lets go of the building too early and slips off the ladder.  He hangs onto it as it as Gavin and Sean back the ladder up slowly at an angle

Sean: Just hang on!  We’ll get you down quickly

Sean and Gavin slide the ladder down slowly before Santi is able to let go once his feet touch ground

Santiago: Thank you guys.  Didn’t know construction crew could be that dangerous.  Let’s get going again

Gavin: You sure?

Santiago: I’m all hyped up now.  Let’s work

The group gets back.  Todd walks back from the window to his couch.  Annie sits on the other end

Annie: What happened?

Todd: Some commotion at the new church.  It seems alright now


On the road towards the Waterfront, the cars stop at an intersection and take a left turn.  They drive down the road a ways before stopping at a gated building with a large center tower

Chester: We need to stop at an outpost and refuel quickly.  It won’t take long

Chester, Barney, Vazquez and Ciara step out.  Phillip starts to slide out before Leo grabs his arm

Leo: Be careful

Phillip: If it’s a trap, I’ll still be standing

Phillip looks up at the tower.  A rainbow appears around it.  He follows Chester and the others.  Jackson, David and Miranda step out with him.  Chester walks up to the door and takes out a key.  He unlocks the door and walks inside

Chester: Jared!  Milo!  It’s Chester!  We’re on our way back and need supplies

The group watch two figures, guns raised, step out from the shadows

Vazquez: Really guys?  He said it was him

Milo: Who are the other people?

Chester looks behind him at Phillip and the others

Chester: Survivors we met on the way.  They’re from another community.  Maybe Shoshana wants to set a trade deal

Jared: Are they trustworthy?

Jackson: We are.  Believe me, we are

Jared: Why’d you come out this way?

Phillip: We were attacked by another group.  Fought them off, but they burned a building of ours.  So our leader sent us to scavenge supplies farther than we’ve searched before

Ciara: I found them in a train station.  One of them’s injured and we need to refuel before we can bring him to Harris

Milo lowers his gun

Milo: I’ll fill you all up.  I’m supposed to head back anyway and give my report to Shoshana.  I’ll ride with you. Jared, you have the base

He heads outside with the others and fills them up.  Once all set, the vehicles drive off, headed for the Waterfront


Inside Eli’s house, he and Oliver talk to their new housemates over sandwiches

Eli: So… what exactly was the Yard like?

Nils: Tough.  At least on the lower people.  

Izabel: Nils and I were lieutenants.  We had trailers we lived in.  Certain benefits

Oliver: How’d you get that lucky?

Izabel: We started out early enough with him when it was a small group outside the city.  Within three days it was overrun, and Gregory led a group out of the city.  He then became our leader.  He freed a group of prisoners within a week and we settled at the Yard

Eli: What did you do at the Yard?

Nils: We were lieutenants.  We worked in the milita.  We were his soldiers.  We went to the Target.  To the Mall.  To here, several times over.

He breathes in and out slowly

Nils: He’ll be back.  Soon, I know it

Eli: Tell Jenny then.  We’ll get ready

Eli stands up and moves to the door.  Nils gets off the couch and holds his hand out to Izabel.  She takes it and stands up.  The pair walk out the door and Oliver follows, shutting and locking it.  The four head to Jenny’s house.  From across the street, Niklas looks at the four.  He focuses on Nils and Izabel.  He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the list of names on it.  







Only Alex’s name is crossed off.  He takes out a pen and looks at the paper.  He underlines Nils’ name and heads to follow them.  He watches the four walk into Jenny’s house, who invites them to sit down.   Nils and Izabel stop when they see Lewis and Julian

Lewis: You too?  Everyone’s leaving.  Why?

Nils: Gregory killed August in cold blood

Izabel: Couple others, too.  You?

Lewis: He ordered Maine to be killed.  Anthony turned and attacked the Yard.  In the confusion, we left

Jenny: What can I do for you all?

Eli looks to Nils

Nils: I have reason to believe Gregory will return.  Very soon.  He wants this place badly.  He’ll be back soon. You need to get ready

Jenny: I see.  Well, we have some folks out on a run.  We’re out numbered

Izabel: You have us now, too.  We know how to shoot.  We’ll protect this place.  We know how he operates

Jenny motions for them to sit.  They hear a knock and Nils opens the door.  He stands with a shocked face

Nils: Ni… Niklas?

Niklas: Surprise!

Niklas takes out a knife and stabs Nils in the gut before pulling it out.  Izabel screams, Lewis shuffles away. Niklas runs off and Eli chases after him.  He tackles him to the ground as Niklas screams and Izabel and Oliver help Nils

Niklas: Let go of me!  Let me go!  You don’t know them!

The commotion draws stragglers.  Ruben and Ray walk up from the church, followed by the other workers. Annie, Jack and Eddie watch from a distance before moving closer.  Aaron and Matt stand up on the porch of Otis’ house.  Otis walks outside

Otis: Holy shit

Niklas: Fucking let him die!  Let him die!

Jenny: >whispers< Oliver.  Take him to Elizabeth

Oliver: Right

Oliver and Izabel struggle to carry Nils to Elizabeth.  Lewis runs over to help the two.  Ruben walks up with Sean to Eli and Niklas

Jenny: Ruben, Sean, Eli.  Take him into my house.  Put him in the room at the top of the stairs on the left

Sean: You want me to stand guard?

Jenny: Sure

Ruben and Eli pick Niklas up and walk him into Jenny’s house.  He calls out to Jenny as he is led in

Niklas: Jenny!  They’re evil!  They can’t be trusted!

His voice trails off as he is led inside the house.  Inside Elizabeth’s office, Nils is brought inside and placed on the table.  Izabel and Lewis look at the other two inside.  Miane and Will look back.  Maine stands up and hugs Lewis, who looks shocked

Lewis: We thought you died when you didn’t return.  Julian and I left the Yard

Maine: Brooks shot me when we arrived here.  I was nursed back to health by Elizabeth.  Will got fucked too, but he’s feeling better

Will: With each passing day

Maine: What happened here?

Lewis: One of them, I don’t know his name, was not happy with Nils and Izabel being here.  He was stabbed

Elizabeth: You there…

Lewis: Lewis

Elizabeth: Lewis.  Can you give me a hand here?  I need some help to save your friend

Matt knocks on the door.  He, Aaron and Eddie walk in

Matt: How can we help?

Elizabeth: Matt, grab me gauze.  Aaron, I need some more light

Aaron: Right

Elizabeth: Eddie, crowd control

He walks to the door

Eddie: Everything’s gonna be alright

Otis: Who is that?

Eddie: Someone new, I don’t know.  I’ve never seen him

Dex: What happened?

Eddie: I don’t know.  I’m sorry

Jenny walks up to the crowd

Jenny: Everyone please, go back to your homes.  

Jack: Who is that, Jenny?

Jenny: He’s new and he’s from the Yard.  I will talk to you all tomorrow.  For now, please go home.  It will be getting dark soon


Back at the Yard, Grease pulls a knife out of Fig’s head.  He has finally passed.  He wipes it off on his jeans leg and drags Fig’s body out into the edge of the camp.  He walks backwards until he reaches the hole that was dug for his friend.  He lowers him into the ground and pulls out a half full carton of cigarettes from his pocket.  He pulls oune out and lights it before placing the rest onto Fig’s chest.  He begins to bury him.  After the third pile of dirt is put on, he hears a rough sound.  He turns to see Amin behind him, with a shovel in the dirt.  He nods and helps Grease bury their fallen friend.  Meanwhile, Chester stops the car and shakes Sebastián in the passenger seat, who has fallen asleep

Sebastián: What?  What time is it?

Chester: Around 8 o’clock

Phillip: We here?

Chester: Yes.  Welcome to the Waterfront

Barney steps out of the back seat

Barney: Cal!  You on guard?  Or is it Blake?

Blake: It’s Blake.  You back already Barney?

Barney: We found some people.  They’re here to meet Shoshana.  One’s hurt and needs to see Dr. Harris

Blake opens the gate as the three vehicles drive in, led by Doug’s truck, driven by Chester.

Chester: Philip, I’ll take your car to the lot.  Milo will take his.  Tell your man to follow me

Phillip steps out with Sebastián, Barney and Vazquez.  He walks up to Leo’s van

Phillip: Leo, follow Chester to the lot.  Everyone else can get out

Leo: You heard him.  I’ll meet you later

Olivia, Miranda, Nathan, David, Jackson and Dimitri step out.  Leo follows Chester and Milo and Ciara follow him

Vazquez: Thank you Blake

The group, led by Barney, walk into the infirmary.  They are see two figures facing away

Barney: Dr. Harris!  Kayleigh!  We have an injured man here from another community.  He could use your help

Dr. Harris turns around

Richard:  What’s your name?

David: David Blair

Richard: David, come sit down over here.  I’ll fix you up.  I’m Dr. Richard Harris, the Waterfront’s primary doctor

Phillip: Phillip James.  This is Dimitri, Olivia, Jackson, Sebastián, Nathan and Miranda.  Leo, our group’s leader, is with Chester bringing the vehicles to the lot

Richard: Nice to meet you all.  This is Kayleigh, my assistant

Kayleigh: Nice to meet you all

Richard: What happened

David: Fell on my arm awkwardly when we got attacked by biters

Richard: By what?

Phillip: The dead.  That’s what we call them.  You know, they bite.  What do you call them?

Richard: The dead.  Dead ones.  Undead.  Never heard biters

Vazquez: Where’s Shoshana?  They’re here to see her

Kayleigh: She’s probably in her office.

Barney: Are you ready to meet her?

Phillip: I am.  You all ready?

Dimitri: I’ll stay with David

Phillip: Okay.  Sebastián, Nathan, Miranda, Olivia, Jackson.  With me

The group, led by Barney and Vazquez exit the infirmary to Shoshana’s room.  They are met by Leo, Chester, Ciara and Milo.  Back in Apex, Rick tucks Piper in for the night

Piper: I love you daddy

Rick: I love you too, sweetie

As he turns the light out, he sees a figure in the dark walk to the church.  He flicks the light off.  In front of the church, Logan gets down on his knees at the door

Logan: God.  I know we don’t talk much.  I need some help.  I haven’t been able to properly deal with this.  I’m torn.  I can’t sleep at night.  I let those two boys die because I was afraid.  I saved myself and now they’re dead.  I need your help.  Help me.  Please

Tears stream down his face as he kneels down.  He drops his face to the ground and drool hits the top of the steps.  He sniffles as he looks up

Logan: I know you’ll send some way to help me.  Help me through letting those boys die

Rick: What?

Logan stands up, turns around and sees Rick Conrad behind him

Rick: You let my son die?  My son, and that other boy?

Logan: Uh… I… I

Rick: You said you did everything you could to help

Logan: …

Rick: You son of a bitch!

Rick punches Logan in the face.  Logan drops and falls on his back.  Rick picks him up and punches him again.  Logan opens the door and falls inside, causing Rick to lose his balance.  Logan lands a couple punches before being grabbed again by Rick.  Rick wraps his hands around Logan’s throat and begins to choke him while Logan claws at him

Logan: … Ack… Ugh…

Rick chokes Logan until he stops struggling.  He leans back up and stands.  He breathes heavily and contemplates what he did

Credits Edit

Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Otis

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames (Does Not Appear)

Also Starring: Edit

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Carmen Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

Donal Logue as Reuben Eastview

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo

Lee Pace as Lewis

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Jason Earles as Nils

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

with Jason Momoa as Nathan

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx

Stanley Tucci as Ray

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson

Makenzie Leigh as Lottie

Elijah Kelley as Maine Ryan

Ashley Greene as Annie McGovern

Bruce Soord as Julian

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis

Tyler Hoechlin as Train (No Lines)

Zan McClarnon as Chester

Ron Perlman as Barney Munson

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Daniel Kaluuya as Tony King (Fig)

Ben Howard as Will Knight

Kyle Clements as David Blair

Santiago Cirilo as Santiago Montoya

Lindsey Garrett as Ciara Nash

Michael Zegen as Jared

William DuVall as Milo

Lindsey Buckingham as Dr. Richard Harris


Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd

Kevin Durand as Jack West

Charlotte Hope as Miranda

Jordan Prentice as Oliver

Tom Holland as Eli

Dave Allen as Rick Conrad

Sadie Sink as Piper Conrad

Jason Butler Harner as Logan Schiff

Finn Wolfhard as Devin Nelson (No Lines)

Riz Ahmed as Amin

Corey Brill as Grease

Alexander Skarsgård as Vass

Aldis Hodge as Benjamin Ocean

Joe Dempsie as Blake Miller

Briana Venskus as Kayleigh

 Guest Starring: Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy (Does Not Appear)

Deaths Edit


Logan Schiff (Alive)

Trivia Edit

  • First Appearance of Milo
  • First Appearance of Jared
  • First Appearance of Dr. Richard Harris
  • First Appearance of Vass
  • First Appearance of Benjamin Ocean
  • First Appearance of Blake Miller
  • First Appearance of Kayleigh
  • First Appearance of The Waterfront
  • Last Appearance of Fig
  • Last Appearance of Logan Schiff (Alive)
  • Two Main Cast Members do not appear: Michael Madsen (Gregory Ames) and Quentin Tarantino (Rick Murphy)
  • The name of this episode comes from the Porcupine Tree song with the same name. This coincides with the rest of the season where every episode's title comes from a song performed by him or one of his bands