This is the seventh episode of Scatter Season 2, and the mid-season premiere

Synopsis Edit

Max and the others discuss survival. Gregory and Rick cling to life. Jenny holds a meeting. The sky becomes dark

It Will Rain for a Million Years Edit

Max stands inside the building looking out into a sea of faces.  It’s dark inside, and he can only make out the faces through the light coming through bullet holes in the wall.  The man who saved him looks even younger in the dark.  He’s somewhere around 20 and wears a button down shirt as a jacket over a blank, green tee.  He looks at Max, then turns and sits down against the wall and coughs.  Max looks at the woman.  She has long, dark hair tied into one ponytail.  She wears a dark tee shirt, but Max cannot make out what it says on it.  The woman, who must be under 30, walks over to the kid on the ground.  He has a dark liquid pooling in his button down.  As she removes the shirt, he grimaces and grunts in pain.  Max knows instantly what has happened.  The woman exposes the kid’s shoulder and reveals a bite.  Max walks up to the kid and hears the sound of a gun click.  He turns around and sees another man holding a gun aimed directly at the kid

Max: Easy, Grease.  Don’t fire that in here

Grease: You see it too, Max?  The kid’s bit.  I don’t have to explain what happens

Max: If you fire that, you bring the dead on us

Max turns around and walks up to the kid and the woman as Grease puts the gun away

Max: I want to thank you for grabbing me back there uh…

Jane: Jane Byron.  And it’s no problem

Max: I have some medical training if you want to rest.  I can help him

Jane: Anything you need?

Max: Pillows and a blanket first

Jane leaves to try and find pillows and a blanket while Max turns to the kid

Max: What’s your name, kid?

James: James Walsh.  It fuckin’ hurts, man

Max: I know.  It’s gonna hurt for a while

James reaches for and grabs Max’s hand.  He squeezes it tight

James: Don’t let them put me down now.  I don’t wanna die yet

Max: They won’t

James: No. Please.  Don’t leave my side.  I wanna…. I need someone here

Max looks up at an angle for a second then nods the affirmative as Jane walks up with a pillow and a blanket

Max: Thank you

Jane: No problem

Max: I won’t leave your side, kid.  Anything you need, someone will get for you

James: Can I get some water?

Max: >nods< Amin, can you get some water?

Amin: I’ll see what I can find

James backs down so he lays at an angle on the pillows against the wall.  Max pulls over a crate and sits on top of it.  James begins to tear up as he thinks of his mother.  Elsewhere, on the road back to the Yard, Brooks speeds back to the Yard.  Lottie, in the middle seat, uses what little first aid supplies they have to try and fix both Gregory and Rick

Lottie: You’re lucky the bullet went through

Gregory: Did you stop the bleeding?

Lottie: I’m… 95 percent certain I did

Gregory:  Okay then good enough.  Help Rick

Lottie: But

Gregory: Help…  Rick

Lottie leans back and begins to help Rick.  He took one bullet in the leg, far from his femoral artery, but still uncomfortable.  He breathes steadily at the behest of Lottie and rolls up his pant leg.   She begins to work on him.  In the Chevrolet behind them, Izabel and Nils ride with Fig and two others.  Fig has his shoulder wrapped in gauze.  The three in the back stare out the window or are asleep.  Izabel looks to Nils

Nils: I know.  I saw it, too.  You didn’t imagine it

Izabel: How… how could he have done that?

Nils: He wanted to win so bad.  No matter the cost.  He’s got at least thirty more back at the Yard.  He’ll probably make a second attack soon

Izabel: I… I can’t believe it.  They fought for him to just do that.  To get killed by the man he swore to fight for.  It’s… barbaric

Nils: Untrustworthy

Izabel: I don’t want him to take us back there

Nils: What choice do we have?

Izabel: We don’t have to go back

Nils: How would we do that?

Izabel: You pull over, get the truck behind us to stop and take these three.  We leave the Yard behind

Nils thinks about it before getting on the brakes and hazards.  He pulls over.  The truck behind him pulls over

Arrowhead: What’s the matter?

Nils: Gotta take a leak.  Can you take the three in the back with you so they’re not late?

Arrowhead nods and motions to the back.  Fig and the other two hop in the back of the truck.  Arrowhead drives off.  Nils waits til they are out of sight before getting back in the car with Izabel, turning around and driving back.  


In the woods, Lewis walks with Julian.  Lewis has a sniper rifle on his back, a pistol on his side and a shotgun in his hands while Julian carries a small bag of guns on his back with a map in his hands

Julian: Okay… when we see the road, we turn left to take it for a mile or so

Lewis: We don’t want to take the road

Julian: Well, that’s what the map says.  We passed the Target long ago, there’s nowhere to stop, no way else to make it without taking the road a bit.  I get it, Lewis, what if Gregory sees us? What if he’s dead, too?  There’s nothing to fear

Lewis: We released the dead into his camp, stole supplies and fled for the home of his enemies.  There’s a lot to fear

Julian: Don’t think of it like that

Lewis: It’s the only way I can think right now

Julian stops

Julian: What’s wrong?

Lewis: I can’t… I can’t help but think about releasing Anthony.  I was… so angry with him that he would hide shit like that.  From us.  His friends

Julian: He was scared.  If I was him, I’d probably do the same

Lewis: I… I just can’t help but think who we hurt back there.  What if Max didn’t get out alright?

Julian: He decided to stay behind.  We told him what would happen

Lewis: I should have put Anthony down.  I shouldn’t have let him hurt anyone

Julian does not respond.  He agrees with Lewis.  The pair continue walking towards Apex.  Hopefully they’ll make it by nightfall.  They make it to the road and stop. About eight walkers block their path.  The pair put down their extra weight and take out melee weapons.  Lewis holds a machete while Julian holds onto a Ka-bar knife.  The pair move to the closest two walkers and take them down before backing up.  The other six move closer to them.  Lewis takes out the closest to him and Julian takes out the one behind him.  They back up and do it again.  This leaves two more.  As they back up some more, one grabs hold of Julian’s shoulder and moves closer.  Julian yells as he turns and struggles to keep this one at bay as the another one comes closer to him.   He drops his knife.  Lewis takes out the one near him and runs up to Julian.  As he runs, he swings his arm, scalping the second to last walker before finally making his way to Julian

Lewis: Duck!

Lewis swings as Julian ducks as far low as he can.  It hits the walker in the head.  Julian frees himself as Lewis takes out a rag and wipes the machete clean of all the blood.  Julian picks up his knife and nods thank you to Lewis.  They walk on


Todd knocks on Jenny’s door.  She opens it with Dex and Olivia behind her

Todd: We lost Owen, Jenny.  Elizabeth sent me to tell you

Jenny: Shit.  

Jenny looks down and thinks a moment

Jenny: Get everyone who isn’t in need of medical attention down here

Todd: Elizabeth needs help though

Jenny: This won’t take long

Todd walks away.  Inside Elizabeth’s office it is a scene of chaos.  Elizabeth works on Will Knight while Luka is still unconscious from the burns.  Eli sits near him and Jasper, gun still trained on Peanut, who has been patched up

Eli: You son of a bitch.  If he dies, so do you

Jasper: Calm down, Eli.  It won’t come to that

Eli: I might just kill him anyway though

Peanut: If you would let me explain first

Eli: Zip it

Todd walks in and asks if anyone can join him to go to Jenny’s meeting.  Many people walk up and leave.  Elizabeth and Eli stay behind to work with the injured.  The others make their way to Jenny’s house.  When they arrive, they find Jenny talking with Matt, Sebastián, Octavio and Evan

Sebastián: We were out there so long looking for Evan.  We found Matt

Octavio: He told us we’d be welcome here

Jenny: It was prettier before

Todd: Jenny.  We’re all here.  Why did you want us?

Jenny invites everyone to find a spot in the room.  Todd and Annie take a spot on the couch next to Dex.  In the back, Eddie rocks in the rocking chair.  Olivia and Miranda take a seat on the piano bench.  Oliver stands in the doorway in front of Otis. Niklas stands next to Tess by the piano. Sean and Gavin stand with their arms folded near the window with Sylvester and Devin. A knock comes at the door.  Santiago opens it and Leo, Ruben and Ray walk in

Jenny: Anything?

Ray: Basil and Cole disappeared.  Bailey is dead

Ruben: Why’d you call us here, Jenny?

Jenny: With the burnt out schoolhouse, part of the wall crumbled, everything that happened.  I’d hate to send people out immediately after an attack, but we need more supplies.  Rebuild buildings.  Fix up the wall.  

Niklas: We’ve picked everything clean nearby

Jenny: That’s the thing.  I need people to go farther than we’ve ever gone.  You’re gonna take the U-Haul at least.   Any large vehicles you can take along the way, do so.

Dex: We’ve already set a good area to check on a map

Jenny: Dex is right.  Who will go?  I need maybe, 8 to 10

The room stays silent before a figure leans off the wall

Phillip: I’ll go.  This is our home.  We need to take care of it

Leo: I’ll go as well

Dimitri: I don’t see myself doing anything else here.  I’ll go

Jenny: Anyone else?  Raise your hands so I can get a count please

Four more hands go up: Nathan, Miranda, Doug Santos and Olivia Graham

David: I don’t see why not

David raises his hand.  Another male hand goes up.  He wears a green shirt and has red hair.  His left shoulder is raised under his shirt because of an excess of gauze around a bullet wound he received that same day

Jackson: I’ll go

Jenny: Thank you, Jackson.  Anyone else?

No one stirs.  Out of the corner of Jenny’s eye, she sees the man next to Matt raise his hand.  She turns to him as he speaks

Sebastián: I’ll go

Evan: Bass!  The hell, man?  We just got here

Sebastián: I can stand to be outside the walls again.  I’ll go, Jenny

Jenny: I forgot to introduce you.  Everyone, this is Sebastián, Octavio and Evan.  Matt brought them here.  Thank you everyone for coming to the meeting.  You’re free to go.  

Jasper: Hold on, Jenny.  That’s it?  What about the people we lost?  What of the fields on fire, probably still burning now?  What are we gonna do about the crops we lost?

Jenny: We’ll figure it out.  Right now we need to rebuild

Jasper: And we need food, too.  And we won’t be getting it anymore since our crops our dead

Jenny: Then we’ll find goods on the journey.  It’s how we sufficed before our crops came in.  We’ll discuss it later.  You’re all free to go

The group disperses.  Oliver is the first to open the door and looks at the sky.  Dark clouds have arrived overhead, and it begins to pour.  He runs back to his house to avoid the rain.  Todd and Phillip walk up to Matt and the others

Phillip: Matt?  You… You’re alive

Matt: Why wouldn’t I be?

Todd: Gregory told us you died

Matt: He killed Bentley.  The other guy missed me and I escaped

He looks back at Todd, depressed

Matt: Who did we lose from the journey?

Todd: Tim West.  Tracy. Fish and Garrett left

Matt: Left?

Eddie: I was with them.  Fish went mad when Tim died.  Garrett stayed with him to help see it out

Matt: Shit

Matt looks down

Matt: Lindsay.  She didn’t make it.  Did either of you see her go?  Was it… was it quick?

Todd: I didn’t see it

Phillip: Nor I

Matt: Shit

Phillip: I’m sorry, man


James leans up against the wall and begins to tear up

Max: What are you thinking about?

James: My mother.  She used to take care of me when I was sick.  I… I couldn’t return the favor.  She died of cancer when I was younger.  About thirteen

James’s breathing becomes slower and slower

James: I didn’t think dying would feel like this.  It’s… peaceful… in a way.  I feel like I’m going to have the best sleep in a long time

James’s eyes begin to close and he leans his head forward towards his chest.  Max wakes him up

Max: Stay with me, bud.  Stay alive as long as you can.  

James: Life is wonderful.  But it’s short.  I’m ready for death, now

Max: You don’t have to go yet

Inside Elizabeth’s office, she sits by Maine’s side.  She begins to fall asleep when he coughs Maine struggles and begins to move and sit up.  He finds himself strapped into the table.  He sighs

Maine: Why?

Elizabeth: In case you turned

Maine: I’m alive.  Can I go?

Elizabeth: Who are you?

Maine: My name is Maine Ryan.  I’m from the Yard

Eli turns around

Maine: I was, at least.  We found you, a group of five of us.  I was shot as we were leaving by a man I never should have trusted

Maine looks and sees Peanut at gunpoint and Will Knight on the other table

Maine: I shouldn’t complain

Elizabeth: Your people attacked our people

Maine: They’re not my people.  Not anymore.  And they’re not all to blame.  Your people killed my boyfriend.  He wasn’t even fighting.  He was just executed by yours

He looks at everyone staring at him

Maine: If you want to kick me out, go ahead.  But I have nowhere to go

Maine looks down.  Eli looks down, then back at Elizabeth

Eli: I’ll take the two of them to Jenny

Eli releases Peanut from his restraints.  Maine gets up off the table and falls to the ground.  He steadies himself back up as Eli runs to help him.  He puts his gun down as he lifts Maine.  As he holds Maine, he looks up as Peanut holds the gun aimed at directly at the pair.  He has an angry look on his face with his brow twitching slightly.  As Eli stands up and puts his hands in the air, Peanut moves the gun so he constantly aims at Eli’s chest

Eli: Woah.  We can work this out

Peanut: Unlikely

Eli: You fire that gun, you die

Peanut: I’m not gonna do it here.  Firstly, I need a bag of medications.  A small one.  Need stuff back at the Yard

He shoots a glance towards Elizabeth

Eli: It’s okay, Elizabeth

She grabs him a mixed bag of medicines and hands him the bag.  He motions the gun to the door

Peanut: Let’s go, kid

Eli leads Peanut out of the office.  Once he steps out, he looks up and feels the rain on his face.  The pair turn and head towards the back corner of Apex.  Inside his house, Jasper can look out on the fields as the rain begins to put out the fire.  He sits down in his bed and grabs a book off his shelf.  Inside Scott Cleary’s room, he reaches over to turn on his vinyl player.  It’s already halfway through Side B of Porcupine Tree’s On the Sunday of Life.  He hears the song change as it skips from track two to track three.  The lyrics start instantaneously.  “Run through forests on a hot, summer day”.  He reaches over for a pair of nail clippers and begins to work on his fingernails on his left hand.  “Trying to break down, walls of numbing pain”.  Inside Leo’s house, the group plan out their mission with the map Jenny provided.  

Nathan: There’s a train station right around here.  Might be useful things in there, especially if we could find a train

Phillip: Not a bad suggestion, Nate

Inside Annie McGovern’s house, Todd makes two martini.  “Gin martinis, not Vodka” was what his father always told him.  He pulls out an unopened jar of Olives and plops one in both glasses.  He carries them out carefully to Annie on the couch.  He sits down next to her and hands her a glass.  They each take a sip.  Outside on guard, Train watches out for any intruders.  Eddie leans up against the wall smoking a cigarette.  Train looks out even farther with a pair of binoculars.  He swear he can see something in the distance.  Out in a truck, sticking out of a window, he can see a white cloth waving.  He looks down to Eddie

Train: Ed!  Get three people and help me here

The truck stops and two figures step out.  One holds the cloth in hand while the other straps his gun on his back.  They each hold their hands in the air and walk forward

Train: That’s far enough

They stop in their tracks. Eddie, Aaron, Taylor, Jack and Evan Curtis open the gate and walk out.  Taylor pats down the woman while Aaron pats down the man.  Evan and Eddie keep guard

Eddie: Who are you?  Why are you here?

Aaron: I recognize the truck, Ed.  These people attacked us

Eddie: Is that so?

Izabel: Let us explain first

Nils: Please… We’re allowed that aren’t we?

Eddie nods and the others lower their weapons

Nils: Gregory… he killed three of our own.  In cold blood.  It was… unnecessary.  On the road, we turned around… and we left him.  He’ll be pissed, but… but the Yard is no longer for us

Jack: You trust this shit, Eddie?

Eddie: Not really, no

Izabel: >frightened< Please

Eddie: But it’s not my call.  Jack, Taylor… take them to Jenny.  Let me see your keys…

Nils: Nils.  And this is Izabel

Eddie: I’ll bring the car in.  Evan, you have the gate

Aaron and Taylor lead the pair into Apex and to Jenny while Eddie drives the truck in and Evan closes the gate.  Inside Scott’s room, he finishes drawing as the last track plays.  It takes a few minutes, but the lyrics eventually kick in.  “I locked myself inside a capsule.  And watched the planet slowly turning blue”.  Inside Jasper’s house, he finishes his book and places it on his night stand.  The cover reads “Heart of Darkness”.  Elizabeth, still shaken, works on Will Knight as Maine stands nearby.  A figure then opens the door.  Leo, Phillip Dimitri, Miranda and Nathan hop inside Leo’s van while Doug, Sebastián, David, Jackson and Olivia ride in Doug’s truck.  Evan closes the gate as the two vehicles drive off and Train waves goodbye to them.  Back at the Yard, Max wakes up from a quick nap and feels James’s head.  He then feels his neck.  There is no pulse.  He begins to tear up, and a few people around him come closer

Grease: Max…?

Max: I got this.  Gimme a second

He takes out his knife and steadies his grip on it.  He places his hand on James’s forehead and bites his lip as he looks away.  He slides the knife into James’s head and pulls it slowly back out.  He wipes the tears from his eyes.  Outside, he hears heavy vehicles approaching and then the sound of heavy machine gun fire over the sound of rain on the tin roof.  He then hears Gregory yell in anger.  Amin runs to the door and swings it wide open.  He looks out upon the dead bodies lining the ground in front of them.  He looks back up at the soldiers returning from Apex.  There are less than originally left.  Grease steps out with Jane and others

Amin: What happened over there?

Brooks: What happened over here?


Out on the road to Apex, Julian and Lewis have hunkered down in a restaurant for the night. They have found a few canned goods and were able to eat before being ready to go to sleep.  Lewis sets an alarm clock on the floor next to him.  He remembered to grab it before he left

Lewis: If we leave by 7am tomorrow, we should hit Apex before nightfall

Julian: Sounds good to me

The two start to fall asleep.  Out in the road, two figures head West, away from Apex and the Yard.  The driver turns to the passenger

Garrett: Are you finally ready to head home yet?  

The passenger says nothing

Garrett: Or do you want to keep exploring and see what we can find?

Fish: Let’s do that.  Home reminds me of Timothy

Garrett: Jack is back home

Fish: Is he?  He could have run off, too.  When he heard I was not coming home

Garrett: You will come home eventually

Fish: We can’t be certain I will

Garrett turns back forward and continues to drive.  Fish begins to doze off

Credits Edit

Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

David Henrie as Garrett Smith

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Otis (No Lines)

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary (No Lines)

Ty Wood as Brooks

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames

Also Starring: Edit

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham (No Lines)

Carmen Bicondova as Tess (No Lines)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas (No Lines)

Donal Logue as Reuben Eastview

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo

Lee Pace as Lewis

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland (No Lines)

Jason Earles as Nils

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

with Jason Momoa as Nathan

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx (No Lines)

Stanley Tucci as Ray

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson (Sylvester)

Makenzie Leigh as Lottie

Andrew J West as Doug Santos (No Lines)

Elijah Kelley as Maine Ryan

Ashley Greene as Annie McGovern (No LInes)

Bruce Soord as Julian

Harry Lloyd as Luka (No Lines)

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Michael Kelly as Jasper Bernard

Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis

Adam Gontier as Max

Tyler Hoechlin as Train

Will Martin as James Walsh

Daniel Kaluuya as Tony King (Fig) (No Lines)

Ben Howard as Will Knight (No Lines)

Kyle Clements as David Blair

Santiago Cirilo as Santiago Montoya (No Lines)

Co-Starring Edit

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd

Kevin Durand as Jack West

JoAnna Garcia as Taylor Burns (No Lines)

Charlotte Hope as Miranda (No Lines)

Jordan Prentice as Oliver (No Lines)

Tom Holland as Eli

Edi Gathegi as Peanut

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead)

Finn Wolfhard as Devin Nelson (No Lines)

DeObia Oparei as Marcellus (No Lines)

Jilian McLendon as Jane Byron

Riz Ahmed as Amin

Corey Brill as Grease

Guest Starring Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy (No Lines)

Deaths Edit

James Walsh

Trivia Edit

  • First Appearance of Amin
  • First Appearance of Grease
  • Last Appearance of James Walsh
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Garrett Smith and Fish West since Season 2 Episode 3 (Once), and their last appearance in Season 2
  • Two characters have been moved from Series Regular Also Starring to Main Cast. This includes Scott Cleary (Samm Levine) and Brooks (Ty Wood)
  • Several Characters have been bumped from Also Starring to Series Regulars. This includes Lewis (Lee Pace), Izabel (Christine Evangalista), Nils (Jason Earles) and Sean Moreland (Nathan Sutton)
  • Several Characters have been bumped from Co-Starring to Also Starring. This Includes Annie McGovern (Ashley Greene), Jackson Allen (James Michael Keats) and James Walsh (Will Martin)
  • Three characters who went unnamed in the previous episode are given names. This includes Jackson Allen (James Michael Keats), James Walsh (Will Martin) and Jane Byron (Jillian McLendon)
  • The two songs heard in Scott Cleary's room are "Radioactive Toy" and "It Will Rain for a Million Years", both by Porcupine Tree from the On the Sunday of Life Album
  • The name of this episode comes from the Porcupine Tree song with the same name. This coincides with the rest of the season where every episode's title comes from a song performed by him or one of his bands
    • It also the second song heard in Scott Cleary's room