This is the sixth episode of Scatter Season 2 and the Mid-Season finale

Synopsis Edit

Mid-Season Finale: The Yard and the survivors at Apex have an altercation. Nils's and Leo's day ends in shock. Kevin runs from danger

Home Invasion Edit

Cameron removes the round from the breech of his bolt action rifle.  Horace’s body drops to the ground.  Elizabeth runs up to him

Horace: >coughs up blood with each word< Help… Me

Horace passes away suddenly and Elizabeth looks to Jenny

Gregory: Great shot, Kid

Otis pulls out his gun, as does everyone else

Otis: Fuck you!

Otis fires at the armada at the gates.  He hits Fig in the leg, who drops

Gregory: Cosmo, take people to their fields.  Miguelito, ride the motorcycle and take these grenades.  There’s three, so use them wisely.  

Miguelito: Gotcha

Gregory: And don’t do too much damage to our new home

Cosmo: Right!  Daisy, Joe, Peanut, you’re with me

The three soldiers follow Cosmo into the fields.  Gregory orders his soldiers to duck down behind the cars.  In Kendall’s house, she hides and holds her gun close to her.  She does not want to jeopardize her pregnancy in the fight.  In Tess’s room, Tess hold Niklas tight

Niklas: I can help. I can cross names off my list

Tess: There’s too many.  I need you here

He stays.  In the gunfight, Jenny fires with her back to the gate.  Dex Hubbard and Olivia Graham run up to her

Dex: It’s not safe here.  You need to leave

Jenny: I need to help these people.  It boosts morale.  Horace is already dead

Olivia: What if you die but we win.  You are the backbone to this place.  You need to join us

Jenny runs of with Dex and Olivia.  Gregory turns to Spencer

Gregory: Get to the minigun.  I’ll cover you

Spencer: Yes Gregory

Spencer climbs the truck to the minigun as Gregory covers him, hitting Otis in the shoulder.  The bullet goes right through him, but knocks Otis back.  Otis continues to fire, killing a soldier on the move, but ultimately drops his gun and makes his way to Elizabeth’s office.  Spencer sets up the minigun and fires at the wall.  It sprays quickly and hits through the wall, killing three survivors on the other side.  The gunfire makes everyone hide behind something

Meredith: Stay down!

Lysander, from a perched position, scopes in on Spencer and shoots him in the head.  His body flops on top of the minigun, which stops firing.  

Lysander: You’re clear

In the fields, Jasper, Luka, Harper and Deedee work unaware of the attacks.  

Deedee: The spinach is ready to be picked over here

Harper: Excellent.  Can’t wait to have spinach on everything again

Luka works the closest to the hill and hears vehicles approaching

Luka: Anyone else hear that?

The farmers stop working and listen.  They are instantly met with a molotov cocktail thrown right near Luka, which burns the crops and spreads onto Luka’s arm.  He rolls on the ground in pain

Harper: What the fuck?!


Cosmo, Peanut, Daisy and Joe run up the hill towards the farmers.  Jasper, Harper and Deedee drop to the ground as two more molotovs drop in the field.  One separates Deedee and Harper.  Deedee backs up right into Cosmo

Deedee: Auugghh!  No please don’t shoot me!

Cosmo looks down and picks up a scythe on the ground.  He slices right through Deedee’s stomach, tearing out her intestines.  She drops to the ground on her knees.  


Cosmo is then shot in the back of the head by Jasper.  He aims at Daisy, who is nearby, and fires at her three times.  She runs off into the fields.  Jasper holds Deedee, who’s voice breaks as she sobs herself to sleep.  Jasper takes out a knife and stabs her in the head.  He then hears Harper scream

Joe: Where you going, girly?

Peanut: Easy Joe.  

Joe: I’m gonna enjoy you

Joe is suddenly shot in the back and then the head before Peanut it shot in the back of the leg.  Eli walks towards Peanut with his gun aimed at him

Jasper: Eli!

Eli: I heard the gunshots when they got here.  Came as soon as I could

Harper: Help Luka.  He’s fucked up bad

Harper and Jasper carefully carry Luka back to Elizabeth while Eli aims his gun at Peanut

Eli: Can you walk?  It’s either that or you die

Peanut: I can.. I can walk sir.  Just let me leave, please

Eli: No.  Follow them.  No funny business or you die

Peanut stands up and follows Harper, Jasper and Luka, with Eli behind him.  Inside the schoolhouse, the students are worried about outside

Bradley: Mr. Schiff, what’s happening?

Logan: It sounds like gunfire

Allison: Where is my mother?

Logan: She’s not here.  We’re safe where we are

Piper: I’m scared

Logan: It’s okay to be scared.  It’s normal

Miguelito rides slowly around to the side of the walls and takes one grenade.  He pulls the pin and throws it.  It goes to the left and blows up in the air, knocking shingles off a roof.  He tries with the next.  It’s a direct hit.  He does the same with the third.  This time, it knocks the roof of the schoolhouse out and drops beams into the classroom.  Miguelito grabs a molotov and lights it.  He throws it at the schoolhouse.  It begins to burn.  He throws to more to enlarge the fire.  Inside the schoolhouse, Logan stands up woozy.  Piper runs for the door as the fire makes its way all around.  It engulfs two downed beams and traps Bradley and Chuck inside.  Allison runs out the door.  Above the door, the fire moves quickly down

Chuck: Mr. Schiff!  Help us!  Please

Bradley is trapped under a beam.  His leg is broken and the fire is quickly engulfing the schoolhouse

Bradley: OW! It hurts too much

Chuck Mr. Schiff, you have to help

Logan, tense and timid, shakes like a dog.  His eyes go wide and his mouth hangs open.  He takes a step towards the kids, but hears the crackling of the fire and looks back.  The fire has nearly engulfed the door.  Logan looks one more time at the kids, coughs, and runs for the door.  It burns his hands as he pushes his way out.  He stops outside to a sea of faces.  He drops in front of Rick and Piper Conrad

Rick: Where’s Chuck?

Logan: He was… trapped.  

Rick runs for the door, but is chased by David Blair

David: Rick!  Rick!

Rick: Chuck I’m coming, son!

Rick runs for the schoolhouse, but it burns even faster, and the farther half collapses.  Witnessing this, Rick collapses too

Rick: No!  No!

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lewis: Julian.  It’s time

Julian: I’m saying goodbye to Max

Lewis: He’s with me

Max: Good luck out there.  Be safe

Julian: You too.  Watch out for Anthony

Lewis walks into Anthony’s RV and walks up to the undead man.  He turn the chair around so it faces away from the escape route.  Lewis cuts off the zip ties and runs out the door.  He grabs Julian and heads east.  The undead Anthony walks west into the Yard.  He shambles into a survivor walking by, and the two collide.  Anthony, not wasting anytime, bites the survivor in the neck and proceeds to devour him.  Julian and Lewis walk into the driveway and steal one of the trucks.  They drive towards Apex.  In Apex, the fighting keeps going.  Izabel and Nils fire at a red haired man in a green shirt.  Izabel hits him, but he is carried off by David Blair to Elizabeth;s office.  Arrowhead picks up one of his bows and draws.  The last three times he has become unlucky.  He’s feeling it now.  He aims at a man on the wall.  He is a thin black man with a bandana around his neck.  Arrowhead aims, draws and fires.  He hits the man square in the chest.  The black man drops to the ground below.  Arrowhead grabs another arrow and aims.  This time, he aims as a pretty, young blonde girl.  She wears a green shirt and a gray sweatshirt over it.  She fires at a soldier outside the gate.  Arrowhead fires and hits the girl directly in the head

Annie: Hannah!

Two soldiers on the wall see Arrowhead’s position and fire at him.  Arrowhead runs to another area, and stumbles on the dead body of Cameron.  He was shot in the chest and has since turned.  Arrowhead wipes the tear from his eye

Arrowhead: I’m sorry, kid

He stabs Cameron in the head with his knife.  Arrowhead puts down his bow and stares off for a minute.  While he stares off, walkers have been drawn to the sound of the battle.  Gregory and Brooks shoot and kill three that get too close to their soldiers

Gregory: Keep your eyes open, dammit

Inside Apex, the survivors near the gate have backed far enough for the soldiers from the Yard to attempt to open the gate.  Annie is too close to the gate, but fires and kills one soldier trying to pry it open.  She does not notice the undead survivor coming near him.  She is suddenly saved by Todd, who kills the walker before grabbing her arm and running with her and Phillip.  While running, Todd shoots and kills Bo with his AK

Rick: Gregory!  There’s people coming from behind us

Gregory: Deal with it

Rick takes his sniper rifle and aims towards the car coming fast.  Inside, Bailey drives Basil and Cole towards Apex.  Ray, Ruben, Sylvester and Devin are in the second car while Scott, Paul, Owen, Doug, Sean and Gavin and Train are in the last.

Bailey: Cole, how far are we?

Cole: You should know

Ray: Thank God I had batteries in the walkie or Jenny wouldn’t have been able to contact us

Ruben: You armed up?

Sylvester: I’m set

Devin: Can I have one?

Sylvester: Once we get there, I’m keeping you safe

Doug: This your guy’s doing?

Sean: Gregory? Probably

Gavin: It’s gonna be weird having to shoot at former bunk mates

Paul: Can you do it?

Gavin: Oh yeah.  This place is worth fighting for

Scott: Good attitude. Let’s keep this place

Rick Murphy aims directly at the car in front.  He aims for the driver with is sniper rifle and fires.  It hits Bailey directly in the head

Basil: Jesus fuck!

The car turns and instantly flips over.  It rolls for a while before turtling itself. The others look on in amazement

Train: Shit!  Fucking bastards!

Train climbs in the sunroof of the Ford Escape and fires at Rick.  Rick takes a bullet and hides under a car.  The two other vehicles pull on opposite sides and fire at the Yard soldiers.  In the shooting, Sylvester takes Devin out and brings him to the other side of the wall, accompanied by Scott Cleary.  Ray shoots at and kills Alexander before watching as Paul is taken out by an unknown gunman.  The remaining men make their way into Apex before Brooks shoots Owen in the back.  

Owen: Fuck! Gah!  I’m plugged

Doug takes Owen to Elizabeth’s office.  Nathan, Dimitri, Meredith and Santiago keep firing on the Yard survivors.  Nathan manages to hit and kill one soldier

Santiago: We’re almost through

Gavin and Sean join the four and fire upon the soldiers.  Gavin manages to shoot Taz several times with his UMP 45 before running out of bullets.  Train shoots at the soldiers with Ray and Ruben, but his gun jams.  As he tries to fix it, he is shot in the shoulder by Marcellus

Ruben: Train!

Train: I’m fine.  Just keep shooting

Scott, Sylvester and Devin keep running, trying to find a way into Apex when Scott is shot in the foot and drops.  Sylvester loses grip on his gun, but Devin catches, aims, and shoots the gunman in the chest three times.  Sylvester looks at his son and moves to help Scott make his way back into Apex.  They are met by the sound of yelling as they watch Miguelito, having drawn the walkers towards him, is devoured by the undead

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The undead Anthony has attacked two more survivors.  At this point, Max has had enough.  He takes up arms and fires at the undead.  Others join in.  But this causes the walkers already nearby to take notice, and soon enough the Yard is overrun.  Many flee.  Annabelle runs off with two friends to the north into the woods.  Max shoots down several walkers before being grabbed.  He spins around, only to find two other survivors looking at him.  A man and a woman look at him and take him into the building.  There are twenty other survivors inside.  The man and woman close the door

Woman: What happened?  How did it get that bad?

Man: Who could have done this?

Max: Someone must have been bit or just died on their own

Man: What do we do?

Max: We’ll figure that out

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leo, Aaron and Eddie drive up to Apex.  They decide to take the back way in.  The three make their way to Meredith, Nathan, Gavin, Dimitri, Sean and Santiago

Leo: What happened?

Nathan: They found us

Eddie: Where’s Jenny?

Gavin: She’s safe

Aaron: How do you know?

Sean: We heard Olivia and Dex took her to her house to keep her safe

Towards the wall, Oliver stands at the base listening as  a soldier climbs up.  She looks to be in her mid 30s, with long dark hair in a dark jacket.  She makes her way slowly down the wall, but is instantly met with Oliver’s knife as she lands.  He stabs her repeatedly as the others look on.  On the wall, a girl with long dirty blonde hair stands and fires upon the Yard soldiers.  She is then shot in the head quickly by Lottie, who reloads and ducks back into the truck.  Eddie takes his gun out and looks around the corner.  He sees an older man in a gray shirt and a black sweatshirt leaning against the wall.  Eddie does not hesitate.  He shoots and kills the man before ducking back.  At this point, there are more Apex survivors than Yard soldiers

Leo: Gregory!  Stop this! It’s useless!  Everyone out there, if you wanna put down your guns and surrender, you can.  Return to your Yard.  Do not come back

August and two others look to Gregory, but toss their guns anyway

August: I’m sorry Gregory.  I gotta

Gregory looks around.  To an injured Rick Murphy, Fig and Will Knight.  To a crouching Brooks and Lottie.  To Nils and Izabel on the left.  To Arrowhead and Marcellus to his right.  To his other soldiers around him

Gregory: Anyone else agree?

No one says a word.  Gregory takes his AUG A1 and guns down August and the two other soldiers.  Izabel and Nils look on in horror

Gregory: No one’s listening to you, Leo.  It’ no use.  Come on out, we’ll talk

Leo, Meredith, Nathan, Dimitri, Gavin and Sean walk out.  Phillip walks out with Aaron and Eddie as well

Leo: Okay?

Gregory: Firstly, I want Gavin back.  He was on my ‘A’ Squad.  I need him.  Secondly we want you to clear out of here in one hour

Phillip: You know that won’t happen

Aaron: You still want it?  You torched and bombed a schoolhouse.  Two kids died in there

Gregory: Things can be rebuilt

Sean: We will rebuild.  You won’t

Gregory: You should be dead, boy.  Imagine if I had Avi here.  That would fuck you all up

Rick: Gregory.  We… we need to leave.  I’m plugged bad

Gregory thinks about it and nods his head.  Brooks gets in the driver’s seat of the truck.  NIls and Izabel take the passenger and driver’s side, respectively and Arrowhead gets in the driver side of the truck while other survivors file in the back.  First, Gregory reloads his gun, clicks the safety off and fires one more round.  It hits Meredith square in the head

Leo: No!

Leo fires three bullets, one going directly into Gregory’s shoulder.  He drops his gun and falls into the truck.  Brooks backs up as Rick and Marcellus join Lottie in the back.  Nils and Izabel are joined by Fig and two others.  Arrowhead takes the large truck with the other survivors and drives out of the area.  They drive back to the Yard, leaving Will Knight behind.  

Will: >coughs< Help

Will was shot twice in the chest.  He’s bleeding badly.  Leo and Phillip take him into Elizabeth’s office.  Taylor Burns and a few others, including Annie McGovern, Jack West and Miranda help out

Miranda: Fuck!  Liz, we lost Owen

Elizabeth walks up to Miranda and gives the girl a knife

Elizabeth: You have to do it sometimes, hun.  I had to put one down myself today

Miranda stabs Owen in the head

Phillip: Elizabeth.  We have a wounded

Jack: Is he one of them?

Phillip: Yes

Jack: Why save him?

Phillip: Because it’s the right thing to do

Jack: They killed my brother, and made my other one go mad.  Fuck ‘em

Phillip: Elizabeth.  It’s your call

She thinks

Elizabeth: Put him on the table.  He’s your responsibility.  If he dies, it’s on you

Inside the infirmary are all kinds of injuries.  Otis is fixed up along with Scott, who is on crutches.  Train is patched up.  Luka is covered in burns and Harper sits with her face in her hands

Ray: Did you see Cole, Bailey or Basil out there?  Their car crashed

Leo: We’ll check

Ray, Ruben and Leo run outside towards the car.  They watch as four men approach the gates.  

Ruben: Holy shit!  Matt!  We thought you died!  Who are these men?

Matt: Sebatián, Octavio and Evan.  What happened?

Ray: We were attacked

Matt: Whe… where’s Lindsay?

Leo: Didn’t see her

Matt: Shit

Matt runs into Apex

Sebastián: Let’s follow him

The others run behind Matt.  Matt looks at all the bodies until he comes across a tall redhead.  She shambles over to him.  Matt sees her and breaks down into tears.  The figure gets close to him.  Before it can sink its teeth in him, Octavio stabs it in the head

Octavio: Matt.  You almost died

Matt drops to his knees

Matt: >whispers< Lindsay…

Evan: Octavio, Bass, should we find who runs this place and introduce ourselves? Or stay with him?

Sebastián: He needs us now

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kevin walks out in the woods.  He walks with Samuel in the woods.  

Kevin: How do we get back?

Samuel: It’s not how.  What do we do when we get back?

Kevin: How do we come back from this?

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

David Henrie as Garrett Smith (Does not Appear)

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West (Does not Appear)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Otis

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames

Also-Starring Edit

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Ellen Hollman as Meredith

Carmen Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

Josh Helman as Spencer

Donal Logue as Ruben Eastview

Chris Coy as Cosmo Murphy

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo

with Jason Momoa as Nathan

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Jason Earles as Nils

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx

Stanley Tucci as Ray

Lee Pace as Lewis

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson

Makenzie Leigh as Lottie

Andrew J West as Doug Santos

Nathalie Emmanuel as Kendall Standish

Elijah Kelley as Maine Ryan (No Lines)

Bruce Soord as Julian

Harry Lloyd as Luka

Michael Kelly as Jasper Bernard

Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis

Adam Gontier as Max

Tyler Hoechlin as Train

Daniel Kaluuya as Tony King (Fig)

Ben Howard as Will Knight

Kyle Clements as David Blair

Santiago Cirilo as Santiago Montoya

Co-Starring Edit

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd

Anna Camp as Hannah Johnson (No Lines)

Kevin Durand as Jack West

Riley Keough as Lindsay Meyerson (Zombified)

JoAnna Garcia as Taylor Burns (No Lines)

Ashley Greene as Annie McGovern

Charlotte Hope as Miranda

Jordan Prentice as Oliver

Lawrence Kao as Paul

Tom Holland as Eli

Tommy Knight as Anthony (Zombified)

David Mazouz as Kevin

Edi Gathegi as Peanut

Sydney Park as Annabelle (No Lines)

Leo Fitzpatrick as Taz

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead)

DeObia Oparei as Marcellus

Raúl Castillo as Miguel Santos (Miguelito)

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Lindy Booth as Harper

Mandi Kerr as Deedee

Dave Allen as Rick Conrad

Sadie Sink as Piper Conrad

Noah Schnapp as Chuck Conrad

Jason Butler Harner as Logan Schiff

Nick Robinson as Owen

Millie Brown as Allison

Caleb McLaughlin as Bradley

Mike Colter as Cole

Finn Wolfhard as Devin Nelson

Chloe Bennet as Bailey

Tony Vincent as Lysander

Nolan Gould as Cameron Doyle

Ellie Kemper as Daisy Montgomery

Lucas Till as August

David Faustino as Horace

Tim McInnerny as Bo Applewhite

Daniel Portman as Alexander

Nik Dodani as Samuel Tollett

Anatol Yusef as Joe Jeffries

James Michael Keats as Apex Survivor 1

Adam Daniels as Apex Survivor 2

Elizabeth Davidovitch as Yard Soldier 1

Steven Sean Garland as Yard Soldier 2

Jilian McLendon as Yard Survivor 2

Will Martin as Yard Soldier 3

Kimberly Leemans as Apex Survivor 3

Guest Starring: Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt (Series regular)

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy (Series regular)

Uncredited: Edit

Yard Survivors

Yard Soldiers

Apex Survivors

Deaths Edit



Cosmo Murphy

Hannah Johnson


Chuck Conrad











Joe Jeffries

Lindsay Meyerson (Alive and Zombified)

Cameron Doyle (Alive and Zombified)

Several Unnamed Yard Survivors/Soldiers

Several Unnamed Apex Survivors

Trivia Edit

  • First Appearance of David Blair
  • First Appearance of Santiago Montoya
  • First Appearance of Peanut
  • First Appearance of Yard Survivor 2
  • First Appearance of Yard Soldier 3
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Joe Jeffries
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Several Yard Survivors/Soldiers
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Several Apex Survivors
  • Last Appearance of Meredith
  • Last Appearance of Spencer
  • Last Appearance of Cosmo Murphy
  • Last Appearance of Hannah Johnson
  • Last Appearance of Lindsay Meyerson
  • Last Appearance of Paul
  • Last Appearance of Chuck Conrad
  • Last Appearance of Taz
  • Last Appearance of Miguelito
  • Last Appearance of Bailey
  • Last Appearance of Owen
  • Last Appearance of Bradley
  • Last Appearance of Deedee
  • Last Appearance of August
  • Last Appearance of Bo
  • Last Appearance of Horace
  • Last Appearance of Alexander
  • The name of this episode comes from the Steven Wilson song with the same name. This coincides with the rest of the season where every episode's title comes from a song performed by him or one of his bands