This is the fifth episode of Say Goodbye to America: Scatter Season 2

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Survivors at the Yard arm up for the war. Cosmo has an interesting night. Train and Horace find a man clinging to life

My Book of Regrets Edit

Several people stand around a table with a large amount of weapons on it.  One looks down at the end of the table and picks up a bow.  He grabs a quiver full of arrows.  At least twenty.  He gets in line.  A long line leading up to Gregory, Brooks, Rick and Spencer.  In front of him is a man named Cameron.  He’s a goofy looking kid of maybe twenty, who looks like he never shot a gun in his life.  He holds a Bolt Action Rifle

Cameron: Arrowhead, right?

The man behind him nods.  His real name is Peter Martin, but for close to twenty years, he has been known as Arrowhead.  He is 45 years old, and when he was 22, he was sentenced to life in prison for killing a man in a fight

Cameron: How’d you get a name like that?

Arrowhead: By stabbing a man in his eye with an arrow and beating him to death

Cameron: Oh

Cameron looks forward and keep his mouth shut until he is next up

Gregory: Cam, my boy!  You ever fire one of these?

Cameron: Yes, actually.  I used to hunt with my dad since I was five years old

Gregory: Alright then

Cameron walks off and Gregory writes his name and the rifle on his clipboard.  Arrowhead walks up with Bow in hand

Gregory: You sure you can use that?

Arrowhead turns to the sky and watches a bird fly above.  He draws his bow, aims and fires.  He knocks the bird out of the sky

Gregory: A simple yes would have sufficed.  Next

Behind Arrowhead is Bo, a strange, older man holding on to a pistol

Gregory: Never fired a gun, have you?

Bo: No

Gregory: Go stand in the line behind Rick. Next.  Ah, Lewis!  Where’s your gun

Lewis: With your permission, I’d like to stay behind, help out here.  Keep things under control

Gregory: You think you can handle it?

Lewis: I think so.  There’ll be less people

Gregory: Go right ahead.  Look at you taking initiative

Lewis begins to walk away

Lewis: By the way, what happened to Maine?

Gregory: Ask Brooks when he’s done.  Next!

Annabelle walks up as Lewis walks away and is met by Kevin and Max

Kevin: Are you going to fight in Apex?

Lewis: I’m staying behind

Max: I’m staying back, too.  Don’t feel like fighting

Lewis: I’ll get a headcount later

Kevin: You guys just became losers

Max: We always were

Kevin walks away

Max: He better come back

Lewis: He’s stronger than he looks

Lewis and Max sit at a picnic table.  Anthony and a few others run up to them and sit near them

Anthony: You guys gonna fight?

Both: No

Lewis: I’m in charge when you’re all gone

Samuel: That’s a shame.  Gonna be a good one. Tough

Lewis: Killing isn’t my thing

Julian: I’m staying back as well

Daisy: Killing isn’t your thing, Lewis?  Didn’t you put down two yesterday

Lewis: They already turned.  It isn’t the same as killing living people.  I can’t do that.  At least, I don’t think I can

Anthony: It’ll come to that eventually

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Train looks out in the distance.  He sees a figure crawl slowly towards Apex.  He shrugs it off, thinking it’s a walker.  But it’s moving much too quickly to be a walker.  He looks down to see if anyone’s around.  To his surprise, Horace is walking around nearby

Train: Horace!  Help me get the gate open!

Horace helps him as the pair run outside to wards the figure

Horace: Be careful!  You don’t know what it is

Train checks the figure

Train: He’s alive

Two walkers come close to the men. Horace turns and takes out his knife, before stabbing both walkers in the head

Horace: I’ll help you

The two men pick up the figure run into Apex, stopping to close the gate, and bring him straight to Elizabeth Hill.  They place him on the stretcher

Elizabeth: He’s alive, I hear his breathing, but he’s lost a lot of blood.  Who are you?

No answer

Elizabeth: What is your name?

“M--- Maine.  Maine Ryan”

Elizabeth: Alright Maine.  What happened?  How did you get shot?

Maine: B---Brooks

He begins to fade

Elizabeth: Stay with me here Maine.  Horace, I’ll need help.  Train, run upstairs and get Meredith

Train complies and Meredith comes downstairs

Elizabeth: Mer, the bullet’s still in him.  I need tweezers now

Meredith: You got it, Liz

Meredith gives Elizabeth tweezers and goes to work on him.  Elsewhere, in Annie’s house, Todd is getting dressed when a knock is heard at the door

Annie: You wanna get it?

Todd opens to the door to see Taylor Burns

Taylor: Howdy Todd.  Annie around?

Todd: She’s in her room getting dressed

Taylor: Have a fun night last night?

Todd: What makes you say that?

Taylor: You have no shirt on

Todd looks down and back at Taylor

Todd: Yep

Taylor: I’ll let myself in

Taylor walks into Annie’s room, leaving Todd confused.  He scratches his head and closes the door, before sitting on the couch waiting for Taylor to leave.  In Jenny’s house, she wakes to a knock on the door.  Otis stands at her door with Dex and Olivia.  The two have fresh tomatoes.  

Dex: Olivia and I have been growing tomatoes in the garden

Olivia: We’ve got snap peas and green beans when the time is right, too

Jenny: Did you bring some to everyone?

Dex: No, just thought you should have some for all you do for us

Jenny: Thanks.  How sweet

She invites the two inside for some coffee.  Elsewhere, Jack West sits alone in the dark in his room.  He sits in silence.  Just sitting there, alone.  In the house nearby, Niklas and Tess are eating breakfast.  

Tess: How’s the wheaties?

Niklas: Good.  How are your fruity bits?

Tess: Fruity and bitty

Elsewhere, on the construction site, Devin sits alongside his dad.  A feeling of dread and sadness lingers on the workers.  No one wants to say a word.  Ray sits in his chair and stays silent, staring off into space.  Basil walks up

Basil: Ray.  Ray!  You wanna call today off?

Ray: Why...?

Basil: No one is feeling good.  We’re all sad.  We can’t keep going on like this.  Warren… Warren wasn’t just muscle.  He was a morale fiber this group needed.  He kept us together when we needed it most.  He was there for us when Tony died.  Remember him?

Ray: Yes.  I remember Tony

Basil: When we lost Tony, we were just like this.  And when we lost Jessica.  And Tanya, Laura and Rafí.  Warren brought us back from the funk we were in. And now…

Basil tries to hold back tears, but can not stop the tears

Basil: And now he’s gone.  Ray… please

Ray stares off into space.  Basil walks away over to Gavin, Sylvester and Doug

Doug: It’s alright Basil.  We can work today.  I’ll be able to

Basil: It’s not that we can’t work.  It’s that we need to be given time to mourn

Ray stands up and walks out into the woods.  He sees one walker coming towards him.  Cole and Sean aim their guns towards Ray and watch him approach the walker.  Ray takes out his knife and stabs the walker in the gut and holds it back with his other arm.  The others watch intently.  Sean clicks his safety off

Cole: No.  Let him do this

Sean lowers his gun.  Ray, still keeping the walker back, takes the knife out and stabs the walker again in the head.  He holds the walker’s shoulder as he pulls the knife out.  He repeatedly stabs the walker in the head in different spots over and over again.  The noise has drawn another walker to him.  Ray takes his knife and turns to face the next walker.  He stabs it in the head a few times.  He stands up.  His suit jacket is covered in blood, as is his face.  He takes deep breaths and heads back to his chair and sits down.  He falls asleep.  Cole looks to Sean and nods.  The pair walk up and guard Ray as the foreman sleeps.  The others continue working.  Owen picks up a gun and keeps guard on the other end. Elsewhere, Luka walks with Eli, Jasper and Harper back from the farmlands with a few baskets of goods

Eli: Everyone’s gonna love these berries.  Fresh fruit seems like a pipe dream

Jasper: Not here, my boy, not here.  Apex is a wonderful community.  It was just a matter of time until we had fresh fruit again

Luka: Should we have left Deedee behind?

Jasper: She’ll be fine.  She’ll be back in a half an hour, no less.  Her words.  I said if she wasn’t I’d come back for her.  We’ll see her tomorrow

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rick: Okay.  You all know why you were sent here by Gregory to work with Cosmo and I.  Let’s not dance around it and get to work.  We’re leaving as soon as all of you are ready.  You see those cans lined up?

Rick points out far to where the cans are on different heights

Rick: By the end of the day, you will hit those cans.  Alexander, is it?

Alexander: Yes

Cosmo: Who do you want me to help?

Rick: Her

Rick points to a girl around thirty years old.  She holds a pistol with a stern look on her face.  She has on a dress that goes down to her knees with little flowers on it and a knitted sleeveless sweater on over it.  She does not acknowledge Rick or Cosmo, only aims at the cans.  Cosmo walks up to her and assists her aim and teaches her what to do. It takes around twenty minutes

Cosmo: Now aim… breathe… and squeeze the trigger

She squeezes the trigger and hits the can

Daisy: I… I did it

Cosmo: Good job.  You’re ready for tomorrow.  How are they doing over there, dad?

Rick: Alexander and Bo are ready.  Can you help Samuel?

Cosmo walks up to Samuel

Samuel: I can’t hit it

Cosmo: You just need some more practice.  Aim… are you a left or right eye dominant?

Samuel: Left

Cosmo: Then the gun goes on your left shoulder.  I’m the same, I did the same thing as you for years.  I was terrible until I learned to use the other shoulder.  Now try

Samuel shoots and hits the can perfectly

Samuel: So I’m good to shoot real people?

Cosmo: You’re ready enough to take there.  If they’re still and you shoot with the correct shoulder, you should be fine

Rick: Everyone.  Go home, have a good night’s sleep and get ready in the morning

Cosmo returns to his trailer while Rick goes to Gregory’s.  A knock comes at the door.  It’s Daisy Montgomery from earlier.  She passionately kisses him and walks into his trailer onto the bed with him.  He takes off his coat and her sweater before removing her dress straps while she removes his pants.  Thankfully, Rick does not return until much later in the night.  All while this goes on, Anthony is in his RV looking at his bite.  He furiously scratches at it.  He has not given it the chance to scab over.  Before he can do anything, Lewis walks in on him and sees the bite

Lewis: Is… is that what I think it is?

Anthony: >covers up his bite with his sleeve< Is what what you think it is?

Lewis: You’re bit!  You can’t go tomorrow

Anthony: Don’t tell Gregory, please

Lewis: I won’t.  But how did it happen?

Anthony: Virginia

Lewis goes to leave before punching Anthony in the face so hard he passes out.  Lewis leaves to the supply area, grabs some zip ties, writes it down on a clipboard before returning to Anthony.  He places him in the chair and zip ties his limbs to them.  He wants nothing to do with Anthony’s reanimation.  He brought this on himself.  Lewis goes to Gregory

Lewis: The stresses of the fight are getting to Anthony.  He’s puking and won’t be going tomorrow

Gregory; Fucking pussy.  Alright.  Thanks for telling me

Lewis: Anytime

Lewis walks up to Spencer’s trailer, where he knows Brooks is.  Marcellus and Will Knight are also inside along with Nils.  He knocks

Spencer: Lewis! What can I do for you?  Some champagne?  A snack?

Lewis: I’m looking for Brooks

Lewis walks in

Marcellus: How are you Lew’?

Lewis: Good Marcellus and yourself?

Marcellus: I’m doing well

Lewis: Will, mind if I get a word with Brooks?

Will: Sure.

Brooks: How can I help you?

Lewis: Maine never came back.  Gregory told me to ask you about that

Everyone looks at Brooks, especially Nils

Brooks: We….  ran into trouble.  Couldn’t save him

Lewis: What kind of problem?  What killed him?  Biters?

Brooks: The dead.  They took him.  We walked on foot and were surrounded instantly.  Couldn’t give up our position and had to go quiet.  He was swarmed

Lewis: But Maine is good in those situations

Brooks: Yeah well this time he wasn’t.  He was stupid.  He did something stupid.  It got him killed.  He’s gone now.  Deal with it

Brooks leans back with his arms crossed and his eyes looking away.  Lewis looks down, sighs and keeps his mouth closed a minute.  He stands up

Lewis: I guess that’s it then

He pushes his chair in and heads for the door

Lewis: >saddened< Goodnight, gentlemen.  I’ll see you all in the morning.  Give them hell

He walks out the door

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Far outside of Apex, near the waterfront, three men sit around a fire for the night.  The men are preparing their meal.  A can of baked beans and three red gatorades.  One turns to the other

“Chester.  Can I get some red peppers from your bag?”

Chester: Not spicy enough for you, Vazquez?

Vazquez: You know I like the heat

“Will you two keep it down?  I think I hear something”

Chester: You’re always hearing things, Barney

Barney: Gotta be careful.  How long are we gonna be away from home for?

Chester: Until we find people to bring back with us.  Who knows, there could be another community here

Vazquez: I hope we aren’t the only ones out here

Chester: We can’t be.  There’s gotta be more

Barney: What if we don’t find anyone for a while?  What if there’s no Waterfront to go back to?

Chester: It’ll last.  Shoshana will make certain of it

Elsewhere, inside Jack West’s house, Jack has woken up after being asleep sitting facing the wall in the dark quietly.  He has finally had enough


Jack punches the wall as hard as he can as he yells.  His fist breaks the drywall.  The neighbors can hear it, and Phillip comes running out from his house with Lysander and Miranda from the others

Phillip: Is everything alright?

Jack looks at them

Jack: I’m fine.  I’m… I’m gonna be fine

Miranda: Jack, do you wanna see Elizabeth?

Phillip: I’ll take you to her

Jack: I’m all set.  I think I’m gonna go to bed and wake up tomorrow and feel all better

Phillip: See us if you need anything

Jack: It’s lonely here since Tim and Fish have gone

Miranda: I’ll stay with you

Jack: Thank you Miranda

Phillip and Lysander leave while Miranda stays with Jack.  In the morning, Rick and Logan return after taking Chuck out to learn how to shoot

Chuck: That was fun, dad

Rick: What do you say to Logan?

Chuck: Thank you Mr. Schiff

Logan: It was nothing, Chuck.  You’re dad said it was okay, so you were ready to learn

Logan and Chuck walk off into the schoolhouse to start the day with the other students.  In the Yard, the soldiers get ready

Lottie: Alexander and you two.  You ride with me

Samuel: Where’s Anthony?

Gregory: Pussy can’t handle the hours before the fight.  You ride with me and Spencer

Brooks: I’ve got the Murphys with us, Gregory

Nils: Izabel, you riding with me?

Izabel: I’m with you, Marcellus and Will

August: Who do I ride with?

Gregory: You ride with the rest in the big truck.  Arrowhead, you driving your motorcycle?

Arrowhead: Yes

Fig: I’m riding sidecar in Miguelito’s

Gregory: You okay with that?

Miguelito: More spots in truck, Gregory.  You could use those

Gregory: Good thinking.  Be safe out there

Cameron holds his bolt action against his shoulder

Gregory: You look like a fool, boy.  Get in the truck

Cameron complies.  Taz starts it up and changes gears.  Gregory grabs his Aug A1 and gets into the truck with Brooks and the Murphys.  Cosmo rides in the back holding onto the machine gun.  Gregory sits in the back.  As they drive off, Lewis turns to Julian and Max

Lewis: Come with me

He leads them to Anthony strapped to a chair.  He pokes the boy, who appears dead.  To his surprise, Anthony has turned quickly

Lewis: Virginia bit him.  Turns out she turned

Julian: What are you gonna do with him? Put him down?

Lewis: Truth is… I’m leaving.  Later today.  I want you two to join me.  When we leave, we can release Anthony and Gregory will be down soldiers.  If he returns

Max: Where will you go?

Lewis: I’m gonna find that community.  It’s called Apex.  It seems better than here.  I’m gonna try

Julian: I’ll join you.  There’s nothing for me here

Max: I’m out.  But I won’t stop you.  Why do you want to leave?

Lewis: I’m almost positive Gregory had Brooks kill Maine.  And that was it for me

Julian: What about Kevin?

Lewis: Too late to save him.  He wants to fight for Gregory, he can. But i’m out of here by noon.  I’m going to release Anthony at that time and run.  I suggest you find a good spot to hide, Max

Max: This is my home for now.  If I want to leave later, I will.  Apex.  I’ll find it if I must.  But you’re willing to kill people to leave?

Lewis: Anthony brought this on himself.  He would have turned anyway.  I’m keeping people alive longer

Julian: You could put him down, keep them alive even more

Lewis: They need to learn life is precious.  Don’t take it for granted. Only one or two need to die.  

Max: What if they run off.  Into the woods.  Flee?

Lewis: It’s up to them to run

Julian: It’s a lot of what ifs.  Be careful releasing him

Lewis: You’ll still join me?

Julian: Of course

The three walk out of Anthony’s RV.  In Elizabeth’s office, Maine wakes up with a start.  In the center of town, Ray stands in front of the construction crew giving a speech about Warren

Ray: Anyone have stories?

Paul: I remember when we all left for the Target.  Warren was the most passionate for working on it.  He always had hope.  Sure, he thought of the possibility of this place falling, but he had a back up plan. I think tomorrow we need to start fortifying that Target. That was not just for him, but for all of us.  I mean, Tim died there.  It’s our second home now, just in case

Scott: I know Basil brought this up yesterday, but Warren was always there when we lost someone.  When Molly died was the hardest.  I… I miss her everyday, but I never would have gotten past it if it wasn’t for Warren

Devin: I miss him too.  But i’m ready to work

Bailey: We all are, Ray

Ray: I’m glad we’re all ready.  Let’s go.  We’ll make it a half day today, more time to mourn if we need to

The group heads to their cars and leaves.  As they leave, Ray waves to Jasper, who heads out with Luka to the fields

Jasper: Deedee and Harper left early this morning to plant and pick more.  Eli will meet us at lunch, he’s got the bad shits today

Luka: That’s … gross.  Totally needed to know that

Jasper: It’s why I’m here

Inside his house, Eli deals with uncomfortable pain in the toilet as Oliver shaves standing on a step stool

Oliver: Hang in there bud.  It’ll pass

Eli: It’ll be better if I don’t hear you coaching me through it. I’m lactose intolerant.  I just had some lactose by mistake

Oliver: It’ll get better

The two hear a gunshot

Oliver: Tell me that was your ass

Oliver, with shaving cream still on half his face and still in a wife beater and boxers, runs outside with everyone else.  Jenny stands at the gates with Otis, Phillip, Dimitri and Meredith.  Nathan stands behind them with an AK pointed downwards but with the safety still on.  Horace stays on guard near the tower.  People file towards the gat and other high areas to look over the wall.  About seven cars and three large trucks are outside Apex.  Gregory pokes out of the sunroof with his Desert Eagle on the roof of the truck.  He holds his AUG A1 in his left arm

Gregory: Where is the leader?  Who is in charge here?

Jenny: Who is asking?

Gregory: Who is asking, It’s me!  Gregory!  Gregory Ames.  Didn’t Leo drop my name?  Where is that lazy ass?

Jenny: I’m in charge.  What do you want?

Gregory: We want you out of here.  We want to live the high life.

Dimitri: Why should it go to you?

Gregory: Look at my people.  Tired, hungry, poor.  They’ve been in shit for at least ten years before this incident.  They deserve a little beauty in their lives.  You’ve had it too well for too long.  It’s time we took over

Otis: You aren’t kicking us out

Brooks: You can go peacefully or guns blazing

Otis: It’s our home.  We’ve lost more than you know

Cameron: You have no clue what we’ve fought for.  We deserve this more than you

Arrowhead: >whispering<  Easy, kid

Gregory: You’re both right.  You’ve have no clue what we’ve fought for, and what we’ve lost.  Let’s just make this easy and we can take over our new home

Jenny: For the last time; it’s not yours.  Nor will it ever be

Gregory: Fine.  Have it your way.  I’m tired of conversation anyway.  Somebody shoot somebody

Cameron aims at one of the Apex inhabitants and fires

Credits Edit

Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer (Does not Appear)

Martin Csokas as Leo (Does not Appear)

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

David Henrie as Garrett Smith (Does not Appear)

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham (Does not Appear)

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West (Does Not Appear)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Otis

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal (Does not Appear)

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames

Also-Starring Edit

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Ellen Hollman as Meredith

Carmen Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

Josh Helman as Spencer

Donal Logue as Ruben Eastview (No Lines)

Chris Coy as Cosmo Murphy

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo (Does not Appear)

with Jason Momoa as Nathan (No Lines)

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland (No Lines)

Jason Earles as Nils

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx (No Lines)

Stanley Tucci as Ray

Lee Pace as Lewis

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson (No Lines)

Makenzie Leigh as Lottie

Andrew J West as Doug Santos

Bruce Soord as Julian

Harry Lloyd as Luka

Michael Kelly as Jasper Bernard

Adam Gontier as Max

Tyler Hoechlin as Train

Zan McClarnon as Chester

Ron Perlman as Barney Munson

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Daniel Kaluuya as Tony King (Fig)

Ben Howard as Will Knight

Co-Starring Edit

Kevin Durand as Jack West

JoAnna Garcia as Taylor Burns

Ashley Greene as Annie McGovern

Charlotte Hope as Miranda

Jordan Prentice as Oliver

Lawrence Kao as Paul

Tom Holland as Eli

Tommy Knight as Anthony

David Mazouz as Kevin

Sydney Park as Annabelle (No Lines)

Leo Fitzpatrick as Taz (No Lines)

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead)

DeObia Oparei as Marcellus

Raúl Castillo as Miguel Santos (Miguelito)

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Lindy Booth as Harper

Dave Allen as Rick Conrad

Noah Schnapp as Chuck Conrad

Jason Butler Harner as Logan Schiff

Nick Robinson as Owen (No Lines)

Mike Colter as Cole

Finn Wolfhard as Devin Nelson

Chloe Bennet as Bailey

Tony Vincent as Lysander

Nolan Gould as Cameron Doyle

Ellie Kemper as Daisy Montgomery

Lucas Till as August 

David Faustino as Horace

Tim McInnerny as Bo Applewhite

Daniel Portman as Alexander

Nik Dodani as Samuel Tollett

Guest Starring Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt (Series regular)

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy (Series regular)

Deaths Edit

Anthony (Alive)

Trivia Edit

  • First Appearance of Chester
  • First Appearance of Barney Munson
  • First Appearance of Arturo Vazquez
  • First Appearance of Will Knight
  • First Appearance of Marcellus
  • First Appearance of Bo Applewhite
  • First Appearance of Horace
  • First Appearance of Alexander
  • First Appearance of Samuel Tollett
  • First Appearance of Daisy Montgomery
  • First Appearance of Cameron Doyle
  • The name of this episode comes from the Steven Wilson song with the same name. This coincides with the rest of the season where every episode's title comes from a song performed by him or one of his bands