This is the fourth episode of Scatter Season 2

Synopsis Edit

Thievery from the apothecary causes issues in the Yard. Distractions at the Construction site causes issues. Evan and Octavio discuss trust

Veneno Para Las Hadas Edit

Basil sets a large plank of wood on the sawhorse.  He wipes the sweat from his brown and breathes heavily.  His partner with the saw, Owen, looks over at him with a peculiar look on his face

Owen: You alright?

Basil: >breathing heavily< Yeah… why wouldn’t I be?

Owen: Well these things ain’t heavy.  And you’re rather strong.  There should be no reason you’re out of breath

Basil: >breathing heavily< I’m just… I’m worried about Fish and Garrett.  And also getting yelled at by Ray is not something I want to do

Basil holds the other end of the plank while Owen measures the wood.  After drawing a line, Basil measures it himself.  He reassures Owen the line is right and Owen begins to saw right through the plank. It’s perfect.  Basil brings the two halves over to Sylvester, Devin and Bailey near the trucks and tosses it into a pile

Bailey: Careful with those Basil.  Don’t wanna fuck up anything

Basil: It’ll be fine, Bail!

Bailey turns back to Sylvester and Devin as Basil walks away

Bailey: Ugh.  Can you believe him, Syl?  Comes in late after skipping work yesterday and gives this shitty attitude

Sylvester: You could give him a break.  We all have off days

Bailey: Were this back then, he would have been fired

Sylvester: That was then.  This is now.  Don’t dwell on the past

He bends over and picks up a piece of wood

Sylvester: Here, Dev.  Put this in the truck for me, would ya?

Devin: Okay

Devin complies

Bailey: Don’t forget the past, either

Sylvester: We’re not doing this now

Bailey: You’re just afraid to admit it

Sylvester: Bailey, let’s not do this now

Bailey: Then when?  Syl, Angelina is gone.  You can be open to this now

Sylvester: With my deceased wife’s sister?  And while my son is here?

Bailey: He’ll understand

Sylvester: I won’t do that to him.  I won’t

Bailey: Where did you tell him you were two Fridays ago?  Out with Warren and Paul?

Sylvester leans against the truck and looks down

Bailey: I thought so

Across the area, Sean, Gavin and Warren stand guard

Sean: See anything, Gav?

Gavin: Empty

Warren: Y’all never told us.  What was life like in the Yard?

Sean: It was normal to say the least.  Not as beautiful as here.  Not many houses.  Mostly trailers

Warren: Social life?  Work?

Gavin: Most jobs are runners, guards and the squads.  I was on ‘A’ squad and Sean was a guard.  We were pretty much set up into two separate camps.  The other section was known as the Prisoner community or something.  Sean and I were in the regular one

Warren: Prisoner community?

Gavin: Early on, it was Gregory, Brooks, The Murphys, Alex, Izabel, Nils, Lottie, Lewis, Colin, Liam, Nate Richardson and Myself, those of us in the ‘A’ squad more or less.  We came across a… a prison.  Freed the people inside so long as they would join us.  If they refused, we shot them on sight.  Had to do it once.  You’d never expect how many prisoners fear death like us “normal folks”.  They lived with us, but wanted their own community when we took over the Yard. Cleared it out, brought the trailers in and went about our ways.  We even went into that Target before you guys did

Warren: Really?

Gavin: We uh… we lost a few inside.  Alex and Liam barely got out alive.  And then when we held Niklas captive, we lost Richardson as well.

Warren: Shit.  Speaking of which, I’m gonna go take one.  I’ll be back in a bit

In another area of the construction field, Cole and Train stand with Ray and Scott Cleary

Scott: You think they’re fitting in well around here, Ray?

Ray: You made the right call, Scott.   Uh… Cole can you go help Ruben and Doug out there?

Cole: Yeah sure

Cole runs up to Doug and Ruben, who are struggling to pull a large chunk of siding from a section of the half built house.   As they pull, Doug loses his footing and falls, scraping his arm along the way.  He holds his hand up to it for a second, before pulling it away and exposing blood

Doug: Gaah!  Fuck! Son of a… bitch

Ruben: Shit Doug!  I’ll help patch you up inside Ray’s tent

Doug and Ruben walk into Ray’s tent and the latter begins patching the former up.  While he wraps gauze around Doug’s arm, the pair hear a scream


Everyone looks sharply to the left into the tall grass as Warren comes stumbling out of the woods adjusting his belt as several walkers swarm up behind him.  He stumbles and falls onto the grounds as one drops on top of him.  He holds the walker at bay with his arm into its neck while another goes from his side.  As he pushes it away, it drops dead from one bullet.  Warren looks behind him as Sean lowers his gun

Sean: Walker inbound!  Gavin! Sylvester! Help Warren, he needs assistance

Sylvester and Gavin run towards Warren and shoot down nearby walkers.  Some come from the right as Ray and Train aim their guns at them.  Warren attempts to reach for his knife, but it has been knocked away from his reach.  He uses his strength to push the walker up with his arm and grabs his knife with his other hand, but his arm slips into the walker’s mouth as it bites down on him and tears away the flesh

Warren: Gaaaahhh!

He stabs the walker in the head and pulls the knife out, then backs away clutching his arm and hyperventilating

Warren: No no no no no.  Gaahhh God no

He is oblivious to the walker coming closer to him, but is saved by Gavin, who shoots the upcoming walker and takes Warren away from the fight. He walks him to the tent and takes off his belt before wrapping it around Warren’s arm

Gavin: Ruben!  Get me Owen’s saw.

Ruben runs out as Gavin squeezes Warren’s arm.  Ruben runs in with the saw and Cole

Gavin: I’m gonna need you both to hold him down.  This will hurt a lot

Sean hears Warren screams as the latter’s arm is cut off.  Sean assists Bailey and Scott in taking out the last of the biters before all of them walk towards the tent.  Gavin rushes it helping Warren move with Cole

Gavin: He passed out.  Let’s get the fuck back home and bring him to Elizabeth

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lewis walks out of Gregory’s trailer and is instantly met by Anthony

Anthony: What happened?

Lewis: He wants me in charge for the rest of the day

Anthony: That’s good right?

Lewis: Anything that happens happens on my watch

Anthony: Don’t think of it like that.  Think of this as an opportunity to prove your worth

Just then, Fig runs up to Lewis

Fig: Lewis! Someone raided the apothecary earlier today.  I checked inventory and several things were missing

Lewis: Such as?

Fig: Uh… acetaminophen, ibuprofen, codeine, tylenol.  That’s it

Lewis: Okay thanks for letting me known.  I’ll look into it

He runs over to Kevin

Kevin: What can I help you with, Lewis?

Lewis: I need your help finding medications

Over in the prison community, Stephanie Key walks up to Virginia, Annabelle and Arrowhead

Arrowhead: What can I do for ya, hun?

Stephanie: Not interested

Arrowhead: I can’t ask what I can do for you?  You’ve never shown your face around these parts before, I’m rather interested

Annabelle: Don’t be a dick, Arrowhead.  What brings you here, girly?

Stephanie: I’d like to get high.  Really high

Virginia: I can help with that.  Follow me

Virginia takes Stephanie into her tent and sits the girl down.  She puts a needle in her hand and ties a string around her arm

Virginia: I must ask.  Why you doing this?

Stephanie: Johnny and Richard raped me.  I wanna forget

Virginia: Did they use protection?

Stephanie: No… I don’t think so at least

Virginia gives her a look

Stephanie: No they didn’t

Virginia: Ain’t you worried you’re pregnant?

Stephanie: I’ll deal with that later.  I won’t bring a baby into this world.  Can I have help?  I’ve never done this before

Virginia sticks the needle into Stephanie’s arm and pushes heroin into the girl’s vein.  

Stephanie: Thank you.  Can you leave me alone in the tent, but stay outside?

Virginia: Sure thing, girly

Virginia complies.  Stephanie takes out a water bottle and a bottle of codeine and pours all the pills in her hand.  She takes every single pill and lies back with her eyes closed.  She waits

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Logan: Rick!  You got a minute?

Rick: Sure thing, Logan.  How can I help you?

Logan: It’s your son, Chuck.  I think he’s ready to learn how to use a gun.  I wanted to run it by you first

Rick: Don’t you think it’s a father’s job to teach him

Logan: And that was the other thing.  I wanted you to teach your son alongside me.  And when  Piper’s ready, the same

Rick thinks about it a minute

Rick: Alright.  You’ve got yourself a deal

Logan: Tomorrow at noon then?

Rick: Sure

Elsewhere, in Tess’s room, Niklas puts his jeans back on and buttons them up.  He puts his shirt on as well

Niklas: Well uh… that was enjoyable.  We could do that again sometime

Tess: Sleep together?

Niklas: Yeah.  We could make this a regular thing.  If you want

Tess: What about… you know… sex?

Niklas: If you want.  Sleep together can include sex.  I’m open to it

He leans into her and kisses her on the lips

Niklas: I have to head home.  They’ll be wondering where I am

Niklas leaves Tess’s room and heads downstairs.  He is met by looks from Olivia, Meredith, Dex and Miranda

Meredith: Morning Niklas.  Have a fun night?

Niklas stands with his mouth slightly open

Olivia: You gonna say something or let your mouth hang open?

Dex: Oh play nice, Olivia

Miranda: Did y’all have sex or not?  That’s what she’s dancing around

Niklas: N…. No.  We just slept all day together

Miranda: Lame

Niklas walks out of Meredith’s house quickly and enters his own.  There he finds Nathan and Luka comforting Lindsay on their couch

Nathan: Niklas.  Hey

Niklas: What’s going on?

Lindsay: Matt… He didn’t come home.  He’s dead

Niklas: What?

Nathan: We went to the mall… We lost Matt.  And Tracy, Bentley and Tim West.  It was rough

Luka: She needs some comforting now.  We all do. I took the day off work.  So did Eli

Out in the fields, Jasper struggles to work

Jasper: Mother fucker!  God dammit Luka!  He can’t do this right now

Harper: He took the day off because his Matt died.  It’s rough.  We all should have taken the day off

Jasper: The strawberries just started coming in.  We’re not taking a day off.  Deedee is working hard

Deedee: I just like gardening

In Jenny’s house, Eddie stands with Leo, Aaron and Otis

Jenny: So why won’t he come back?

Eddie: He’s fucked up since his brother died.  He needs this

Leo: And what of Garrett?  He’s one of my best men

Eddie: Stayed behind to help Fish through this

Aaron: I can go out looking for them

Eddie: No.  Fish said he needs this

Otis: But we need them.  If what Aaron says is true, it’s only a matter of time before Gregory and his people find us here.  They could track us down to our home.  We need to be ready

Jenny: He’s right.  Eddie, I want you to join Leo and Aaron to bring Garrett and Fish back.  We need to be ready for any attack

Eddie: I don’t think that’s a good idea.  Fish needs time to mourn.  He needs time

Jenny: He’s been given the time.  By the time you find him it will have been two days.  Now go.  I want them found ASAP

Leo: C’mon Eddie.  I’ll get the car

The three men walk out of Jenny’s house

Otis: I don’t like this, Jenny.  It’s only a matter of time before they find us here

Jenny: Then beef up security.  Take some people from the construction crew.  Maybe Owen or Sylvester.  Then take some other from elsewhere.  If you want to be safe

The pair here yelling coming from outside Jenny’s house by the gates.  The two rush to the door and see Sylvester run by with Gavin and Sean carrying Warren, whose arm has been chopped off towards the top.  He appears to be unconscious.  Cole rushes to Elizabeth’s door and holds it open for the others

Cole: Liz!  Elizabeth!  We need help!  It’s Warren!

Elizabeth rushes out and orders Cole to grab the stretcher and put Warren on it.  She sets up the machines and starts working on him

Elizabeth: Sylvester, I need you to cauterize the wound.  Coel I need you next to me.  Basil, I need you on the other side

Sean: What can I do?

Elizabeth: Take this.  Keep it on his mouth and pump so he has continuous air flow

People from outside start flooding in.  Miranda and Hannah stand and try to look in

Elizabeth: Gavin, I need you on crowd control

Gavin: Okay people!  The doc needs space to do her job.  Let’s just go back to wherever you came from

The people begin to disperse.  Ruben, along with Ray, Owen, Train and Bailey, stand next to Otis and Jenny.  Olivia runs up to them

Ruben: He went to use the restroom.  He didn’t have his gun.  He…. he got swarmed.  It was crazy.  I… I didn’t see it coming

Olivia: Who chopped off his arm?

Owen: Gavin.  Said he had seen it before

Olivia: Did that to my brother as well.  When Todd and Phillip got here, they chopped his arm off to keep his infection from spreading

Ruben: I just hope we did it in time

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gregory sits in his trailer with Maine and Lewis.  Brooks stands guard at the door

Gregory: Lewis told me you killed Richard

Maine: Yes.  This is true

Gregory: He won his freedom when he killed Johnny in the ring.  You were there.  You know how the rules work

Maine: So fucking what?  Richard’s death made an example.  Johnny and Richard raped and beat Stephanie because of her sexuality.  Those intolerant cunts got what they deserved

Brooks: It wasn’t your call to make

Maine: No one else would make it.  So I took charge for once

Gregory sighs

Gregory: Lewis here says you gave a speech about your bisexuality after killing Richard

Maine: This is true

Gregory: So you killed him for personal gain, too?  One less homophobe in the camp.  I get it.

Gregory begins to ponder

Gregory: A group of people are going to search for the community from the Target by tracking from the mall.  You’re going with them.  It’ll be you, Brooks, Rick, Nils and Spencer.  Get ready. Go

Lewis and Maine begin to walk out

Lewis: Gregory I…

Gregory: Save it

Brooks looks to Gregory as the others leave

Brooks: You want me to kill Maine on the journey?

Gregory: You don’t have to.  Just make sure he doesn’t come back with you

Brooks exits the tent and looks to Spencer’s trailer.  He motions for Maine to join him and the pair walk into Spencer’s trailer.  Spencer, Nils, Taz and Izabel are already inside

Izabel: Why can’t I join you on this trip?

Nils: Gregory didn’t mention your name so…

Spencer: Plus, the less the better

Brooks: Maine’s joining us.  Gregory’s orders.  Where’s Rick?

Spencer: Late

Brooks: Let’s pick him up

Taz: Why is Maine joining you when I can't

Brooks: Gregory's orders

Brooks, Nils and Spencer walk out of Spencer’s trailer and into Rick’s.  The five then walk over to the SUV and drive off towards the mall.  Lewis watches them leave and has a strange feeling in his gut. Elsewhere, Virginia starts to worry about Stephanie.  The girl has been in her tent for an hour or so.  Maybe more.  Virginia does not know.  Nobody keeps a watch or clock around.  They just estimate. She passes time talking with Miguelito

Miguelito: I don’t understand it.  Why did she want heroin?

Virginia: I uh… I don’t know.  Maybe she wanted to experiment in this new world

Miguelito: How long you say she was in there for?

Virginia: Maybe an hour

Miguelito: You should check on her.  I’m gonna head back to my tent and have a nap.  I’ll see you around

The pair separate.  Virginia heads into the tent.  By this time, the heroin and the OTC drugs have mixed in her system.  This caused her to go into cardiac arrest and die within the hour.  It took no time at all for the reanimation process to start.  Having heard no noise nor smelled any blood, the reanimated corpse of Stephanie has stayed inside the tent for two minutes after waking up.  It is hungry, but does not have to wait long.  The tent flaps open as Virginia walks in to assist the other girl.  As Virginia shakes Stephanie, the undead girl lunges at the Virginia and lands on top of her.  Before Virginia can make a sound, the undead Stephanie bites into Virginia’s jugular.  She gnaws on her flesh for around 25 minutes before hearing other voices outside.  She stands up and shambles her way out of the tent.  She drops to the ground after tripping on Virginia’s legs and dropping to the ground.  Another member of the prison community runs up to help her

“Hun, are you alright?”

The undead Stephanie attacks this other man and bites down on his arm.  He screams in pain.  His screams draw attention throughout the camp.  Other survivors come rushing out.  Fig and Annabelle run towards the scene with Lewis and Max close by.

Max: Shit

A large circle crowds around the scene.  No one wants to do anything, they all just stand there scared.  Finally, Stephanie looks up at the crowd and Lewis takes out his gun.  He shoots two bullets.  One at Stephanie’s head, and one in the head of the other survivor.  Other people look at him, some with tears in their eyes

Lewis: Someone check the tents.  Be careful, too

Anthony walks into Virginia’s tent and looks around.  He sees Virginia’s corpse, which instantly lunges at him and bites him on the arm, tearing a small part of skin.  Out of anger, he stabs Virginia in the head repeatedly.  Shaking, he covers up his arm with his sleeve and walks out

Anthony: Virginia’s dead

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Todd sits on Annie’s couch.  He stares a bit off into space, but looks back at Annie

Annie: What’s on your mind?

Todd: Nothing.  Well, it’s just…. We’ve lost so many people.  Now Bentley, Matt, Tracy, Tim.  Garrett and Fish left.  We’re losing too many people

Annie: Don’t think like that

Todd: How else am I supposed to think about it, Annie?

Annie: You don’t have to think about it.  Put your mind elsewhere

Todd: Where else can it go?  After everyone we’ve lost?  Hell, after everyone even Phillip and i lost.  I still can’t forget Mark… and Luke… and Rain.  After everything.

Annie: Don’t think about people we’ve lost.  Think about who is here now.  Think about us

She kisses him

Annie: I know I am

She takes his hand and lifts him off the couch.  The pair walk to the bedroom.  Elsewhere, Phillip and Dimitri sit down in Dimitri’s house. The pair sit on his couch and drink scotch that Dimitri had lying around.  They hear a knock on the door

Dimitri: Come in!  It’s unlocked

The pair watch as Scott Cleary walks in

Phillip: Oh hey, Scott!

Scott: How are you guys?

Dimitri: Dandy.  Want some brandy?

Phillip: I thought this was scotch

Dimitri: I wanted to rhyme

Scott: I’ll take some scotch if you’re offering

Scott sits down across from the pair as Dimitri grabs another glass and pours in some scotch

Phillip: What brings you here?

Scott: You heard about what happened to Warren?

Phillip: No.  What happened?

Scott: He got bit.  Figured a few of us would tell folks.  He’s in Doctor Hill’s office right now.  We chopped off his arm

Phillip: Like with Matt

Scott: Exactly.  We hope he survives.  It’s pretty bad

Dimitri: Thank you uh… thank you for telling us.  You’re welcome to stay and drink a bit more if you want

Scott: I’ll have this glass and then I got to head out

Scott drinks half the glass and continues to stare off

Scott: We’ve lost too many too soon.  Eddie, Leo and Aaron went to find Garrett and Fish.  Bring them back here

Elsewhere, on the way back to Apex, Evan and Octavio keep watch in the night

Evan: What are you thinking about this guy, Octavio?

Octavio: I think he’s alright

Evan: You don’t think he might trick us?

Octavio: I think he’s telling the truth.  When we found him, he was running from the mall.  He could have attacked us but he didn’t

Evan: That doesn’t mean he’s a good man

Octavio: But it does mean that he isn’t stupid.  Stupid gets you killed

Evan: So does being alone

Octavio: You lasted fine

Evan: For the first few days.  Before you all found me.  If we got separated… I don’t know if I’d make it

Octavio: It won’t come to that.  Trust me

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inside Elizabeth’s office, she, Cole, Train, Basil and Sean stand alongside Warren’s unconscious body on the stretcher.  She puts her fingers to his throat, then puts her ear to his chest.  She gets up and sighs

Elizabeth: It’s late.  You all should go home and rest.  Train, I think it’s your turn to take watch

Basil: What about Warren?

Elizabeth: I’ll take care of him

The men walk outside of her office and head to their homes.  Train walks up to the guard tower

Train: Lysander.  I’m here to take your shift

Lysander climbs down the ladder and hands the rifle to Train

Lysander: Been quiet out there

Train: That means nothing

Train climbs up the ladder.  A few hundred yards outside of Apex, Brooks, Spencer, Rick Murphy, Nils and Maine watch Train take watch

Rick: We found it

Brooks: Let’s get back to camp

Spencer: I’ll get the truck

Brooks: It’ll be too loud.  We all need to run together

The five run for a half mile and enter the truck.  Brooks stops Maine outside the truck

Brooks: Sorry bud.  This is from Gregory, so, no hard feelings

Maine gives him a puzzled look as he is shot in the gut and left on the ground.  Brooks hops in the truck as Rick drives off.  Maine, still alive, claws his way towards Apex

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

David Henrie as Garrett Smith (Does not Appear)

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham (Does not Appear)

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West (Does not Appear)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Otis

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal (Does not Appear)

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames

Also Starring: Edit

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Ellen Hollman as Meredith

Carmen Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

E. Roger Mitchell as Warren Smith

Josh Helman as Spencer

Donal Logue as Reuben Eastview

Chris Coy as Cosmo Murphy (Does not Appear)

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo

with Jason Momoa as Nathan

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Jason Earles as Nils

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx

Stanley Tucci as Ray

Lee Pace as Lewis

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson

Andrew J West as Doug Santos

Elijah Kelley as Maine Ryan

Harry Lloyd as Luka

Michael Kelly as Jasper Bernard

Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis

Adam Gontier as Max

Tyler Hoechlin as Train

Daniel Kaluuya as Tony King (Fig)

Co-Starring Edit

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd

Anna Camp as Hannah Johnson (No Lines)

Riley Keough as Lindsay Meyerson

Ashley Greene as Annie McGovern

Charlotte Hope as Miranda

Tommy Knight as Anthony

Laura Harrier as Stephanie Key

David Mazouz as Kevin

Pamela Anderson as Virginia

Sydney Park as Annabelle

Leo Fitzpatrick as Taz

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead)

Raúl Castillo as Miguel Santos (Miguelito)

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Lindy Booth as Harper

Mandi Kerr as Deedee

Dave Allen as Rick Conrad

Jason Butler Harner as Logan Schiff

Nick Robinson as Owen

Mike Colter as Cole

Finn Wolfhard as Devin Nelson

Chloe Bennet as Bailey

Tony Vincent as Lysander

Cam Gigandet as Yard Survivor 1

Guest Starring Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy

Deaths Edit

Warren Smith

Stephanie Key (Alive and Zombified)

Virginia (Alive and Zombified)

Unnamed Yard Survivor

Trivia Edit

  • First Appearance of Fig
  • First Appearance of Train
  • First Appearance of Owen
  • First Appearance of Annabelle
  • First Appearance of Bailey
  • First Appearance of Arrowhead
  • First Appearance of Cole
  • First Appearance of Miguelito
  • First Appearance of Lysander
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Yard Survivor 1
  • Last Appearance of Warren Smith
  • Last Appearance of Viriginia
  • Last Appearance of Stephanie Key
  • The name of this episode comes from the Steven Wilson song with the same name. This coincides with the rest of the season where every episode's title comes from a song performed by him or one of his bands
  • Five Series Regulars do not appear in this episode: Garrett Smith (David Henrie), Matt Graham (Nicholas Hoult), Fish West (Chris Pine), Sebastián Bernal (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Cosmo Murphy (Chris Coy)