Sarah Davis
Portrayed by Annie Parisse
Status Dead
Age late 30's
Gender Female
First Seen Stalemate
Last Seen Fission
Death Trauma from car crash, shot by Randy after reanimation.
Relations Jacob (husband)
Kerry (daughter)
Ethan (son, deceased)

Sarah Davis was a supporting character in Step by Step. She is the wife of Jacob. Sarah appears to be an ecstatic, caring woman. Despite her stubbornness, she is able to direct those around her to do the right thing.


Before the apocalypse, she lived in Indianapolis. Sarah married Jacob Davis and had their children, Kerry and Ethan. Unfortunately, Ethan was killed in an accident several years before the pandemic took fold.


Part OneEdit

As she and her family were not put into refugee shelters, she continued to work at the Indianapolis City Hospital. A day after coming home from a terrible work day, she and Jacob arranged a trip to meet up with Kerry. This didn't go according to plan as they were forced to drive into Summercreek High School.

The two were forced through the infested parking lot of the school and soon crashed, resulting in Sarah falling unconscious. Jacob continued to defend them both, however they would still be encased by crazies. After some time, Sarah died from her injuries sustained from the crash and reanimated. In surprise, Jacob refused to kill her himself. Ultimately, Randy Juarez abruptly came into the picture and put her down.


Due to her fatal injuries, Sarah reanimated minutes following her death and was shot to death by Randy Juarez.

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