Portrayed by Richard Roundtree
Status Alive
Age unspecified; 50's
Gender Male
First Seen Voltage (Mentioned)
Relations Lyle C. Jackson (close friend)
Nolan Brackenbury (accomplice)
Unnamed wife
Unnamed daughters

Sanders is a supporting character in Step by Step. He is described as an elderly man that had bad luck in the years running up to the present. He became a homeless refugee before the pandemic.


Sanders held a professional job in New England before he met his wife. They both moved to Indianapolis and settled a family which consisted of two daughters. Several years before the pandemic, he was diagnosed as a diabetic and lost his job during the Great Recession. As a result, his family left him after their debt grew and grew. Afterwards, he became a struggling homeless man, but managed due to help from the works of Lyle C. Jackson.

He is mentioned numerous times by Lyle during his conversations with Nolan, especially when Lyle trades rations for insulin needed by Sanders.

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