Samuel Tollett is a character in Say Goodbye to America: Scatter
Samuel Tollett
First seen
My Book of Regrets
Last seen
Late 20s
Noah (caused); Killed offscreen by an O'Connor Compound guard
(...Hello...?; Torn (confirmed))
Portrayed by
Nik Dodani

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Samuel's life before the outbreak

Post-Apocalypse Edit

At some point, Samuel joined the Yard

Scatter Season 2 Edit

"My Book of Regrets" Edit

Samuel is first seen sitting at a picnic table with Lewis, Julian, Max, Anthony and Daisy Montgomery discussing the upcoming attack on Apex. He is later seen with Cosmo Murphy at target practice, who tells him to rest the rifle on his left shoulder for his left-eye dominance

"Home Invasion" Edit

While not explicitly seen during the battle at Apex, Samuel is seen later with Kevin in the woods discussing how and what they'll do if they get back

"Stars Die" Edit

Samuel is seen with Kevin in North Chatham Elementary, arguing about not having a place back at the Yard. The pair then meet Cole and Basil, Apex survivors. After revealing Kevin and Samuel attacked Apex, Basil reaches for his gun before Cole tells them to talk it out

Season 3 Edit

"Lift" Edit

Samuel is seen with Kevin, Basil and Cole walking down the road when they are approached by a vehicle and are seen putting their hands up

"Food" Edit

Samuel is seen in the O'Connor Compound prison cells when Eli Wilson of Apex is brought in. He watches as Eli attacks the cook, Thomas Packer and is subsequently taken away

"...Hello...?" Edit

Samuel is seen talking with the other prisoners about Eli's outburst. He is taken outside the cells when Dave O'Connor makes Noah choose someone

"Torn" Edit

Although not physically present, Eli explains how the food the prisoners are eating is actually Samuel, and causes an uprise in the cells

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous counts of zombies

Killed By Edit

Noah (Caused) Edit

O'Connor Compound Guard Edit

  • After being chosen by Noah, Samuel is killed offscreen and served as the next meal

Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • My Book of Regrets
  • Home Invasion
  • Stars Die

Season 3 Edit

  • Lift
  • Food
  • ...Hello...?
  • Torn (as food)

Trivia Edit

  • Samuel, along with Kevin, are the second characters revealed to be appearing in Season 3 early. The first was Lewis
  • Along with Cole, Basil and Kevin, Samuel had been marked unknown since Season 2 Episode 6 (Home Invasion), before being re-introduced in Season 2, Episode 11 (Stars Die)
    • Along with the three, Samuel will be moved up to Also Starring in Season 3
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