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Safe And Sound is a short story written by AmazingPurry. It follows the story of a group of children survivors through an undead apocalypses.


Its been 3 years since the apocalypses started, you would of thought the world would of gotten better, that by now they'd find a cure... You would be wrong in thinking that. Only a few survivors live now in this destroyed world, bombs that the military sent in just a few months during the outbreak did nothing but destroy possible safe houses that survivors now crave, everything is dead, even the earth itself... Follow the story of five young survivors, who have somehow survives through the harsh winters and the hot summers of the apocalypses, with the help of other survivor and, well, luck.



Apocalypse Started : 2nd February 2015

Story Started : 2nd Feburary 2018

Days Passed Since Apocalypse Started : 1095

Days Passed Since Story Started : 1


Joan Karensas Robert Sasha Sean
Joan Karen Robert Sasha Sean

A full list of characters can be found at the Character Page


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