Ron Kelly, is a recurring character in NEW DAY.

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Ron Kelly

Portrayed by:







31 (episode 1)


Police Officer

Created by:




Mason Wylie - Partner
Nathan Snapes - Captain

Affiliated Groups:

Belforde Police Force, Western District


First Seen:

Episode 1


Episode 1Edit

Ron is first heard over a Bluetooth phone call through a convo with Mason where he reveals his boss Nathan has told him about the release of Jacob Rubens. A kid who both him and Mason had previously locked up. Ron is seen later helping Mason investigate a crime scene.

Episode 2Edit

Ron is seen visiting Mason in prison, updating him of their current case; he tells Mason that the evidence is strong against him. Nonetheless, he gives Mason reassurance as the only person still on his side. When asked about Mason's alibi, Ron tells him that there's no such evidence on his phone.

Episode 3Edit

Mason calls Ron for assistance in his case, now that he was bailed out. He shows him surveillance footage of Nathan Snapes, their captain, doing something suspicious in his office.

Episode 4Edit

Two years prior, Ron is shown meeting his new partner, Mason Wylie, freshly transferred to this department from Oregon. Mason wastes no time and brings him along in the case, telling him that he'll get to know Ron in the job.

In the present, through the help of a coerced Nathan, it is later revealed that Ron is, in fact, the main perpetrator in framing Mason; he fabricated the crime scene and committed a murder. This is done through wiring Nathan's apartment while he invites Ron so he can brag about the murder.

Mason later confronts Ron in his house, in a remote location. There, he reveals that he has been working for councilman Bobby Rubens, prioritizing him over his partner. This, coupled with his sociopathic presence, prompts Mason to shoot him on sight.

Officer Eric De La Cruz later reveals through the news that Ron committed suicide, based on how they found him when they were going for the arrest.


  • Ron originally had a minor role as just Mason's partner and nothing else.
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