Returning To A Dead City
Volume 2, Part 5
Written by Juan Cardona
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The Save Zone Dies
The Outsider
After the group had left the save zone Juan was compromised in finding a new save place for them to stay for a longer time without getting the walkers attention. Juan knew a couple of places in the outside of the city, not so far and not so close to the city, Juan told the group the ideal save place to stay was in a gate community, everybody looked at Juan with doubt in their faces, he told everyone it was the best place to build their own community were survivors that were looking for a save place could stay. So the group began to fight the walkers inside the gate community but things got out of control, the group saw the place was overrun with walkers, the walkers had already caught and killed Catalina. The group was running out of ammo in their guns, Juan remembered he had taken some granades from dead soldiers and SWAT officers so he began throwing them at the walkers killing many of them very quickly, Michelle saw a military Hummer with a Browning M2HB machine gun she ran till she got to the vehicle and she began shotting at the walkers killing many of them. Once the group cleared the gate community they decided two devide in groups of three, they investigated in every house, but they found some healthy snacks and canned food, the group then dicided to stay the night and the next they take gas from the rich people vehicles so they could leave early in the morning before the walkers knew they were still in the gate community. The group asked Luis if he could stay wake so he could keep guard during the night, Luis accepted and the others left to go to sleep, the next day the group woke up and decided to see if the military vehicles was in good shape. Derek who knew a thing or two about cars beganto investigate and found out there was a gas leak and that the motor was full of blood and moist so he told Juan it was impossible to get the military vehicle in shape again, Juan then told Derek that Michelle had found a lot af amo for the Browning M2HB machine gun so that he took it from the vehicles and installed it in their Hummer, Derek sarcasticly told Juan, that was now something he could do. After everything was done the group left the gate community to look for a new save heaven.


  • Catalina Gomez
  • Terry Dougs


  • Juan Cardona
  • Alexandra Quintero
  • Owen Mackenzie
  • Andrea Vazquez
  • Luis Garcias
  • Alejandra Vallarino
  • Gabriel Sandrea
  • Karen Blake
  • Dylan Vickson
  • Carla Ferguson
  • Derek Connors
  • Valery Muños
  • Francisco Pereira
  • Katherine Gonzales
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Oriana Escalona
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