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THEME: New order - Elegia

Rebirth is a pre-apocalyptic story written by Cperez13. It is a prequel of World of Anarchy that tells the origin story of the main conflict of the overall series and is set during the Arabian Nights, the Renaissance Era, the age of piracy in the Caribbean, the American Revolution, the Second World War, and during the Persian Gulf War.


Something dark is working behind the scenes during these different time periods in history. Something that none realize will dictate the rest of the history of the world and lead up to the conflict presented through out World of Anarchy and World of Power. The story is told from the point of view of six different protagonists during six different periods of history that act as a prelude to the rest of the series.


Adan Elizabeth Odyessia
"Chapter 1 - One Thousand And One Nights" "Chapter 7 - Blossoming" "Chapter 13 - Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum"
"Chapter 2 - Djinn" "Chapter 8 - TBA" "Chapter 14 - TBA"
"Chapter 3 - Another Crusade" "Chapter 9 - TBA" "Chapter 15 - TBA"
"Chapter 4 - Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright..." "Chapter 10 - TBA" "Chapter 16 - TBA"
"Chapter 5 - The Lost City" "Chapter 11 - TBA" "Chapter 17 - TBA"
"Chapter 6 - The Garden Of Eden" "Chapter 12 - Enlightenment" "Chapter 18 - Across The Seven Seas"
Henry Josef Alexis
"Chapter 19 - A Patriot" "Chapter 25 - Übermensch" "Chapter 31 - Operation Desert Storm"
"Chapter 20 - TBA" "Chapter 26 - TBA" "Chapter 32 - TBA"
"Chapter 21 - TBA" "Chapter 27 - TBA" "Chapter 33 - TBA"
"Chapter 22 - TBA" "Chapter 28 - TBA" "Chapter 34 - TBA"
"Chapter 23 - TBA" "Chapter 29 - TBA" "Chapter 35 - TBA"
"Chapter 24 - A Dream Lies Dead" "Chapter 30 - Iron curtain" "Chapter 36 - Prelude To Anarchy"


  • Adan - One of the protagonists and an adventure during the time of the Arabian Nights searching for the power to save his loved ones.
  • Elizabeth - One of the protagonists and a writer during the Renaissance period who gets swept away on the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Odyessia - One of the protagonists and a captain during the Golden Age of Piracy who faces many obstacles on the seven seas to get what she most desires.
  • Henry - One of the protagonists and a soldier caught in the middle of the United States struggle for independence from Great Britain.
  • Josef - One of the protagonists and a Nazi during the time of World War II who begins to question his own morality when faced with a daunting task.
  • Alexis - One of the protagonists and a soldier who participates in Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War who finds out a secret about her family.


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  • This story was conceived as both a world building exercise and as a way to expand the author's writing.
  • The ancestors and relatives of many of the characters from other entries in the series will appear in this story.
  • Many historical characters, some fictional, will appear during the story as the three protagonists will meet them.
  • Literally a day after finishing the first draft of the story, originally only set during the Renaissance Era, a second draft was formed to include two other time periods and two more protagonists.
    • As of December 23, 2015 a third draft was formed upping the number of protagonist and eras of time to six
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