"VS Mew: What Happened Before, and What Lies Ahead"
Volume 2, Episode 6
Centric character Hilbert, Hareta, Cal & Iris
Written by Johno1995
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VS Mew: What's Happened Before, and What Lies Ahead is the sixth and final episode of Pokémon Anthology's Iridescence arc.

The climactic final battle against Team Rocket, for the liberation of Mewtwo and the entire Kanto region from the clutches of the evil Giovanni, takes place. The identity of the mysterious Mask of Ice is revealed.

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Songs Cued[edit | edit source]


Pokémon B2 W2 - Battle! Kanto Gym Leader Music HD


Pokemon Red Blue Yellow - Battle! Champion Music (HQ)


Pokemon Emerald FireRed LeafGreen - Battle! Deoxys Music (HQ)


Team Magma & Aqua Leader Battle - Pokémon Ruby Sapphire Emerald


Victory! Trainer (STEREO) - Pokémon Red Green Blue Yellow


Pokémon X Y - B W Emotion theme HD (Official)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The entire "Iridescence" volume was written in the summer of 2013 in the form of a movie script. These pages are being broken into different "episodes" to make it a more accessible read.
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