Pokémon Anthology is a comedy-adventure story based in the world of Pokémon, featuring the stories of characters from many different regions.


Volume 1: Black & WhiteEdit


An ancient legend tells of a powerful Dragon Pokémon used by twin brothers to create the Unova region. But the brothers each sought something different in life—truth for the older brother and ideals for the younger—and they began to argue, then fight, over who's side was right. The single dragon, in response, split into two Pokémon: Reshiram, who sided with the older twin, and Zekrom, who sided with the younger twin. As a result of a massive war, these two dragons destroyed Unova and started anew...

Thousands of years later, Hilbert—a lazy boy from a small rural town—and Iris—a wild child from a privileged background—join together to journey through Unova. Team Plasma, a group of people with hopes of liberating Pokémon from their trainers, begin an uprising that splits the people of the region into two sides. However, Hilbert and Iris discover that the group's plot isn't as benevolent as they make it out to be.

Will Hilbert and Iris be able to stop this battle of Truth vs. Ideals before the destructive results of the legend ruin the world as they know. As everyone will soon find out, however, nothing is as black and white as it seems. There is always a shade of grey.


Episode 1: "VS Pikachu: The Electric Tale of Pikachu"

Episode 2: "VS Sewaddle: Lights, Camera..."

Episode 3: "VS Archeops: Around Unova in 7 Days"

Episode 4: "VS Druddigon: Enter: Zekrom"

Episode 5: "VS Haxorus: Tough Love"

Episode 6: "VS Reshiram & Zekrom: A Battle of Truth & Ideals"

Episode 7: "VS Meloetta: Meloetta's Song"

Volume 2: IridescenceEdit


A few months following the events of "Black & White", scientists working for the terrorist organization Team Rocket in the Kanto region have succeeded in creating impossibly accurate robot duplicates of various Pokémon. Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni, has begun a process of replacing the Pokémon of various businessmen, corporate leaders, politicians and powerful trainers like gym leaders and the Elite 4. Using his Pokemon to gather and collect information, Giovanni's power grows and grows to epic proportions.

Discovering this scheme totally by accident, Hilbert has his Pokémon stolen and his spirit broken and defeated. When Team Rocket uses their power to make him Public Enemy Number One, Hilbert is forced on the run and must trust new friends like the hyperactive Hareta, and old. Though Hilbert soon discovers that trust is something he shouldn't hand out so easily as a mysterious masked figure with a fetish for ice seems to stalk Hilbert's every move...


Episode 1: "VS Pachirisu: I Wanna Be the Very Best"

Episode 2: "VS Charmander: That'd be Your... Magikarp"

Episode 3: "VS Vileplume: Caught in a Pickle (AKA the Head of a Vileplume)"

Episode 4: "VS Zapdos: Electric Boogaloo"

Episode 5: "VS Alakazam: Cold As Ice"

Episode 6: "VS Mew: What Happened Before, and What Lies Ahead"

Volume 3: AdventuresEdit

The third volume takes place a year after Iridescence. This volume features the interpersonal stories of trainers from every region, which end up interconnecting in an epic globe-trotting adventure. “To be a Pokémon Master” are the words that many young Trainers utter when asked by their regional Professor “Why do you want a starter Pokémon?” Of course, Pokémon Master is a very vague description. It seems to have different definitions according to different individuals. Many see being a Pokémon Master as winning a Pokémon League Tournament. Others see it as somehow capturing a Legendary Pokémon. Some may attempt to catch every single Pokémon in existence. No matter how you define it, the goal is there and it is very real... but so are the threats. A dangerous threat promises to unite many Trainers from across the universe.


Episode 1: "VS Jirachi: Cold Snap"

Episode 2: "VS Ariados: The Tangled Webs We Weave"

Episode 3: "VS Pichu: No Time Like the Present"

Episode 4: "VS UB-02 Absorption: Dreamtime"

Episode 5: "VS Hitmonlee: What They Died For"

Episode 6: "VS Golisopod: Crossbones"

Episode 7: "VS Seviper: The Howling Tempest"

Episode 8: "VS Spiritomb: 108"

Episode 9: "VS UB Burst: Dark Carnival"

Episode 10: "VS Zangoose: Moonshine Moxie"

Episode 11: "VS Darmanitan: TBD"

Episode 12: "VS Persian: The Gathering"

Episode 13: "VS Mega Camerupt & Mega Sharpedo: Zenith"

Episode 14: "VS Kyogre & Groudon: Cataclysm"

Episode 15: "VS UB-01 Symbiont, Part 1: Beauty"

Episode 16: "VS UB-01 Symbiont, Part 2: Beast"


  • All artwork used is not my own.
  • Episode titles reference a Pokémon encountered within the episode. Each generation except for Gen VIII (the most recent generation) has been represented:
    • Eight episode titles reference the name of Gen I Pokémon
    • Two episode titles reference the name of Gen II Pokémon
    • Four episode titles reference the name of Gen III Pokémon
    • Two episode titles reference the name of a Gen IV Pokémon
    • Seven episode titles reference the name of Gen V Pokémon
    • One episode title references the name of a Gen VI Pokémon
    • Five episode titles reference the name of Gen VII Pokémon
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