Phoebe Denning





Tulsa, Oklahoma


Rory Stiles (best friend)


2, 3

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"It's Turtles All the Way Down and the Bottom Is Oh-So Close"


Injected with the virus by Leigh, died and reanimated ("A Spy in the House of Love")

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9 episodes

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Kristin Lehman

Eden Rising

Phoebe Denning was a researcher stationed by the people behind Eden at the Tulsa International Airport. During her time there, she was shown to be a curious woman with a stern personality to contrast her best friend's, lead researcher Rory Stiles.



It is known that Phoebe and Rory were friends since childhood, and even attended college together. They were both recruited by the organization behind Eden.

Season 2Edit

Phoebe is present at the airport when Tom Snyder's group of survivors arrives. Phoebe is part of the check-in process, making sure no one is showing signs of turning.

After the overthrowing of the soldiers, Phoebe is shown to have slowly integrated into the group more. Kitty comes to her about the potential of her lung cancer returning, and Phoebe runs tests and discovers that Kitty's cancer is back. She promises to Kitty to keep it a secret from Rory. When Rory brings back a case he found on board a shipwrecked cruise ship containing vials of the virus, Phoebe is fearful of the results of experimenting on it. When all evidence is pointed at Phoebe being the saboteur, with outgoing messages found on her computer connecting to outsiders talking about the vials, most of the group begins to point their fingers at her. They do not get the chance to talk to Phoebe about any of this however, as she is killed while trying to dispose of the virus. An infected Phoebe chases Rory and Kitty into the makeshift laboratory in the airport, where Rory smashes her head in with a large computer monitor.

Rory mulls over whether or not Phoebe had anything to do with the sabotaging going on throughout the season, though in the end he believes in her innocence.

Season 3Edit

In season 3, Leigh confessed to Rory that Phoebe was innocent, offering him some final piece of mind. She went to the basement to truly get rid of the vials, but Leigh intercepted her, splashed her in the face with them, stole them and fled.


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