Peter is a cadet, he is from Northern Ireland, and is doing gun training in Atlanta, he is staying with his Auntie Lori, and Uncle Rick, he carries his own Desert Eagle and Bersa Thunder 380 with him, also he has a Franchi PA18, for the training, he arrives in Kings Country, Georgia and is greeted by Lori, this is three days after Rick has got shot

Peter: Hey guys, great to see you *he sees Shane* Shane, long time no see *the pair laugh*, em where’s Rick?

Lori: He’s um, he’s in the Hospital, *Peter is shocked* he got shot, and is in a coma *Peter is speechless*

Shane: I’ve been looking after Lori and Carl for a few days, but now that your here...

Peter: Will he be okay?

Lori: We won’t know for a while, he hasn’t woken up yet, if that’s what you mean

Shane: let’s get back to the car, we have a surprise for you, buddy *as he smiles at him*

*So they go back to the car, they get home to find a car, with a bow around it, saying congratulations Peter*

Peter: Thanks, but you didn’t have to.

Lori: It was Rick’s idea, it arrived before he went to work, Carl and I decorated it.

Peter: Where is the little rascal?

Lori: At school

Peter: Shane can you help me please, as he takes out his Desert Eagle

Shane: Bloody hell Peter, who gave that to you?

Peter: Mum and Dad said to me that I should have it, going into the cadets competition

Shane: Sure, *they all inside” Do you know how to clean it?

Three days pass and Peter has one the competition. When Peter gets back to Rick’s house they congratulate him, Shane comes barging in

Shane: Lori, Peter pack your things we’re leaving now *confused about what Shane’s talking about they still do it*

Peter: But why? I just won the competition; I’m not leaving for another week. *Shane is looking out of the Window*

Shane: Hurry up *He then explains that Rick’s dead, and that they need to get into the car and go to Atlanta*

Lori: *Starting to cry and so is Carl* R- Rick’s dead *Shane nods and gets them to hury up*

Shane: Peter get your guns *so peter does so, when they leave the house, Shane kills a man that is walking towards him*

Peter: Shane what the hell are you doing

Shane: There Zombies Peter not people

Peter: *Shocked, he also pulls out his Pistol and starts to fire at the coming zombies, he then get into his car while Lori and Carl get into Shanes*

Shane: Just Follow me and stay very close *they drive off*

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