Patrick Alfonso


Infected (Issue 22)






42 (Issue 15)


cashier (formerly)
stock broker (formerly)
graphic designer (formerly)
freelance writer



Dan (partner, mentioned only)


First Seen:

Issue 15 - Noisettes

Last Seen:

Issue 22 - The LZ

Physical Information




188 Lbs.

Skin Color:





ruby v-neck sweatshirt, tanned pants, rubber shoes


Patrick Alfonso is a character that appears in Apocalypse Life.


Patrick had a variation of jobs, some he doesn't stop mentioning. He found a partner by the time he was in his mid-twenties, living his life with him for as long as he could possibly remember.

His strict job preference nearly led him to be homeless, until he found some success in being a freelance writer.

Apartment RefugeEdit

Patrick drifts off to Noisette Street at an unknown point in time, being taken in by Liam. His cheery demeanor made him easily acceptable, especially among Evee and Maureen.

He is especially significant for his cooking skills, making the food and keeping the morale up of his companions. He has the friendliest first interaction with Julius Petero, quickly advising him as they burned the bodies of the apartment's dead tenants.

He would cook for the group for two more nights, until he learned that Maureen's boyfriend, Duane, had a truck set up for them as rescue. He tags along with the group, and does his best to protect each and every one of them. He later earns a bite from a walker but decides to keep it from the group, hoping to reveal it when time comes.

When they finally arrive, Patrick chose to stay behind so that Maureen, Evee, and Duane could have a clean escape. He fought the soldiers head-on, and manages to flee, but at the cost of sustaining more injuries.

He later encounters Julius, who urges him to keep on moving. Julius wonders why he's not following, and he reveals him his bite. Julius was forced to flee, leaving the infected Patrick alone.


Patrick is a highly social and positive person, always looking at the upside of things. As such, he is often the one to cheer up any person that's down.

When more serious things occur, Patrick does his best to solve it with his judgement, and surprisingly, he does a good job at it.

He is the apartment's dedicated chef, always bugging Liam to get him additional supplies for his cooking.



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Evee MastersonEdit

Patrick has made it his task to try to prod Evee's quiet nature, trying to see if she's been traumatized in any form. He has been unsuccessful most of the time, though.


He and Barbara are nearly opposite in views, though the apocalypse has brought them together. She is the one to correct Patrick's joking.


  • Patrick's final character varied widely from his original counterpart. He was supposed to be Barbara's troublesome son, who would focus only on survival and himself. Later on, his relation to Barbara was severed and he was made into a homeless man, found by Liam in the streets. His personality would be much more bizarre than his current one. His role as a heroic sacrifice would still be upheld.
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