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Daughter - "Youth" (Live @ Air Studios)

Daughter - "Youth" (Live @ Air Studios)

Daughter - Youth

One Bullet Left is an upcoming post-apocalypse zombie story written by Olivia253.


Two years into the zombie apocalypse society is still slowly trying to piece itself back together but in Brookhaven, a safe-zone nestled in the heart of downtown Seattle things are taking a turn for the worst. The government inside Brookhaven are distraught while trying to keep the city at peace but new laws and secrets are tearing the city apart. Brookhaven's residents are desperately trying to stay in order and return to how the world used to be but as things grow worse the people will do whatever it takes to protect the ones they love; even if it means losing their morals. 


Volume OneEdit


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The story takes place around spring of 2017.


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