57 (Issue 4)


Security Guard



Unnamed Son


First Seen:

Issue 4 - Meeting

Last Seen:

Issue 5 - Separate Ways

Physical Information




168 Lbs.

Skin Color:


Other Features:

gray trimmed moustache


gray, balding




Officer Graham is a character that appears in Apocalypse Life.


Not much is revealed about Graham's past, other than that he started working as a security guard in the local town college.

The First NightEdit

Graham is first seen patrolling near the library grounds for survivors with Mathis, hoping to bring any surivors he comes across in the building itself. They drive out in his own car to find more survivors. In the process, they almost run over Julius, who was running from a horde. While they were attempting to avoid Julius, they crash into the incoming horde, rendering the car to be unusable. Graham and Mathis take Julius with them, leaving the car behind and returning to the library on foot.

Inside the library, he was the first to notice walkers wandering in the parking lot. As Mathis and Julius observe with him, they notice a figure running from a distance. They go to the entrance, with Mathis opening the door and Graham and Julius keeping watch. The runner safely enters. Julius notices that it was Alice, a former acquaintance of his.

Once they come back inside, the rest of the group formulate a plan of escaping, with Graham again keeping watch. This time, he notices the walkers gathering one by one near the perimeter, presumably brought in by Alice. Graham alerts Mathis and Julius, who quickly finish formulating their plan. The group set out for the parking lot and into their car, with Graham right behind them.

The group was quickly met with a slowly forming herd, closely chasing them as they ran for their vehicle. As Julius noticed, Graham wasn't with the group; he stayed behind the entrance, already attracting a few walkers with him. As one last act of desperation, Graham shouts as loud as he can, then shoots his gun. The herd that chased Julius and the group thins, turning their attention toward Graham instead. This was the chance for them to start the car and drive away.

Mathis tries to reach Graham, whom he couldn't see as the walkers formed a wall near the entrance.


Graham almost always remains silent, even when serious matters are being discussed. All he cares for is the safety of the people he has saved. He is quick to turn his gun, however, if such a person would harm him or his companions.


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  • Graham is partly inspired by Otis Washington, a character from the video game Dead Rising.
  • Graham speaks of his only car being a pale green 1978 Ford Crown.
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