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This story is a spin-off of Apocalypse Life.

The PremiseEdit

Liam and Elaine. The only others left. Childhood friends. Foster kids. Separated as adults. Pulled back together in times of need.The only family they have left is each other.
This new world, this new life, has reminded them that survival is cruel.
And yet, they're still hopeful.

Hopeful for a new tomorrow.


Part 1 - Mornings (June 09, 2013)
A look on Liam's typical morning routine, consisting of a supply run.

Part 2 - Old Days (October 20, 2013)
Liam and Elaine recall their past.

Part 3 - Streets (September 20, 2014)
Things change for the two as survivors appear before Liam and Elaine.

Part 4 - Parked Cars (TBA)
The path becomes more perilous as day slowly turns to night.

Part 5 - Decisions (TBA)
Difficulties arise.

Part 6 - Signs (TBA)
Plans change. Promises are broken.

New Tomorrow
1 - Mornings2 - Old Days3 - Streets4 - Parked Cars5 - Hostiles6 - Signs7 - Decisions
Characters from New Tomorrow
LiamElaineJen TrugilioAlice
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