Nathan Snapes, is a recurring character in the short-story, NEW DAY. A district captain who continually displays his incompetence. He is constantly insecure of Mason's achievements.

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Nathan Snapes

Portrayed by:

Will Arnett






39 (episode 1)


Police Captain

Created by:




Mason Wylie - officer
Eric De La Cruz - officer
Ron Kelly - officer

Affiliated Groups:

Belforde Police Force, Western District


First Seen:

Episode 1

Last Seen:



Episode 1Edit

Nathan is first seen when he reveals to Mason that a new murder investigation has opened up. He assigns both Mason and his partner Ron to the investigation. Mason pushes back a bit, but Nathan pulls rank.

Later in the scene, a fire alarm is pulled. Nathan uses this opportunity to plant a gun in Mason's office.

Episode 2 Edit

Nathan visits Mason in prison. Mason, quick to suspect that he is the one responsible, enters a shouting match with him. Nathan nonetheless continues to pull rank, but it does not affect the already-incarcerated Mason.

Later, Nathan is tailed by Mark Essie, Mason's new partner in this investigation. He finds that Nathan was socializing among other important figures in the city.

Episode 3 Edit

Through the case file Mark and Mason acquired during their investigation, they find that Nathan is indeed responsible for Mason's wrongful arrest--at least partially. After convincing Eric De La Cruz, the three corner Nathan at an adult arcade, where he is coerced into revealing the people truly responsible for Mason's arrest. Eric gives him a plea deal if he complies fully.

Episode 4 Edit

Nathan's apartment is wiretapped by Eric and Mason so they can secure concrete evidence. It is revealed that the perpetrator is none other than Mason's partner, Ron Kelly. Nathan mentioned earlier that Ron likes to brag about his shady ventures, and the current wiretapped conversation they were having was no different.

Being tied to Mason's wrongful arrest, Nathan is put in one year jail, and one year probation. Eric replaces him as captain. He is later seen, two years later, at the last week of his house arrest, seemingly enjoying it.


Three years later, Nathan unexpectedly visits Mason in his new job. He flirts with Mason's co-worker but fails. Later, the two return to Mason's apartment. Though Nathan was black-out drunk, he did score a girl's number.


  • Nathan's characterization is heavily influenced by his actor, Will Arnett. Originally, his character was supposed to be more serious.
  • It is implied that Nathan worked for Bobby Rubens, through his connection with Ron Kelly.
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