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The Young Foundation[edit source]

Jaime Fesser
The Young Foundation's head of security. Jaime is first shown having kidnapped Mark Essie (Episode 3). Together with Sullivan, they interrogate him, with mixed results. Jaime is shown to be the impatient one, but it may have just worked in their favor.

Jaime Fesser is portrayed by Celestin Cornielle.
Lorenzo Young
The enigmatic founder of the Young Foundation. He appears in Episode 3 to hand Mason Wylie his investigation of Bobby Rubens, requesting for Mason to kidnap him. Mason refuses.
Two years later, his non-profit would grant Mason an "experimental youth program".

Lorenzo Young is portrayed by Richard Roundtree.

Rubens Family[edit source]

Jacob Rubens
First mentioned in a case handled by Ron Kelly and Mason Wylie (Episode 1). Arrested for kidnapping and possession, Ron would break the news to Mason that he was already released on all charges.
Jacob is later shown in Episode 4, having learned of his father's death.

Jacob Rubens is portrayed by Charlie Heaton.
Councilman Bobby Rubens
A great source of anguish for Mason Wylie, even though they do not directly meet. Bobby used his connections in the police to frame Mason for murder (Episode 1), simply because he arrested his son, Jacob. Mason would later learn that Bobby is being targeted by key figures of the Young Foundation.
In Episode 4, two years later, Bobby has been arrested. He is later found murdered in jail.

Bobby Rubens is portrayed by John Barrowman.

Silver Gale Nightlounge[edit source]

Annabelle Tate
A 16-year-old girl who illegally worked in the Silver Gale strip club. Her murder, at the hands of Mason Wylie's own partner Ron Kelly (Episode 3), is used to wrongfully frame him (Episode 1). Despite meeting in bad circumstances, Mason felt guilt from her death throughout his investigation.

Annabelle is portrayed by Hana Hayes.
A stripper in the Silver Gale, and Annabelle's parental figure. She immediately rules out Mason Wylie as Hana's murderer (Episode 2), and hints to him that someone else in his department may have been responsible. She is noted to be as tall as Mason.

Flamingo is portrayed by Nicole Steinwedell.

EPILOGUE[edit source]

Program[edit source]

Marissa Camacho
One of Mason's first co-workers in the experimental program. With her help, the program's first year ends on a strong note. Later, she resigns and hands Mason four student files to complete his special project.

Marissa Camacho is portrayed by Paula Reca.
Greg Grisham
A social worker who signed on to the New Day program, acting as auxiliary staff. Some time during the program, Greg stops an altercation between two students that causes police involvement. Though left shocked, Greg is seen during the program's first graduation, signifying a successful year.

Greg Grisham is portrayed by Mamoudou Athie.
Noni Fuentes
A member of the New Day program. Noni is a social therapist, taking up the role of counselor just for the program. She urges Mason Wylie to be more involved.

Noni Fuentes is portrayed by Nadine Marissa.
Michelle Vu
Marissa's replacement as program manager for Mason's New Day program. She brings to his attention Jamil Demons' involvement in his special project.

Michelle Vu is portrayed by Veronica Ngo.

Deviants[edit source]

Shakenzie Woods
Kristina's best friend. She has no problem letting Kristina live her best life, even if it includes doing drugs or drinking alcohol. The two are roommates at SVU.

Shakenzie Woods is portrayed by Pepi Sonuga.
Pepisonuga profile2.png
Hakeem Dunwick
Ada's best friend. The two briefly touch upon Ada's court case. He motivates her to stay good so they can go to college together as they have always said.

Hakeem Dunwick is portrayed by Austin Crute.
Marline Santos
Carmelo's older sister. She tries to stay very involved in Melo's life, even if she has school work to focus on her own. She makes contact with Marissa about giving Melo a change in the new program.

Marline Santos is portrayed by Diane Guerrero.
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