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NEW DAY is a story written by NOStalgic & KnowledgeProspector.


Synopsis Edit

Mason Wylie is a well-reputed police officer who works in the Western district of Belforde. Everything seems clear as day for Mason until he is framed for a murder he didn't commit. It's up to him to find answers that will clear his name. But with enemies who hold power that exceeds his, Mason wonders if he can really clean his name and reputation.


ND masonport2 ND ericport1 ND markport1
Jamie Dornan as Mason J.D. Pardo as Eric Aidan Turner as Mark

Episodes Edit

Mason Wylie, an upstanding cop in Belforde's Western District, stumbles upon a case that would change his career forever.
06 May 2020
Mason meets an old friend that improves his current predicament.
06 May 2020
Mason continues to pursue some convincing leads. Mark meets a few individuals that could help assist their case significantly.
06 May 2020
Finally having made significant progress, Mason faces his former colleagues to put an end to his case. Later, Mason makes a life-changing decision.
06 May 2020
NEW DAY's conclusion. A look into Mason's life years after the incident.
10 May 2020

Trivia Edit

  • NEW DAY is the first story to be written in The Collective Universe.
  • This is KnowledgeProspector and NOStalgic's first story written together.
  • The story in total took a maximum of 5 days to be planned and written.
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