Reddy This story has been scrapped.

Yeah I Just Don't feel like continuing this story, I just got bored of writing these same people over and over again


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Meet The Snipes is a story by Lee Everett, and a spin-off of Fear The Living, details the fall of Wesley Snipe, and the rise of the Bandits. (Will resume after Plan Z)


Wesley Snipe was your normal everyday man, woke up went to work, came home and spent time with his family, and repeated. Then the apocalypse hit which changed everything for Wesley, he now had to make sure his family survived no matter what. But with the threat of not only biter's, how well can Wesley protect his family?

Meanwhile a biker gang in Wesley's state has been gaining strength, and stirring problems with other gangs in the state. The leader, Superior, has decided to end this all, and with the apocalypse now coming, he's going to be able to show his true colors.


Begins in 2010



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