Matthew Lamar Dennis is a character and survivor in Walking Dead: Requiem. He is a powerhouse and pivitol member in Eric's group of survivors.


Matthew grew up with Eric, Joshua and Murphy in Roxboro, North Carolina where they would often role-play and 'prepare' for the impending apocalypse. As they continued through highschool together and graduated, this preparation continued and eventually the friends began a weekend-warriors club to assimilate a number of post-apocalyptic scenarios. Branded the 'Powerhouse' and 'Weapons Expert', Matt is a highly skilled marksmen and survivalist. At some point prior to the outbreak, he had begun a serious relationship with his lover and girlfriend Anna Banegas, much to the chargin of both their parents. His father, John, had passed away sometime after highschool and only he and his mother Heather were left, which lead to him maturing and becoming a stronger man than most of his commrades. His mentor and bestfriend David has since taken part in his weekend activities and holds a special place in his heart.

Walking Dead: RequiemEdit

Having escaped North Carolina almost immediately following the outbreak, Matt traveled to the weekend warriors pre-decided meet-up location at Eric and Brooke Mason's family Summer home in Natural Bridge, Virginia. Along with his mother, girlfriend, girlfriends mother, David, Josh and Murphy, Matt stocked their vehicles with weapons and supplies before making the dangerous trek across the state-lines. It is implied they'd lost several others traveling with them to armed looters, including family members of Murphy.

Once they made it to the family's Summer cabin, they patiently awaited the arrival of Eric whose fate had been unsure until the Romanos family arrived seeking shelter from the elements.


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Matt is a large black male whose girth is made up of pure muscle and he ranges to about six-feet tall. Physically imposing, Matt sports a ruggedly long beard and short, curly black hair.


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  • He has the largest home arsenal of any other character in the series.
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