Mark Yaz
Biographical Information
Full Name: Mark Yaz
DOB: 2001
Age: 12
Status: Deceased
Death: Issue 28
Cause of Death: Eaten alive
Stabbed in the head by Sabrina
Affiliation: Flake's Camp (Previously)
Occupation: Student
Gender: Male
Family: Harry Yaz (Brother) (Deceased)

Amy Yaz (Sister) (Deceased)
Cooper Yaz (Father) (Deceased)

Romances: Unknown
Other Information
First appearance: "Issue 3"
Last appearance: "Issue 28"
Portrayed by: Noah Schnapp
Created by: AmazingPurry
Theme: None
Mark is a supporting character in Dead Weight. He is the mischievous son and middle child to Cooper. After the death of his whole family, Mark tumbles down a dark path before attempting murder-suicide. He eventually dies after being eaten alive by an undead deer after running away from the group and is later put down by Sabrina.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Mark lived with his family.

Post ApocalypseEdit


  • The Undead
  • Sabrina

After running away from the group, Mark is eventually cornered and eaten alive by an undead deer, something he had previously never seen before. Sabrina finds him a little while later and stabs him in the head to prevent his reanimation.

Killed VictimsEdit


Mark can be boisterous and doesn't follow instructions very well. He seems to crave adventure and getting into trouble is in his second nature.


"She got her face ripped off, I could see the b--"
—Mark talking about witnessing Amy's death[src]

Amy and Mark seemed to have a usual brother-sister relationship, they were seen fighting and Mark teasing her. Mark believes that his father only cares about Amy, so he may hold some resentment against her. Mark witnesses her death, which he is visibly shaken by.

"Why do you keep bothering me?! I want to be your friend. Yeah. Thanks but no thanks."
—Sabrina and Mark[src]

Mark wants to be Sabrina's friend, although Sabrina doesn't seem interested in getting to know him. He continues to act out and Sabrina is usually the one to rescue him from indirectly killing himself. After the camp falls, Mark confides in Sabrina about the death of his siblings, although Sabrina is too worried about Grace to seem to care about what he has to say. Despite this, he still seems to like Sabrina.

Mark eventually snaps and attempts to kill most of his group, before running off into the forest. Sabrina goes after him, almost getting herself killed too. She is the only person who seems like wanting to find him, and she eventually finds him dead on the road after being killed by an undead deer. She puts him down out of mercy.

"He won’t care! He only cares about Amy."
—Mark about Cooper[src]

Mark and Cooper seemed to have a usual father-son relationship. Cooper mentioned how he wants to protect his children at all costs, although Mark believes that he only cares about his eldest child, Amy. Mark doesn't know that Cooper is dead, but he most likely figured it out.


  • Mark was the last surviving member of the Yaz family.
  • Mark was the first known victim of an undead animal.
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