Mark is a character from Peter's Journey


Northern IrelandEdit

Almost nothing is known about Mark's life prior to the outbreak. It is known that he lived in Belfast and had a little sister called Susan, he was also a teacher at a big school


Issue 1Edit

Three weeks into the apocalypse Mark can be seen as a lookout in the survivors home, he along with his sister, Susan where look outs during the day, later on in the evening he is seen having dinner with everyone else.

Issue 2Edit

Mark is first seen when Peter ansers the phone call to Andy, after he finishes it Mark along with the other drivers talk about leaving in the morning. the Next day Mark can be seen driving off in his Mini with Susan and Henry, when they arrive at the church he is glad to find other survivors, but shocked when Shannon killed James.

Issue 3Edit

just after James was shot dead by Shannon, Mark and the others are worred as the gunshot will bring walkers to their hideout, he hepls barrigade the doors later on in the issiue he can be seen leaving the church and driving off with Susan and Henry in his mini towards the school.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of Zombies


Mark is small for his age but has short blond hair and his neatly dressed.


Mark is a kind, caring and an outgoing tweny-one year old, he loves his friends and family.



Susan is Marks younger sister, it is unknown about their relationship


  • Mark was a teacher before the apocalypse
  • Mark drove a mini-cooper
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