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Manila Bolio is a lead character in Epiphany. The mother of Asher and Gray, Manila is a former Navy SEAL who was injured in a training program and went back to school, where she found a passion for the biological field. Often intense and serious, Manila has always put her work first and finds her research to be intensely important. She took the opportunity of a lifetime to take a trip to Antarctica for a six-month penguin study. In doing so, she left her husband and two boys behind. While there, Manila made a nefarious and dangerous discovery that pivoted not just the trajectory of her own life, but the trajectory of humanity. Manila is now missing, but Gray holds out hope that she is alive somewhere out there.

Character DescriptionEdit

Forty-four, hawk-faced and intense, Manila Bolio was known for being an intimidating woman. She wore her long hair in a braid that she hung over her shoulder and had nestled beneath an oversized knit cap.


Our community has changed a lot, and though we built up these walls, though Theoria stands for strength and solidarity--we haven’t forgotten where we’ve come from. The Epitaph Tree is hung with the names of people that have been lost, people we choose to remember. Life means more to us than just what’s within these walls, Asher. This tree serves as a reminder of that, for all of us. A reminder that we are to protect what we love, make every second count... That is our responsibility.

Manila to a young Asher, about responsibility


  • Manila is named after, and has the same actor likeness as, Manila Shea, a main character from Eden Rising, of which Epiphany is a reimagining. However, their storylines and character are drastically different. Her name functions as merely a homage to the original character.

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