Heahea City (Night)

Making you piss your pants was payback enough for me. I think if I told Kukui about what you did, he’d go full-on Dragon-type and unleash an Outrage on you that I’m not sure a level one Bug-type like yourself would survive.

Mallow, snapping at Dayton, VS UB-02 Absorption: Dreamtime











Courier for the International Postal Service



Lush Jungle, Alola



On Hand:


Pokémon Anthology

Mallow is a protagonist of Pokémon Anthology, introduced in the third volume. A native of the Alolan Lush Jungle, Mallow's early life is shrouded in mystery. Having abandoned her traditional lifestyle in favor of embracing the outside world, Mallow has since become a delivery girl for the International Postal Service, allowing her to travel everywhere. Delivering a Rotom from the Sinnoh region to Professor Kukui brings her back home to Alola after a long absence, and draws her into an incoming conflict that she may have a more personal connection to than originally thought. She gives some money to a crippled kid named Dayton, rescuing him from an encounter with Team Skull, but discovers that the boy is not a cripple at all when she finds him wrestling with Professor Kukui at his house. Unleashing her own form of karmic payback, Mallow tells Dayton she never wants to see his face again, but changes her tune when she has an apocalyptic vision and he is in it.


Mallow is mature for her age. She has lived a long, hard life filled with plenty of trials. Mallow is in tune with nature around her, but also intrigued by the advancements of technology outside her native village.

Having steered away from the traditions of Alolan tribal life, Mallow finds her at odds with other aboriginal people. She is not one to go along with the grain, and is quick to be 'Devil's Advocate' in the face of tough situations. Although she is a believer in fate and destiny, Mallow is also not quick to forgive. If you wrong her, you have to prove your trustworthiness to her all over again.



Not much is known about Mallow's life, other than that she is a native of Alola's Lush Jungle and works as a delivery courier for the International Postal Service. She is also the granddaughter of Professor Rowan, of the Sinnoh region, for whom she is delivering a Rotom to Professor Kukui for.




In rotationEdit

Pokémon Information
Not much is known about Alakai'i, other than that he is a skilled archer, just like his trainer.
Alakai'i the Decidueye
Pokémon Information
One of Mallow's main battlers, Ka'a Uila is a powerhouse.
Ka'a Uila the Charjabug
Pokémon Information
Halulu Manu is instrumental for Mallow's job as a delivery courier.
Halulu Manu the Toucannon
Pokémon Information
One of Mallow's closest friends.
Leilani the Steenee
Pokémon Information
Not much is known about Lolo Keko.
Lolo Keko the Oranguru
Pokémon Information
Not much is known about Uuku Hele.
Uuku Hele the Cutiefly


Heahea City (Night) - Pokémon Sun and Moon OST

Heahea City (Night) - Pokémon Sun and Moon OST


  • Mallow is based on the non-playable character from the Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon video games, sharing her name and appearance.
  • All of Mallow's are named after words in Hawaiian language:
    • Alakai’i the Decidueye - “leader”
    • Ka’a Uila the Charjabug - “beetle and shock, surprise”
    • Halulu Manu the Toucannon - “explosion bird”
    • Leilani the Steenee - “heavenly flower”
    • Lolo Keko the Oranguru - “brain monkey”
    • Uuku Hele the Cutiefly - “little traveler”
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