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Lyle C. Jackson





Early 30's ("Come Here")




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Nolan Brackenbury (best friend)
Derek Woods (accomplice)
Dennis Johnson (accomplice)




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"Come Here"

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Step by Step
"Indiana. She's beautiful... She's a love. She's there when you're in the woods, here alone. There, when you smoke a Marlboro or two, here in good company."
Lyle, to Nolan.[src]

Lyle Jackson is a main character and the protagonist in Step by Step. The cigarette-smoking ringleader of the Trouble Quartet, he holds a great story. An honest man, pleasant when the time is right. A lot matters to Lyle–his life starts in the slums and continues into Indianapolis. As an underlying menace, he was always under the radar. Yet, the church-going fellow got along well.


Lyle C. Jackson was born into a low class neighborhood, and this was where he strengthened his smarts. He became known as a cunning man who some saw as a challenge. Lyle used his street smarts and schooling to benefit himself and Indianapolis's unfortunates. He hustled and was under control of a gang in the city, and the members found him fit to be their leader. Despite his gang activity, he sent off most of his profits to local charities. On off days, he and willing gang members took over volunteering locations and "cleaned" up the city.

On the other hand, Lyle always has his ears open to suspicion. He seeks out hints in the air and he goes after them, showing that he has a determined attitude. He shows loyalty to his friends, but becomes a cold-hearted man in seconds when facing trouble against villains. When there is a loophole, he often seeks that loophole and barters his way out of risky situations, despite his tendency to have his dues pile up. On the other hand, Lyle ruled by a code of ethics.


Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of crazies
  • George
  • Sam
  • Tom Gallenger (News clip)
  • Three friends of Tom's.


Brock: "Hell, we even got people killing each other!"
Lyle: "What was that?"
Brock: "You deaf or something? Those gunshots hurt your ears?"
Lyle: "I see no difference. All's I'm lookin' at is a broken man weeping like a woman. Y'all kill innocents and I kill the killers. If you ain't got anything relevant, I s'pose it'd be best for you to back the fuck off my back or I'll bust that nose of yours so far into your thick as hell skull that you might start sniffin common sense."
Lyle, confronted by Brock in public.[src]
Derek: "Midnight's good to me. It's king."
Lyle: "Yo, Doughboy. You listen to me. Don't cross a man who's not 'fraid a death."
Lyle to Derek, after a game of Russian roulette.[src]
Lyle: "You're gonna die Malik, and there's nothing I can do about it."
Malik: "Stop! Stop! I give, I give!"
Lyle: "Malik. Who's the killer, me or you?"
Lyle to Malik, before "finishing" their fight.[src]
Dennis: "What do you think it means?"
Lyle: "What do I think? I think that not much surprises me now. Is it because I'm dying? Dying of thirst, of hunger, of blood loss? Am I so off the deep-end that I'm not scared?"
Lyle to Dennis upon finding the threat letter from the Band.[src]


Part One Appearances
"Come Here" "It's You" "Follow Them" "Soon" "Empty Omens" "Midnight's King"
"Best Wine" "30 Silvers" "Faith in Us" "Monday" "Raw" "Lost"
"Bless" "Our Heart" "Bad Moon" "Monsters" "Prayers" "To His Lord"
"Be Friends" "Meet Me" "Long Kiss" "Goodnight" "Your Passover" "Be-All and End-All"
Part Two Appearances
"Dark Country" "Lord's Blood "Caesar" "Children" "I Testigo" "Birth of a Nation"
"Lover" "Queen" "He Kills" "Ay Vivo" "Golden" "King"
"Of Fear" "Little Boot" "Drink Up" "My Love" "To Your Knees" "Kiss My Feet"
"Your Enemy" "My Brother" "Now the Hero" "Long Way Home" "I Cry" "Death Wish"
Part Three Appearances
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"Three Dogs" "Call Upon Ye" "Grit" "My Hands" "You to Me" "Fatherland"
"Good Son" "Against All" "Old Red" "A Dead Band" "Havana" "Her Night"
"We Forgive" "Youth's End" "Outlaws" "Last Stand" "Dark Morning" "First Light"


  • A bag of swag to obama for Lyle's gif swag.
  • Lyle's theme song is "Hypnotize" by Biggie Smalls.
  • Lyle is an upcoming contestant in the second season of UFSWhodunnit?.
    • For more information, check out his character page here.
  • According to the theory of swagitivity, Lyle has a swag rating of 12 on a scale from 1-10.
  • He is a playable racer in the hypothetical racing game, UFSW Kart.
  • After the Twin Towers fell in 2001, Lyle considered joining the military, yet was rejected due to his already growing criminal record. "(Bad Moon)"
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